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The Great VH Appreciation Thread

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Leliana Cross


Gosh, I didn't think i would be doing this for a long time. I think also vh has changed since i have join which was 2005 and that being say since it was my twelve year anniversary some time long ago and i forgot to do this . I have some people i would love to thank help me awesome experience.


As most people know, I was for my long time on vh the following people and everyone asked me how i kept up. Jessica ng, cain flynn, charlie flynn, Sebastian flynn, leliana flynn, reese flynn, regan quigley, Dylan pruett, Felicity mcquillen, braxton batby , tori cage, tate ng, leah princely, and finally samuel ng .


Johan ng-  I was so glad to meet you and i enjoy our roleplay with our character. You are sweet and nice person and i was glad to call you friend.


Magnus carter -  You just awesome and you just a lovely person to talk to . I was so glad to meet you and also I was glad that you got me back in like teen wolf again ! LOL


Bailey batby-  You just awesome and i was glad to meet you .  you have gotten me to sort some crazy characters over the year. But i am glad to meet you my friend.


VH 28- You guys, all i am going say you guys are the best. I have the best talk to all you guys. Mostly the late night i did talk to you guys but you guys always made my day much better.


RYAN/EPPY/HARBOR/GWEN- You four are my favorite people . All i will say i was super glad to meet you guys and at first all four you guys scared me .. but after chat with you , i finally got over get scared and i was glad to talk to you guys.


LEO- Hi, friend. All i want to say is thank you. Thank you for answer my dumb and stupid dueling question. Also at first when i first talk to you on aim back around the time that leliana got sorted and she had you as dueling mentor. I was super scared. So thank you. Youre a sweet person  to chat with .


Finch / Abby goodfellow- I just love my two favorite twins. Talk to both you has been a blast. also that i know that mostly that we should rp more and also that i was so glad to meet you both in vh30 chat. you two are just the best . also i should rp with you both more. 


Milo-  You just awesome and i know you as someone else but all i am going say is thank you for being a nice person to talk to and also thank you for get me like k-pop music .


Havana-Your were  just so scared at first when i first chat with you under your alter but after talk to you and doing some roleplay with you. I got say that your awesome person talk  to.


VH 34- You are my favorite chat group beside VH31 . But i do enjoy the time that get to chat each and enjoy one you guys.


VH31-  What can I say about you guys! You guys make me laugh, cried, and pretty much make my day better. I  do enjoy the talk we do have an the one movie day i got to attend with you guys.


Finally i would like thank the ravenclaw quidditch team ! Erika,Frankie,Morty,Vlad,Elosie,London, Ollie, Titana, Drew, Silas, Toby. I pretty much love you guys and i was glad to meet you guys too.


I also would love to thank the Mods, Snape, Professor Ripley, Professor Grimsby, Professor Foster, Professor James.


Thank you vh for being part of my life and i hope to not be here for another 12 year but who knows!

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Linus Paddock

I never made one of these as Ryan. I acknowledge upfront that there may be some people I'll forget to include, so please forgive this old man and his poor memory <3


I joined VH in the winter of 2005. Just typing that year makes me feel ancient, but it reminds me of how far I've come as a person, and who I am today because of this site. To say that this place has been extremely important to me would be selling it very, very short. Even when I left sometime in 2008-09, and I thought I wouldn't really be making my way back, I knew that this fact would remain with me always. Fast forward a decade and here I am, earnestly expressing my gratitude for all those people throughout the years.


Again, forgive an old man and his ramblings as I begin my long, long list:


@GryffindorQuidditch (past, present, and future) - You know who you all are, and I've made my rounds regarding why you'll always be #1 in my heart. There are not many experiences that can surpass week-long Quidditch matches, and there are even less people I'd rather spend that time with. Keep doing what you guys do best, and keep believing in each other. I disliked the motto when I first joined, and I don't think we even use it much lately, but #oneheartonesouloneteamonegoal

@Slythchat circa 2005-8 - Again, you know who you all are, but the shortlist includes Lina, Zach, Sierra, Jasmine, Abby, and Joe. Most of you aren't even around anymore, which is understandable, but this was the first group that welcomed me on VH. All those late nights spent messing about eventually turned into real, incredible friendships. And though we've grown rather far apart, know that I appreciate all the laughs (and sometimes tears) we shared. 


@Madam Carter - I know what I'm supposed to say here, and I know that it's a little too far gone, but I want to say that I'm sorry. Not for losing touch, or not trying to make more of an effort, but just generally being a worse friend than you obviously deserve. This isn't a platform to ask for forgiveness, but more a place to say that who you are made me want to become a better person. Thank you so much for the years we spent sharing everything together, and even for the roof you put over my head at one point. I can't forget you, and I wouldn't even dare.

@Wren Thacker-Laut - You probably won't get to see this, but I can't leave you out of this post; my body physically won't let me. All these years and you always come to mind when I think about how much fun I've had on VH. Your trademark wit and lust for life fueled much the same in me (including one specific surprise birthday visit!), and I'm so glad that we got to share all those years together. 

@Mercutio Bates - To say that it's been quite a ride would be an understatement. From when we first met, to when we reconnected, you'll always be one of the brightest, funniest, and most beautiful people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I'm sure we won't fall much out of contact all things considered, but I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that you're one of the very best out there.


@Elarinya Thanrion - To the person who pulled me into Gryffquid and wouldn't let me go... you were both a mentor for me here and beyond. You are remarkable both for your wit and humor, but also for your compassion and patience. You are seriously one of my favorite people ever, and that we've gotten to share some incredible moments together only helps cement the fact that we'll be friends forever.

