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Aurelia Kaine

Kaine, Aurelia

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Aurelia Kaine


Aurelia Kaine





Roleplay recieving your Hogwarts Letter

Roleplay visiting Diagon Alley for School Supplies

Roleplay buying your Wand from Diagon Alley

Roleplay on the Hogwarts Express

➜ Post in the Sorting Ceremony



Start an Open Roleplay

Join someone elses Open Roleplay

Write a Solo RP

➜ Roleplay in a Group (3 or more participants)

➜ Try a Writing Challenge for a thread or post

➜ Participare in VHRPC Challenge

➜ Roleplay with an Unsorted Character

➜ Roleplay with a Sorted Students

➜ Roleplay with an Alumni or Staff Member

➜ Choose your Own Page; Any Roleplay-Related Activity



➜ Think up a Roleplay Concept. Plot Arch or Story Point relating to your Characters Past or Future (Alone or with Others)

➜ Plot out a Pre Hogwarts Roleplay in Co Operation with another Member - Start a Thread & Write a Plot

➜ Choose your Own Page: Any Plot-Related Activity



➜ Draft the first post of your character library. You can find the form here.

➜ Post a RP Wanted topic for your character in Roleplaying Connections.

➜ Complete a character questionnaire.

➜ Complete a character prompt.

➜ Choose Your Own Page: any character development activity of your choice



➜ Select a celebrity lookalike for your character

➜ Create a family tree for your character.

➜ Code one of your scrapbook pages to look more appealing to you

➜ Create a graphic, drawing, doll or other visual representation of your character or someone else's

➜ Participate in the "Make something for the person above you" thread.

➜ Start a gallery, shop or request thread in the Member Creations forum.

➜ Choose Your Own Page: any art or coding activity of your choice



Join VH’s Discord server

➜ Join your year’s Discord server

➜ Post in someone else’s RP Wanted topic in Roleplaying Connections volunteering to plot or roleplay with them.

➜ We recommend including ideas about how your character might fit in with what they’re looking for.

➜ Post in an off-topic discussion

➜ Post in an off-topic game

➜ Comment on someone’s gallery in the Member Creations forum

➜ Send someone a message (on this board) offering to roleplay with them - We recommend reaching out to someone you’ve never roleplayed with!

➜ Send a new character a message welcoming them to the site

➜ Sign up for a site mentor OR apply to be a site mentor

➜ Choose Your Own Page: any community involvement activity of your choice



➜ Participate in a bonding chat

➜ Participate in a game

➜ Participate in the pen pal programme

➜ Attend an activity day or excursion

➜ Make multiple posts in an activity interacting with the other students/the leader

➜ Choose Your Own Page: any activity, event, or game of your choice



Memories Earned


🖤 PIGFARTS, PIGFARTS, HERE I COME - complete all 5 Hogwarts Starter Kit Objectives

🖤 OUR MOST INEXHAUSTABLE SOURCE OF MAGIC - complete 3 Writing Objectives & 2 Character Questionnaires/Prompts

🖤 ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOUVE GOT ENOUGH NERVE - complete 5 Plotting or Character Dev Objectives

🖤 DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?!?! - complete 3 Community Involvement Objectives & 2 Activities, Events or Games

🖤 I SOLEMNLY SWEAR I AM UP TO NO GOOD - complete 1 objective from all 7 categories

🖤 PHP WORKBOOK - complete 3 Activity Days, 2 Hogwarts Starter Kits, 2 Character Questionnaires, 5 Character Prompts, Start an Open Roleplay, Draft first post of Character Library


When Complete






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Aurelia Kaine


Aurelia Kaine







Name: Aurelia Kaine

House: - 

Birthday: August 8th

Hometown: Castle Combe, England

Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Halfblood

Five words that best describe your character: Intelligent, Ambitious, Unfiltered, Charming, Manipulative.  




Hair Color:

Hair Style: Long and Wavy

Eye color:

Height: 5"3

Other distinguishing details: (Insert a portrait here if you like)




Father's name: Brief description (occupation, blood, etc):

Mother's name: Brief description (occupation, blood, etc):

Siblings (names and descriptions):

Other key family members:




Your best subject:

Your worst subject:

Extracurricular activities:

Favorite place at Hogwarts:

Least favorite place at Hogwarts:

Do any of the staff members scare you? Do any inspire you?





What you might like to do after Hogwarts:

Someone you look up to:

Something else people really should know about you?

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