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Charlie Wheeler

unraveled words like moths on old scarves

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Charlie Wheeler

He was smug in the cold Transfiguration classroom that morning as he lazily watched the professor walk along the rows of students. There was an ever-present smirk on his lips and the threat of taunting remarks threatened to spill out with ease. Robbie had piqued his curiosity and competitiveness enough that it was hard not to watch as he struggled. Charlie tried the incantation himself - not at all surprised when it didn’t work on the first try. They were all first years after all, it wasn’t like they were Merlin or Dumbledore.


”Watch yourself Robbie,” Charlie said as he tried to do the transfiguration again, “You could end up blinding yourself, mate. Sloppy wandwork.”


God, how he had missed this banter. It wasn’t as fun to pick at Tulip or Atticus with tempers like theirs. But someone he barely knew? Charlie could easily see this lasting all class.

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