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I'm back!

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Avalon Edens

Hello everyone! :wub: 


I know I never really posted in absences before, but for anyone who was writing with me or talking to me... I feel like I pretty much dropped off the face of VH for a while, haha. 


But I'm slowly going to be making my way back! I've got a lot going on IRL this summer so I don't know if I'll still be around 24/7, but definitely around more. And hopefully not timing out of any more duels. 😅

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Willa Henry

I’m backkkkkkk 😎 thankfully didn’t get burned and will start slowly catching up over the next day or so! 

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Vladimir Valentin

Good news is: my laptop was released from repairs \o/ new keyboard and battery ahoy


Bad news is: there was a problem with my SSD, so they had to wipe it and reinstall the operating system ^^; so I’m restoring from a backup and hoping everything is well/backed up. Please bear with me while I try to catch up over the next little while (y)

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