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The Great VH Appreciation Thread

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It may sound embarrassingly geeky when you try to explain VH to your friends, but it's a special place. There are so many wonderful people here. So many people who've worked so hard to make this such a great place to be. It's why this site still exists after nearly four years (our 4th anniversary is coming up in February!). We may sometimes get fed up with VH, with the people running it and using it, with how much time we spend here, but we just can't stay away, can we?


So I think it's time we resurrected this thread that Hagrid started quite a while ago on the old site. This is a place for people to thank the people that have made VH a special place for them personally.


I'd like to start it off by thanking some people that many of you have never met, but you wouldn't be here without them.


Our founder, Jay of harrypotterfanfiction.com: Jay started Virtual Hogwarts with several people from HPFF. He was our Dumbledore (*coughs*retcon!Wigglesworth, darn you JKR). He laid the foundation for this wonderful site and spent so much time and effort keeping it going. Not only that, but since we've reincarnated the site here, he's been incredibly kind and helpful in helping us get the word out of VH's new address.


Butch/Hagrid: Butch is plain awesome, a kick-arse roleplayer and moderator. He also had a huge part in making VH what it is. Butch seemed to have a bottomless well of patience in dealing with and resolving the everpresent drama that comes with the job. I don't know how he did it. ^^ I can't say enough, so I'll just stop. (No, he's not the current Hagrid).


Rob/Occidit: Coder extraordinaire, VH's second Admin, fantastic writer and all around cynical bad arse. If you ever had the pleasure of getting to know Rob, you know his synapses were always firing at, um... well, way faster than normal people's synapses. Point is, he's brilliant. He made some great innovations to VH, had plans for countless more, and had the genius idea of hiring the moderators. ^^ We miss him loads.


Erica Jean: Erica helped administrate VH with Rob after Jay left. She started the now-extinct VH:aH site and set up a chat. She's a super-friendly and talented gal. She even volunteered her coding knowledge to new VH when we set it up.


Max Tilden: Another superstar of early VH, among other things Max was VH's first Head Boy and the mastermind behind VH's games: Dueling and Quidditch.


Oh, man, I could go on for hours and still not do anyone justice, but I better stop before I get to all of you that are still here, especially our wonderful staff, current and past.


Let me just say how much I love all the moderators. You're all rock stars to me.


A million thanks to all the fantastic professors for all their hard work and dedication to VH. If you've never been a teacher at VH, you can't understand the time and heart they put into getting those lessons and grades up for you.


Every mediwitch, mediwizard, dueling officiator, quidditch official, death eater, house elf, portrait, prefect... every single staff member and ambience character. Ever. They work so hard to make this a fun place. Thank you so much.


Everyone who's ever applied to be any of those things: you're awesome for even wanting to contribute to VH that way. Don't give up.


Every alumni of Hogwarts: You stuck around this long = You rock


Every student and future student: You found us + You're giving us a try and roleplaying = You're a big part of our site = You rock too


Okay, I'm gonna stop and let you all take over.



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Mercy Beru

Nemesis, love, you didn't once mention yourself in there. How modest of you.


Of course, all the students know that nemesis is one of our most active Gods in the site when it comes to the overall running of it-- difficult, frustrating or trivial as it may seem. (Sorting especially, we know that gets her fizzled out, but she does it anyways cause she loves us that much.) Whenever a new ickle signs on, they automatically assume Nemesis is runnning it all-- that Nemesis is the god to be afraid of.


I'll admit, my heart still skips a beat a bit when I see Nemesisi post in a thread I've been watching, or posting in. I always think I'm in trouble. ;) But Mama Nemmy was allllways there to better VH and all the little ones that use it. <3


You could be doing so many other things with your time, Nemmy, but instead you hang arround to help us and keep us in line. Thank you. <3


And for all the other dogs that are lurking arround, you all are awesome too. If I have a question, I can always PM or IM one of you, and even if you're secretly gritting your teeth at my ignorance and blondeness, you'll answer my questions anyways. And of course, when I see a god looking at a thread of mine, I always feel like I might be in trouble... :mellow: It must just be the raw power and athority that's scaring me....


All the prefects have been sooo nice to a n00b like me. <3 And after becomming one, I've realized that being a prefect isn't as easy as it seems... Answering questions is a blast... repremanding ickles is hard when you're burnt out sometimes... and all the questions PM'd to me...We have a bigger inbox for a reason. ;) All of you that take the time to be outstanding prefect and rolemodels to ickles like me... thank you.


And really, like Nemesis said, all the students are amazing. We couldn't have a functioning VH without them. So many people I've met are amazing people-- a blast to talk to, even more fun to RP with. I'll admit, there are some people on my MSN list I would consider better friends than the ones I know from my hometown. When I had a friend of mine from the town die... I believe I talked to a person from VH for several hours. I could never do that with someone from my town-- not even in person. For that, I thank all of you... for just being awesome.



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Lian Dracel-Cortes

Talk about nostalgia and the old days! I'd like to give my heart to all the peeps Nemmy mentioned, because I can't thank them enough. To the Alumns I never RPed with but have stuck along and to those I chat with on msn and love to talk to <3 to the old and departed Professors, who may not be with us right now. I'll keep a place to remember your fun times and silly ones in the chat.


To all the late nights I've spent over the last three and summat years. To my VH friends, who I absolutely adore and love to chat with. To the new generation, who often remind me [even with the oneliners] about the process of writing evolution. To the Godderators, who fought and gave effort to make this new VH for us the addicts, for even when they're mad and we complain and <insert other naughty words> about, it is because of them, that we still have a place to RP in.


To the many [and I mean many] people who've RPed the same character just so they won't be replaced by someone new and keep it SOMEWHAT canon. To the Staff, who's put up with me ICly all this time [and some of them OOCly too ;)] and hell, I might raise a glass of...well Butterbeer to everyone because I should keep this short. *raises*


Heavens do I feel old. *feels joint pain settle in* Darnit!

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Atrus Valentein

I'm only a lowly student, but it gives me great joy to know that I've been on this site for nearly half of it's life (I was here two years ago last may.)


I'd really like to thank all the Goderators who have put up with all of us and our questions, and I want to thank all of those people Nemmy thanked, I was here to see every one of those admins at one point or another, and Erica helped me with my name when I was having issuees when I first joined...


I don't know what I would do without vh... And I feel old... Because of all that was said, I love you all, it's amazing!


I really adore all of you, and for the sake of keeping it short and not getting teary eyed, I want to thank only a few other people: Alex Davis and Liviana Black, without these two individuals I would not have stuck around... The first while I was here it was terrible for me, and without them I would have joined and never posted, you all are amazing, and before I close, I want to thanks the crazy huge family who I adopted, it was really cool that you all joined up and that I have all the cousins and family on vh that I have.


