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Adrianna Vagen

Adrianna Vagen

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Adrianna Vagen

The Basics:

Name: Adrianna Vagen

House: Hufflepuff

Birthday: October 9

Hometown: Born in London, England

Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Half blood

Five words that best describe your character: loving, intelligent, quiet (unless with close friends or family), caring, brave



Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Wavy, hair reaches down to middle back

Eye color: green

Height: 4'7"

Other distinguishing details: ~light skin, but not a deathly white, ~a birthmark on right shoulder blade



Father's name: Devon Vagen

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): pureblood; potions master; wants Adrianna to go into a career in potions; he has always made sure to spend quality time with his children and has taken the time to do anything he can to help them, taught Adrianna how to fly when she would have major bouts of sickness from portkeys and would end up sick for days in order to make it so that she would have other ways of transportation until she grew out of the problem as the doctors at St. Mungos had predicted

Mother's name: Mary Vagen

Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): maiden name: Mary Mycaster: muggle; was an English major in a muggle university and met Adrianna's father soon after she graduated from the university; she doesn't have a job but has been known to get herself teaching jobs at muggle schools as an English teacher especially once her children were old enough to care for themselves; Adrianna's main confidant since Mary always gives her daughter good advice

Siblings (names and descriptions): Brother- Derrick Vagen: Adrianna's younger brother; he's a bit reckless and loves attention

Other key family members: ~Cousin- Alexandra (Alex) Chole; she is Adrianna's cousin on her dad's side ~Cousin- Mariame Mycaster; Adrianna's newly found cousin, she is a muggleborn, both Ria's and Mariame's parents have not talked to each other in a very long time so the two girls have never known each other until Ria's secong year when they figure out the family connection


At Hogwarts:

Your best subject: Transfiguration

Your worst subject: Divinations

Extracurricular activities:

Favorite place at Hogwarts: Anywhere on the grounds

Least favorite place at Hogwarts:

Do any of the staff members scare you?

Do any inspire you?



Interests/hobbies: flying, writing in my diary, reading, taking a light walk outside almost every night

What you might like to do after Hogwarts: become a mediwitch

Someone you look up to: my professors and my family

Something else people really should know about you?: I may seem really quiet, but once I am comfortable with a person I open up and sometimes I won't even shut up. I don't like being insulted and the few times I'm insulted I can become very nasty and sarcastic.

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Adrianna Vagen

Before Hogwarts:


Adrianna Marie Vagen was born on a clear night on October the ninth. Adrianna lived a happy life with her mother and father and, later on, her younger brother Derrick. She had also grown up close to her cousin Alex, who was the same age as Adrianna, and Alex's sister Hope. Adrianna and Alex were close, but Alex loved to annoy Adrianna by calling her Adri, which Adrianna hated. Before Hogwarts Adrianna only liked to be called by her full name, but she eventually grew used to the nickname though she never let Alex know it and kept complaining every time Alex would call her it. It was a habit that Adrianna just didn't want to get rid of. Adrianna was always really close to her parents and was taught to value her family and friends. (This theory was challenged when her mother's family is revealed to her in second year, but that's a story for another time) Adrianna also grew up with a very close friend named Sabrina who was very talkative. This could account for Adrianna's quiet nature since she wasn't exactly used to having to be a big part of the conversation when she first went to school. Adrianna and her family were always taking trips and Adrianna had gotten the chance to see so many foreign places growing up, though her favorite had been Italy. When she was younger Adrianna could not use a portkey because she always received after portkey symptoms five times worse than normal witches and wizards did. The mediwitches at St. Mungos promised that the problem would eventually fade away around the time she was twelve or thirteen. Because of this her father taught her how to ride a broom so that she could use that method of travel. Adrianna grew to love the feeling of flying.


In Character Quotes and Stories:


"When I was little that I accidently drank down this potion that my dad had left in his lab. He's a potions master by the way, and I was really little and shouldn't have been in their anyway, but you know how little kids are, they are curious about everything and my dad had stepped out of the lab to go grab something to eat and left the door slightly open. I went in and took a potion vial that was on the counter and drank it down. Yea, I know stupid, but hey I was really little! Anyway, I started to feel really sick and went to find my parents. I found them in the dining room talking and said I felt really bad. My mom took me to St. Mungos by floo, since she is a muggle and can't apparate. The nurses didn't know what to do with me until my dad came running into the ward and asked me if I had dranken from the bottle he was holding up. He was holding up the bottle from the lab, by the way. Anyway, turns out I drank down a poison and was really lucky that I only had a sip of it or else I wouldn't be here talking to you today. So, drinking poison, yea, not fun, never try it, believe me you will regret it."