@Matilda Stuart - What else is there to say except that I couldn't have gotten through this second life of mine without you. I could not have known how much I missed you until you showed back up and changed honestly everything. I don't know that I can forgive myself for falling out of touch with you all those years, but I'm glad we got the band back together and that we had a lot of fun on the pitch again. I hope we'll continue to give each other a ridiculously hard time, because I know that behind it all is (mutual) love.


@Karen Davies - My most recent stint on VH might not have even left the ground if it weren't for you. Early on, you were one of the pillars of my time here, and we've had a lot of great times together. I'm glad you were here when I came on, as you certainly made me feel welcome.


@Lucius Cronus - Actually being able to connect without after all these years has been a true delight. You make me laugh and smile in a way that is hard to recreate, and that alone is worth thanking you for. I cannot think of someone more deserving of all the good things in the world, and I hope you get them eventually. Or at least most of them. Gotta keep you humble, somehow.


@John Lupin - If I could tag your significant other, I would, but I'm sure they know that my unending love for you extends to them as well. We've never even done anything VH-related together, but that doesn't change the fact that we've had some good times, right? I look forward to going on more double dates and, of course, more time with your dog.

@Casper Burridge - What can I say except thank you for all your years of putting up with me? I know I wasn't always the easiest person to work with, but I'm glad you stuck it out. You taught me many important lessons, some of which I thought I'd already learned. But I guess all I needed was a little reminding, and I'm exceedingly glad that it was you to prod me in the right direction.

@Euphemia Macrae - I don't know that there are enough ways to express how much my current VH experience has been shaped by you (for better or worse lol). From my first year when you asked me "what would be your priority as captain?" to your constant reminders that you love Kaelyn more than me, I feel like these things pushed me to do better. I will forever appreciate being able to talk to you about basically anything, and am always looking forward to another ridiculous story about that mess you call a life. 


@Alayna Weasley - Yet another person who was patient with me (are we seeing a pattern yet? ;D). You are exceedingly forgiving, a joy to talk to, and are incredibly fun to tease. I also will not forget how much you helped me, and how much I learned from you about putting others before myself.

@Olwen Hier - I'm only going to say one thing: please finish your drink.


@Jude Riordan - My spreadsheet goddess, my fact-checker, and my guiding light. So many things would not have been possible these last few years without you. Whether this was through your cheerleading or when you finally started playing, you are the (not-so) quiet leader that we don't deserve. Remember always that you have my love and support, and that you are brave, strong and beautiful. Your significant other is lucky you don't play on my team.


@Altair Shafiq - To my partner in crime: we did it. Twice. Through thick and thin you and I were the dynamic duo, weathering the numerous storms and riding the highest waves. Plus we're both major nerds, which is a bonus. But you better get your glitterbeard on next year. I'm calling you out, son.

@Gabriel Toft - This has been a long-time coming, but basically I want to say that I cannot imagine what my life would be like without you. Through all the ups and downs, I'm glad we have each other. Please stop crying.


@Dylan Weasley - I guess this was also a long time coming, but will a heartfelt thank you even be enough? Because there's literally nothing I could do or say that would amount to all the days and nights spent talking, laughing and (begrudgingly) crying with you. You are one of my best friends and though it's hard to find time these days I want you to know that will never change. I hope we have many more years of insulting each other to come.


@Kaelyn Paddock - I saved my #bffaeaeaeae for last, obviously. To the reason I'm even here to begin with, and the person without whom I might not have been able to give thanks to all of the above (and more): I love you more and more as the years go by. This journey has been a wild one, and I could not think of a more supportive person to have shared it with. Your grace and kindness is an example I strive to live up to everyday, and the pursuit alone probably makes me a better person. And so, in thanks, I commit myself to you and yours so long as you'll have me. And, obviously, tell your husband the same goes for him and his ridiculous love for watermelons.



As I mentioned, the list could be quite a bit more extensive, but my memory fails me. Maybe if I add more to this it'll be in another life. Maybe ;D

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Rileigh O'Malley

What up, VH, it's been a wild ride.


Unfortunately, though, now that VH has dropped off my top sites on my phone and when I type "v" and click enter I get directed to the Vans website, it might be time for me to admit that my time on this site has come to an end, at least for now. I don't like making definite statements, and I might be back in the future, but for the foreseeable, I won't be around. But before I go, I want to throw some gratitude into the world.


First up, I wouldn't be here without @Elle Morofgod, my VH mentor. You reached out to me when Rileigh's screen name was just a one-word username, looked after the little noob-y kid who had no idea what was going on, and kept me on the right track. I know you don't really frequent the site much anymore, but I'm throwing some love your way anyway.


My squad...


@Penelope Plintz - Gosh I was so scared of you to begin with, and now I look at you and I've no idea why. You're so scathingly funny, and you've got a sense of humour that is just so similar to mine that I can't imagine ever finding you scary now. I miss you, and I hope we can find time to catch up when our timezones aren't conspiring against us. I miss writing with you, I miss talking to you, and good God I hope that somewhere in the future, Denny get their happy ever after. You are a wonderful person who deserves good things, and I'm so glad that Indie brought you into my life because you brighten it whenever I get to talk to you. Keep doing the unexpected, keep being you, you beautiful soul.


@Marius Constantin - Possibly one of the smartest people I know. We have so many overlapping interests and I am so glad that I have you to chat about all of our nerdy little habits with. I feel like we could rival Dex and Marius with our level of bro, and that gives me so much joy. Same above with Penny, timezones hate us (obviously I need to move), but when we do get to talk, I always end up with a smile on my face. I hope you're prepared to always be spammed with WhatsApp messages forever because you're stuck with me until you get a new number, and you'll be getting odd Pokemon Go gifts from Scotland until one of us gives up with the game. 


