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Sorting Hat

The Sorting Ceremony

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Sorting Hat

Each years was substantially the same. The new students gathered outside the Great Hall as a sea if black robes and hats, with little hands and faces peeking out. Inevitably, some of them were soaking wet from their misdeeds on the way over, while others kept up a steady stream of noise, no matter how many times Gawkrodger reminded the group to be quiet. A few of the students looked so pale and sweaty they might throw up or pass out at any moment, and he didn't need to be dealing with that.
Giving up on achieving silence, Gawkrodger instead began gesturing for them to get into a line. "A straight line," he implored them. "Single file, just line up one after the other and when you're all ready we'll enter the Great Hall and the sorting ceremony will begin.
"This is a big moment, so please try and take it seriously. Once you are sorted into one of the four houses, that house will become your second family for the next seven years. You'll eat, sleep and study in the company of your housemates, and you will work together with them to earn house points and perhaps the House Cup.
"When we step inside you will all stick together until your name is called and you are sorted. After being sorted, you will sit at your house table and start getting to know your new peers. Are we ready?"
They were being relatively quiet and inoffensive for a moment, so Gawkrodger swished his wand and the Great Hall's impressive doors swung open to reveal something even more impressive. He moved to the front of the hall to collect the list of student names, and as the new first years followed him their tiny faces turned up to the brilliantly clear sky of the hall's ceiling, or they cast their gaze out across the house tables and the expectant faces of the older students.
Gawkrodger motioned for the new students to stop where they were. On a stool near the front of the room sat the Sorting Hat, and it began to sing...



The time has come for another year

And now I must make this clear

From time to time I must speak up

So get ready, children, raise your cup


The mood is light right now

But that is likely to change somehow

Dark magic is lurking everywhere

Take caution, be sure to prepare


Your schoolmates are safe, you see

Thus, children, listen to my plea:

The hate I hear is troubling and sad

Change your ways and I’ll be glad


Things are changing, we all know that

Especially me, the all-knowing hat

Please remember what I’ve said

Let my words take flight and spread


It’s hard to switch to good cheer

As I can sense a lot of great fear

But it is time and so we’ll switch

Steady each wizard and witch


The houses of Hogwarts are four

And the sorting is harder than before

Bad acts have altered the air

However, you know I’ll always be fair


Gryffindor, the brave and bright

They always shine eternal light

The house of lions is forever tough

I cannot stress this fact enough


Hufflepuff, the loyal and true

They always see in honest view

The house of badgers is just and kind

These are the elements that bind


Ravenclaw, the brilliant and keen

They always know what they mean

The house of eagles is smart and clever

Qualities that will last forever


Slytherin, the determined and sly

They always want to soar to the sky

The house of snakes is cunning and apt

These students are able to adapt


And now it’s time, come to me

Don’t be scared, you cannot flee

I’ll sort you into your new place

Then you’ll have family to embrace


Remember the warning I have told

We must stand together, not be cold

Friends and family, everyone

That’s it, it’s over, I am done


(Sorting song by Prince A. Charming!)

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Sophie McKinley

She had made it at last!


There was a time when she wasn't sure she would. Back at the pre-Hogwarts centre, her parents had written to tell her that they were reconsidering her place following a werewolf attack at Hogwartsm but they had relented and allowed her to attend.


Sophie had arrived at the school where her mother had been educated and now it was her turn. There was just one more task to undertake before she could truly join the school; the sorting ceremony itself


She watched as a number of students were sorted before her, new faces joining the ranks of all four houses. Some years ago her mother had been sorted into Hufflepuff. Would Sophie follow in her footsteps? She didn't think she would, but she didn't know for sure.


Finally, her name was announced.


McKinley  Sophie


She walked up to the stool and took her place, the sorting hat was placed on her head.


"Hello, hat" she thought "are you the same hat that once sorted my mother?"

Hello, Miss McKinley! Yes, I've sorted each and every student to come through Hogwarts, including your mother! But, today is all about you, isn't it? I can see you're a fiercely protective young girl, always trying to take care of and stand up for those who you care about. A rather chivalrous instinct, I say! Your sense of what's right seems to guide all of your actions and decisions, and it is with all of this in mind that I am going to sort you into the brave house of... GRYFFINDOR!

