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Killian Dracel

Flashpoint: You & Time

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Killian Dracel

Hello everyone!


Firstly, I want to say, that I do not have any hand in the plot. I'm not a moderator, or anything like that, so I don't want everyone to think that my opinions reflect that of the moderation team, who are working tirelessly to answer everyone's questions, and who are taking the brunt of everyone's rage. Please remember that they are people, too. They have emotions, just like we do. 


I can say in general, that we all could have handled this better. Toned down the rage, given ourselves time to comprehend what was being asked of us. And perhaps the leadership could have been more prepared for our outbursts, and discomfort with the whole situation. After all, the general populace of VH did not have a year to come to terms with this idea, and to be told that we're not being creative enough, is quite the low blow, especially when canon relations are being told they don't exist anymore, which then affects who they have relations with. For instance, if Alayna Weasley ceases to exist, then there is so much about Fluke that also would cease to exist. And, of course, there is the option to rewrite Alayna being related to another famous witch, or wizard, but that's a lot of effort.


Honestly, I just want to try and help, but I also want to say that I am uncomfortable with the idea of characters becoming AU if they don't time jump--but really, they aren't 'time jumping' essentially. They are being re-written in a new timeline, and yes, details would have to be changed. VH has had quite the turbulent and violent history. We're talking two dark lords (and I loved the @Tobias Grymsonn story, not gonna lie), rebranded death eaters, the Dark Lady, acromantula attacks, the beast uprising and the rare VH!deaths that were unexpected and made for some epic storytelling. Everyone here has little details that make their characters who they are.


If you decide to bring your characters over, all of these little details can remain intact. I'm just going to use my characters as an example to help illustrate. For those who don't know, I am Aurora, Edward and Kate VonHaus. Aurora was sorted in VH3. I have been on VH for a long time, and I feel like I know Aurora's life better than I know my own. I have lived vicariously through her, and I think we have all done that with our characters at some point. All I know is, I don't want Aura to become AU. I don't want to let her go. I have invested so much time and effort into her, that it was extremely hard not to rage over the changes coming. 


And now that I've thought about it, now that I've figured out Aura's age, and what year she would have been born (1947) in the new timeline, I can start piecing together things that could have happened in this timeline.


So, really, this thread is about coming up with, and sharing your ideas for events that could have happened to your characters. It might be uncomfortable, but it could also be fun to try and embrace it. I understand that the canon relations have more to deal with, but I hope you guys can work with the mods to make it work, and genuinely give them a chance to help you figure something out.




Aurora would have been 23 during the first wizarding war (1970 - 1981). I can remap a lot of details in her life to revolve around this and still have her be same character she is now.


So, I just wanted to encourage everyone to think about their characters, and the events of the HP universe. Do a little research and post the events that you might think of in here so we can make an accurate timeline, even if they are your own original ideas! 


If you're a current student.... then... maybe during the battle of Hogwarts, Kingsley Shacklebolt saved your life! Maybe you crossed paths with Fenrir! 😮 There are thousands of little details that you can create to make your characters feel like themselves. Maybe you're a Slytherin who was told to go back to the common room during the battle! What happened there? Did you try to join the fight, anyway? ( I might resent McG a little for that... honestly.) 


So, POST YOUR IDEAS HERE! You might meet someone who wants in on that and you can collaborate. :) 

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River Wolfe

So after hearing the announcement of Flashpoint, and giving myself some time to settle, of all the characters that I had and the ones who went inactive, I really only thought of one who deserved a second chance, as well, honestly, I owe it to him.  Since I wont be able to sort until EA 2 because of River's Woof Woof tendencies, I've decided to re-roll my character @Kingsley Flynt-Harper.  About in the middle of his first year, I let Kingsley go inactive, because well, at the time, I was RP-ing somewhere else and quickly realized that I couldn't juggle both, and since VH was somewhat new to me, I could easily let go of it.  Well, that's where I went wrong, as I quickly discovered that the other RP site I was on was mostly quantity over quality.  Then after getting extremely bored I remembered that VH had offered the RP but in reverse.  Quality over quantity.  So I reactivated Kingsley, by this time, he was in his third year and people had welcomed me back, offered RP's and I took them, but I couldn't really connect with him, I felt as I had already missed so much development between those missing 2 1/2 years.  Eventually he became my very first alum, which was a very prideful moment for me.




