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Allysinia Smithson

Are you going to eat that

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Allysinia Smithson

She'd escape her mums clutches, not to mention her siblings. It hadn't been hard exactly, not when they'd basically been told to behave and the other two took off on her but she liked to take credit on giving them all the slip. If anyone asked, that is. Ally had been anxious to explore, find her own way and maybe get some ice cream. Cold and delicious. The only thing that could've made her beautiful cone better was if she'd had french fries to  dip in it because.. hot and salty fries with sweet and creamy ice cream was in her opinion, amazing!


If anyone dared think otherwise she'd be forced to toss a shoe at them.


"Are you staring because you hope I'll share? I won't." Ally informed the starer. "I've been made to share way too much in my life." Being a triplet and all.. she even had to share her birthday like, ugh.

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