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Professor Pichardo

Ladies and Gentlemen, Will You Please Stand

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Professor Pichardo

Summer 2046






He’d really always known this day was coming, from the very first letter that an owl had dropped off on the paved patio at his back door, Oliver Pichardo had envisioned this day in the back of his brain.  Even when they'd been apart the man had wondered if he'd really seen the last of the Potter boy.  But that hadn’t made him any more prepared for the afternoon that Desmond Potter had knocked on his office door at the school, without Seeley and asked to speak to him.


He could have sworn his own heart had stopped for a few seconds.


Regardless, here they were - or rather, here he was, right hand clasped around Charlotte’s left and a three-year old on his left hip while the warm July evening settled in around them.  


The ceremony had been beautiful, and yes, Oliver Pichardo had shed a few tears while he hugged Seeley before he sent her the last few steps towards Desmond and took his seat but he would never admit it.  He’d brushed his eyes with his knuckles and told his daughter he loved her and issued that same well-practiced warning look in the younger man’s direction that he’d perfected over the years.  


Now, he stood next to his own wife in the Marina restaurant’s main dining room, decorated and arranged in deep orange and purples and candlelit just so.  Strewn with sunset tapestries across the ceiling and floating rose petal centerpieces at the tables while they waited to the DJ to finally announce the new couple into the room; he held his breath with his eyes glued to the door.  The wedding party was filtering in with their smiles and spreading out on the dance floor and as the doors drifted shut again Oliver’s expression of anxious excitement turned towards one of alert and worry at the faint sound of… thunder? 


Please wait for Desmond & Seeley before posting ❤️ 

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Desmond Potter

He was a married man, looking down at his finger. There was a ring on it that Seeley Pichardo, well it was Seeley Potter now. Something he always wanted but never told her back when they were at Hogwarts. It was just something he was not ready for at all, he didn’t think that this day would come and yet it did come and he was standing there with his wife… wife what a strange word to think in his head and know that it was not a dream and that it was something that would never change. 


He got the girl that he always loved. After everything that he went through and done before winning her back and making her his and the other way around. There was no words left that he was able to say. He said everything that he needed to say while he was at the alter. 


“Please tell me that this is not a dream?”  He looked over at his wife and just was holding her hand and not letting it go. He never wanted to let her go. Knowing that he was not able to lose her ever again, they were married and nothing was going to change that. “I love you so much.” 


He told himself that he was going to save the best part of the night to this and not ruin the wedding at all. That was not one thing that he was going to ruin at all. Reaching into his pocket he kept his wand, just in case something happened, it was a Potter wedding after all and something might have happened. 


Saying a word in soft tone that no one was able to hear him at all. There was a storm coming and he looked at Seeley and smiled. “I think its time for the first dance, my lovely wife.” He held out his hand and waited to see if she was going to come and dance with him. While it was raining. 


Rain storms were always something that would be just for Seeley and Desmond and he was so glad that he was a wizard and knew a spell to start a storm whenever he wanted to start one. 

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Seeley Pichardo

The smile hadn’t left her face.  It had been a long time since she could remember feeling this happy, maybe since the day she had gotten the notice that she’d gotten info the academy.  And Desmond had been the one she’d been most anxious to tell then; Seeley stood next to him now his fingers wound between hers as the door to the restaurant drifted slowly closed in front of them and she heard him quietly ask her if it was a dream. 


She breathed in and faced him, squeezing his hand and smiling, leaning forward in her purple heels, hidden under the flowing fabric of the white dress even she was surprised she was wearing.  Her other hand pressed against his chest and she shook her head.  “It sort of feels like it, but it’s not.  You’re stuck with me now.”  She joked.  Probably a phrase he might’ve said himself to her a few dozen times since she let him put the ring on her hand but the truth was she knew she was a handful.  “I love you too.” 


She turned then, ready to follow @Selena Watkins & @Milo Shin, @Maggie Sinclair & @Damien Belizaire, and @Lindy Rose & @Wyatt Lazarus like they were supposed to only to feel hesitation in Desmond’s hand.  Their first dance was meant to be inside, she could already hear the music beginning and the muffled voice of the DJ through the closed door that would probably charm open any second. 


She also heard her husband... her husband, the thought rushed through her with the same sensation that a shocking hex might as the low rumble of the thunder from his spelled stormcloud did and she stepped back a step while holding his hand and looked up, her jaw dropping ever so slightly.  


“Really? You think we should?” She asked, but she already knew the answer and she didn’t wait for one.  Seeley didn’t care at all as the drops of water fell down on the both of them.  She spun into him and wrapped an arm around his neck, kissing him as the doors finally started to open.  


Inside she could hear voices, someone that sounded an awful lot like her father barking about unpredictable weather, if he only knew.  Seconds later her feet hit the floor again and she stepped back, tugging again on Desmond’s hand towards the door.  They did have a real dance to get to and a party just for them.


This is now open.  Come join us for the party! ❤️ 





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Josie Potter

Since their mum would want photos before they all left for the ceremony, Desmond had been in his room (the one that Josie was already planning to turn into a craft room once he was gone) and so, one last time, the familiar loud yell of DESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! as Josie charged into the room with barely a moment's warning.  Fortunately, her brother had already donned his trousers.  


