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Gwendoline Marinus

Marinus, Gwendoline

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Gwendoline Marinus







[✔] Roleplay receiving your Hogwarts letter

[ ] Roleplay visiting Diagon Alley to buy school supplies

[ ] Roleplay buying your wand at Ollivander’s OR send your SWS quiz to receive your wand

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[ ] Choose Your Own Page: any roleplay-related activity of your choice



[ ] Think up a roleplay concept, plot arc, or story point relating to some aspect of your character’s past or  future

[ ] Plot out a Pre-Hogwarts roleplay in cooperation with another member(s). Start a thread and write out your plot!

[ ] Choose Your Own Page: any plot-related activity of your choice



[ ] Draft the first post of your character library. You can find the form here.

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[ ] Complete a character questionnaire.

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[✔] Select a celebrity lookalike for your character, or create your own art to represent your character

▸Emma Fuhrmann [IG]

[ ] Create a family tree for your character.

[ ] Code one of your scrapbook pages to look more appealing to you

[ ] Create a graphic, drawing, doll or other visual representation of your character or someone else's

[ ] Participate in the "Make something for the person above you" thread.

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[ ] Got an idea for a scrapbook page or memory? Send it to Mr Lugg and Ms Murphy.

[ ] Choose Your Own Page: any activity, event, or game of your choice

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Gwendoline Marinus

Hogwarts Letter


As the day began to wind down, Gwen and her father, Samuel, stepped out of the fireplace and into the living room of their home. They had spent the last few days in Lyon, France; her father had business for the Ministry there (top secret, at least from her curious ears), but they had gotten a chance to explore the French countryside before returning home.


"I wouldn't be surprised if your letter to Hogwarts arrived soon," her father said, turning around to double check that Gwen didn't track soot into the rest of the living room. "It being the end of July and all. Just means we'll have to hit Diagon Alley soon for all your supplies."


She tried to bring a smile to her face, but considering her father's reaction it was obviously forced. "I know going to Hogwarts is going to be different than what you've gotten used to, but you need a proper education you know. Lucky the Ministry has let you come out on these trips to begin with."


"Travelling sounds so much more fun than going to Hogwarts," she said with a sigh, slowly lowering her bag to the floor. "And you're a great teacher."


"Nothing you say is going to keep you away, you know," he said, tapping his finger against her nose lightly. She knew it was true, but in her mind it never hurt to try. She had spent the last 2 years going on most of his work trips; she had been to Egypt, Japan, Russia, Australia, and next week they were slated to go to Los Angeles for 2 days. Staying put at Hogwarts was going to be a drastic change from the life she had grown to love.


They quickly began to stow their things away, all of her clothes going neatly back into their dresser. She took a few moments to look out her window at the sea just beyond the fence of their backyard; she was extremely lucky no matter where she was. Their modest house sat at the edge of the English Channel, and she would spend much of her time at home along the shoreline.

Going to Hogwarts would change everything.


"Gwendoline, the post we missed while we were gone just arrived!"


Surely the letter wasn't there now. She closed the curtains back on her window, and quickly made her way down the stairs into the kitchen. There was a stack of letters in front of her dad, but on the opposing side of the table sat one, single envelope. She picked it up, and looked at the address.


Sure enough. Her name was written on the outside.


Gwendoline Laine Marinus would be attending Hogwarts in September.

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