@Anna Russell - This is going to be a tricky one to write. Anna, simply put, I love you tons. We spent so much time together in our little corner of MSN, of AIM, of Discord, chatting about anything and everything. I feel like you know me inside out and I'd call you one of my best friends, but we've not spoken in a long while and that's my fault. Maybe after I write this I'll reach out to you, but I still want to express my love, gratitude and admiration for you. You do so much cool stuff, you always want to do more, even if on the surface you're giving it "meh I don't wanna", you do just want to learn more and experience more. You've taught me the value of new experiences, and for that, I can't thank you enough. I hope that when I do get the balls to get back in touch with you, you can forgive me for being lame as hell and we can get back to being how we were.


@Henry Chamberlain - HankyPants, the reason I can't take dogs eating seriously. I think I'll forever associate that video with you and Indie sitting on our sofa in Edinburgh sobbing from laughing so hard. It was a true highlight. You're such an impressive woman, so intelligent, eloquent and confident, but also personable and kind. You make me laugh so hard with your outrageous humour, and probably stress Indie out a bit by recommending books to me when I'm banned from buying more. I'm glad that you visited us, and we got to hang out for real, and I hope it happens again. You need to make sure you recognise how truly impressive you are.


Gryffindor was my first home here, and it welcomed me with open arms, even when I wrote in Comic Sans and neon pink speech, but I found my people playing Quidditch. HuffQuid gave me a shot when I was useless and didn't show up til the final day of tryouts (shout out to @Leah Coyle and @Elliot Golden for letting me on the team when I really shouldn't have been XD), but GryffQuid was where I found my home. I was going through a real rough patch, so obviously, spending late nights in front of the computer was the best way to resolve it.


@Madam Wilde-Hextor (well that's weird, 'grats on that one) and @Rune Sky you pair are absolute angels. Two of the best examples of leadership, two of the best examples of friends, and one of the best double acts I can think of. It feels so wrong to separate you in my head. I love you both. Thank you for giving me a new place to hang out when things were bad so that I could forget it all. Twila, thank you for your wisdom, support and encouragement over the years.


@Nia Purcell, you were a wonderful co-prefect. You made that first experience a joy, and I am so glad you call you a friend. Our chats about video games and Disney have brightened many a dull day - long may they continue in the future. I love your updates about our internet son, and even if I am lame and I'm not around as much, the messages make me smile.


@Gwendoline Ifans - my other co-prefect. My girl. I get filled with pride whenever I see you on social media doing your thing, telling the world who you are and just what you can do. Keep believing in yourself, because you are awesome.


@Alayna Weasley, giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrl. You've been stuck with me an unduly long amount of time, but I have been so glad to have you around. It's been so wonderful to have someone to share teaching stories with, someone who gets it. Through too many years of Quidditch, we've shared so many late nights of laughter and fun, and I'm so happy it's been with you. You need to keep believing in yourself, because you are fabulous.


@Inara Kennedy/@Tarquin Pomfrey-Corner special mention to you. My Head Boy, thank you for making that experience fun, even if  I was complete garbage because work was determined that I had to be an adult. Thank you for your witty conversation.


Quite honestly, everyone on GryffQuid at the time, you got my love when Rhiannon graduated, but I wanna reiterate it. You gave me light when everything around me was feeling dark and horrible, and I can never explain how grateful I am for that. @Arianna Wright; @Elarinya Thanrion; ;@Astaldarion Thanrion; @Leslie Dahlberg; @Poppy Yates; @Euphemia Macrae; @Ryan Fowler; @Linus Paddock; @Alice Corvin and this extends to the kids who joined when I was hanging around in the GryffQuid chats, being the team secretary - @Kaelyn Paddock; @Altair Shafiq; @Kaleb Kennedy; @James Rowan; @Aias Midnight; @Matilda Stuart and @Gabriel Toft.


And of course, I can't forget @India Isaacs. My love, my girl, my fiancee. This site brought me to you, and for that I will be eternally grateful and our relationship intrinsically linked to the Harry Potter franchise, VH and the characters we created. Over the years, we've written together, created characters together, but also been archrivals on the Quidditch pitch. I can probably never express how grateful I am that a site I stumbled across when I was just 17 has given me a relationship with a woman who is so beautiful, kind, intelligent, patient, strong and brave. You're the best example of a Hufflepuff, and every day, my hard-headed, stubborn, grumpy Gryffindor self learns something new from you. I can't wait to keep building our life together, and although this is me saying a goodbye to VH, I'll keep the memories with me.

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Marie-Claire Abienne

Dear VH,


Ten years ago today, with the sudden and mysterious disappearance of my old writing forum's administrator and driving force for any sort of cohesiveness, named Jo Wilson (yes), I was a very lonely teenager with a lot of issues I probably needed to work out, with a crippling desire for friendship and human interaction.


Thanks to my closest friend at the time, @Oliver Fulton , VH became that place for me. This was my first RP website and I am forever thankful I landed here. There were its ups and downs for sure - with the all nighters, toilet racing, emotional breakdowns, and cheesecake toasts - but at the end of the day, this website helped me more than I ever imagined it could. Thank you to everybody and especially to the mods for making VH possible, but for also helping me grow as a person.


I'm now a slightly better-than-before-adjusted adult who has been spending increasingly less time on this website on a weekly basis, and I'd always intended on posting on here before officially retiring. I figured that my ten year anniversary was as good of a time as any to get all of this down; here goes!


To @Barrett Vadim-Cornwell, @Lily Potter, @Milo Cassotto, @Brishen Watkins, @Orson Winchester, @Odette Sinclair, @Finn Weber - Thank you, all of you, for being so proactively kind and welcoming. Landing on a new website, especially one so robust with such developed culture, one week before sorting in a really big year (VH16): it was extremely daunting and I definitely made a lot of dumb mistakes, both in terms of technicalities but also just basic social interaction. Thank you for reaching out to me, thank you for giving me a chance, and thank you for being there when I didn't expect anybody else to. Thank you for not hating me for being the 8th person to join an open thread, the no-show seeker in a Quidditch game, and the one who consistently acted without thinking.