In VH's timeline, his parents own a toy shoppe off the beaten path that is Diagon Alley, their items weren't too flashy, (his father is a magical carpenter) mostly stuffed animals, wooden toys such as race cars, and other various items that were all magicked.  They did well for themselves as well parents need toys for their children, and well, children want to their parents to buy them toys.   Kingsley was the typical shy, introverted character who kept to themselves and didn't go out unless he had too, which was why Hufflepuff was such a great fit for him, because I felt that, even though he refused to go out into the world, he still had to be social and I felt that his house could help with that. 




For Flashpoint, I can see how BoH could change Kingsley, still keeping his parents toy shoppe as what it is, a toy shoppe, they would eventually have to "close down" the store as many did a few years prior to the actual battle and go into hiding as his mother is Muggle born, and his father his half blood.  So Kingsley would be able to stroll around to some extent, but would have to keep some information to himself as to protect his mother and make sure she is not taken away like many he had seen before.  Still needing money for their family, his father would craft a cart which would resemble a peddlers cart, selling the toys that were once in his shop, but also doubles as a source for muggle born witch and wizards who had their wands wrongfully stolen from them to buy protection runes, potions, simple charms, hexes, and possibly curses against the onslaught of Death Eaters.  These were not long lasting protections, which only meant for the individual or families in question to get a head start and hopefully get away.


So how is this information going to change Kingsley?


Well, he is going to stay in Hufflepuff because at his core, this is who he is.  With the BoH eventually happening and the Ministry attacking innocent people, this will cause Kingsley to come out of that introverted shell and essentially take action when and where he can to help others.  Once in Hogwarts, that mentality will not go away.  All the people he had seen being forcefully taken away or the people that has been killed in front of him (If I ever decide this) will be grounds for him to develop more of a back bone and stand up to others and for others while still having a compassionate and carting heart.


I feel that with this new information about Kingsley, I can only see one job in mind for him and that is a Healer, or an independent medi-wizard helping those less fortunate than their community.  Which, will not stop at the magical level, and will sometimes in a rare case, extend to the mundane muggle world.

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Annag Hamblton

I guess I'm still confused about the whole forgetting everything and rebuilding similar relationships if the other person agrees.


So am I standing on the dueling platform looking at a second year named Margarleon Turpentine that I presumably have been in class with this entire time and have to say "Hi, my name is Annag. Nice to meet ya!"? Or can I just say "Wasn't our co-thirteenth birthday celebration absolutely brilliant!"? And simply time shift it to1997?


The way everyone is talking I'd have to do the first and I'm not sure I have the emotional energy to be a 13-year-old stroke victim that just came out of a coma with no memory of people except my parents. Lol

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Annag Hamblton


Thanks to a chat I had with Willa Henry, here's an explanation using examples that answers my above question.



Chaz and Sue have a relationship on VH. They have had their first kiss. They both have agreed that they'd like their current relationship to continue onto the new site.


Example Version 1:

Chaz and Sue had their first kiss at the Hogwarts Gala. This part of their relationship cannot transfer over intact. It needs to be tweaked. So they can choose to (a) not have a first kiss; (b) do their first kiss over again at the new website; or (c) change their history to have it happen in a common VH location like a broom closet that would have also existed in 1998.


Example Version 2:

Chaz and Sue had their first kiss in a broom closet at VH's Hogwarts. They can (a) choose to bring this life event with them; (b) choose to discard it; or (c) choose to redo it on the new site just 'cause first kisses are fun to RP.


I know for some that the above is a bit simplistic if they have had a life full of events and relationships already (some through canon characters). But I personally needed this concrete groundwork before I could wrap my head around the switch. 



Notes from Discord:

1. On Oct. 1, Egg said that alums could age their character up or down.

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Atrus Valentein

I don't know the answers to @Annag Hamblton's questions, and right now I'm just focusing on my characters stuff:


Right now I plan on starting Atrus totally over as a first year, and sorting fresh. Atrus in name only.


