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Fenella Campbell

Cold, clammy and chilled to the core

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Fenella Campbell

Fenella pushed open the door to the hospital wing, dragging Edward behind her.


"Hello!" she called out. "Hi! Is there a doctor or a nurse about?"


She unceremoniously dumped him in the nearest chair she could find and then bent over as she tried to catch her breath. It had been a long haul from the lake up all those stairs through the cold corridors wearing wet leggings and wet hair, half carrying her classmate. He was pale and clammy and exhausted and needed to be seen to. In a moment. Once she'd caught her breath. 


Footsteps were not forthcoming so as much as she didn't want to, Fenella was ready to leave Edward alone in the chair and go off in search of someone, anyone, who could help him. She took one more steadying breath before she stood up and saw the sign with the admission forms. She took one of the clipboards and a quill and began to fill it out.


"Hey what blood type are you? Do you have any allergies? Edward?" 





OOC Form:

Patient Name, House & Year: Edward Borage, Slytherin second year
Gender: Male
Blood Type: ??
Allergies, if any: ??

What VH Year & Term/Week does this RP take place: VH40, Term 02, Week 02-03 sometime
Time of Day: Morning
Link to Incident Thread: Lakefront


IC Form:

Reason for Visit: Edward tried to go swimming but something went wrong

Damage Location: Everywhere - he is cold, hypothermia maybe? lungs to check if he inhaled water

Damage Type: cold




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Edward Borage

From the lawn to the castle had been an onerous trek that was merely the entrée though and Edward felt every last ounce of strength drain away as the entrance led his eye up and up and up. The stairs ominously changed direction and encouraged his head to follow them ever higher. How far up was the hospital wing? Seventh floor? Fifth? Not as far up as the Astronomy tower but surely it wasn’t on the ground floor? 

Merlin! He wasn’t going to make it!


Being sick had never been on his agenda and right about now he was wishing Fenella had either left him to drown or knocked him out and left him to drown. But no, she had to play at being a Gryffindor and now they were facing a serious hike up stairs. 

And he would rather die! then let her know he was, in fact, dying.


Breathe...climb a stair...breathe out...climb a stair...do not cough!’ Edward coached himself and dismally failed to distract his brain from the fact that each lungful of air sounded raspy and wet...and that the stairs were endless!


By the time Fenella steered them off at the Third Floor Edward was sure he was going to up and collapse from the effort. He was feeling boiling hot from the exertion but when he swiped the sweat from his eyes, his skin felt really cold and clammy and with a horrible stickiness that made him jerk his hand away and hack up a lung or three.


Fenella dumped him off into a chair (that he very nearly fell out of) and went to get help. Even dying as he was, he somehow managed to croak out the answers to her questions, “...dunno...no allergies...”


He hacked up another lung (how many more did he have?) and shot a look at his friend and knew she was going to completely ignore the fact that she must be feeling the effects from the cold water and the long hike too. “Fenella swam to rescue me...she might not be so hot right now either,” Edward announced in a voice barely above a whisper. 

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