@Ali Killingsworth, @Aedan Reid, @Hugo Granger-Weasley, @Francis Barnes, @Bridget Taylor, @Elle Morofgod, @Eldnak Milner, @Jayda Frith, @Alex Sanders, @Jodie Jaszczak, @Benjamin Nece-Izepic, @Kyranae Avalon-Marino -  It's also absolutely thanks to all you that I stuck around long enough to sort a second student. Ali especially: thank you for basically kidnapping me into your crazy brainchild plots which I loved and forcing me to interact with other people, I really needed it. Breakfast Club represent!


@Cayden Harlow Murray, @Cordelia Waldegrave, @Artemis Valier, @Hailynn Lane, @Tomas Nevin, @Doon Magen, I love all of you dearly you absolute weirdos and I'm sorry we've drifted apart as I slowly vanished from VH but definitely hit me up anytime or come visit me and I will buy you drinks.


@Alexis Endicus, thank you for choosing to make your own judgement call and look where that took us! I'm really grateful we became friends and I really enjoyed our chats, our rant sessions, our gossip sessions, and laughing about Quidditch together. Please hit me up the next time you're in town!


@Ryuichiro Takeda and @Sol Gosslin - thank you for giving me a second chance. I think I made the most of it.


To my GryffQuid family: thanks for all the accidental yellow cards, low GPA, iSketch sessions, crippling caffeine addiction, late night hangouts video chats feat. Bobby's pet rat, friendship, travelling Quidditch pants, broken chatrooms, creative AIMtext poetry, and absolutely PG conversations. #oneheartonesouloneteamonegoal #> #> @Rose Granger-Weasley @Louis McQueen, @Orson Winchester, @Finn Weber, @Lily Potter, @Brigitta Spinnet-Weasley, @Cayden Harlow Murray, @Beatrice Flynn, @William Endsleigh, @Elodie Aldridge, @Reece Pendleton, @Lisa Stanley, @Fionna Cainan, @Karys Howard, @Jezebel Beasley, @Kate Davies, @Robert Daniel Corvin, @Madam Wilde-Hextor, @Jason Smithson, @Margerette Edwards, @Rune Sky, @Hedwig Lane-Foley, @Rhiannon Green, @Abigail Stancil, @Arianna Wright, @Micah LeBlanc, @Poppy Yates, @Lavinia Cronus, @Leslie Dahlberg


To my VH17 family: we were indisputably the best sorting year to date and thank you for not getting sick of my shenanigans (and thank you also to any retired professors/graders who put up with our ridiculously large group lessons). Additional apologies to anybody who ever duelled me in VH17 or VH18. @Lenox Spada, @Kieran Rheese, @Autumn Sinclair, @Mackenzie Marsh@Brooklyn Cassidy, @Andromeda Midnight, @Gavin Davies, @Parker McAdams, @Lucifer Falls, @Adeline Zabini, @Preston McCormack, @Hazelle Moxley, @Aster Gardinier, @Azalea Gardinier, @Gabriella Daniels, @Azalea Milano, @Emmett Mercer, @Roxanne Weasley, @Brett Katz, @Dante Wickham, @Lorcan Lovegood-Scamander, @Lysander Lovegood-Scamander, @Gary Hunt, @Oprah Collins, @Shannon Hoult, @Tallulah Everly


@Jason Smithson, @Myfanwy Elphinstone, @Elarinya Thanrion, @Astaldarion Thanrion: it has been an absolute pleasure plotting with you (and Quidditch captaining with 75% of you if my memory serves correctly).


@Wigglesworth, thank you for absolutely not putting up with my shenanigans. I appreciate you.


@Oliver Nece thank you for plotting with my weird ginger child and despite the years I still have a very hard time wrapping my head around "Oliver Nece" followed by the alumni tag.


To my TEAM POLAND FAMILY: I'd never have spoken to most of you before if it weren't for this, and I'm so glad it happened. Wodka toasts and selfies with cardboard cutouts of @Stefan Nowicki to you all.


To my Hogswarteade chums: I swear I wasn't evil everything was just one unfortunate coincidence. I WAS FRAMED. All honesty I had such a good time just hanging out with you all the time and lying on the internet is much easier than in person, heh. @Noah Weber, @Xanxus Alexander Lloyd@Alden Stuart, Benjiggle Nece, @Atrus Valentein, @Doon Magen, @Romi Helling, @Briony Prosser, @Chase Eaton, @Tomas Nevin, @Lilia McEvans, @Kaleb Anderson, @Madam Wilde-Hextor, @Amos Wynter-Downing, @Jason Smithson, @Julia Banner, @Tobos Adragon, @Wesley Mercer, @Carina Wynter-Downing


@Astrid McManus - HoNaRoTer Hard Mode is what we accomplished together and I was glad to have you at my side for it all.


To my TWT VH27 squad - had a blast roleplaying and plotting with you all in such a condensed period of time and I would absolutely do it again. @Abrielle Sinclair-Longbottom I'm glad you got married at the end of it all, congratulations. See you all in VH47?


@Chase Eaton - thanks for being my rebound Yule Ball date when @Isak Blomqvist was playing hard to get.


