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Flashpoint and Site Transition Informational Thread

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Please read the entirety of this post before you: (a) Freak out (b) spam anyone's inbox (c) take to the discord server with pitchforks (d) ragequit the site.


The two biggest pieces of feedback I have received since posting anything in the wake of Weasley's departure have been the following:  (1) Do not take away my characters/achievements/relationships. I will LITERALLY DIE if you change ANYTHING about the site AT ALL. (2) Please do something about the ridiculous timeline; it's 2050 something and hard to RP anything in the world. 


Apparently everyone thinks these two things are mutually exclusive and both factions are equally determined that I am out to ruin their lives by making some DECISION ULTIMATEZ about the site's concept that will forever impact either of these things.  So of course I am doing the worst thing ever and attempting to make everyone happy. No one will be, I am sure. But here we go: I present the work of countless people: Flashpoint.  




At some point this year, a confluence of plot event(s) will cause the opportunity for your characters (COMPLETELY AS THEY ARE - NO CHANGES TO THEM) to time jump into the battle of Hogwarts. If you are a current student of Hogwarts, you will post in a thread and after a dice roll may then become a casualty of war.  shortly after the Battle of Hogwarts [as a point of reference, this timeline actually pre-dates VH1 by several years; VH1 is 7 years after the Battle of Hogwarts (BoH)].


As a side effect of this time jump, your character will fall into the new timeline as if they always belonged there*.  You will not be forced to time jump if you do not wish to do so. You may leave your original characters behind in the current timeline, however, they will not be able to RP on the new board and will continue to exist only in the original timeline which will become AU. 


*There are a small number of students (i.e. canons - who may require a small change to their character backstory in order to exist in a new timeline, this will be addressed on an individual basis and will be facilitated to maintain as much character story integrity as humanly possible). 


When registering for the new board, in order to be tagged you will post in a Registration Sorting area to be re-tagged as your current self and given your current house/year/alumni status as well as your spells/wp/qp etc. 


However, as a fluke of the time jump portals - time portals, those fickle things - you may also, should you choose to, restart your character at the beginning of their character arc and resort them from the beginning. If you choose, you may appear on the other side of the time jump as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 10 year old and sort your original character once again.  This is an opportunity you may only use on YOUR OWN character accounts.  (Attempts to sort characters belonging to other members will be punishable by banning). More information on this option will be available in the Registration Forms. 

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{1}  What is a timeline jump? Why is this happening?

Timeline Shift is where the story line of the entire universe shifts based on a single event "Flashpoint".  For VH, this plot point will involve resetting time as we know it to 1998.  This is the year after The Battle of Hogwarts (BoH) in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 

(1) Please note that the moderators have a lot of reasoning for wanting to make this switch. We also have been thinking of making this change as a plot possibility for over a RL year now. It is not a new idea for us. None of our reasons include the worrying rumors we've heard that this is a decision made out of vengefulness for the recent drama the site has been put through. We love our characters and the site as much as you do. We want to make sure we keep the things we've earned on our characters too! Please also read on to learn about how we intend to be lenient with transferring existing characters as much as possible onto the new timeline.

(2) One reason this is happening is because the timing is convenient - wiping a timeline and starting over on a new board coincide nicely. 

(3) Another reason this is happening is because ambient RP direction is important to several moderators (as well as a few members!), and the growing inconsistencies with what is happening in the world at large make it impossible for us to know or be consistent with technology and history in the year 2040+, and this is becoming prohibitive to the functionality of plots. It also prohibits the consistencies with story-lines across characters with muggleborn ancestry (or those who interact with the muggle world). Some are RPing as if the technology is still just 2019's with a few more advances. Others are RPing advanced technologies such as hover boards since there's no way to tell what technology would actually look like in 20+ years. Either method is fine, but it does make storytelling difficult and inconsistent across the board.

(4) Further, we believe moving the year back to closer to the end of the Harry Potter books could rejuvenate the site and make it more exciting and easier for new members to navigate. We also have hopes that this change will reinvigorate our existing members, too. There will be more opportunities for different plot lines without any worry about historical inconsistencies and it is truly a chance at a fresh start. 


As VH moves to a new board, everyone will have to re-register their character accounts.  This facilitates a restructure of the site concept and we hope will make the world an easier space to RP in because it will be closer to our RL timeline and closer to the canon material we know and love.


{2} What does this mean for my existing character(s)? 

++ Existing characters fall into four categories:  (1) Staff/Adults, (2) Alumni, (3) Sorted Students, and (4) pre-sorted students (who are to be sorted in the current year/next sorting)


(1) Staff and Adults will find instructions and information in the High Horse Tavern. Please see the information and materials there to find your exit buddy.