Thanks so much to Tinny Valentein because you basically rock for letting me turn you green... It made being old really memorable, and even if I ever leave vh (which I get the feeling you wouldn't let me do... would you?) it would be one of my most missed memories.


THanks to Owen because you're really a cool dude both IC and OOCly and although we don't rp enough I was your mentor, then comentor and really enjoyed every moment of it.


Thanks to everyone whose ever played in my family weather they stayed or not, Lucinda Valentien, Shane Valentein, Cali and Cari Capelli, Noella Earnshaw, Mackenzie and Izzy White and finally Joshua Nero, because you all are so amazing and having a huge family on vh made it a lot more fun, I don't know what I would do without you all, weather you are absent or not you all rock.


Alice Harrison should be in here... She is basically one of my best friends OOCly and we don't rp nearly enough, but we do have a good time what with random talks and sharing music and the like... Alice you rock.


Maria Silversmith, you are my unnofficial mentee and although we don't rp enough I really enjoy talking to you.


Both Maddies, Marshal, Megan Craft, Jarren Brinklebell, Naima, Stella, Veldrin, Janus, David Bane, Icarus, Brianna Wilkins, Elva Fire, Beau, Megan and Justin: I don't think I ahve ever rped with any of you, but I semi frequently talk to all of you on AIM/MSN, and its a blast and a half. I enjoy chatting with all of you, no matter how frequently.


Shanian Love: Shan, you are amazing, and an absolutrly wonderful writer... not to mention you put up with my slow responses and that is really cool. You're basically an all around fun person!


Drusilla Night, Mor Imber Lark and Brenna Page: My first friends after teh sorting... We had a lot of fun in the commonroom.


Eleanor Benwick: Ellie... You are an amazing writer and I really enjoy rping with you when I can.


Andralien Dubois[/s] Any time I see the name Andie I think you, you were Arty's secret Santa, and because of that I had to stalk your posts, and you introduced me to the wonders of stalking posts... Your also a lot of fun to rp with.

ANd Finally: The Evil Ickle Trio ... You all are so amazning, and not so evil anymore, I have tlaked to all three of you and I really enjoy what you did, it made things interesting.




Thanks for taking the time to read this long ramble of thanks to people.

Edited by Atrus Valentein

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Andrew Lyons

I've been here for almost three years. Three stinking years. You know, people don't really understand how huge sites like this are to people like us. I grew up on this site. I remember thinking as a little eleven-year-old, what would it be like to go to Hogwarts? And it was all fate that I happened to look up Harry Potter fanfiction (I'd just discovered what fanfiction was, period) on Google and go to HP Fanfic.com. I saw the link, but didn't click on it until one time when I was really bored. Then I found this site.


It's even hard to describe how much I love this site. I learned to RP on here. I think back to when Alatari was a first year and I cringe. The one-liners, the terrible character... but now, look at me! I can write several paragraph posts and my characters make sense. That's thanks to my peers. I probably would have never stuck with this site if not for all the nagging people, bribing me with pretty things to come back. (Leenie, that's YOU, haha)


RPing has always been my thing to get all my feelings out and to just have fun. None of my friends understand why I love this so much, simply because they've never experienced it. And what makes VH special is you can sign onto your MSN, talk to people all over the world, and simply have fun. You have no idea how much fun convos at 11 PM are unless you're in one with ten other insane VHers.


You know, there are times when I really wanted to leave here, when I just wanted to give up this whole RPing thing and get a life (STILL need one of those, actually), but then when I get on here and see all these amazing people putting their heart and souls into RPs, how could I not be one of them? How could I just pass up this amazing opportunity to use my gift and create a story.




Shiri Scott: We're friends in RL, and we actually made our characters together. She's just amazing <3


Cadoan: My main black dude. What else is there to say?


Leenie: :wub:




Calen Thanrion: Head Boy. Gosh, I have such embarrassing memories of Alatari back when he was just a prefect. I recall there was some patrolling going on around the forest, and something about Perfect Percy. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, promptly forget it. Calen was the coolest dude in the world. And he's officially the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD who can pull off using Orlando Bloom as a celeb.


Janus Sparhawk: The guy is a real nice guy to be able to put up with ickles RPing like mad with him. I will always remember the thread where he took his shirt off and sang, "I'm Too Sexy", and I also remember a thread LONG ago when he broke his arm or something when they'd been decorating the common room.


Stella Thorpe: Probably my biggest RPing influence. She was just cool, and I never got to talk to her OOC, but she was amazing. I miss her <3


Anyway, I just want to give a huge shout-out to all the Goderators/professors/staff. You guys are the glue that holds this thing together. We look to you for guidance and leadership even when sites crash and people are without RPing goodness for three months. You guys are amazing and I love you all so much!


I feel really old suddenly... well, my point is that I wouldn't be the person I am today without VH and all my loffies. So keep on rocking, VH.


Happy New Year, everyone <3333

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Elva McKinley

First of all, I'd like to hug all of you that made this site because I love it so much!! *hugs all moderators and all the above mentioned people* *gives lots of cookies*


Second of all, I want to thank the gods, Mr. Ryan, and the Prefects for putting up with me and the mistakes I've made on the site...*cough* :blush:


I've been here since October and have become quite obsessed with it. I saw the add for it at the top of HPFF and I had no idea what this site was, but I immediately signed up for it (my mom wanted me to sign up in something else besides HPFF). Thanks for letting me be obsessed with something besides Harry Potter fanfiction. I'm so glad that I'm here and that I'm currently the 2nd top poster.


I appreciate all of your help and assistance in my many questions and I love all of you!!! :wub:



Edited by Elva Fire

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Winter VonWiederwachse

Speaking for my big sister Veracity, her alter-ego Pirate Jenny, and myself, I have to say that VH has been a really big influence on us/me. I missed it so much during the hiatus. Looking around at some of the other PotterVerse RP sites, I could never find anything that compared to VH. There has been a member of this family here now for three and a half realtime years, and if we can get Vee married off quickly enough there won't be too long a gap until the next generation of Weatherwax/vonWiederwachses shows up...


My RL friends look at me as though I am crazy for "wasting" so much time in fantasyland. But it makes as much sense as traveling hundreds of miles each weekend going antiquing, or spending the entire year making your costume for the ####ens Fair or Burning Man, or any of the millions of things people do for fun...


Free, legal, and non-fattening. What's not to like? B)

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Erin O'Melon

Well, I saw this site ranked among the top HP sites a year or so ago, when I was voting for fictionalley.net, actually. At the time I had no idea what role-playing even was, so I paid no attention. Incidentally, almost one year later I found myself at the same site voting for fictionalley.net, again. And, again, I saw VH ranking SO much higher than FA! So, my curiosity got the better of me. I clicked on the link, took the quiz...and before I knew it, I was Erin O'Melon--sorted into VH's Hufflepuff House!