To the Cult of the Cheeséd Concave Confectionery aka Deathquid VH27 - you absolute maniacs that was the most stress but also the most fun Quidditch match I've ever had in my ten years on VH. Let's never ever do that again. @Astaldarion Thanrion, @Gabrielle Davis-Faber, @Leslie Dahlberg, @Nolan Calperin, @Peter Bones, @Poppy Yates, @Theo Parker, @Micah LeBlanc, @Gwendoline Ifans you nerd


@Gwendoline Ifans, @Adora Crawford it's really interesting how we're such different people with such different interests but I still loved talking to both of you about just whatever. I miss our chats and I miss both of you and I hope life has given you lemonade.


@Sophie Downes - not going anywhere, say hi to the unicorns in Narnia for me. I loved our chats even though we were both usually not in the best moods during them. You know where to find me!


To my RavieQuid family: I dunno why you took me on, honestly I had maybe less than five intercepts on my resume, a horrible schedule and honestly my attitude could use some work sometimes but you did anyways and hey I think we all had a good time what with our Dirk Broos Slootmaekers, hobbits, bad food puns, and Pokemon debates. @Julia Banner, @India Isaacs, @Erika Krauss, @Lilia McEvans, @Melissa Tavella, @Marius Constantin, @Kaydence Rose Evergreene, @Anna Russell, @Tecinus Cephias, @Jacen Braelin-VonHaus, @Erin Flannery, @Olliver Mercer , @Gwendoline Ifans, @Addison Curtis, @Madge Hadley, @Benjamin Ladd, @Ajax Devereaux-Snyder, @Isaac Holloway, @Alexandria Braelin-VonHaus, @Titania Baddour, @Silas Harding-Clarke, @London Yates, @Cressida Calloway, @Elias Argent, @Nicodemus Knight, @Morty Gabor, @Lucia Isaacs, @Leah Princeley, @Tobias Winchester


@Madam Wilde-Hextor Thank you, and you know what I'm thanking you for. I'm glad we're friends and I'm always happy to help.


@Julian Pritchard oh my god listening to you makes my brain hurt why are you so crazy smart. It was great working with you albeit briefly. Preemptive congratulations on getting Head Boy! (mark my words)


@Beatrice Flynn Darkness within darkness awaits you.


To anyone with multiple mentions in the above letter: yeah yeah I love you a lot you get the point.


I don't plan on sorting any more students in the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean I'm gone; I still check in from time to time and I'm always on Discord. I might not respond right away but please know that I'm always happy to lend an ear, to anyone for anything at all. VH was there for me when I needed it most, and I want to keep paying it forward.




@Marie-Claire Abienne, @Joliane Wilson, @Latocia Evalisse, @Frankenstein Deis, @Seras Abienne, et al.

Edited by Marie-Claire Abienne

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Killian Dracel

I know VH is in a place of upheaval right now, but I just wanted to express how much I appreciate the mods for what they are doing. I know my support of the Flashpoint has some limits, but I understand the need for change in order for VH to carry on.


I know all the mods have put in a great deal of work in answering all our questions, or discussing them still so that everything does eventually get answered.


I especially want to plant myself next to the three mods who outted themselves. You guys took a huge risk in revealing yourselves. Right now, you might feel like it was a mistake because you are taking the brunt of some rage. We all know things could have been better handled on both sides, but because you guys are "out", I felt free to talk to you. I felt like "we were in this together" or some sappy line. Lol. I appreciated that the most.


I have love for the mods as a whole. I am trusting you all. I am willing to give this Flashpoint my all, too.


So, just keep on keeping on. Don't quit. Stick it out with us and keep telling us it will be okay, because I want to tell you guys it will be okay, too.

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Lian Dracel-Cortes



This flashpoint has given me a whole second life I didn't know I needed and a chance to do things right. I know that during our first go, I was an insecure little girl and it showed. 


I appreciate that you as a site is still here.


I look forward to what comes ahead and I welcome the challenge. Things may be a mess now, but slowly it is becoming clearer.

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Every single member on VH brings value and creativity to this site. Whether you believe it or not, you're all appreciated and cared about and considered assets to this community. Without you, VH would not exist and would not be continuing on this new journey. Never underestimate the power of your contributions. YOU have made VH.


We may be moving and our story may be changing in many ways, but our heart remains with us. 


Stay cheesy 😎



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Coraline Depyr
7 hours ago, Lian Dracel-Cortes said:

This flashpoint has given me a whole second life I didn't know I needed and a chance to do things right. I know that during our first go, I was an insecure little girl and it showed. 


I appreciate that you as a site is still here.



It me!


i wish vh had a like button.  are we getting a like button on the new site?

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Ryszard Althaus-Valerio

It’s almost twelve years since I first joined VH. Twelve long years—I was barely into high school when I made my first character and, as they say, the rest is history. There are people on this website that have seen me go through almost every stage of life, people that have seen me go through some of the worst things that could happen and still make it to the other side, and the good things—the things that make life worth living and keep encouraging me to wake up each day, sun, rain or shine. The consistency of this website is what kept so many of us coming back, watching as servers and messaging systems and everything changed, but the very foundation of what had been established here always remained the same.


I’ve seen VH go through so many different eras, and it is always beautiful to watch something grow along with you. I’m not the same person I was twelve years ago, or even five or two years ago (thankfully), and it makes sense that something as alive as VH would also be in constant fluctuation, changing as it needed to and adapting to whatever form it had to take. We’ve all taken each and every one of these changes in stride, and even waited it out (anyone remember when we were out for several months?).


But change isn’t always easy—especially when it’s so drastic and so sudden, and without any prior feedback. The time jump we’re due to experience in a few weeks’ time is an exciting time to be on VH (what can I say, I love trying new things), but the insecurities and anxieties surrounding it are more than a few, with the time period chosen a particularly sensitive subject because of the social disparities it was rife with, even in the wizarding world. It’s something that will take more than a little adjusting, with some characters being discarded almost completely because their back stories are impossible to work out in that era.