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Lorinda Weasley

To say that Rin was scared yet excited about attending Hogwarts was an understatement. The excitement came from the fact that she had received her Hogwarts letter, wand, and was only hours away from getting on the train and attending Hogwarts. The scared part came when Rin was still even after being reassured several times that she would get sorted was the fact that the ancient hat might change their mind and decide that they didn't need another member of her family attending Hogwarts since there were way too many of them.


This last part might of been true since she was possibly related to half the school. The fact that there were a lot of family members that attended Hogwarts made the school more fun right Especially since most of them were sorted into Gryffindor. Rin was sure that she wouldn't fit into the house of the lions and preferred a much quieter house such as Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Even though daddy had been set on Laney getting that house, he was a bit more lenient when it came to his second oldest daughter.


With her bags now packed and her father joking about the sorting hat placing her in Slytherin, before she knew it, Rin was on the train on her way to Hogwarts getting to know a few of her peers.


When the train stopped, the first years were told to get onto several boats that were on the lake. Mother had told her about this special moment back in her day when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Rin looked at the boats in amazement which must of been magical since nobody was in them. She carefully got into one with a few of her peers. The boat started to move on its own. Rin held onto the sides for dear life and looked around the lake when the boat started to move towards the castle. For a few moments, Rin closed her eyes and tried to live in the moment.


By the time the boat reached its destination, the little girl was relaxed and reassured that she would get sorted into the house that best suited her even it it wasn't Gryffindor like most of her family. A short time later, Rin was in the Great Hall lost in thought again about the four houses. Aunt Vikki had been in Ravenclaw and cousins Josie and Desmond were in Hufflepuff. Those two houses might be a better fit and calmer than the house of the lions.


Weasley, Lorinda


Rin was so deep in thought that she hardly realized her name was being called. After taking a few deep breathes, Rin went to the stool, sat down, and closed her eyes.

Another Weasley! Well, as you know, Miss Weasley, your ancestors are rather prone to being sorted into Gryffindor... but no, much as you have already considered, I am thinking that is not the place for you. Your ability to thoroughly think through situations and your quick wit would serve you quite well in Rowena's house, and I'm almost tempted to sort you there, but something stronger is pulling me elsewhere. The ability you have to consider all perspectives seems fuelled by making sure you give everyone an equal chance to prove themselves; and this, combined with your loyalty, humility and desire to connect with others leads me instead to... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Amber Hill

Amber Hill was excited and little nervous about hogwarts. She took the hogwarts express when the hogwarts express arrived she was then told to get into a boat and she did that with few other of her classmates.

when the boat arrived she then went into the great hall after the great hall all the frost year went into the dining hall. She watch other student being sorted before then her name was was called . Amber Hill!.    Amber Hill walked up to the stool and sat down and then the sorting hat was placed on her head. 

No need to be nervous, Miss Hill! This will be over in just a moment, after I give your thoughts a quick look-through... ah, yes. You don't judge others until you know them, instead preferring to start everyone off on equal footing. This, combined with your kindness and loyalty will make you a great addition to... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Amariah SkyWolf

Amariah could not believe where she was standing, everything seemed so surreal. She never thought in her life that magic could be real, only from someone's imagination but here she was in the middle of a magical school standing in front of a talking hat. Wow.


SkyWolf, Amariah


She nervously walked up and sat on the stool as the hat was placed on her head 'Ok, now what?' She thought as she waited patiently for something to happen. She hoped to have a good year this year.

Now what, you ask? Well, simple... or perhaps not, in your case, as I sense two founders each eager to see you in their house colours. With your open mind and your dedication to ensuring everyone gets a fair chance you would look splendid in yellow. However, your willingness to stand up and fight against what you think is wrong is calling to another founder. You have a noble streak a mile wide, Miss SkyWolf, and the only house which could possibly accommodate it is... GRYFFINDOR!

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Emily Cathryn Rhodes

Emily wasn't one to show much emotion, so when she stepped off the train and through the doors of Hogwarts, she had nothing less than a blank expression on her face. She was led into a large room with five long tables, four taking up the majority of the room and one at the front of the room. Near the front of the room, in front of the table, sat a stool. While her attention was on the front of the room, she heard a voice tell everyone to line up. She followed instructions, standing in line, arms crossed over her chest.


"Rhodes, Emily!"


Once her name was called, she followed in the footsteps of those who had gone before her and sat down on the stool. A rather old shabby looking hat was placed on her head, confusing her. She had no idea why such a thing would be placed upon her head. Everyone before her had had the hat placed on their heads, but she still failed to see what the need for the hat was.