I've just started getting into the swing of things, what with role-playing and posting in general, and am really appreciative for all of the hard work everyone here at the site puts into everything they do. (I even feel guilty when or if I don't do my homework! *feels guilty* <<See?)


Anywhohow, all of the founders, staff and moderators do a wonderful job of making this fantasy game come to life. For all of us who weren't sent a letter from Hogwarts in RL...this is the next best thing!


Please keep up the great work everyone, and you can be sure I'll try and keep up my corner of the sky over here as well! ^_^


Not quitting anytime soon,



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Scarlett Madrone

Weell... first of all, i'm gonna keep coming back here, 'cause i have so many people to appreciate, but for now i would like to appreciate Neveah Hart, because i can't get rid of her and i'm glad of it :P . Purkey Tooding because reading her rp's makes my day and she's just awsome in general. The mods, 'cause they are SO awsome, but particularly Eos, because she's so sweet that even when she's scolding you for something she manages not to embaress you at all. Professer Prewett because reading her IC common room rules post made me laugh so hard. Madison Cooper for rocking. Danielle Law just... for coming to VH and not understanding it and sticking with it unlike so many other newcomers to the site, and now being an active VHer, Cole Maesson, Alec Berglund, and... um... when i think of everyone else i'll either edit this or post again!


edit 1- OMG, how could i forget Amanda Leary for being the best ICly and OOCly and Alex Cohle

Edited by Scarlett Madrone

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Arianna Jalliens

I remember when VH was just started, no, I was just a little ickle then, and I got my account sorted and promptly quit. Then a while later, I was bored and I remembered this site. I went back on, got myself sorted, found a love for graphic design, and made Ari into what she is today. A hyper, random, adorkable ravenclaw.Heck, I even managed to get a new rule *not telling which* I'm a proud nerd, so most my friends didn't think it's weird. Ya remember Kianna Mclander and Chelissa Mclinton by any chance? My buddies. I remember when I one-lined, I remember when Ari was goody goody two shoes Mary-Sue, check out her sorting blurb.


Arianna Jalliens

You're lucky that I can't tell anybody else what a tattletale you are - go to the best behaved house, and save your reputation. RAVENCLAW!




I'd like to give a shout out to;


Eos, for helping me during you-know-which situation.

Hades, remember when there was that guy 'The One'? Iwas Annamariah Jensen?

Oliver Clarke,*snuggles* your homework chart helped me soo much

Hannah Sea, you inspired Ari's squishiness.

Jay, for stinkin starting VH!

All the gods, all the professors, all the staff, all the students, everyone! Thank you VH!

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Rufio DeLeveign

VH has … I dunno really. VH has done so much stuff to me that I can barely think of where to start, haha.


I joined back in some of the earlier years. It’s really funny, because I hadn’t even started secondary school at that time, and now I’m half way through it. Back then, I had no clue what I was doing. I wrote a paragraph in each post and felt dead chuffed with myself because of it. But I was terrible, I even had about 5 alters which I got sorted all in the same year. Of course, then I became bored with VH and ditched it for a couple of months.


I came back though, and to be quite honest, I am glad I did. I cleaned up my act and started to put some effort into VH and I realised what I had been missing out on. I remember some of the very first people I met, and I remember how awful we were together. It was fun at the time, but looking back on it now, I can’t help but cringe.


I really want to thank the gods for sticking with VH for the IMMENSELY long time that VH has been up. I think that without VH, I’d probably be totally different to who I am today. Without them (and the founders <33) there wouldn’t be a VH.


None of my real life friends really know about my VH addiction, because of the cliché reasons (i.e: embarrassing/dorky) but I wouldn’t give up VH for anything now. If I had to choose one thing about all of VH had brought me, it would be the amount of friend’s I’ve gained.


I’ve made friends with some wonderful people, people that without VH I would have never previously even thought about. Some of my friends have been with me since the beginning, and others are relatively recent. However, I love each and every one of them, and every MSN conversation I have is a joy to be in, because you never know how wacky or crazy it can turn.


The best chats are the ones at 3am when everyone’s low on sleep. (Alissia <33)


So I’d like to thank all my friends too, because without any of you, I don’t know where I would be. You’ve all become such a big part of my life so much that I can’t imagine what it’s like not talking to any of you. Even when I disappear for just a week I miss the chats.


However, I want to thank every professor/helper/ambience/de for making the VH place come so much more alive in my eyes. VH is a place for RPing, and its fun just for that, but the way that you’ve gone a step further is incredible. The professors are awesome because of the amount of work they put in for each lesson, and everyone else just makes this life seem that much more believable.


I think I’m repeating myself, haha.


Finally, I just want to thank every single person who is on VH. All of you are something special, and it wouldn’t be VH without you.


I just want to mention Skyler Blake and Rochelle Carey, partially because I want to embarrass them, but also because … I think you two are my oldest friends, and I’ve talked to you since I first joined. That’s actually quite scary to think about. O.o


Thank you VH, so much - for everything, really.


- Rufio

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Madeline Slater

Ha. This is a fun topic. I like embarrassing people, so this seems like a good way to do it. Though I know I could go on and on and oooooon about the people I've met, and it would never be enough. I'm an oldie as far as age is concerned, but pretty new, relatively speaking, to VH. No old alters or anything. So even though I'm older in real life than much of the VH population, I was incredibly intimidated when I first joined. The friendships that have been forged over the last year and a half of being here are irreplaceable, and at this point, I wouldn't give VH up for the world.


First and foremost, obviously, a huge thanks goes out to the gods. I know how thankless and frustrating moderating an active board with lots of teenagers can be, through personal experience, so my heart goes out to all of you. Nemmy, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Thanatos, Echo, Eos, Osiris and Themis: you guys are my heroes.


Can't forget all the wonderful Professors. I may be partial to Gigi, but alas.. all of them are amazing. To do something that can be so time consuming, and still to have student alters...the thought just blows my mind. That's why I always feel the need to offer myself for grading. They do so much for us already, I feel like I should do my part of help. Even if I suck at it. XD


QUIDDY OFFICIALS. You guys haven't gotten a thank you yet? How is that possible?! BLASPHEMY! So, to Madam Hooch, Krum, Bagman, and Raghnall, thank you. Thank you for putting up with our little loopholes and our fights and our shenanigans. You guys are the ones who make it possible, and though we don't always agree (okay, hardly ever agree, let's be honest), I can speak for myself in saying that I still love you all to pieces and really appreciate what you do.


