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Aurora Braelin-VonHaus

Now Hiring for VH25!

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Aurora Braelin-VonHaus

This year, I am losing three of my assistants, and therefore, I would like to hire more. However, I will not be hiring three. I don't even know how many I'll be hiring at this point. As this position now comes with more perks, we will be more meticulous in our hiring process.


The Perks

  • HWA's may post in the Prefect's Bathroom, much like the Quidditch Captains received access to the bathroom in the books!
  • HWA's get a shiny badge to wear on their robes, much like the Prefects, Heads and Quid Captains!
The Responsibilities - in exchange for the perks
  • You are required to respond to new threads in a timely fashion and add to the ambiance of the Hospital Wing. We strive to make it a fun place for the students to roleplay in and add a little excitement to their lives.
  • You must keep up with multiple threads at a time and not let the threads go inactive on your part. HWA's are considered ambiance like Prefects, Professors, Elves, ghosts and such. As ambiance, we do our very best not to let threads go inactive.
  • Ensure the threads are responded to within a week of the patient posting. (Obviously, exceptions can be made if RL gets busy.)
  • Attend one training thread per term for your character's benefit. As an HWA, you are here to learn, but I don't want to treat this position as a classroom. I'd rather have you roleplaying with the patients.
  • Invade threads were the healer is already present and assist them on occasion, just as we will do for you.
If you are interested in joining the team, or if you have ANY questions, please PM the form below/questions to me: Madam Braelin-VonHaus.


5TH YEARS AND ABOVE ONLY MAY APPLY. (If you are a current 4th year, and will be a 5th year in VH25, you may still apply.)


The deadline for any applications is: Summer/End of Term. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. :)


[font=arial][color=black] [b] Character Name(s): [/b]

[b] Age (IC most important): [/b]

[b] House/year: [/b]

[b] How many hours spent online?[/b]

[b] Do you have MSN/AIM/Yahoo? (MSN preferred):[/b]

[b] Do you have or have you had other responsibilities on VH? If so, what?[/b]

[b] Why do you think you will make a good wing assistant?(150+ words IC & OOC)[/b]

[b] ICly, How do you feel about taking care of someone not of your blood or house? [Note, this will not impact whether you get hired. In fact, diversity is a good thing.;)][/b]

[b] Would it bother you to ask for help from one of the Medical Staff, and leave the thread in their hands, or assist them?[/b]

[b] Are you able to track and keep up with multiple threads, and most importantly, follow through on the RPs? (in other words, you need to be able to be online more than once or twice a week and be reliable!)[/b]

[b] Links to OWLs or to grades in the Record Cabinet for required classes: [/b][list] [*]Potions
[*] Herbology
[*]Defence Against the Dark Arts[/list]

[b] RP Example:[/b] [Pick ONE of the three scenarios below. Be sure to include how your character reacts to the scenario.]  

1. [i]Johnny was studying for a test in Potions. He mixes his potion wrong, and it explodes! Now, not only does he have some minor burns, he has some odd tentacle-like growths on his face!. How would you handle it?(200-500 words, please)[/i]

2. [i]Alice was practicing her Charms skills without supervision. Her spell goes wrong when she accidentally charms her arm off her body! Disfigured, she ends up in your care. What would you do? (200-500 words.)[/i]

3. [i]Danny was a silly boy. On a dare, he ate several packs of fizzing whizbee's to see how many he could stuff in his mouth at the same time. Now he is floating 20 feet in the air and can't come down. What would you do? (200 - 500 words.)[/i]

[b] Is there anything else we should know about you before we make a decision? [/b][/color][/font]
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Aurora Braelin-VonHaus
This will close in about a week. Thank you to everyone who has applied already!

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Aurora Braelin-VonHaus

These apps are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied. I hope to have the new HWA(s) picked out by the beginning of term.


If your situation changes any, let me know via PM. <3


- Madam B-V.

Edited by Madam Braelin-VonHaus

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