I don't know if you can hear me, considering I'm just thinking about whatever comes to my mind at the moment, and considering you're a hat, but what is going on? My parents didn't explain any of this to me, even though it was plainly obvious they knew what was going on from the moment I got my acceptance letter.

I can hear you just fine, Miss Rhodes, and I imagine your parents wanted you to enjoy the full experience of sorting night without spoiling any surprises. I will be telling you what house to which you belong in just a moment. Let me take a gander here. Oh yes. Bit of a stoic nature, I see, or as I like to call it a ‘thick skin’, but you often jump into things without considering whether the light at the end of the tunnel is a hinkypunk. Despite such recklessness, you have a strong sense of what is right and wrong, and you’ll stand up for your friends. I have no doubt that you belong with the lions in... GRYFFINDOR!

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Viola Merryweather

Viola had waited so long to come to Hogwarts. She couldn't believe she was finally here. No amount of reading could have prepared her for it, and Viola found her head filling with questions and theories as they were led into the Great Hall. She didn't know where to look, at the hall itself or all the students around her, her new classmates in line with her or the ceiling where candles floated, and she could see the stars as it was such a clear night. Viola waited in line, wondering which house she would be put in. She was looking forward to starting classes, but she also hoped for friends. 


Merryweather, Viola!


She heard her name called and gulped, this was it. Her mind went unusually blank, and she felt someone push her forward towards the stool. Sitting down, she felt the old hat placed on her head and waited eagerly. 

Hello Mr Hat, how do you do this? It is fascinating, I am very curious to find out how you work! Do you scan our brains or something, or is it our magic you measure? 

What a pleasant young lady you are, Miss Merryweather. Already I can tell you have an inquiring mind. You like to know what makes things tick, but I ask that you do not pull at any of my loose threads to find out how I work my own magic! Magical hats never reveal their secrets. Your curious nature is admirable, and you crave more knowledge. You’re shy, but I am positive you’ll soar in... RAVENCLAW!

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Harlan Starke

Harlan followed the long line of students to a lake in which were countless boats and beautiful views. Harlan sucked everything from this moment in. He didn't quite have a photographic memory, but it was pretty close. He just had to focus to remember what he wanted to, and he would be able to project it in close to perfect detail at a later date. Hopping into the last open boat, Harlan followed the rest of the students across the lake, once again trailing behind.


The mountains were green and lush from recent rains, the lake was full and purple, like the night sky. The stars shone brightly above him. The air smelled fresh, like spring in the middle of summer. Wildflowers of every color dotted the landscape, deer and rabbits roaming about it. As they reached the castle, the night began to melt into a bliss, and Harlan's heart started beating faster and faster.


The students were led up to a room to await their sorting, and then they were let into the Great Hall: light pouring down from above, checkered tablecloths, and eyes. So many eyes. Eyes watching their every move, anticipating the new arrivals to their house. Harlan anticipated his name would be called later, as his last name started with an "S," but he couldn't tell if it was or was not due to his excessive shivering. Harlan was scared.


The night melted once more, into a mush of wax and wick. Harlan thought he heard his name called, but another student ran up. He could see the students smirking, sneering, almost. And then it was his turn.


"Starke, Harlan!" he heard from a distance. Slowly, he made his way up. This night would decide his fate for 7 years. These would be 7 long years, 7 fun years, years that made him who he would be one day. Taking a breath, Harlan sat down.

That's right, Mister Starke. You have seven fun years at Hogwarts ahead of you, but they'll fly by faster than a golden snitch! Let's make sure you don't miss out by sorting you into the right house. That's my job, and I am never wrong. I see in you a caring person, a diligent worker with a strong sense of fairness. Many such students thrive in Hufflepuff, but I see more to you. Not just a hard worker, you're clever and talented with a strong thirst to learn. You have a talent for quietly observing and soaking up all the knowledge that surrounds me, and there's only one place I can put a mind like yours... RAVENCLAW!

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Dax McQueen-Trengrove

Getting his Hogwarts letter was not a surprise. The ride to Hogwarts was not a surprise. Honestly, none of it was really a surprise. Instead he was able to just go along with everything. He'd read enough books and gotten himself ready mentally. Talking to his brother, he felt even better about it. The good news was, it didn't matter what house he was sorted into. Everything would be fine. But then again, he was pretty sure he'd either be a Gryffindor or a Slytherin.