(2) *Alumni may EITHER 

(a) register using the 'Sorted Character Registration Form' to be re-tagged as Alumni; or

(b) register using the 'Re-Sorting an Existing Character Form' to be placed into the incoming first years group, where you will be auto-assigned your previously assigned House. 

(3) *Sorted Students may EITHER:

(a) register using the 'Sorted Character Registration Form' to be placed into their current year

(b) register using the 'Re-Sorting an Existing Character Form' to be placed into the incoming first years group, where you will be auto-assigned your previously assigned House.

(4) Pre-sorted students will register on the new board and follow the sorting instructions found there. There will not be much change, you will just have to re-register. Sorting forms will be submitted via PM during the first sorting instead of via the Sorting App, please see the Sorting instructions on the new board.


If you wish to keep your Existing Character's name but do not wish to transfer any existing WP/QP/Status please see {5} in the FAQ. You may register as a new character and receive a new sorting/new house assignment/start your character over. 


{2}{a} What happens to my QP/SP/Spells/Wand?

Wand:  Your wand will be automatically re-assigned unless you specifically request a new wand at registration. New wands may only be acquired through the SWS speedy quiz system.  There will be a space in the registration form to request that your wand be left behind.

QP/SP/WP: If you are transferring an existing character into the SAME year they currently are - their profile data will remain the same.  If you are re-starting a character in year one, their QP/SP/WP will reset to year one basics. 


{2}{b} What happens to my prefect badge?

If your character has or had a prefect badge and you are transferring/moving into 5th-7th year you will not retain/regain your prefect badge. EA1 will have zero prefects and/or head persons roaming the castle. Prefects may be assigned in year two, more information about that will be released closer to that date. 


{3} Will I lose my <insert special achievement here> in the new timeline?

No, in the sense that there will always be records of VH: A History, the events and people of its timeline and we will make an archive of its history and people on the new boards as well as maintaining the current boards for as long as possible. To some extent, some characters may be altered in the time jump. (IE- your Head Boy badge from VH11 may not match the Head Boy selection in EA11 for a variety of reasons). 


Things like Dueling Trophies, Quidditch Trophies and past badge holders will be maintained in records cabinet records in perpetuity on the new board as a record of past achievements and contributions, however, no IC recognition will exist for these events as they will have happened in a different timeline/AU.

Currently sorted badge holders will not regain/maintain their badges for the initial sorting year.


{4} Will my character remember VH history/current timeline events/people?

Short answer: No.  More complicated answer: sort of but still not really.


If you and someone you know are both re-sorting in the time jump and you re-establish your history together, you can write your new original childhood/backstory to mesh with your existing plot-line or a new preferred plot-line and then your existing characters would be aware of each other. However, technically, that would be in a new time-line so technically the answer is still no. You have just re-created the new backstory to match or be similar to the current VH (which is a reasonable, rational choice). 


{5}  What if I want to keep my original character's name but I want a different house/backstory or I do not wish to transfer any other information over to the new timeline?

You may register as a new character and use the new character forms if you are not maintaining anything from your previous character except for the name.  Please do not attempt to take another puppeteer's original character name. You will be banned. 


{5}{a} What if I want to keep everything about my character except my name? Can I have my spells/WP/QP/House under a new identity?

Sure, why not? But this will be done on a case by case basis and you will have to maintain your current character's year and house. 


{6} How many characters can I transfer and keep all my QP/WP/Earned materials?

There is no limit to the amount of students or alumni you may time-jump.  However, you may still only sort one character per year, so if you are re-sorting, you can only do one at a time.


{7} What about my CCE/Powers/Special Race Characters?

Time jump will not affect CCE approved powers/races.  If you wish to time jump your CCE approved characters, you may do so.  If you do NOT wish to time jump your CCE approved characters, you may also forgo any restrictions on sorting or character creation you were previously under because of those approved characters. (IE - you were approved for werewolf and therefore unable to sort for X amount of years, however, you are not going to timejump that werewolf to the new board. You may now sort a new character and leave the werewolf behind). 


{8}  How long do I have to decide if I want to transfer a character? Is there a deadline?

There is no deadline, however, sorting will only happen at the normal time each year. You may not join a year mid-year.


{9}  What about my adult/Plot/Visitor character? 

If you have an adult/plot/visitor character, you will find detailed information in the Plotting HQ. If you have questions, please contact Birdwhistle and Egg. 


{10}  What year is it?

The year is 1998.  The next sorting will take place on the new board the year after the Battle of Hogwarts after the end of Book 7 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) (//obviously prior to the epilogue). 