On the same token, Dueling Officiators! Seriously, you guys are awesome. Dueling is so intricate and involved, and I know you guys do so much more than open and close duels. I absolutely adore the officials that take the time to play along with the threads and add a little to the RP (Merrick <333), and who take the time to make sure we all understand. And a big thanks to Ms. Quinn for being so flipping amazing, with the tourney, and the strategy sheets and the club meetings, and letting us learn a free spell every year. You work so hard, and don't think that goes unnoticed or unappreciated.


As for the actual people, god I could go on forever. First, Sariss Ravon. One of the very first people I RPed with, my dueling mentor, and Maddie's idol. And mine, when we get down to it. She is so amazing and did/does so much for VH, including (but obviously not limited to) dueling ideas, and helping me personally with dueling strategy OOCly. If there is any one thread I miss the most from O!VH, it's our Sorting night Common Room thread. No contest. <333


Can't forget the Compartment of Girlish Behavior. And of course, there's Leenie. Leenie may be the most squishy person in the entire world. Every time I listen to the podcast, I smile when her little dueling segment comes on. Not to mention being one of the innovators of the fanfic project, and generally just being a sweetheart. <33


I suppose it should be Owen next, hmm? Where do I start? I don't even know how it really began. A duel where they didn't talk, I think, right? Isn't that what we decided? Even so, in the last year that has spiraled into him being one of my closest VH friends, if not THE closest, even despite the fact that every day is just constant mockery. I think it's his goal to make fun of me whenever possible. Still, he's an awesome guy, a great RPer and makes me laugh. Too much, he says, but I like to laugh. And we still seem to find things to talk about, which amazes me. Really.


Can't forget Everett. Goodness me. It's kind of funny; I think because VH was down for four months, that's why I started talking to Ev so much. So if there's one perk from the VH hiatus, that's it. I quickly realized in that time that I have never met anyone more creative. The ideas just pour out so naturally, and I find myself getting so excited at every new plot or fic or whatever, whether it's an idea for Ev or for any other character, for that matter. That doesn't even TOUCH on the amazing writing talent, and I really enjoy someone I can be a complete and total dork with and not worry about what they think. (GO BEANS!)


Andie is another one of those creative peeps that just amazes me. SO many characters, and yet she loves and develops them all, giving them all very distinct personalities. It blows my mind. Not to mention she is one the funniest people to talk to on MSN. We have had some of the STRANGEST conversations ("--no, I don't want to take one of your children") but that's what makes it so great.


Of course, there's the podcasters. I never laugh as much as I do while making a podcast; my RL boyfriend will attest to that. I love Beau and Nima so much, between making Nima laugh while she's trying to have a conversation with someone on the phone in French and hearing Beau tell his mom he loves her all the time, and Pokemon songs, and just general sillyness. I wish the iWiz was real, because I would so get one.


I could go on and on, so I'll make the rest short.


- H!Maddie, my other "half" and one third of the GSG. There really is no one quite like her (that's a good thing, by the way). I love that there's so many OOC similarities, without even dealing with the obvious long list of IC ones.

- Moss, whose posts never fail to make me laugh hysterically. And if only he got on MSN more, I wouldn't have to communicate through PM if I wanted to talk to him.

- Lorenzo, who only seems to be on in the wee hours of the morning for me because of the difference in time zones, which is usually okay, because I'm almost always up anyway. Who doesn't love a werewolf bully every not and then, eh? <3

- Winnie...my NEMESIS! Hahahahaha. Obviously not. Try "One of the most hilarious people around" maybe? Yeah, that's closer to the truth. Every single post that comes out of this girl is pure genius. Seriously. <33

- Megan...wow, I don't even know where to start there. I always seem to have very random conversations with her, which is great, because random is fun. <33 Not to mention she's amazing. ^^

- DEs. Yeah, you might be vile and malicious, but you make me laugh. Is that sadistic or what? (I'm especially fond of Couriel. Call me crazy.)

- Louie, of course. One of Maddie's first friends. And her first kiss, of course. XD OOCly, Lou is so squishy it hurts. All the FFoHH, when they get around to posting, for that matter. (The FFoHH consisting, of course, of Andy Lyons, Harrison West, Stuart Riley and Lou).

- Slytherin Quiddy players, past and present. My god, 3am mass chats. Those are some of the funniest, more ridiculous times I can remember. And waiting up for snitches that never show, which then resulted in me not being able to do simple math and flying off the handle at myself and having to have my teammates calm me down. And the trigger happy Maddie and Ev, each posting on accident, what was it, 5 times in a row? Fun stuff, I tell ya. XD But Slytherin Quiddy is life. The rest is just details. Special thanks to captains Amanda Overton, Endicus, Kylara and Ahi Keiki.

- And there's a long list of VHers that I might talk to sporadically, but who I love all the same: Skye Nagasaki, Davie Bane, Cadoan Berkeley, Ryan Paddock, Jordan Barhorst, Kale Britening, Jade Tally, Alden Stuart, Ollie Clark, Caleb Cantrell, Lian Cortes, JenJen Wehtington, Gabriella Fontaine, Laz Oakenbow, Liz Gardner, Dylan Briser, Lockore Darkmoon, Atrus Valentein...you guys help make this place worthwhile. <33


I'm sure there's more. If I think of something, I'll edit. But that's enough praise for now, hmm?

Edited by Madeline Underwood

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Gerald Arden
Will Edit for Seventh Year Edited by Gerald Arden

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Coraline Depyr

Ok, it's time I posted here, cos I appreciate VH.


I get in trouble off my mother (and I'm way too old for that) for spending too much time on the computer, and it's all because of this site. At least this year I'll be able to pass it off as studying.


Where to start? I joined VH a couple of weeks after first sorting, back in the days when I could make Coraline a vampire and nobody had a problem with that. I think of all the stuff we did back then, and even though a lot of it is cringeworthy, it was also REALLY fun.


I tried to end this post by listing all the outstanding people I admire, but almost ended up listing the entire site, and then some. Suffice to say that I love everyone at VH and I almost died when it crashed (I didn't even know VHOT existed). There is definitely no other site as well run, or as superly-awesome as this one.

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Cassidy Kinsella

I figured, I had to post in here, since I absolutely love VH.


First of all thanks to the Mods. I mean my gosh, I honestly cannot imagine life without VH. Now I hope that doesn't make me sound insane, but seriously, before this, I was rarely on the computer and now, I'm fighting for more computer time, and begging with my mother, and getting in loads of trouble, of course I have my own computer, so she can't get too mad at me.


Anyways, I love this site, it has helped my creativity, and writing skills, I've even got back to writing some fanfiction, which i stopped before I joined this site. So I'm really glad for this site, and it gives me something to do, because honestly, I have nothing to do. Its sad, but oh well. I've made some friends, which I'm grateful for, because I can't tell any of my actual friends, because I told one, and she gives me grief about it every once in awhile.