But given the fact that his older brother was a Slytherin, he wasn't sure if Hogwarts was ready for two McQueen-Trengrove's to be in the same house. Although the upside was if they were in the same house, they could do their wrestling almost any time. But then people might not be okay with it. Who cared what people thought though. What did matter was as long as they got along.


Still, he hadn't overly thought about it. Instead he was standing there in a line. It was pretty easy to watch everyone else get sorted. He would easily stay in his spot and wait for it to be his term.


"McQueen-Trengrove, Dax!"


Hearing his name made him perk up. It wasn't even that much of an issue for him. Moving along easily, he went over to where he was needed to go. A hat was put on his head and it was easy. There wasn't anything he needed to worry about. Any house would be perfect and he couldn't wait to see what happened. Either way, he would be sending his parents an owl with the result unless his brother beat him to it. He did cast a look over at @Dale McQueen-Trengrove and grinned. If Dale could do it, Dax could do it.

That’s right! If your brother can do it, then so can you! At least you’re not singing the jingle, ‘Anything you can do, I can do better...’ Merlin’s beard, I’m going to have that song in my head for the rest of the night. Don’t be surprised if next years sorting song starts the same way. Now, let me take a look here. Oh, I see. Intelligence, curiosity, analytical… yes, all the fine makings of a Ravenclaw, I dare say. But I’m missing something. It’s like one of those itches you just can’t scratch. One more moment, dear boy. Ah! There it is. Underneath all that, I see boldness, pride and chivalry. My, my, that is a surprise. I think the lions will help you to nurture those qualities. Off you go to... GRYFFINDOR!

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Oliver Strausser

For days, Oliver seemed calm. Hogwarts? Great. Sorting? No big deal. His mother seemed very happy that he was only excited about what was to come, knowing that he tended to worry a lot.

But that was all show for her and his father. Now that he stood in the Great Hall with the group of his fellow first years, his stomach had apparently taken up gymnastics, and his heart felt like it was trying its best to escape from his chest. 


Some people would think the biggest worry would be the safety of the school. After all, that had been what everyone had talked about since November. But he had never had any moments of fear when it came to that. No, rather, his nerves were rattled more by the fact that once his name was called, every single person's attention in the whole school would be upon him. He was not one to seek the lime light, and he had been dreading those few moments for nearly a week now.


"Strausser, Oliver!"


His last name was at the end of the alphabet, but somehow it felt like he was one of the first names called. The group around him had dwindled significantly, however, so somehow his nerves had just caused him to lose sight of time.


With a gulp, he walked up the stairs, trying his best to ignore everyone around him. As he went to take the last step up, his left foot got in the way of the right, and he stumbled slightly, but to his great relief he stayed on his feet. Trying to ignore any giggles or sneers, he quickly made the last few steps to the stool and sat down.


"Okay, here we go," he muttered quietly, squeezing his eyes tightly closed. His heart was thumping louder now, overpowering most of the sounds around him as the hat was placed on his head.


And the doubts, the other thing that had pierced his thoughts over the last week, settled in.


Was he brave enough for Gryffindor?
Was he smart enough for Ravenclaw?
Was he loyal enough for Hufflepuff?
Was he ambitious enough for Slytherin?


Was his lunch going make a re-appearance right there in front of the whole school?

Allow me to put your fears to rest, Mister Strausser! Those are the stereotypes you are worried about, but even a Slytherin can be brave, and a Gryffindor smart. Rest assured, it is my job to look beyond that to see what you value the most. You have a deep thirst for knowledge, and you’re analytical. You wish to be known for your knowledge and strive for academic success. Can you guess where I’m going to place you? That's right, it's... RAVENCLAW!

Edited by Oliver Strausser

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Jean Li

For the record, Jean had some amazing veins in her hands that were definitely bulging from all the extra adrenaline.


While this experience had been a unique one, the protracted nature of the train ride had led Jean to feeling rather drained.  With her electronics ceasing to work, and her books tucked safely at the bottom of her trunk, Jean had had not much to do aside from either socialise, or withdraw into a world of her own.  The former was a recipe for disaster, and something that Jean had very much given up on merely an hour into the journey (if that).  Instead, Jean had found herself wondering about the possibilities of optimising efficiency with transportation.  If time was equal to money (as her parents had so frequently told her and her siblings), then surely it was more economical to board a plane and travel, as opposed to spending copious hours in a confined space with forced sociallisation.


