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Leona Natalya Millegan

New, Humble Beginnings

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Leona Natalya Millegan

Leona had been sitting in her room, reading a book, when her mother, Rose, knocked on her closed door.


"Leona, honey, some mail came for you today. You may want to open it."


Her mother sounded a bit cryptic. Anytime she received mail, it was the usual, rubbish, junk. And, she was only 11! She'd turned 11 on January 14, so it was quite coincidental that as soon as her birthday came around she was receiving mail, at least mail that was worth opening. Leona marked her page in her book and climbed off her bed, making her way to the kitchen.


She found the envelope in question on the kitchen counter. It was rectangular, white, had neat writing on the front, and when she turned it over, there was a red wax stamp sealing the flap to the rest of the envelope. She carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. Her father, Chase, had since come into the room and was standing beside his wife, waiting for his daughter to read the contents of the envelope. Both man and wife knew what the envelope contained, but were waiting for their youngest child to figure it out for herself.


Leona read the first sheet, out of two, of paper she pulled out of the envelope. The top of the page indicated the envelope was sent from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and upon reading further, Leona discovered she'd been accepted to the school. She looked at her parents, who had smiles on their faces.


"What is this?"


"It's your Hogwarts acceptance letter. This means you've been accepted as a first year witch at Hogwarts. You have magical powers, Leona, just like your father and I. There's also something else you should know, something we've kept from you. You have an older brother who also attends Hogwarts and has magical powers. He's a Slytherin and you should be careful around him."


"Why wouldn't you tell me about him sooner?! Isn't this something I should've known about? Wouldn't I have grown up alongside him?!"


"Brenton was sent to live with your grandparents when you were very young. He was a troublesome child and we didn't know if we had the resources to take care of two children."


"So, you sent him away. I can't imagine his relationship with you two is very good. He probably resents you. I'll be careful around him if you two do the same. If I'm going away to school, I can't be here to protect you."


"Oh, honey, you don't need to protect us. We're your parents. We're supposed to protect you, not the other way around." Chase told his daughter. "What does the other paper say?"


"It's a school supplies list. I also need to make up my mind about attending Hogwarts and inform them of my decision by the end of July and the term begins at the beginning of September."


"Honey, you'll be a great Hogwarts witch. You should attend." Rose said. "Your father and I attended, and in fact, that's where we met. I was in Hufflepuff and he was in Ravenclaw. He always had his nose in a book or in his notes, much like you now. You got your father's habit of always having your nose in a book. I was always getting cooking lessons from the House Elves in the kitchens and became a wonderful cook and baker."


Leona couldn't disagree with her mother's statements. She did always have her nose in a book and her mother's cooking never disappointed. Leona's only talent seemed to be reading. She helped her mother out occasionally in the kitchen, but she never cooked anything on her own. She wasn't even sure she could cook on her own or if anything she cooked would taste good.


"Alright, I'll go. I'll attend the school, but I want to get my supplies before I inform the school I'm attending."


"Why don't you inform the school first, then we'll go and get supplies?"


"I want to make sure I have my supplies before I tell them I'm coming so I don't forget to get them."


"Why don't you inform the school so you don't forget to do that?"


"Fair enough."


Leona grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and penned a note telling Hogwarts she was intending to attend the upcoming term. She put it in an envelope, sealed it, and gave it to her mother, entrusting her to make sure her note made it to Hogwarts.

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