I've worked out how I plan to keep his personal history more or less in tact too, if anyone wants to use this resistance stuff (his dad's arc, feel free... I'm sure there's a network of people involved.)


1: Atrus' mom is, and always has been a Squib whose parents live in Italy, when the Quibbler Article about You-Know-Who being back came out in 1995, she and the kids moved back (how many kids there are in this world, remains to be seen... Gotta talk to other Valentein siblings, and see who wants to come over... Also open to other siblings ;) )


2: Mr. Valentein stayed behind, he was an Obliviator, and continued working. Since the Valenteins are a more-or-less pureblood family, he wasn't really bothered. Until: He joins some kind of group of goodie two shoes rebels, whose mission it is to ferry muggleborns or those accused of stealing magic out of the country to France. (feel free to tie in your characters/their family members to this group... Lots of connection opportunities there :D)


He continues doing this throughout the war, whilst his family is abroad, he makes it all the way to the end of the war, and then tragically, while bringing his last group to France a group of snatchers who hadn't gotten word that the war was over catches them, he fends off the snatchers to give his group enough time to get out, but is tragically killed.


3: Post war, Mrs. Valentein and kids return to the UK, re-establish her little bakery, and she begins picking up the pieces of the Valentein family life. The reason they returned is so her kids have the chance to go to Hogwarts.



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Atrus Valentein

Sorry for the double post (those of you who played DEAttack wtih me won't be surprised I'm doing this:)


A quick formula for figuring out ages of your characters if you plan to bring them back as alums on the new board is as follows:


Current VH year (2043)-Your character's birth year= their age.


1998-Their Age= The year they were born in the new timeline.


This will lead to some really cool revelations like who they went to school with, and what sorts of interesting story opportunities you have!

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Rayya Borage-Brown

Part 1.


Firstly VH has gone through so many changes. At first it was a fan fiction site and you had to signup to read. Then it became an adhoc school, then rules were brought in, then it died and got a new server...you see the drift... VH has changed significantly and each time it felt like the end of the world...and funny it never was...


Please don’t think I’m downplaying things or shoving your feelings aside - they are valid and understandable. And I echo Killian in saying the same - I’m not a mod nor had any clue about this before it went nuclear. But please remember that behind the character names we are all real people with real feelings that are valid and deserve respect whether we agree with them or not. Please be kind folks! 😘


Give yourselves time to let things settle. Once the dust clears it’ll be easier to make rational decisions not based on fear or anger or overwhelming sadness. Be kind to yourselves, your feelings are real and you all need to work through them and baby yourselves - treat yourselves like you would your best friends when they are low. You’d never berate them for their feelings and you deserve no less from yourself. Try not to do something or say something or post something you’ll regret.


Part 2: The Rabbit Hole


So discord is alive with the ‘what about muggleborns’ and that there will be no way forward for them. Being me, I’m loathe to accept that this was the case - call me Pollyanna if you want. So I dove down a rabbit hole and ploughed through everything remotely legit I could find, following link after link, after link. I learnt way more about Hogwarts Castle then I ever really needed to know (or wanted to). Highlights being: every single corridor has a name, there are so many unused bathrooms male and female that you have to wonder about why - every single floor seems to have them and they can’t all be haunted by Myrtle as the reason., there are towers aplenty and they all have names and, if you accept the computer games, there is even a slug pit in the dungeons...I like to think it’s from all the slugs being spat up in the dueling chamber and they get a home and a life after making people laugh.


