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Cassandra Cooper

Cooper, Cassandra

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Cassandra Cooper

 Cassandra Cherry Laine Cooper 




[] Roleplay receiving your Hogwarts letter

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[ ] Plot out a Pre-Hogwarts roleplay in cooperation with another member(s). Start a thread and write out your plot!

[ ] Choose Your Own Page: any plot-related activity of your choice



[] Draft the first post of your character library. You can find the form here.

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[ ] Complete a character questionnaire.

[ ] Complete a character prompt.

[ ] Choose Your Own Page: any character development activity of your choice



[] Select a celebrity lookalike for your character, or create your own art to represent your character

▸Emma Fuhrmann [IG]

[ ] Create a family tree for your character.

[] Code one of your scrapbook pages to look more appealing to you

[ ] Create a graphic, drawing, doll or other visual representation of your character or someone else's

[ ] Participate in the "Make something for the person above you" thread.

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[ ] Got an idea for a scrapbook page or memory? Send it to Mr Lugg and Ms Murphy.

[ ] Choose Your Own Page: any activity, event, or game of your choice



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Cassandra Cooper

 Character Library Pg. 1 


The Basics

Name: Cassandra Cherry Laine Cooper

Nicknames: Cas, Cassie, Lainey, Sandy, CC/Sissy. Only people close to her know her middle name Cherry, and are allowed to call her that.
House: sparklypoo
Birthday: August 19
Hometown: Knettishall (a small parish with a population of less than 40, about 90 miles northwest of London)
Blood: Pure (closely related muggles [paternal grandparents and maternal great-grandparents and grandfather])
Five Words:  Protective, Determined, Boisterous, Benevolent, Judgmental



Hair Color: Medium-dark brown, with auburn highlights mainly visible in the sunlight.
Hair style: Long, either braided, a high ponytail, or all down
Eye color: Grey-blue
Height: Slightly above average, ending height is 5'10"



Father's name: Neal Ronald Cooper Jr.
Brief description: Half-blood. Former Hufflepuff. Historian with the Department of Magical Artefacts. In his spare time he helps out with his parents farm, which they all live on. He was one of the top students of his year, with top grades in History of Magic and Herbology. Very caring and compassionate.


Mother's name: Melody Laine Cooper (nee Cherry)
Brief description: Muggleborn. Former Ravenclaw. Herboligist and Potioneer. Mainly works from home but makes frequent trips around the UK for research purposes and sales-pitches on successful new potions. Spends a good amount of time tending the garden that the Cooper family keeps. She is also very creative, and spends nights painting and writing. Most of the paintings in their home were painted by Melody.


Adopted Sister's name: Skyla Brinkley-Cooper
Brief description: Approximately 2 years younger than Cas [VHEA3]. Her parents refused to attend their hearing with the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, and went on the run, leaving Skyla to stay with the Coopers until things were safe. They thought they would be able to have their family trees altered in time, but after less than a week they were tracked down by Snatchers. They did not survive.
Description kept brief because I plan to have someone else play Skyla and want them to have creative freedom.


Paternal grandfather's name: Neal Ronald Cooper Sr.

Brief description: Half-blood. Former Gryffindor. Farmer, and owner of Willow Way Hollow Farms. Grows basic crops along with mandrakes, Niffler's Fancy, and a handful of other magical plants. Also has a field of blackthorn trees that are often used with world famous wand-makers. Neal's best subject was Herbology at Hogwarts, and has kept the family farm running for the past 40 years with plans to leave it in the hands of Neal, and at some point Cas.


Paternal grandmother's name: Ester Joy Cooper
Brief description: Muggleborn. Former Gryffindor. Previously worked as a potioneer, and works part time with Melody as she also now helps keep up on the farm. Ester was very good in charms and DADA, and used her spells to protect the farm, herself, and the rest of the family during the uprising of Voldemort. Ester enjoys cooking with mainly muggle methods, relying on her upbringing with a little bit of help from magic every once in a while.


Before Hogwarts

Cassie is a farm girl, born and raised in the rural countryside outside the tiny parish of Knettishall. Since she was young, she’s helped out as much as she can. She’s spent much of her life out gathering flowers and mushrooms, hauling firewood, and helping with their animals. Generally she helps with the more mundane animals and plants, but within the last year her father and grandmother have let her start helping with young mandrakes. (And yes, she did end up getting knocked unconscious by them the first time. Her grandfather thought it was hilarious)


Her happy/safe place is out in the woods or in the meadow of flowers, down to the south of her home. She would have no qualms about going into the Forbidden Forest; she would try to make it her replacement happy space for when she gets angry or upset. She spent a lot of time when she learned the fate of Skyla's parents. She was sad for the girl, but also was not too keen on having her adopted into the family. She kept this quiet, however; while vocal about most things, she knew it would be selfish to speak her mind in this sense. She soon became very protective of Skyla.

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