It’s a great feeling of doubt, and I know most people are still trying to figure out how to proceed from here, but that’s what makes VH such an engaging place to be—the people, and their willingness to stay, even when things are tough. It isn’t the management (which, let’s be honest, if that had been the only deciding factor, a good majority of us would’ve left already), but rather the larger community on the outskirts that makes this place home. Amongst them, there are a couple of people that I’m grateful to have met—people that contributed immensely to my VH people and that I will cherish forever.


@Jaxon Sinclair God, I’ve literally known you half my life, and at this point, I feel like we could get through anything the world tried throwing at us. You’re my best friend, and you always will be. I love spending time with you, it’s the highlight of my day—I love our late night conversations, that either end on a completely random topic (because no topic is ever irrelevant for us) or on something silly. I love writing with you, and how you not only inspire me to be a better person, but a better writer, as well (and make no mistake, you are one of the most prolific and best writers on VH). I’m sure I’ve told you this before, but writing with you always gives me an absurd amount of muse. People don’t tend to see it—and it is truly absurd to me—but you are one of the kindest people I have ever had the fortune of having in my life. You have and continue to prop up so many people, offering your support wherever it’s needed. You do so much more than you have to, and I love taking care of you in the same way. You have seen me at my absolute worst and pulled me out of terrible periods of my life—you make me laugh and smile and give me hope; I don’t think there’s anyone I trust more than you—and it’s the least I can do for you. We’ll go on that world tour one day, and eat lemon and blueberry cupcakes together. Forget Jack and Ry—I ship us, as best friends, as soulmates, and I know that, as long as you’re still around, I will always have a home. I love you.

@Jacqueline Frost I truly can’t believe I’ve “known” you for so long, but I never actually…knew you (that makes sense if you think about it for a second). Whatever it is, so much of it feels like lost time, but I feel like we’re making up for all of it. You’re one of the most fun people to be around, and there’s never a dull moment with you. I think you’re one of the very few people that I would trust with my life, and I appreciate you more than you could ever know. You make me laugh and smile without even trying, and I don’t think there’s much that I can’t share with you. You’re an absolutely wonderful human being, one of the very best people I’ve ever known, and I’m ever so proud of you. Let’s stay friends forever—talking to you is like a safe space, and it doesn’t matter what we’re talking about, because it always feels like coming home. Jack & Nate and Jack & Ryszard are the best sibling relationships I’ve ever written, partly because of how great we get on and partly because writing with you is never a chore.


Monsters Inc is the best thing to ever happen, both ICly and OOCly. @Jaxon Sinclair @Jacqueline Frost (I tagged you twice!)

@Robbie Curtis We didn’t speak for a while there because of busy schedules and our own lives, but it feels like no time at all has passed since the last time (it felt more like a few months apart, rather than a year, like you’ve always been around). You’re a good person, and I will continue to tell you that for the rest of my life, and one day you’ll believe me. I’m always proud of you, and you’re honestly one of the bravest, most brilliant and resilient people I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to see what else you’ll go on to achieve five, ten years from now, and I can’t wait to be right here, cheering you on, every step of the way. It’s not just talking to you, though—which always manages to put a smile on my face—but writing with you, too, more than I could ever tell you. We always seem to come up with something to RP, whether silly or serious, and the many, many times you’ve offered to do something together to pull me out of a bad spot...for that, I’ll never be able to thank you enough, and it’s proof that the trust I’ve placed in you since day one will never go amiss.

@Julian Pritchard I remember when I came back to VH, right before the VH36 sorting was due to happen, and you were the first person to welcome me back with open arms. It was the first time we’d ever talked to each other, but it truly didn’t feel like it. I don’t know if you quite understand what a kind and caring and brilliant person you are—you are so easy to talk to, and our discussions will forever be one of my absolute favourite things in the world. I’ve learned so much from you, least of all how to play the new version of Quidditch (it’s still mostly a mystery to me, but not quite as much after your explanation...one of these days, I’ll get a random epiphany, like old snitch math). Julian and Arwa’s friendship has been my favourite thing ever, and I’m so sad to let it go. If we can’t figure out a way to remake it on the other side or it turns out Arwa can’t exist anymore (I’m still trying to figure it out), I just want you to know that.

@Viktoriya Valentin I don’t think there’s a way for me to ever properly explain how much I appreciate you. You are one of the most refreshing people I’ve ever met—not just on VH, but IRL, as well. Talking to you is easily one of the best things in the world, and I always come away with a smile. I love it when you send me random tidbits to share with me, and I love the amount of effort you put into everything you do. I think if anyone had to learn how to love, they ought to hang out with you for just five seconds. I wish we still lived close to each other. 😧 Hopefully, that’ll be a reality in the future again and we can spend even more time together~ Never forget that you are one of the most amazing people in the world; you’re a joy to have around, and a life without you would be one with a little—a lot—less sunshine in it.

@Aiden Hunter Your RPs are quite possibly my favourite to read on this entire site—I love writing with you and honestly, Aiden and Ryszard’s friendship was probably constructed by fate or something. They met in the funniest way possible, and that paved the road for one of the best plots I’ve ever been a part of (even the Great Mindwipe won’t be able to get rid of the eggs). I’m sure I’ve already told you this, but I’m gonna say it again: having you around is an absolute joy. You always make me laugh, but I also know you’re someone I can count on when I need it. I trust you implicitly, and that’s not something I can say a lot, unfortunately. I’m so glad you decided to join VH when you did, easily making VH37 one of the best years I’ve ever sorted in.

