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Hazel Baum

Wasn't born for a cage, wasn't born to be tamed

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Hazel Baum

It was with wide-eyed wonder that Hazel roamed the streets of Diagon Alley that day, her pocket jangling with the change her parents had imparted her with. Despite being of magical origin, Diagon Alley was not an oft-visited place for the lanky girl. The Tree Commune was like a haven in its own way, one that Hazel didn’t feel the need to escape out of often. But taking in the sights offered in each of the window displays almost made her wish she had managed to escape more often. 


Her bare feet padded along the cobbles of the street, growing extremely dirty with each passing step, but that didn’t perturb the girl. Dirty feet were the least of her worries. “Oooh,” She cooed, looking into the window of the Magical Menagerie, where several animals were on display… in cages. 


“It’s so sad they have to be stuck in such small cages,” Hazel opined to someone who happened to be standing nearby who actually looked her age. It was at that moment that her idealistic mind began hatching ideas to liberate all the little animals. 


Nothing deserved to be caged. The very idea of being trapped like that made her skin crawl.

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Bernadette Roux

Confronted with the consequences of trying to steal a fire crab from Magical Menagerie, Bernie found herself cooped up in the walls of Roux Manor with nobody to talk to but the house elf. This was not the first time the young blonde had been grounded, but it was the first time keeping her indoors had been successful. Gone were the days she could shimmy down a drainpipe and roam the streets. The manor was as adept a prison as it was beautiful.


Eventually her punishment reached natural end. Not because all her time had been served but because she had smashed no less than six windows playing football against the side of the house (and only two of those had been deliberate attacks.) Her mother had dramatically declared she had had it up to here with being around her and instead of Bernie being shooed indoors, she was dumped on Rosie who had dragged her along to Diagon Alley while she ran errands.


Demands to keep out of trouble were met with a promise of good behaviour, but both Roux’s knew that was a load of rubbish with neither particularly caring it was a blatant lie. Off Rosie went to get her medical supplies and Bernadette ambled back towards Magical Menagerie to survey the damage done. It was rather disappointing that the only thing of note were a couple of scorch marks, magic clearly ridding the street of the brunt of fiery assault. 


Pushing open the door to the store once she had arrived at her destination, Bernie walked inside only to be immediately kicked out by a shop assistant who paled instantly upon seeing her. Clearly she had made an impression with her one and only visit. In a huff, the blonde hung by the window to glare at the assistant through the glass, occasionally tapping on the sheath to annoy the animals kept beyond it.  


“Huh?” Her very intense glare had prevented her from realizing she had been joined by another girl. Snapping out of the mental battle and into new discussion, Bernie soon realized this was a situation that could lead to great revenge and enable her to finally get her hands on a fire crab. “You are totes right. I say we break them out.”

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Kiara Thorsdóttir

Kiara was brilliant at finding clever ways to escape the house.


She had to be clever facing what was probably going to be classified as a "grounded for life" scenario that would most certainly be heaped upon the young blonde after escaping for what had to have been the umpteenth time. @Thor Henrion and @Danielle Jade Henrion weren't particularly that observant when it came to one of the twins antics, but instead of punishing her they constantly told her she should be more like @Theodosia Thorsdóttir. Kiara loved Teddy because the two of them had been inseparable since birth, but what fun would it be if her parents had two Teddys?


There would be absolutely no fun.


Diagon Alley hadn't changed much from what she had seen, but then again she had only spent like two days actually adhering to the punishment before absconding and ignoring what position of authority her parents might have had. She had slowly walked down the street, this time cautiously looking in a plurality of locations to be sure that neither one of her parents had decided to take up a reconnaissance position. She most definitely wouldn't have put it past them.


She caught the glimpse of a girl that looked familiar and then another girl just standing outside of the pet shop, and she realised that she definitely did have a fight with the blonde in front of her own father in Knockturn Alley not that long ago, but the other seemed different.


"Missing your family?" she pointed at the rats in the window as she asked the blonde, "or are they too good for you?"

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Hazel Baum

It had been a fleeting fantasy - a flight of fancy, if you will. Hazel had hardly expected the girl she addressed to actually latch onto the idea and run with it. Her dark eyes popped wide as the girl declared, with fervor, that they should break them out. Most people were not used to entertaining Hazel’s ideas, as they were often not exactly feasible, or were too idealistic for others to consider seriously. 


“R-really?” Hazel asked, her tone displaying the surprise she felt. “I mean, you really think we should? How should we do it?” Hazel asked, her eyes not leaving the form of the blonde girl next to her, wondering if she had any grand scale plans. Hazel herself had visualized heroically venturing into the shop, and first setting free the rats, so they could escape before the owls and cats would eat them, and then the toads… 


That was about when the other girl showed up, and Hazel was so lost in her mindless fantasy that at first, she thought the girl was talking to her. Brows knitting together, she scowled and looked up at the new arrival, only then realizing that the girl’s gaze was directed at the first girl’s. “Hey, that’s not very nice of you to imply. Plus, rats are smart creatures,” Hazel retorted immediately, somehow feeling protective of the girl who had entertained her idea to set all the creatures free. 

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