*Gushes* I keep saying I love this site, every other sentence. but I do.


Now People, who deserve the most credit, because I loffs them.


Ivory- Shes listened to me, go on about everything in our PM's and now our MSN conversations, sometimes i wonder how she can. I'm a fairly random person. I loffs her to death, shes absolutely the greatest person alive. She the sweetest person, ever. Without her, VH, would be a lot less exciting. She also a little dear, who makes me pretty things, without asking. Of course shes brilliant at. Anyways, I loffs her!!! <3 :wub:


Sara Watson +her alter- Shes absolutely a doll, shes absolutely a sweeties as well. We chat on msn, an shes just awesome. I mean shes so cool, and her alter an me have rp-ed alot, as well as my alter and her, but shes absolutely amazing. She even lets me ramble alot to her on msn, about nothings, <33


Lily Montez- If you don't know her, your crazy, shes so nice, and bares with me, when i send her random pm's to her about practically nothing. Shes an absolute doll, and I loffs her. Shes also the coolest to rp with.


Jordan Taylor- I can sum it all up in words. Coolest, sweetest, craziest person ever, Loffs. Shes also got the cutest lookalike who I loffs as well. Shes also really entertaining to rp with.


And, I could go on...but everyone I know, I loffs you <333

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Skye Nagasaki

You know, I have around…a gazillion threads, lessons, and duels to respond to at the moment, but I figured hell, I’ll just post in the VH Appreciation Thread. (Plus, I’m sick. I can’t RP with a disease.)


So…I joined VH I believe a year ago? It was December, 2005, I think. Wow, such along time ago. I joined with a friend, and worked my way through the site (I had never been on an RPing board before.) In fact, I had never seriously RPed before.


My first RPs were indeed…terrible. I don’t believe they were one liners, but they were close. I figured I was doing fairly well for a first timer. So, anyway, I ended up getting sorted into Ravenclaw, and…I dunno, it was magic. I fell in love. Since then I’ve spent a good portion of my life writing RPs for VH, and talking endlessly with the people I have met. Everyone here is awesome. <3


First off, hats off to the gods who run this whole thing. VH would of course be absolutely nothing without you guys. <3 Then of course the teachers, officiators, etc. All of you rock so hard. <3


And of course, VH would be nothing without its members. Since I’m lazy and buttface, I’m just going to make a big list of the people who have made VH such a great place to RP. <3 In no specific order:


Nadia, Winnie, Naomi, David, Elysia, Rohan, Friedrich, Samuel, Alicia, Purkey, Cadoan, Icarus, Alec, Naima, Mark, S!Maddie, Mekare, Shan, Stella, Krystela, Owen, Keira, Rufio, Megan, Oliver, Gabriella, Henry, Jennifer, Ryan, Eleanor, Erin, Gwen, Jessi, Ruby, Elizabeth, Kale, Kaiser, Akemi, Daniel, the Entire Ravenclaw Quidditch Team, and the England World Cup team (the ones who made an effort, at least. :P)


There are so many people. These are just people I’ve RPed with or met (and I probably missed a ton), but there are tons of fantastic RPers that make VH what it is. So if you’re active, pat yourself on the back, because you deserve it. ^_^


Boy, was that corny. Ah well, it was a good reason not to do my homework. So if one of my lessons closes tonight I can be like “Hey, I was saying NICE things HERE. Much more important, I think!” Or…something.


Erm. Yeah. XD



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Ellixiar Miel

After posting my goodbye absence post type thing I thought it was necessary to come here and thank everyone who has made my time at VH so incredibly awesome, fun & addictive.


Gods: You people are so so wonderful. From the first time i stumbled upon O!VH i was just in awe of this incredible site, how detailed it was and what an amazing community it had become!! I was in first year when the site went down, and finding out about VHOT after so many months was the best thing. VHOT became my true love, and I think it made me feel more part of the VH community whilst VH itself was in its coma.

But AMAZING how you wonderful Gods got this site up and running for us, better than ever. You are all so wise and smart and helpful and mean alot to every single member, even if they don't realise it :P

THANK YOU for making the last year and a bit for me wonderful here!


Angelique Divine: Was one of the first people i met/rped with, on the Hogwarts Express. Back in the day of me using my name in my user and a picture of me in my avatar, OH HOW UNLEARNED I WAS! She was the only of those few girls who managed to find N!VH and we rped every now and then! Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend!!


Jordan Barhorst: After finding myself some muse, I decided to reply to an open post in the christmas RPing part of the Off Topic Boards, when VH was still in a coma. It was there that i stumbled across Mr. Barhorst, recognising him as a fellow Gryffindor!! My favourite roleplay of all time. It lead to a great RL/VH friendship and another awesome rp once VH was back. I'll miss you Jordan. There was such a future for awesome plottage with these 2, so I hope if/when i eventually come back, Jordan & Ellie can hang out some more!!


Henry Stewart: I just saw Henry's absence post, so this probably won't be read but Henry was also another awesome rper I was lucky enough to RP with!! Henry and Ellixiar met in Diagon alley, which I think was actually my first ever Roleplay!! Henry tried to trick Ellie and they ended up going into the Forbidden Forest in first year and then hung out near the lake in second year. I admire Henry as a character and a RL person. When VH went down, Henry tried to keep our RP going via email, and it's my fault that that didn't work. A wonderful person.


Icarus Falls: Laura has been so wonderful. In the absence of VH we became friends in the offtopic boards and I have had so much fun posting in games, chatting on MSN to, recieving graphics from and just enjoying Icarus Falls and his lovely NZ counterpart. LAURA, thank you so much. You have really made VH so much fun, so enjoyable, something to look forward to. IN those evenings when all the americans are sleeping or at work, Its been great to hang out on the boards, just us, in our awesomely awesome timezone. It's been cool getting to know you and I hope that sometime in the future we can roleplay, but in the meantime I wish Icarus all the best for the school year!!


Keith Corvin: My VHOT post count rival. hehe. You ahve also been great. I was really enjoying our RP and I'm sorry I never got to finish it. You are an amazing writer and a wonderful character and I hope all goes well for you this year!!! It's been so much fun.


Brooke Duke: Not a character Ellixiar knows, but a RL amazing girl. My melbourne friend!! Thank you for everything, the MSN convos, the laughs, the VHOT game etc. ONe day we will go to that HP meet up and finally meet! hehe. Hope uni went well!!


Other people I want to thank: Catherine Watson- for being my mentor, Janus Sparhawk for being an inspiration, Maria Owen + Dawynyelle Corvin and others from Ellixiars dorm and start of first year, Calyxandra Marceau and everyone else I've rped with.


