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Seeley Pichardo

The Burning Boat

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Nathaniel Frost

If she hadn’t been before, @Jacqueline Frost was now dead to him. 😠 He hadn’t even done anything yet! The disrespect! This was yet another reason to enact his revenge on her as soon as possible.


Nate takes the hit (to save @Adam Sinclair — he would appreciate those Tesco bags) and is out for 12 hours.

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Agatha Cowen

Agatha had a tendency to block out things that weren't important to her. Some people thought she was oblivious. She wasn't, she was just focused. As it happened what she had been focusing on the last week had nothing to do with the lawn or the lake or anything on either of those things, so she just had not noticed the giant boat with sacrifices on it. She hadn't noticed people throwing things onto it. She hadn't noticed anything to do with any of it because she was too busy looking for potion ingredients along the edge of the forest (something that too a lot of focus).

But now there was a crowd and she had all she needed for her current obsession. Now the people stood out. And the fires they were flinging.

Agatha slid up next to a random student as she watched the fire spells sail towards the boat and couldn't help but to ask, "What's going on?"

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