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Bay, Evelynn

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Evelynn Bay

Evelynn Amanda Bay



(Complete) Roleplay receiving your Hogwarts letter
• Roleplay visiting Diagon Alley to buy school supplies
• (complete) Roleplay buying your wand at Ollivander’s OR send your SWS quiz to receive your wand
• (complete) Roleplay on the Hogwarts Express
• Post in the Sorting Ceremony

• Start an open roleplay
• Join someone else’s open roleplay
• Write a solo RP topic
• Roleplay in a group thread (3 or more participants)
• Try a writing challenge of your choice for a post or a thread
◦ Invent your own or use one of our ideas here, or find one elsewhere. If you use an outside resource, remember to cite your source.
• Participate in this year’s VHRPC challenge
• Roleplay with an Unsorted character
• Roleplay with a sorted student
• Roleplay with an alumni or staff member
• Think up a roleplay concept, plot arc, or story point relating to some aspect of your character’s past or  future
◦ Remember, plots are ideas! You’re not required to actually execute your idea if you don’t want to.
◦ This option may be completed alone or in cooperation with other member(s).
• Plot out a Pre-Hogwarts roleplay in cooperation with another member(s). Start a thread and write out your plot!
• Draft the first post of your character library. You can find the form here.
• Post a RP Wanted topic for your character in Roleplaying Connections. Include a little bit of information about your character and some possible roleplay ideas.
• Complete a character questionaire.

• Complete a character prompt.
◦Community Involvment
• Post in someone else’s RP Wanted topic in Roleplaying Connections volunteering to plot or roleplay with them.
• Post in an off-topic discussion
• Post in an off-topic game
• Comment on someone’s gallery in the Member Creations forum
• Send someone a message (on this board) offering to roleplay with them
• Send a new character a message welcoming them to the site
• Sign up for a site mentor OR apply to be a site mentor
• Participate in a bonding chat
• Participate in a game
• Participate in the pen pal programme
• Attend an activity day or excursion
• Make multiple posts in an activity interacting with the other students/the leader

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