Gryffindor: I want to especially thank THE WHOLE of the Gryffindor house. I was so so happy to be sorted into Gryffindor, and we RAWK!!! Although I've never made the team, Quiddy tryouts have been so much fun, so for that I want to thank Whitney and Ryan for being so awesome, as well as Davie for teaching me alot in the last tryouts. SO many of my rp's have just been random huge ones in the common room, and so i want to thank everyone in gryffindor for those!

And Finally: Everyone who has every made me something! I'm sure theres more..but so far these i know..

Icarus Falls

Milton Eadie

Connie Ripner

Calyxandra Marceau

Kaiser Glenn

Agnes St. Werlock

Hudson Yates

Monet Zohara

Andie Kennedy

Maria Silversmith

Jarren Brinklebell

Henry Stewart




My time at VH has been so amazing. I had never come across a roleplaying site before and really do think that it is incredible. I hope all of you have a great 2007 and remember how awesome the people who run this thing are.


Ellixiar has never been the most developed character, and I've never been the best rper, but you have all made me feel so welcomed and I am really thankful.


I LOFF YOU ALL!!! :wub:




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Purkey Tooding

Yup, I really like this thread. ^_^


So anyways. First of all.


The Gods: Without them, VH wouldn’t be this delightful. They make every single bit of VH better for us, and I seriously love them. Hades and Nemmy and Hera and the other Gods I forgot, we all love you very much. Thanks for all that you contributed to us and made VH much better. <3333.


Alec Berglund: Really. Like, Alec’s one of my favourite VHers. I would seriously like, cry my eyes out if Alec left. Because Alec is just the coolest person in the whole entire world, and I love reading his RPs. They’re always so funny and enjoyable, and you know, I just love him lots. :wub: Like, go Alec? XD


Jaedyn Rivers: Okay, so she’s kind of away right now. But Jaedyn is like, one of the best people around I tell you. Her reading makes everything seem funny, and I just turn happy when I read her stuff. Because she’s just that amazing.


Neveah Harte: Because she’s just that incredible. She makes all my days much more enjoyable, and she’s just that great you know? Yup, ‘nuff said. <333.


Icarus Falls: Yeah. Icarus Icky was one of the first people I met on VH. Starting with a PM. And I love reading all his writing, because he’s a great writer. And Icky makes my life happier, by getting to type Icky a thousand times more! Uh . . . no. o_O Like, Icarus is just that awesome. <333.


Caleb Cantrell: Caleb’s just plain awesome. I mean, he’s like really cool and nice and stuff. XD And I love roleplaying with him, and just yeah. Haha. I really don’t have to say anything, because everyone knows that Caleb is just amazing. <333. Oh yeah. And he taught me something. Aloe Vera is a plant. o_O I think it is.


And this person I forgot her name?: Uh, yeah. I think it was like Hannah Sea or Guinevere Poleon. I dunno. But when I came with my real uber nooby first character, who wasn’t Andrea Hayes, one of those Hufflepuffs (or was it both? I have bad memory >.<) had helped me develop better with VH and I came to love it with their help. Because they taught me the basics of RPing and everything, so I love them. A lot.


Mark Elven: . . . :wub: Markie makes my days with all his lovely-ness and writing that’s just SO pleasing. XDD


And everyone else I forgot, they all helped make VH so much better and now. Like. I love VH. SO much.


<3333. Virtual Hogwarts is probably the best site I’ve been onto my whole entire life. XD Yup. <3.


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Estelle Ruiz

Aw, Nem, your list practically brought a tear to my eye. Jay, Butch, Reeka, Max... Those were the glory days. I second those thanks. Miss you all.


Shanaelle, Lazarus, Beau, Callisto, Joaquim, Tim, and all my other darlings - I wouldn't even make my rare appearances online if it weren't for all of you. I love you to bits, and hope we never lose touch.


To all the older (6th year and up, professors, staff, gods) VHers: You may remember the old days of VH, you may not. If so, I can almost guarantee that we've had at least one good, hilarious, memorable conversation. For that, thank you.


I've been with VH since its beginning, roughly 4 long years ago, but it feels like ages. I've met more incredible people on this site than I could possibly count or mention in one post, many of whom I've known since before VH even began. (Viva la HPFF!) Needless to say, VH and many of the people in it have hugely shaped my life, and I'm nothing if not appreciative. Love you all.

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Ariadne Casselotti

Although my newbie labeling might lead you to believe otherwise, I’m actually an old fogy from VH of long ago. I joined up around August of 2003 (so I think that made me VH year 3-ish) and was completely new to the world of Rping. Long story short: I sucked, got better, then left for a while, and now I’m back with a new character. The end. :P


But there were a few certain individuals from a long time ago who really became my close friends. It’s weird to think about, but out of all my RL friends right now, there’s only maybe two who I’ve known longer than my VH friends. They’ve stuck by me through hard times and are always there to lend a virtual ear.


To start off: Did you know VH used to have a chat? Yeah, I’m not joking. It was pretty awesome and that’s how I met most, if not all of these old school people. I’m pretty sure a couple are still lurking about in various characters these days, so hopefully they’ll see this.


Mack/Darrington: You were the very first person I met on VH. (Which was probably not a good thing, me being a newb and all.) Remember the chat and the Slytherin “bar”? How the heck did we get away with that? You always tortured/flirted with my character (I never really understood how that worked) and you’re always good for a laugh on MSN. In fact, you messaged me out of the blue the other day and called me a foul name, so I knew you hadn’t changed and were still the grumpy person I know and love.


Allie P: We shared a bond of both of us having illegal last names. Plus we were basically awesome and shared a deep, binding love of Josh Groban (STILL jealous you got to see him in concert ... like twice). You had a kick-butt character who I think was friends with mine, and we had lots of fun. Please come back :-P


Alex Davis: I love you so much. I know I just talked to you about writing this like two seconds ago on MSN, but I just want to reiterate that you are the coolest. You’re like the older sister I never had! When I first joined you were one of my role models (ha, I never told you that), and you honestly made me a better RPer. Plus, I think you’re the only person who can order Joe around and actually get him to do your bidding … although I’m not sure if it’s out of respect or fear.


Curt Wood: You were like the second person I met on VH. Do you remember that we “dated” for like five days? (We might have forgotten to mention that, Allie). You were my character’s best friend and one of mine OOC too. You’re the sweetest guy and always knew the right thing to say- both IC and OOC.


