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Evelynn Bay

Off to Hogwarts we go

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Evelynn Bay

Eve hadn't been able to get much sleep the previous night. She'd been so nervous, just tossing and turning in bed. She was relieved as the morning finally came and the Bay family started getting ready to leave for the station. Eve realised Ashlynn was probably nervous too, even though her identical twin sister would never admit it. Ash kept bouncing around and talking non stop. Eve was so nervous that she felt sick, but she'd gotten used to it over the years. She always felt sick to her stomach if she was scared or stressed about something.

As they finally left, Eve kept fidgeting in her car seat. What if something happened to her in Hogwarts? What if she wouldn't learn anything? What if she wouldn't get any friends? Ash seemed more excited than nervous. Eve could understand that. What would she be worried about? She'd certainly get friends, even though Eve wasn't sure if her twin would do so well in school.

Her parents and Ash kept talking during the car ride. They discussed everything from houses to exams, but Eve couldn't really consentrate on what they were saying. As they finally reached the station, they took turns running through the barrier between platforms 9 and 10. Eve was relieved when she safely entered the Hogwarts Express platform. Their parents hugged the girls and said goodbye.

Eve was a bit amused. She'd thought Ash would run off the first chance she got, to make friends or something, but she walked closely by Eve's side. Maybe she was more nervous than Eve had thought, maybe even more than Ash herself realised.

Eve and Ash started making their way through the corridor, and finally arrived to an empty compartment. They sat down next to each other. Eve started wishing someone would join them, otherwise she'd have to spend the whole trip listening to Ash talk. Or Ash'd probably get bored of her sister's company sooner or later and go looking for someone else to sit with. Then Eve would have to sit all alone, and that wasn't something she wanted.


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