Seriously though major facts of importance for the Flashpoint are:


  • that Hogwarts Castle is semi-sentient - it locked Umbridge out of the Headmasters’ Tower and she NEVER got in! This is important!
  • the Book of Admittance and Quill of Acceptance have never been touched since they were placed on their table by the Founders
  • they can be found in The Small Locked Tower the location of which is only known to the Headmaster/mistress
  • The Headmasters’ Tower is comprised of three towers
  • Snape was a Headmaster 

Speculative facts:

  • The Muggleborn Registration Commission was created because the DEs and Voldemort did not have the Book
  • Snape was a Headmaster but given his true allegiance it is unlikely he would have spilled the beans since he didn’t about anything else
  • given the fact that the Castle is semi-sentient and went to great lengths to protect the Headmasters suite of three towers, it is probable it also protected the Book and Quill in a similar manner
  • it is likely that The Small Locked Tower is found in the suite of towers assigned to the Headmaster/mistress since they are the only ones who visit it


I found no evidence whatsoever that the Book was destroyed in the Battle of Hogwarts. The pages I read were completely devoid of mentioning it when they mentioned everything else in great detail and I rather think it would have been mentioned. So I think it is safe to say that muggleborns are completely able to be brought over - and yes, sorry that means to compulsory attendance at school and then arrest and imprisonment or go on the run, or be provided false papers with purebloods and halfbloods providing cover so they’d pass as halfbloods...sorry, it’s good newsish and then to be dumped into ick...sorry about that.


Of course, if anyone else can link me to the canon-accepted place where they found it written the Book was destroyed, I’d be interested to see it though I don’t think it would change my mind. 


But I hope that gives people a glimmer of hope or food for thought.


Part 3: Rayy and the Borage family


Rayy will be moving over - things still need to be worked through. It’s not just ages sadly because I hadn’t quite gotten my brain to thinking specifics other than fixing issues caused by rl that made the timeline of stuff iffy. She will be undergoing an age revise to being younger (wheeeeee!) and now a bit of a rewrite for major events in her life that would not have happened - no summer in the Forest as a guest of DE’s for her (yay?).


Aeryn will be coming over as an NPC solely for logistical reasons on that it opens up an email address, she doesn’t post much, and she can be GMed by everyone else in the family quite easily.


Seb’s handler gave permission for him to also be brought over and given NPC status to his wife and kids. This was gratefully received as it has made it a lot easier. In conjunction of Willow and Ash, the Seb-canon from his CL and posts shall be narrowed down to specifics and expanded, where necessary, and worked on to fit the new time line. He will also be getting a new birth year, though most everything else (including his ego and iffy dress sense) will stay as close to the same as possible. 


Edward is coming over too and staying much the same except for birth year


I sincerely hope that @Ash Borageand @Willow Borage  (love you both 😘) will be doing the same but I can’t speak for them


No matter what job Rayy holds in the new timeline - Aurors are a bit up in the air in canon and that’s not been nailed down yet - you can bet she’s going to be doing something for the muggleborns: 100 baby challenge VH-style, safe houses, claiming them as distant relations via a long-dead and possibly faked Great Aunt Delia who had 17 kids or so. 


Part 4 The Moonbeams


G and @Astra Moonbeam are taking to the new timeline like ducks to water (Astra is on a roll of possibilities) So not a lot will change there except G will be tortured with Spice Girls, Prince Harry, Mean Girls and Titanic the movie. He will not be getting a new name no matter how much he begs...sorry, not sorry.




 You all matter to me a great deal, more than I can often find words for. I will dive headlong down any rabbit hole chasing info and details for you. I will find loopholes and workarounds, whatever, if it helps you find a way to come across. For the Potters, Weasleys, Grangers there are massive blankspots on the family trees, just saying. 


I will listen to rants and vents and sobs - just hit me up on Discord. I will help you plan, plot, rewrite. What If journeys, I’ll be there if you want me. I’ll support any of you in any way you need.  We’re a family and family stick together and help out. And if you decide it’s too hard or too heartbreaking to rewrite or just impossible, I’ll be gutted but I’ll be there to join you in crying and I’ll support your decision.


To the mods - you guys are awesome for putting yourselves out there. Your job is hard and often thankless. You get all the crud dumped on you and yet you’re still here. Hats off to you. I might not always agree with stuff but I’ll do my best to accept what can’t be changed and play devil’s advocate when there might be wriggle-room.


To Everyone: remember you are all awesome, fantastic people. You all bring richness to my life and I love you all. 


Peace and love 😘


PS @Atrus Valentein thank you for saving my brain, maths and I are mortal enemies...









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