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Ambience Characters Wanted!

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Ambience Character Application 

Have you ever wanted to dish out fashion advice to passing fourth years or offer advice on romance to the quarreling couple in the corridor? If so, a portrait may be the character for you. Have you considered floating through a fearful first year or involving yourself in the comings and goings of the sixth years? If so, consider applying for a ghost. Ambience characters add an unpredictable element to the school.

Hogwarts is home to many house elves, ghosts, suits of armor, owls, portraits, tapestries, boggarts, centaurs, ghouls, imps, and gnomes. If you think you would enjoy playing one of these characters read on.

Ambience characters are expected to roleplay with students and add to the overall good of vh. They must maintain a certain level of activity to keep their positions. Remember if the creature is unable to speak, you will not be able to speak. It takes some creativity to role play many of these characters.


  • Applications are open to any sorted student or any one who has an alumni character.
  • Remember this character will be in addition to your student character not in place of it.
  • Applications are now open on a rolling basis, so if you have an idea, submit a form!

Some canon roles that have been played in the past that are currently open to applicants are:

Barnabas the Barmy

The Fat Lady

Ford Anglia


The Giant Squid

Yvonna the Siren 

If you have any ideas for other canon ambience roles you'd like to play, feel free! 

We have general openings for:
House Elves


Be creative! If you see something not specifically listed and you'd like to play it, send in an application! All applications should be sent to Scrimgeour.





Ambience Character Application


Your name: 

What type of ambience character are you applying for? (Here would be a place where you could provide the name of your ambience and any other defining characteristics you want us to know.)

Why do you want to play an ambience character? 




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