"Finally!" she exclaimed.  Then with what could best be described as an evil eye with her wand in hand, she warned him, "Only a few hours to go and don't you even think about trying to mess this up.  Seeley's supposed to be my sister and you're not going to screw it up again!"  I had been a miserable year and a half stretch when the couple had broken up and Josie was not planning for that to ever happen again.  With one final hug, she ran back out to finish getting ready.


If you thought she had her wand near at hand and ready to slap a spell on her brother if anything went wrong thanks to him during the ceremony, you'd be right.  Josie was second in thrilled over this wedding only to the bride and groom themselves.


Now, she was at the reception, waiting for the happy couple to enter the room for their first dance.  Hearing unexpected thunder, she grinned.  The siblings knew each other only too well.

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Milo Shin

Today was nice. Actually, it wasn’t just nice it was blissful. Milo was happy for his best friend. This was something a lot of people had been waiting for - years even. It was finally happening and when Desmond had asked him to be his best man at the wedding Milo readily agreed. Why wouldn’t he for his best friend? He was returning the favor all those years ago at Milo’s own wedding, which had been a lot more intimate and far less…public? Well no, it wouldn’t go so far as to label it that. His own wedding was smaller, quiet. Milo liked that but he and Selena had very different circumstances they married under. They were expecting a child at the time. Of course his mandatory military service was only a year and a half but still, he’d missed some of the early months of Hana’s life. He was here now though.


“Shall we?” He entwined his fingers with Selena’s, stepping into the reception with the rest of the wedding party. His wife was the matron of honor and he the best man so it was only fitting they entered together. He was sure Hana had entered only a few moments before but he paused, looking around for her. “Lena, have you seen Hana?” His brown eyes began scanning the room. The bride and groom were about to have their first dance which meant he had plenty of time to go look for something to drink and to fix his tuxedo. Always snobby, Milo made a point to look his best. He hadn’t given up designer brands except for the unspeakable months he spent completing his military service but even that hadn’t prepared him for chasing down a toddler.


That was when he spotted the pink and white dress, the dark hair darting past him accompanied with a few giggles. Milo furrowed his brow then watched in horror as Hana began to approach the cake. The cake. The wedding cake. The centerpiece to everything at a ceremony and his daughter was heading towards it, a devilish look in her brown eyes that he knew anywhere. He’d seen that look. That was the same look he’d had and one of the things she’d inherited from him. Hoping that his best friends’ didn’t notice a two year old getting ready to greedily shove her hand on their precious wedding cake, Milo glared at his daughter. He lowered his voice as he prepared to speak.


“SHIN HANA COMPOSE YOURSELF.” He gave the command in his native tongue, Korean, as she turned around to giggle at him, only to go back to reaching for the cake once more.  “Hana! You do not touch that without permission from me or your mother! HANA!” He reached the two year old just as she almost touched the bottom tier of the take and he picked her up, hoisting her onto his hip and far off the ground. The cake was safe. Immediately however, Hana began to throw a tantrum. “Papa! Mine! MINE. I want-“




Milo began to cringe. It was disgusting. She wanted to lick the cake - so unsanitary- and on top of that she was now making a scene. He sincerely hopped no one was watching as he held his screaming daughter as he tried to console her yet discipline her at the same time. 

She still wasn’t getting any cake and even worse they'd made a scene. Milo always hated drawing attention to himself. It was so beneath him yet here he was with a screaming child at a day that was supposed to be nice. It could still be nice. It had to be.

Edited by Milo Shin

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Anderson Potter

Why had he agreed to this? He was joking, of course. Sonny was happy for Des and Seeley. They were clearly happy and that made him happy. But what did not make him happy was dressing up. He wasn't a big fan of parties, either. However, he loved his family so he was putting up with it. And he'd been able to bring @Aggie Price with him. If she hadn't been able to attend, he wasn't sure what he would have done. Maybe he would have figured out a way to clone himself and send the clone in his place.


More joking. He could handle a wedding if it made everyone happy. And, clearly, it did. So he stood off to the side, hand in hand with Aggie, and watched Des and Seeley. Maybe that would be him and Aggie one day. If so, they would have to elope or something. He didn't think being the center of attention would be fun. He would rather just spend the day with her.


They were too young to think about that now, though. Although he supposed Des wasn't that much older than he was. He shrugged the thoughts off and wondered if Aggie was going to make him dance. Knowing her, the answer was yes. He supposed he could deal with that too if it made her happy. As long as they got to eat some of the cake after, that is. He had been eyeing it all night. His stomach growled and he thought about stealing some cake now.

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Selena Watkins

And so it finally happened. Selena was honestly relieved that Seeley and Desmond were married. There had been so much trouble between the two of them she wasn't sure if it was all going to work out. She still remembered the way that her best friend had sort of shut down after the break up back at school. It worried Lena to no end when she had Seeley as the maid of honor at her own wedding, as she knew Milo would have Desmond for his best man, but apparently that had helped the two get back together. Well, whatever worked, worked. 