First time Adrianna showed signs of magic: Adrianna was in Diagon Alley with her mother and was seperated from her. She was five years old so you can imagine how scared she was. Anyway, through the crowd Adrianna thought she saw a glimpse of her mother's clothes, a red sweater and muggle jeans since it was October and getting chilly. Just when Adrianna was about to go to her she dissappeared from my view again and the young girl started to get even more scared and could only keep thinking about how she wished everyone would just move out of the way so that she could get to her mother. All of a sudden the rush of people just moved and there was a perfectly straight empty path leading right up to where her mother was and Adrianna ran to her.

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Adrianna Vagen

First Year:


The Sorting:

Adrianna may have known what was coming for the sorting ceremony and the boat ride before, but nothing could have prepared her for the amazing sight that Hogwarts made in all its glory, especially at nighttime. She studied the beauty of the castle until she had to go into the school itself for the sorting. When all of the first years were inside of the school a woman, a professor by Adranna's guess, explained to them that they were going to go in the great hall and were to stand quietly until their names were called.


Adrianna entered the Great Hall with all of the rest of the first years. <Merlin, the cieling is beautiful, I have got to know how they charmed it that way.> Adrianna thought while the students began to be sorted. Finall she heard "Vagen, Adrianna" When she heard her name she strode confidently up to the little stool and sat down. The hat was then placed on her head and she then patiently listened to what the hat had to say.



Aw, little child, don't be nervous. I'm just a hat, right? Sure I may hold your future in my hands, but really.. that shouldn't make you THAT nervous. So just wait one second while I examine your mind. I see you have quite a connection with your family. I have to admit, I've never heard of anyone fighting for safety, but hey, there's always a first for that right? Congratulations, you are the first. I'd give you a gold star, but I am.. well, just a hat. Anyways, the main point of you being here is to get a house right? Well, I think you'd look safe and comfortable in the colours of yellow and black. Welcome to HUFFLEPUFF!

Adrianna comes to be known as Ria, though her cousin still insists on calling her Adri.


Topics Adrianna was part of (Excluding classes of course):

((OOC Warning:I am aware that most of these topics lay unfinished but I promise that any topics I am involved in I continue when antone else involved posts in the topic. If I am the last one to post I will not post again (obviously)))

First Year Dormitory

Doing Homework Out by the Lake

In Need...

I Always Seem to be Here

Taking a Walk

Just practicing fancy helping me

Woulda thunk that vanilla ice cream with cucumbers tasted good?, Eww...*Gags*

Appeasing My Curiosity

Gotcha! (After DADA)

Talk About Huge


What Do You Mean OCD Tendencies?

Looking For a Conversation

Sprained ankle...

Hufflepuff Friends - Reunite

Corridors are colder than the dungeons.., Oh pooh

Just Walking (Adrianna was only in it for two or three posts, then she left

Beautiful Night Sky


Camp Carmen

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Adrianna Vagen

Second Year - First Term (as of May 20):

For the first few weeks of school Adrianna suffered a depressing time. she didn't talk to anyone except for in class when needed and she stopped doing most of the things she loves to do: flying, taking nightly walks, writing in her diary. All she did was read and go to class. She liked going to her classes because they made her feel halfway normal again. She didn't understand why she was depressed, but eventually a couple of friends helped her out. Adrianna, now Ria also found a new cousin on her mother's side and cannot understand how her mother, who had always went on about family could have kept her entire family secret. Adrianna had always assumed her mother didn't have any siblings and that her mother's parents had died. and then she finds her muggleborn cousin named Mariame Mycaster who had researched her own family and found an aunt she had never known. This aunt was Adrianna's mother Mary Vagen, maiden name: Mycaster. This makes Adrianna wonder what had happened between her mother and her family.


First Term Topics:

Some Serious Cheering Up

The Night Sky is a Beauty

It's Been a Long Time

Who are you and what do you mean we're related?!

Does One Duel Make You Experienced?

It's Snowing!

Sleepover time!

Ailve With The Glory of Love

Why can't fish talk?

Flip and Dive and...Whoa!

Hoping For Friends

What's Going on?

To Start Off

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