Juli Wood: Heh, did you know that she and Curt are actually brother/sister in RL? No kidding! Anyway, you’re one of the most awesomest and sweetest people ever. You always lend an ear when I need one and offer me advice that keeps me from doing stupid things. You made me pretty dolls (which I still have the links to after all this time, by the way). You were another person I looked up to when I joined. I specifically remember when you and Alex would come in the chat I would be so frightened and intimidated that I HAD to get better or suffer in silence- which we both know is impossible for me to do. So thank you for scaring me into being a better RPer. :lol:


Oliver Wood of old VH: I have to put you on here purely because of one of the last threads I did. To date it is still my favorite one I’ve ever done. Thank you for cradling me in your big muscular Quidditch arms despite the fact that I both bit you and threw my shoe at you.


Genevieve/Vivi/Gen/Sara/Why do you have so many names?: Ha! I made you come back! You are another old friend with whom I RPed a lot (mostly in the chat though). I’m sorry Joe is so mean to you. Just kick him in the head.


Chase: Although I hesitated to include you, you were probably the biggest part of my previous time on VH. Our time on old VH has become kind of a legend, I guess. I was actually talking to someone on MSN the other day and told them who I was and she said, “Oh yeah! You and ____ had that awesome thread in the blahblahblah!” Our relationship OOC was interesting too, to say the least. And even though you were kind of part of why I left in the first place, you certainly made things memorable.


Janus: I had to put you on here because you’re Janus! Although I don’t think we ever actually RPed together (maybe once or twice- I’m not sure), I remember always talking to you on MSN about the weather because I thought it was cool we lived in neighboring towns. And you offered to put in a good word for me to get a summer job. Which, heh, I might just need now …


Joe: Used to be you didn’t really belong to VH until you knew who this kid was and talked to him on MSN. This pink-haired little ghostie was (and still is) Mr. Popularity. Ever the ladies man, he always has the perfect comeback or cheesy line to fit any situation. I’ve known you since you were a pervy little kid, and now you’ve grown up to be … well … a pervy young man and somehow I’ve managed to put up with you through it all. Maybe it's that picture of you in a dress that keeps you in line (and I still have that, by the way so don't get any ideas). You’re one of my closet friends, period. I hope you know that I love you dearly (Maybe all this affection is coming from the fact that I only was able to talk to you for like five minutes today?) Anyway, it’s because of you that I’m back (never could give up, could you?) and well, that deserves the biggest thanks of all. Now will you please be nice to Vivi?


Thanks also to all the mods that work tirelessly to make this a great place to be (especially to Jay, Butch, Erica, and Rob- I remember you!), and to all the characters out there who make it interesting! Seriously, I was reading through this and remember when some of you (or your alter) joined and it was really making me feel my age. Yikes!


Love you all!

(Except Joe :D )



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Lazarus Oakenbow

Just thought I'd add this since I'm jetin' out of here.


Keep up the writing and Rping and keep the whole Harry Potter thing alive. Thanks for all the fun from everyone I had a chance to meet and RP with. For instance: Beau, Estelle, Darcie, Andie, Shan. Everyone.

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Leda Cole

I appreciate Sorting pranks that cause us ickle first years to run around like chickens with our heads cut off! Should have expected this with the Sorting being on the first of April. :D

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Cira Silver

Wow, I remember this from old!VH, and here is my new list of people I’d like to thank.

-The mods - Thanks for putting up with my questions. Its very awesome of you.

-The professors -Thanks for putting up with my bad lesson posts and random questions.

-The prefects - Thanks for putting up with my questions in pms and the question board.

-Fellow Hufflepuffs- Thanks for putting up with Cira and her oddness.

-The people who sent me the link to Old Vh and the off topic when it went down.

-The people who made me graphics and posted kind messages in my gallery.

And if I missed someone, I’ll remember soon and edit you in. I promise.

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Andie Miller

Hokay. This is going to be a long list – this is my ninth year on VH (three and a half RL). I thought it only fitting to post it on my original account. Andie doesn’t get much posting action on VH these days. And this is really in no particular order, so don’t get offended if you’re not first. Srsly.


TTLG (Ayva, Noccy, Rory, Starla, Aiden, Sierra, Teresa, Clarice, Iker, Iris): You guys knew I would start off with you, didn’t you? We were pretty epic. I mean, nobody remembers us, except, well… us, but that’s okay, because we still know how amazingly cool we were are. Yeah, most of you didn’t make it to graduation, and some of you have alters (don’t think I don’t know!), and we were TERRIBLE RPers when we started out, but we still rocked this site. I still do. But once upon a time, we all did. If it weren’t for you guys, I probably would’ve left before Andie had finished her first year. But no. I stayed, because of the soap operaness, and the love triangles, and Iris being in love with DEs. As The Butterbeer Turns <3


Maddie: I don’t remember when I started talking to you. But I must have at some point, or you wouldn’t have made it to the ‘Awesome’ section of my MSN list. Thanks for loving on Caddie, and Jandie, and for all around rocking. You basically define ‘win’. And next time I’m down your way, I’ll give you a call, and we can go out and partay like the internet nerds we are. And seriously, thanks for letting me complain to you so much. No one else would put up with it. <3


Beau: I love j00. We came close to RPing once, remember? Too bad that never happened. We will have to settle for fanfic, ja? Anyway, you’re pretty much great. Even if, the first time I met you, in that huge group chat, I thought you were kind of weird. And you are. I’ve come to accept that.


Laz: I h8 j00 for not posting. Except not. <3 I loves on you, and you know it. You made for some fun RPs that you didn’t even know about. Laz is a great topic for Andie/Ayva girltalk.


Erika: Erika is love. She doesn’t get on the MSN I have very often, but back in the day, when she was on VH, she was on a lot. And we chatted. And she made her other HP site, and I joined it, and then it disappeared, but I loved on her the entire time. She’s good times. LOVEHER.


Jarren: Aw, Jandie what. <333 Thanks for plotting with me and getting Andie some Hoofle love. And thanks for being so frickin’ cute. Now go post in our year-old thread.


Ollieface: Dayum, you fine. <3 I told you you’d get Head Boy. Thanks for letting Andie abuse you when her ankle was broken, and thanks for having such a When Harry Met Sally relationship with her. I mean with the seeing-each-other-once-every-few-years. Not the falling in love. We can’t do that. Because there’s just not a cute ship name for Ollie/Andie.


HfD (Luca, Alicia, Della, Kas, Hayden, Chase, etc): Commonly known as TTLG Junior. You gave Cade a home when I’d really only created him to make Chance mad. Even if you were really mad that I didn’t tell you about him initially. XD Sorry about that. You guys rock, though, and thank you for being the reason I didn’t drop the character. I love him deeply, and without you, I would’ve missed out on some pretty awesome plottage with him.


Janus: Thanks for letting me ruin your life a couple times. XD Nothing can give a girl a reputation as a sexy fiend like breaking up the Head Boy and his girlfriend. Though I didn’t quite succeed there, but you know what I mean.


