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The Slytherin Table

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Julian Trice

[[ continued from here]]


Nope, it wasn’t over. Not by a long shot. Because CHASE WAS STILL COMING!


Crap! He should have known not to dive for the Gryffindor table, most likely that lot had heard of his misgivings and obviously malevolent ways from Amelia ward or Joe Howard, who he’d owned in the dueling chamber and no, I’ll never get tired of saying it, yo.


And what sucked even more about it was that he’d lost his banana muffin! Of course, living to see another day was infinitely more important than some baked goodness so Julian pushed that from his mind and crawled away from the angry sounds of Mr. Vomit Victim UK and made his way over to the Slytherin table…which was next to the Gryffindor table and slightly less occupied.


Slytherin's were like New Yorker's anyway, they didn't bat an eyelash at the half naked yum of their fellow house mates running round trying to kill each other, or at least try to cause internal bleeding, and who could blame them really? this sort of thing was the norm down in Slytherin. sucks to be you, right?


He’d seen Chase nearly face plant into a girls lap which would have been lovely for her if this was anything but a PG-rated site but since it wasn’t or isn’t, sometimes I get confuzzled; Chase got back up, the girl swooned out of her chair/bench/seat showcasing her knickers and continued on his quest to bathe in the blood of not so innocent ickles named Julian Trice.


#####! And chase was on his arse once more, quickly, Julian stepped onto the bench and leapt across the table, narrowly missing getting his trouser leg grabbed and him face planting into the probably not as soft as a ‘Sealy Posturepedic pillow top mattress’ table. and turned to stare Chase down. He feinted right and Chase did too, he feinted left and Chase did too! Oh god! Did he know his secrets?! Did he know his every move before he, himself made it?!


No, this had to end, or at least slow Chase down…” eyes darting round the table and toward Chase just in case he made any sudden movements Julian spotted a basket of muffins, did they have them on all the tables?


It didn’t matter, he had ammunition! Quickly, picking up the muffins, Julian took aim and began lobbing them at Chase’s head.


“You’re a pretty in pink lunatic! *throw* stop chasing me you sod! *throw throw* I’ll tell people you go round sniffing peoples knickers if you don’t leave me alone!” he shouted and realized that he’d run out of muffins and Chase wasn’t to happy with having to dodge baked goods anyway.


Oh crap. Maybe he shouldn’t shout off nonsense insults while being chased by a slightly sweaty, half naked older boy whose hands could easily wrap around his neck and throttle him into unconsciousness. Or snap his spine like he was a particularly brittle piece of wood.


Maybe this staring down business wasn’t such a good idea. Julian flipped Chase the double deuce and turned on his heel to dive towards the Ravenclaw table.

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Chase Taylor

Owww. Far too old to be doing this, kthx. Nearly wrenching his neck as he ducked under a leg (a leg?!) swinging over the bench, Chase winced as sliding around on the floor meant skin burns. Owww. Pulling himself up and shaking crumbs, dust and other half-eaten-and-dropped bits of food out of his hair that he had gained from his venture under the table (not a pretty venture, let me tell you), the boy wildly stared around the room for Julian. Dear Merlin, that boy was intent on humiliating him, wasn't he? and no, he was not succeeding, thank you very much. Chase was... er, recruiting for his fan-club, that was all. Yeah. JULIAN TRICE, COME BACK HERE. Rawwwwr. ;D


Seeing the boy (who else was running around the Great Hall half naked? Himself excluded, obviously) dash towards the other tables, Chase fervently hoped that Luca was not in the hall at the moment. PleasedearMerlin. And just in case he was, the muscled boy flexed an arm. Errrr. Yeah. Anyhow. Tripping over approximately three feet and a cat, the Slytherin narrowly avoided plunging himself face first into some girl's soft bits and tumbled on. Oh, the Slytherin table. The boy smiled weakly at several people he recognised, before watching Julian leap across the table, and followed suit. He heard the entire bench creak under his weight, and was pretty sure that one foot connected with a pitcher of pumpkin juice or something like that. He vaguely saw lots of orange spreading over the table, anyway. Maybe it was orange jui- NEVER MIND.


Choking as a UFP (Unidentified Flying Pastry) flew towards him, Chase swatted at it like a girl, before realising with quite a lot of woe that it had been a perfectly good muffin. Not to mention that Julian was shouting the oddest of insults. "You threw up 'cause a girl kicked you in the gonads!" hollered Chase. So much for keeping it all quiet. "AND CRIED." Where did Julian think of such insults anyway?! Hmm, maybe he did it himself... "You," he retaliated, picking up a plate (which unfortunately had gravy on) and using it to bat muffins away, spraying bits of gravy onto everyone around him as the Sixth Year madly flailed, "are a skinny arse little boy." Now, this wasn't too much of an insult (just in case the teachers were around and heard), but it was, my dears, coupled with a rather condescending look up and down Julian's body. It wasn't like his. He had a manly body. Rawwr.


And while we're at it, Chase looks pretty in every colour, pink included, thank you.


Julian swore at him? HE SWORE. Chase swore. But verbally. And quietly. And then rugby tackled the younger Slytherin, trying to avoid more skin grafts. Although how one could, having just dive-tackle someone else, Chase wasn't quite sure.

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Benny Laut-Thacker



Benny sprinted through the Great Hall, starving, but also quite late for class. Stupid OWL level courses. Couldn't miss a minute of them without feeling behind.


He grabbed several pieces of toast, buttered them hastily (missing quite badly and hitting his sleeves several times), and ran back out into the Entrance Hall and up the marble staircase toward the Fifth Floor, praying to the OWL gods that he'd be on time for Transfiguration.

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