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Aster Darling

I wanna be like you hoo-hoo

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Aster Darling

Aster eyed @Jacqueline Frost for a moment, watching the older girl curiously. Aster has seen Jack a few times around school, especially during the more... political debates their school had to offer, and she admired her. Given everything she was going through, she had a fighting spirit, and Aster found herself wanting to be more like that. While there was a part of her that understood some of it probably had to do with anger, she also felt that Jack seemed to be good at standing up for herself and what she believed in, and Aster wanted to be more like that.

She's even considered approaching the girl, a few times actually but got too nervous to do anything about it. Aster herself was only a second year. She was small for her age, and she worried the ultra cool older girl would blow her off. After all, didn't most older people like hanging out with people their own age? Aster didn't really have much experience with this. The only older person she hung out with was Jessica, and let's face it. That's her mother.

Still, Aster was tired of being too afraid to approach her and finally worked up the nerve. After finishing her porridge, Aster bit down lightly on her lip and made her way over to Jack, trying to control her nerves and appear cool. Confident. 

She totally failed.

"Um.. Hi? Jack?" She bit her lip, gathered herself and nodded. "Umm. This sounds really weird, and I hope I don't come off as too forward, but I think you're really cool and I was wondering if you wanted to be friends." Did that come off as lame as she thought it did? 😧

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