Lucius: Thanks for nothing, jerkface. You gave me the reputation as The Girl Who May or May Not Be Having a Naughty Affair With Lucius Malfoy. XD But that was a lot of fun. Too bad we never finished that thread – I’m sure all the Lucius/Andie shippers out there were very upset by the lack of closure. Shame on you for getting a real life.


Nemmy & The Goderators: They should start a rock band. Seriously. Look at that name. But yeah. Thanks for not pwning me unless it was absolutely necessary, and letting me be Head Boy even though I’m a total slacker, and letting me loiter on your site for so long that the line between ‘eccentric’ and ‘loser’ was effectively crossed. But seriously, when do I get my shark back?


Mandapants: When did I even start talking to you? I have no idea, frankly. Maybe when I made Cade and joined HfD. It was before the WC for sure. I don’t know. But whichever it was, I’ve been annoying you for quite a long time, and I FINALLY succeeded in getting some concrete Cade/Manda. I’m thrilled about it, actually. I have just one thing to say to you: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :P


Ryan: I’m not going to make this very elaborate, because it’ll go straight to his head – as if he needs THAT to get any bigger. I have a lot of fun making fun of you, and you love it. If it weren’t for you, I may not have kept playing Quidditch. I mean, I probably would have, but the possibility exists that I may have quit. But I didn’t. And it was great playing with you.


Gribblewindow Quidditch in general: You guys rock. Usually. We’ve had some great times (like the time Calen benched me for hitting on his girlfriend >.>), and I’m glad none of you really freaked out when you found out I played Ben too. Except for the ones who didn’t believe me initially. XD I guess I’m just a really good liar, huh?


The Officials: for letting me be the announcer during the World Cup final. Bet you regretted that, didn’t you?!


Bahhface: Thanks for taking good care of Chance. God knows he needs someone to keep an eye on him, and there’s no one better for that job than you. And hey, you basically rock, too. It’s just too bad Chance came back to VH before I could convince you to marry Ben. Guess I’ll have to settle for Jade.


Jade: I love you? XD Thanks for having ten bileagle of my kids. And letting me complain to you a lot. I didn’t really know you that well until I proposed to you (I seriously didn’t think you’d say yes >.>). You were just that girl in the Quidditch Chat who always made innuendo. But now you’re my wife who always makes innuendo and can’t keep her hands off me. B) You know. ICly.


Whitney: for being so good natured as I spent 7 years making fun of her. Sorry. XD But really, was Ben/Whitney not really fun to RP? I mean the feud, not the ship. *shifty*


Joe/Megan/Vivi/Livi/etc: Most of you aren’t even on VH anymore, but we had some good group chats. It was fun, and I kind of miss you. Not enough to actually IM you ever, but… KIDDING. >.> We should start our own RPG. Again. And this time, not let it die. I love being Sirius for you. <3


Hayden: Thanks for marrying me. :P Punkface. We have purdy kids.


Everyone else: There are so many people who I know I’m forgetting. All the kids I’ve mentored [largely ignored], and who’ve made me shiny graphics [like Moss and Alden, both of whom I love deeply] and the ones who’ve left VH [like Garrett YOU BIG JERK], etc. I can’t even begin to list them all, but I love you all very, very much. VH has been a great source of entertainment and procrastination for me. In fact, I should be writing a research essay right now. It’s due tomorrow. And I think it’s like 40% of my final grade. And I haven’t started. But, instead, I’m writing this post. So there.


Edit: I knew I was going to end up editing this post.


Dellaface: You may have complained to get me to edit, but I really did want to give you more appreciation than I did up there. *points* I just didn't, because I was hungry and wanted to go make Pogos. You need lots of luvvins, not just to be squished up there with HfD. Though I didn't talk to you much until a couple VH years ago, I've discovered that you kind of rock. Actually, I think my discovery was a byproduct of DellOllie. You know, initially, I was all like "ZOMG what OLLIE MARRIES ME YOU LOSERFACE", but then I read some, and I liked it, and then I talked to you more, and I decided that yes, I do like this. And I like you. And I'm glad our children get married, and that we plot way too far in the future. <333333333


Ryan: You're such a whiner! "My blurb wasn't lovey enough, wah!" Fine. You want the truth? ILOVEYOU. I really, really do. More than most of the other people in this thread. Sometimes you're a jerk, but that's okay, because I kind of like that in a guy. That's why I have such a love-on for Slytherins. But yeah. Ever since I first met you, and I pretended I was a guy, I liked you. And then you thought I was two people, and I loved you even more, because most of the time you weren't talking to me like I was a guy. We've had some really good times. We've had some not-so-good-ones too, but that's to be expected. And even though you're a punk and you make fun of me, I love you a great deal. Lovey enough for you? And no, I will not marry you. Sorry.

Edited by Andie Kennedy

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Beau Veon

Last post on this character for a very, very long time. Thought it best to leave on a high note.


I won’t be lying here: I don’t know too many people enough to call friends, but VH surely has given me the opportunity to meet some of the best (and, admittedly, worst) people in my life. It’s impossible to name them all, but I’ll do my best.


Andie Kennedy – Great friend, I’ve known you for about a year now. Time flies, eh? Thanks for contributing to VH and making my day a little bit brighter. I am eternally in your debt.


In response to above post: Shush. I was blinded by the light, and delusional. :)


Lazarus Oakenbow – Not half as obnoxious as many people might think ;) I have so much to thank you for, and couldn’t list a percent of it.


Whitney Lyons – Great prefect, great helper with all things, VH and not. Again, no one could possibly fathom what you’ve done for me these past 2+ years.


Jemini Brinklebell – My highest highs and lowest lows were with this girl. Thank you for all the memories, and they will be treasured for years to come.


Maddie Underwood & Naima St. James – A HUGE thanks to these people for putting up with me, and for doing the podcast (plau fridya). I owe you guys bigtime, and hope to keep in touch.


Estelle Ruiz – Great friend, great person, one of the best things to come to VH.


Shanaelle Day-luh-vay – Known you for about as long as I’ve known anyone here. Great times.


Aurora Braelin – My mentor. Turning me from stupid to relatively well known. I have nothing but deep respect for you.


Dawn McNaught (sp) – I hardly knew ya, but you were always a fun to talk to.


And the list goes on…


The Gods, for your work and dedication. I doubt anyone other than yourselves will really know what you have to do behind the scenes for everyone here, and I am nothing if not grateful for what you did and continue to do.


Eos in particular, for good conversation. And letting me occasionally complain ;)


The Professors for your insane amount of work. I never did my half, but the fact you did yours astounds me.


So long VH and VHers. Some of you I will see, some – well, who knows?


Signing out,

Beau Veon




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