@Aleksander Midnight We only just met, and it wasn’t until Team Duelling that I actually got to know you. Having you on the team was easily one of the best parts of this year—the way you did everything you could to keep us motivated, even when there were some of us that couldn’t be around the whole time for one reason or another. If there’s anyone I’d like to thank for us winning, it’s you. You single handedly kept us all going, and you’re a breath of fresh air—for that, and for many, many other reasons, and primarily because you’re always willing to listen and learn (not a very widely shared trait, unfortunately).

@Alexander Crow I absolutely love all of our plots and RPs and duels and...everything. Writing with you is always fun, and you’re such a ray of sunshine. You’re always the first helping hand whenever it’s needed and that is such an admirable trait. I would honestly say you’re literally Alex IRL, and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone write a character like him successfully in a really long time. I love it, and I appreciate you a whole lot—both as a writer and as a person. Please never change. Love, your #1 supporter.

@Aurora Andrews Yet another person I’ve known since I first joined VH, and it really has been so long. I feel like we’ve RPed, plotted and written on every single one of our characters, and I’ve loved every minute of it. You’re an amazing writer, and that’s something you should always know, first and foremost—that it’s never a chore to write with you. I think our plots as Arwa and Rory were my absolute favourite, and I’m sad we won’t be able to continue with what we had (long live google docs, am I right?). I can still remember when we first met, all those years ago, and we were both so awkward, but eventually, none of that mattered and it was honestly so easy to get used to each other.

@Avery Potter Our recent duels are amongst my favourite that I’ve taken part in, this year, especially the one in the duelling tourney—I thrive off of drama and angst. You know, I’ve followed you on other characters, and each single time, I’m thrilled and astonished with how creative and wonderful everything you write is. The worlds you’ve made and the plots and characters you’ve intertwined in between. You’re inspiring in a way that very few people on this website can claim to be; I was so excited when I came back to VH and saw that you had been given werewolf, and I was right to be! You killed it—your threads were some of the best to follow post-attack (even Ryszard was astonishingly pleasant to Avery right from the get-go). I can’t wait to see what you do with Avery and other characters in the future. It’s been a pleasure to have been able to write with you as much as I have.

@Casper Abernathy Honestly, Arabella and Casper’s friendship is the cutest and the funniest thing ever (as well as the most surprising and unconventional). You’re one of the most fun people to be around—not just when writing, but simply talking to you, as well. Your writing, however, is out of this world. I’m not entirely sure how to tell you how much I admire you, and how much I definitely stalked you, even before we became friends. I also enjoyed the brief plot we had with Arwa and switching around on her mentor (everyone named Casper is a delight, of course). You are truly amazing and one of the best people I’ve ever known. Never change—except for replying to my texts (yes, I know we are both terrible at that).

@Hazel Wheeler I was going to group you in with Julian because when you mention the one, you have to mention the other, but you’re honestly too wonderful—I started writing and it turned into a mega paragraph. Besides, you deserve your own little dedication. I remember when I came back to VH after a break to sort Arwa, and you helped me acclimate to the year chat, like I’d always been there, right from the very beginning. I didn’t think I’d ever met anyone kinder than you, and I was right. The way you welcomed everyone into the year and did your best to keep us involved—you are so incredibly inspiring. You kept us all going even when people started leaving the year, and now there’s just us. I’m sad to say goodbye to what we had between Hazel and Arwa (and what we could potentially have with other characters), but I’m glad to still have you in my life.

@Maggie Sinclair You, my dear, are wonderful. I don’t know if I’ve told you this in recent times, but I’m incredibly proud of you—for everything. You’re one of the bravest people I’ve ever known, and every time we talk, I learn something new from you. In fact, even just being in the same group chat as you gives me several epiphanies (always good ones, I promise). You also make me laugh in a way that no one else does, and at a time when laughs and smiles are sorely needed, I appreciate and cherish it dearly. You are such an excellent writer, I swear. I enjoy reading anything you write, and getting the opportunity to plot and RP with you is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love the way we can bounce ideas off of each other, and I just want all of my characters interacting with yours forever and ever, until the end of time—especially when we somehow always end up with them being best friends (that means you get to tolerate me for a while longer, fair?).

@Molly Stone Beyond everything, your support means the world to me. I miss talking to you as much as we used to (silly RL coming between us again!), and I appreciate it immensely every time we do manage to exchange a few words. You’re one of the loveliest people I’ve had the fortune of calling my friend. You got me hooked on that one game (I play it sporadically now because of exams and all that terrible stuff, but I still do), and every time I play it, I can’t help but smile because it reminds me of you. I’ve enjoyed writing with you so much, and I can’t believe we have to erase everything that took place between Molly and Arabella—their spontaneous turn to an actual relationship that helped them both grow so much. Thank you for your words and your heart and your love; I couldn’t have asked for someone better.

@Morwenna Gamp I am pretty sure you were my very first friend on VH. It was so long ago...and I was so terrible, PMing you to ask what it meant to be a prefect. You were ever so kind to a newbie like me, and we were both so young. We don’t talk as much as we used to, sadly, but the respect and appreciation I have for you in my heart will never waver. You give so much to those around you, doing everything you can to put others at ease, and I absolutely adore you. I need to call you more often so I can continue the tradition of making cat noises at you. Never forget what a wonderful human being you are, and I am so, so proud of you for achieving all you have.

@Phaedra Wayland We managed to reconnect this year, and I’m honestly so grateful. Terrible timing, I know, just as Phaedra and Micah are about to have their memories wiped and cease to exist, but better late than never, yes? One thing you should know is that you’re an incredible human being, and despite everything, it’s a pleasure to be your friend. You’re the kind of person that stands by the people you care about through everything, through thick and thin, and not a lot of people can say that; you’re fun and funny. I appreciate all of that more than I could ever say, and I want to thank you for how incredible you’ve been recently. You’re an angel and a star, and I’m proud of you for everything.

