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Nadia Bellesario-Lane

(So bad) And no-one can escape

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Nadia Bellesario-Lane

Note: This take at the start of Nadia's second year. The godmod was allowed for ^_^. Lyric: Nina Hagen, So Bad


Oh no, oh no! Nadia was rumaging through her pockets to find that indeed her wand had been carelessly left behind back at her new house in Canterbury! Imagine if the two menaces known as the twins accidentally got their hands on that wand- instead she found Robinson's pacifier in her left pocket where her wand would often be. "Bugger- She muttered shoving the disgusting binky inside the pocket, hoping to Merlin she could owl her father about that wand! Tugging her already messed up hair from the day, the second year Ravenclaw was very- very angry. Not only she had a horrible hair day, since bad could not cover this, her wand had remained back home. Adjusting her mandatory Ravenclaw robes, which had been tailored to her growing body, as she had grown rather a few measle inches that had reflected when the young eagle had fitted her Quidditch robes in hopes that she had not out grown them at all- much like all her robes and clothing.


Brown eyes flickering across the Great Hall, cheeks burning red from all the running she had done in hopes of finding if her new glasses had fallen anywhere. Yes, Nadia Bellesario also wore glasses due to a minor accident during summer, which involved some weird potion falling into face due to her lack of not looking. "So much for an E last term if I cannot recognize bad potions from good ones- Yes, Nadia was rather at a dissapointment with some of her grades, causing great stir inside her mind and some doubts. Of course, this wasn't the moment to worry about this, yet. The now second year Ravenclaw briskly walked towards the house table, attempty to tame the mane of hair that was currently being the ailment of the day.


Still, she wondered how could her wand remain behind! Having known that three out of four classes needed wand usage! Yearrgh! Still she found herself hitting a table edge with her hip. Ow, ow ow. "Ow- She hissed out when stumbling backwards and rubbing the sore area. She then realized what table she had hit. Clad in green and silver, Nadia Bellesario's eyes widen. Oh, she was far away from her bronze and blue hide-away. Never she had come across this table, even if she knew to which house it belonged. Retreating back, Nadia admired the table as far as she could without feeling a figure saying "Move eet, pest"


The second year turned around to find a gorgeous errm, a rather handsome man, whom by looks wore the same colors that Slytherin wore. 'The enemy, Slytherin House. The guys, too good looking to bother with ' Her inner voice said with it's oh so maturity. Eyes wide as she stepped away from the git saying "Next time, it's 'excuse me', mate" ooh, burn.

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