{11}  Does that mean I can play <CANON CHARACTER>?

PROBABLY?  We'll be opening up casting for a lot of canon characters including staff shortly. If you are an existing staff character, please direct your attention to the staff area for more information presently. 


{12}  Does that mean I can play <VH CHARACTER>? 

You should not play other people's original characters. That's bad. BAD KITTY. Anyone attempting to steal VH characters by registering them on the new boards will be banned. 


{13}  What about transferring my VH Alumni Child/Grandchild/Relation?  #Logistics?!

Well now you're getting complicated.  If your mother or grandmother time jumps and sorts after you are sorted that presents some logistical issues, hmm? Students with canon or alumni relations may need to slightly adjust their backstories to fit with other characters existing in the world after time-jump and will be handled on a case-by-case basis at registration. 


{14}  Ok fine, but... what actually happened? like... ICly? HOW DID WE GET HERE?

Tldr; Alden Stuart broke the VH timeline.  Long story short, you fell through one of many temporal rifts appearing across the world thanks to a confluence of really rare events that should never have happened at the same time. THANKS HERMIONE. Or did you? Because nothing happened and you've been here all along. 


{15}  NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I don't want any of this, I'm still rage quitting. I hate you and everything you've to my precious home. All change is bad. 

Ok, well I'm truly sorry you feel that way. We are doing everything we can to make as many people happy as possible and maintain as much of our site and culture and history as we can take with us as we venture into new territory.  We hope once the dust settles you'll find your way back to us and rediscover your love of everything you once had here.  Hogwarts will always be there for those who seek it. Or something like that. #rumbleroar. 


{16}  What if my question is not answered here?

We will continue to post more information about the board and transition, but please feel free to PM Snape or another moderator with your questions if they are not answered above. 

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CCE powers/races/conditions FAQ
Will I still be able to apply for CCE powers or races on the new board? What if I want to apply on a character I am moving over but not re-sorting?
Yes. We will still be accepting CCE applications. Any student will be able to apply (subject to the general CCE rules) whether they are a new creation for VHEA, a character you're re-sorting or a character you're transferring over within their same year group.
I have a current CCE character or alumni. Will my CCE approval carry over to the new site?
Yes. You will retain any CCE power, race or condition approvals on characters you transfer to the new site.
Can I keep my CCE approval but change my backstory? For example, if my character is a werewolf can I change their bite story, or if my character has a CCE race can I keep it but change my family details?
Yes. You’re welcome to change backstory elements and character relationships to better fit the new timeline or a changed vision for your character. If you’re concerned that your changes might be too radical or won’t make sense on the new site please feel free to PM Gagwilde and Picklescott to discuss your ideas.
I am re-sorting my CCE character on the new site. Am I able to start RPing with my power right away, even though I normally wouldn’t be able to apply until 5th year?
You may not begin roleplaying the training for a power until your character reaches the appropriate year again. However, you are welcome to begin confidently foreshadowing the power. For example, knowing you already have approval for the power you might RP your Seer having dreams which seem more meaningful than average, or unusually strong ability in Divination, or you might write your Animagus character as being brilliant at Transfiguration and having a particular affinity for a certain animal. If you believe you have a strong IC reason for your character to begin training early, you’re welcome to make your case to Gagwilde and Picklescott, but please be prepared that you may still be asked to wait.
I have a current CCE student, but I don't want to bring them over to the new site. Is it possible for me to transfer that CCE approval to a new character?
Yes, with approval. If you would like to transfer your CCE approval to a new character you will need to send Gagwilde and Picklescott a short PM letting us know who your new character is, what CCE element you're transferring to them and why the power makes sense for the new character. You don't need to treat this like a full application, just a paragraph or two is fine. Please keep in mind that if you choose to take this option you are transferring your CCE approval, not duplicating it, and if you later change your mind and want to bring your original CCE student to the new site, they will no longer have that CCE power. This opportunity is only for those transferring from a current student, not alumni.
I have a CCE character which I am planning to bring over to VHEA, but I'm still within the sorting restriction period on that character. Does this mean I can't sort in EA1?
There will be a special exception to CCE sorting restrictions for those who want to join in on EA1. You will be able to sort an EA1 student regardless of whether you are still within your sorting restriction period. Outside EA1, normal sorting restrictions will apply.
I want to re-sort my CCE character, but my power says I need to wait until graduation to sort again. Does that mean I can’t sort for seven years if I re-sort them with their CCE approval now?
No. For the purposes of transferring characters with CCE powers, races or conditions you can consider the restriction to be three full years, counted from when you were first approved. No extra time is added as a result of the site migration. If you have already lived out your sorting restriction period no new sorting restrictions apply.
I'm not bringing my CCE character over to the new site. Am I still limited by the CCE sorting restrictions?
No. If you are not transferring or re-sorting your CCE character on the new site you are not subject to any related sorting restrictions.