Squeezing hold of Milo's hand the two of them walked into the hall together. It was absolutely beautiful. Selena let out a sigh and the tension she had held in her shoulders melted away. For now her job was done. She'd need to do a speech later but besides that, she was mostly free. Lena had been eager to be Seeley's Matron of honor, until she realized how much work that actually entailed. Why did the girl have to have so many family members? And why did there need to be two different parties before the wedding? It made Selena much more alright with her quiet rushed wedding. It had been hard to tell that main family that they weren't invited but having so many guests would have been impossible. 


Milo pulled her back out of her thoughts the moment he asked about their daughter. She began to look around, trying to spot the little girl, when Milo yelled out. Selena grinned watching him beeline over towards the wedding cake. He was so serious. Back when Hana had been born Lena would often look over her baby trying to find her own features but her baby looked a lot more like her daddy. At least Hana had her sweet tooth. She chuckled quietly seeing Milo's face. He had been quick to rush over to her, but now watching him try to figure out how to get her to calm down was hilarious. The scene was perfect to her. Her husband, a fact she still couldn't seem to get use to after so long, taking care of the being they had made together. No matter what the scenario. 


But she couldn't just stand there and watch forever. Selena made her way over to the pair, kissing Milo's cheek before scooping Hana into her own arms and out of his.  "Sweetie," She started, "That cake is Seeley's. If you're a good girl and wait, she'll let you have a piece later."  Even after the few years of learning, Lena's Korean still wasn't the best. She tried sometimes to speak with Hana but at times like this it was just easier to speak in English.

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Maggie Sinclair


The purple of her bridesmaid dress wasn’t one she would have gone with, but Maggie was too busy grinning from ear to ear to start complaining about how the color kind of washed her out, because honestly, it’d be a douchebag move to start complaining at someone else's wedding reception. 


Plus, Desmond and Seeley were right there, smooching it up and making everyone tear up from how utterly flacking cute they were stood there holding each other while everyone awaited the wedding party. Nox was probably awaiting the food though as much as Maggie was waiting to see his face when she walked in on the arm of someone who kind of reminded her of Vadim Vankdouche.


Thankfully, Damien was marginally more charming than her ex Ice viking God and didn’t get handsy despite all her numerous blushes, though that could have been about him recognizing that she’d been making eyes across the way at one @Nox Bordelon who managed to look swanky and artfully bored while everyone around him was dabbing at their suspiciously damp eyelashes. Speaking of her boyfriend...Maggie stood on tiptoe to whisper up at her ‘date’ @Damien Belizairefor the evening.


“How many bones do you think Seeley would break on me if I went off to sit with my boo?” she asked, throwing said boo a simpering limp wristed wave as they all sauntered in to much applause and hotty papa Pichardo looking like he wanted to kill Desmond. Or all of them really, the guy didn’t look too picky on who got the axe. This was all probably costing him his entire meager teaching salary, so Maggie could understand...mostly. Her own father was looking pretty soddnig perturbed too, like he could see the wheels turning in Maggie's head about what the future held for her and Nox.


Babies, dad. Lots of....babies. And Marriage.

Edited by Maggie Sinclair

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Nox Bordelon

Nox was a lot of things, but heartless had never been among them, and so despite the fact that he thought Seeley Pichardo's marriage to Desmond Potter was a visible-from-space mistake, he did not stand up when the officiant asked if anyone objected.  This was most likely due to Maggie's participation in the wedding and how she would have strangled him with his own necktie if he'd done such a thing.  That was provided he escaped the wrath of her father, who was seated nearby with her mother.  He might have included Jaxon in his list of people to escape if he disrupted the Pichardo-Potter nuptials, but he had no idea where Jack and @Ryszard Althaus-Valerio had scampered off to after the ceremony.


Likely nowhere good.  If the venue was struck by a bolt of divine lightning from the heavens above, they would all know exactly who to blame.


There were a great many tissues in use by the end of it, though the one that had been handed off to Nox by some over-eager member of the wedding party remained safely tucked inside of his palm and completely dry.  The only thing to cry here for was Seeley's impending loss of all independence and the inevitable weight gain of pregnancy.


Because obviously that was the real reason for this.  Nobody would actually marry Desmond unless they had to.


Nox returned the wave from his girlfriend, who (despite her misgivings) looked like a vision in lavender.  He was biased, of course, but nobody was going to change his mind, least of all her father and his warning from before the wedding that went something like, 'I swear to god, if my daughter brings home a baby in the next ten years, there is no amount of medical training in the world that will fix what I'll do to you.'


It was the latest threat in a long line of threats he'd been receiving from Atwell over the years.  Honestly, at this point, it was simply routine.  He had a sneaking suspicion that his girlfriend's father had actually sort of warmed up to him with time.


With the reception about to go into full swing, he did the only sane thing he could do and excised himself from the Sinclair family to join Maggie.  (Read: To save Maggie from the oppressively sparkling visage of @Damien Belizaire.)  "Someone ought to play a funeral dirge instead of a wedding march," he muttered to her.  "This is the tragic end of an independent woman."

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