@Robin Bagley I’ll be honest, you’re one of the only reasons I kept Arwa active. Everything that she shared with Robin was beautiful, and I will carry it with me forever, and in much the same way, I will forever carry around all the love I received from you and @Stella Peabody. Both of you have taught me so much about life, and the way you supported me through some horribly rough spots this year—it has meant the world. It’s sad that we won’t be able to keep everything we created over the years, especially in the case of Arwa and Robin (I was also looking forward to writing about her dealing with Robin’s departure), though I’m glad to know this won’t spell the end of the friendship we’ve shared for the past few years.

@Simon Armistead Sorting Micah was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because it brought me to you. The amount of fun we had was incredible—wrecking havoc all over the castle and supposedly getting detention all the time. I remember when you, me and Phaedra were the terrible trio. Those were simpler times, and as much as I wish we could go back to that, it’s even more wonderful to realise that we’ve stayed friends way beyond that. I appreciate you in terms that I can’t describe, and I still recall all those conversations we had, baring our souls to each other. It feels so long ago—and I guess it really was—but you’re still one of the loveliest people ever. We’ve all grown so much and (thankfully) changed even more, but you remain the same in that one aspect.

@Willa Henry Oh, man, it has been so, so long. I thought you’d left VH, and I didn’t know you were, well, you, until you mentioned it in the main VH server. I can’t tell you how happy I was to find you again, because you’ve always been one of my favourite people on this website. You’re amazing, and I’m so glad you remembered me. I can confirm, though, that writing with you now is just as much fun as it used to be, and talking to you is twice that. I am excited for everything we’ve got going on and everything that’s to come. Let’s continue our crusade to become duelling champions of the world, and Ryszard will do his best—and then some—to protect Willa (yes, uncharacteristically, but he really does care about her).


More people that are just as wonderful and deserve a mention here:

@Atticus Barnes You’re an absolute delight of a person, and I’m so glad to have sorted in the same year as you (even though Nate’s pretty much gone MIA in the current iteration, Atticus is still one of his best pals). I’ve started associating you with live chickens, so every time I see or hear one clucking, it makes me think of you; @Desmond Potter I think I already told you this, but you’re an incredibly sweet and nice person. I really do appreciate everything you do and all the things you’ve achieved so far (even though we’re both on opposite sides of the law); @Josie Potter I just want you to know that you’re the uncontested hero of the world...internet...whatever. Keep being as fierce as you are, and eventually you could probably take over the planet (just don’t be evil about it); @Juan Garcia You’re actually the best Head Boy we’ve ever had since the beginning of time. I don’t know how these things are measured, but if I had to crown someone as the ‘best’, I’d choose you. Don’t let it go to your head, though (just kidding; let it inflate your ego, because you deserve it); @Shiloh Paige You were Arwa’s first kiss, so I had to mention you, but you’re also just so, so lovely. You’re easily one of my favourite people in VH36, and I’m grateful for whatever time we had to write our girls with one another. Thank you for everything you do; @Dax Gordon The worst mentor Ryszard could have been appointed, but also the absolute best. I loved being your unofficial child for the duration of the past four VH years, along with all the sinister plans Dax had to turn him into his minion (Ryszard was terrified enough as it is). Thank you for all the laughs and the good times you helped wring out of me, I really appreciate it; @Dax McQueen-Trengrove Playing Quidditch with you really was such an incredible experience, and I’m glad I got to share with you whatever I could (sadly, snitch math still eludes me to this day). I’m so happy to see you running around on VH again, and it means the world that you think so highly of me. You’re absolutely wonderful, and the kind of friend that anyone would be lucky to have.

@Leslie Dahlberg You were the best captain I ever played with. It was too short a time that I was around for it, but it was enough to brand you as #1 in my mind. The way you guided everyone and made sure everyone was involved, and without turning the game into a life or death mission—it was awe-inspiring, and you, along with @Rune Sky taught me so much. If I were to ever run for captain (read: not likely), I’d want to emulate the way you steered the ship. I hope you know that I am so incredibly proud of you for all that you’ve achieved and continue to strive for; @Nico Pichardo Our flirting duel was going to be one in a million, but I’m still glad we got to write whatever we managed out of it, because it gave me a chance to get to know you a little. Your discord angry faces were a highlight for me, and I still smile every time I think about them; @Pandora Midnight One of the sweetest people ever, and I’m absolutely positive that some of that sweetness also leaked ICly. You have a special place in my heart, and I adore you so much. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, and everything you continue to do—not just for me, but for everyone else, too. Please know you’ll always have a home wherever I am, and that you’ll never be alone while I’m around; @Seraphine Faust You’re actually one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, but I don’t think you’re told that often enough. You have a way of talking that automatically eases tension and calms down everyone in the vicinity. It is certainly one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever witnessed. You are such an amazing person, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise; @Pali Dotchev I never really envisioned us RPing and plotting together—not for any other reason but because I thought you wouldn’t like me (I tend to be loud, I know). We may not have written a lot lately, but I still appreciate every effort we’ve made towards it, and talking to you is always a highlight. You’re the kind of person anyone would be lucky to have as a friend; @Phil Kottenstette I’ve really enjoyed talking to you so much, and meeting you was definitely a highlight of my year. You’re amazing, and one of the funniest people I’ve ever known. I’m so glad you messaged me when you did; @Peter Piper Matthias You’re not here anymore and even though we still talk, I just wanted to say that I appreciate you a lot.


I also want to thank @Professor Althaus for giving me the opportunity to bring Ryszard to life and for being one of the sweetest people ever, and @Adrina Althaus-Valerio, for allowing Jack and I to run away with such a fun plot to write out.


See you all on the other side, for better or for worse.

Edited by Ryszard Althaus-Valerio

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