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Transferring Off-Canons to VHEA


We finally have some firm answers for members with off-canons in the Weasley, Potter and Granger families, and an official note for other off-canons! Thank you guys for your patience while we tried to find some ways to make this work. Note that if you are a Granger-Weasley you may choose between either the Weasley or the Granger options for making a canon connection, whichever sounds more attractive to you. 
Weasleys: You may keep your Weasley surname and track through the Weasley extended family, such as by using one of Arthur Weasley's unnamed brothers as a parent, making you a cousin to Ron Weasley etc. Please PM Gagwilde and Picklescott with a short (1-2 sentences) description of how you would like to connect your character to the Weasley name so we can be sure your choices don't clash with other off-canon backstories.
Grangers: You can track your family through Hector Dagworth-Granger and make a connection to the muggle Granger family through the existence of squibs in the family tree. You should be at least as distant as a second cousin from Hermione herself, to help explain why she was unaware of the connection when asked in canon. Please PM Gagwilde and Picklescott with a short (1-2 sentences) description of how you would like to connect your Dagworth-Granger to Hermione so we can be sure your choices don't clash with other off-canon backstories.
Potters: Unfortunately, you will not be able to keep your current surname. If you would like to retain a family connection with Harry you will be able to track a relationship through the Peverell line using a new surname. Alternately, you are welcome to take the Weasley surname and track a canon connection as described in the notes for Weasleys above. We're sorry, we know this isn't what you want to hear but having other Potters present at the school during Harry's era simply doesn't work with canon and would represent a significant change to the dynamics of his relationships with both his peers and the adults in his life. If you'd like to use one of the canon connections described here, please PM Gagwilde and Picklescott with a short (1-2 sentences) description of how you would like to connect your character to the family you’ve chosen and what surname you'd like to use, so we can be sure your choices don't clash with other off-canon backstories.
Further options: If you would like to change up your backstory and lose the connection to these particular families but keep your existing character, that’s okay too. If you would like to choose an original non-canon name and family, or change to a completely different off-canon concept through a different canon family, please PM Gagwilde and Picklescott with a short (1-2 sentences) description of your plans. If you’re changing to a new canon connection we may have a few further questions for you to make sure we understand your plans and that your choices don’t clash with other off-canon backstories.
Other off-canons: You may keep your canon name as long as you can find a plausible connection to the family which works in the new timeline. Please PM Gagwilde and Picklescott with a short description of your new canon connection. This could be a single sentence if you are making a simple change such as changing from a character’s child to their sibling or cousin, or it could be one or two paragraphs if you are overhauling a lot of connections in a complicated family. In some cases we may have a couple of extra questions to make sure we understand your plans and that your choices don’t clash with HP canon or other off-canon backstories.

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Aside - if we are missing any from the discord channel, I apologize, please send them to my (and Snape's) PM box, it was not purposefully overlooked. That channel has been getting bogged down in chatter from time to time and I probably overlooked something. 


Q. Can I start RPing the new board timeline now?

A. Not on this board, but you can start building your backstory in private docs or RPing with other people in your own discord/google docs/etc.



Q. Weren't Muggleborns barred from attending Hogwarts during the book 7? LOGISTICS PLEASE?

A. There is a group operating in the shadows that is helping to mask muggleborn identities and forge documentation for muggleborns who want to attend Hogwarts. Similarly, if you or your family are openly supporters of muggleborn or minority (werewolf etc) rights then you are free to RP as if your family went into hiding for the past year, or that you attended Hogwarts very carefully.  If you need help finding something that works best within your personal story line, pleas reach out to a moderator and we will try to help you.



Q.  Can my Alumni be older or younger to facilitate my children being sorted in the new board?

A.  Yes! If you are transferring over an alumni character, you may adjust their age/backstory to facilitate the sorting of your children in whatever year you prefer. Please age up appropriately to avoid Hogwarts pregnancies. 



Q. If I have an inactive character, can I bring them back as an alumni or resort them?

A. The easiest way to facilitate this is to reactivate them on this board and then transfer them to the new board.  If your inactive character has taken an OWL exam, they may be reactivated as an Alumni. You may resort any character you own on the new board.



Q. If I was approved for a CCE character but I do not want to transplant this specific character can I have a new character without re-applying for the power?

A. You may apply your power acceptance to a different character, however, it must be the SAME power and you must discuss with the CCE moderators to have your approval shifted to a new character. 



Q. Are you going to re-cast the Canon characters from the epilogue/books when they come into play in the new timeline?

A. Yes, applications will open for the characters who were listed by JKR in the epilogue when they should come into natural existence in our new timeline.  If you were the writer of one of these characters and are still around at that time wishing to pick them back up, please submit an application and your previous experience/activity will be given weighted consideration.



Q. Can I take my alumni to the new site with a new backstory to be from Ilvermony instead of Hogwarts? (/Durmstrang /Beauxbatons /Other wizarding School) -Specifically to be involved with the hiding/forging of muggleborn children during the previous year of Voldemort's return. 

A. Yes, if maintaining your character history is best served by recreating your background to be from another school/country to fit into the new timeline. We will allow this for alumni only.  You will still be tagged as Alumni on the new board, we will shift your profile information to reflect a different school instead of your previous house. 



Q. I have a former/retired/deceased staff member.  Can I sort them as a student in the new timeline?

A. If they are a former staff/professor/officiator/alumni, yes.  If they are an original plots character, no. Please PM Birdwhistle if you are unsure of your status.



Q. I think my character was put in the wrong house - can I re-sort them into the Correct house on the new board? 

A. Alumni will be allowed to change their house, however, this comes with the stipulation that you may not do this in order to mess with canon. (i.e.: you cannot switch your character's house to Gryffindor and then claim you played on the quidditch team with Harry Potter and that is why you are the best ever quidditch player etc.) Already sorted students will not be permitted to change their house, though if you are re-sorting a character you may opt to request a different house than the one your character was originally sorted into and the Sorting Hat might grant this request.



Q. If I am keeping my CCE character but trying to import characters to the new board am I barred from importing characters because of my CCE ban on sorting new characters?

A. The sorting restriction is lifted for the first year so that people can bring their characters to the new timeline.  Everyone may sort in EA1-3 regardless of current CCE restrictions* (*This does not apply to new/future applications).



Q. I am a werewolf but my bite story no longer makes sense, can i change it?

A. Yes. Please submit a small summary of your new bite story to the CCE mods for our records or alternately contact them for help if you would like assistance in creating a new bite story to keep your werewolf in the new timeline.



Q.  What if we had the option to keep our memories? 

A. This creates a lot of moderation and logistical work on the back end with regard to making and keeping track of story lines and threads to police for anyone who breaks a ministry gag-order to not tell Harry Potter that you know their grandchild, or gambling on world cup outcomes and the like.  We'd also be required to cast canon characters more specifically to cater to directed plot lines and I'd rather be as inclusive of newer people as possible.  We did originally consider this angle when working through Flashpoint, and the bottom line with that is, it's just too much work and too restrictive on several pieces of the site.



Q. What if I am resorting/transferring but other members of my family (that I created, but I do not play) are not?

A.  Even if you created your original family, once another person has begun writing those characters and asserting creative control over their actions and direction they become the character of that writer. So you cannot steal them back.  It is recommended that you either create new/different/similar sibling names to recast your family members (even if you are creating roughly identical characters) or rewrite them as NPCs/Play them yourself if you prefer to keep your family as close to originally written as possible. Alternately you could shift the dynamic of your family history to align with the direction you wish to take your character in the new timeline.



Q. I have some special shop items that are not normally for sale in the shops - will I be able to have them resent to me on the new board?

A. Assuming we are able to maintain the current items database and you are transferring the account holding your special items, they will be returned to you.



Q. I would like to change my character's name but maintain my backstory as listed in the earlier FAQ - who do I have to contact to get approval for the name?

A.  You do not need to contact anyone, there will be a registration form on the new board to match up your new account with your previous name/account/user data.  The only reason your name change would be rejected is if you are attempting to change your name to an existing user, a canon name or something that breaks our site rules. 



Q. Can we change the site rating?

A. Yes! That is one of the features of the new site.  We will be switching from the U.S. movie rating system (G/PG/PG-13) to the RPG Rating System.  Here is a reference picture: link Currently VH's rules equate to a "0-0-1" rating using this system.  "No swearing or mature language permitted" "No sexual content permitted" "Mild violence is permitted".  Personally, I feel this rating is generally pushed to a 1- 1- 1 with most people's RPs before things get reported for editing.  Under the new board we are moving to a 2 - 1 - 1 rating, as indicated by the check boxes in the linked image. The majority of our user base has aged quite heavily since VH's inception. Any excessive cursing will still be asked to edit and these new ratings will take effect ONLY on the new board, do not start RPing under these rules now. Weasley will hunt you down. 


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