Pleased to be free of the confinement which was the journey, Jean found herself a little bemused when they simply left one form of transportation, to board another form.  Just…. why?  She tried hard not to dwell on such things, as she boarded the boat which….they had to-


”You have to fight the giant squid in the lake”1


“HUH?”  Did he just-  Jean was so not ready for this.  She seriously hoped the boy (@Calder Milano) was not serious.  Strength and stamina were not her forte.  Nor was courage….nor…. fighting, as a matter of fact.  Maybe, just maybe, if she covered her eyes and pretended not to see the giant squid, it wouldn’t really fight her.


Somehow they made it to shore.  Relieved that they’d made it to school relatively unscathed, Jean was just calming her nerves from the old scary thing (i.e. the Giant Squid), when they were faced with the new scary thing- sorting….. in front of a lot of people.  People = Ew.  Eyes scanning the room, Jean could feel her knees knocking against each other as she waited quietly for her name to be called.  She could tell they were going in alphabetical order, which, she supposed was the most logical way to do this.  But surely they could have optimised this system by having everyone take some sort of standardised test on enrolment?


Li, Jean


Oh, that was her.  Visibly shaking, Jean made her way up to the stool, taking one look at all the eyes that were on her before shutting her eyes tightly against the world.  “I wish they didn’t have to watch… I don’t really test well under pressure,” Jean thought to herself, before trying to clear her head for the ‘test’.  “Ok, I think I’m ready…”



GMing of Calder sorta approved

Salutations, Miss Li! There’s no need to be frightened. I’m just your normal, average magical hat, but I expect you’re not used to seeing a hat quite like me. Well now, you just sit there while I say wonderful things about you and tell you what house you belong in. You believe in equal opportunities and fairness for all, but you know that you will have to work hard for those opportunities, too. You are humble, and your moral compass will not lead you astray. Yes, I think you’ll flourish in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Sebastian Hargrove

Sebastian took a calculated breath. 


Inhale... 1, 2, 3... exhale. 


Like many of the things in Sebastian's life, even the breaths he took and the steps he made were as calculated as could be; like steps measured ever so perfectly as to not waver onto a crack between the pavements. He found himself now, executing the same step-breath-forward motion as he followed in queue amongst the hundreds of other students getting sorted into Hogwarts this year. 


His anxiety had been mounting for the past several weeks leading up to his family's eventual trip to London to board the Hogwarts Express. London, being around an hour drive away from Wallingford, meant that the Hargrove boy would be alone with his own thoughts and anticipations about the Sorting. Currently, his family never favoured a certain House, although, in recent years it had become apparent that Ravenclaw and Slytherin were the two dominating factions growing within his family. His mother, a Slytherin, had found some innate qualities in his father, a Ravenclaw which seemed too large to pass up. He had constantly gone back and forth within his own mind about what place he truly belonged in. 


Did he have the wit and cleverness to be in Ravenclaw? Oh most definitely.


Did he also have the ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness to find himself a Slytherin? Check those boxes as well because he had it.


He hadn't approached his parents with his confusion about the Sorting, as they would most likely proffer him with the advice that they gave his older siblings when they were to be Sorted which went something along the lines of... "If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. The Sorting Hat knows you better than you know yourself."


Fat chance. 


Sebastian was pretty aware of himself, in his own vain opinion. But the factor that this frayed hat would be deciding his fate for the next several years still gave him a curious tug in his gut.


"Hargrove, Sebastian!"


Breathe in, step, walk up, breathe out. One fluid motion.


He sat on the stool in front of the entire new class of students and felt the Sorting Hat touch his head ruining one of the more better hair coifs he'd managed in the past few weeks.


"Be good to me and I'll be good to you... I swear," He mumbled, just for himself and the hat to hear. 


SLYTH--oh! I’m sorry! Getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? Well, fear not, Mister Hargrove, I won’t be on your head long. Your hair – and reputation! – is safe. You care quite a lot about your reputation, don’t you? Filled to the brim with determination, you’ll surround yourself only with those who will help in furthering your goals. And you’ve got a lot of those, haven’t you? Brilliant wizard... famous... yes, I see no better place for you than... SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Sebastian Hargrove

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Wynn Park

  Wynn huffed in annoyance as she finally walked into the castle. The way there was way too long for Wynn's liking, but Wynn had never liked exercising very much. As the long line of students slowly began to diminish, she rolled her eyes. 


  Normally, at this point of waiting, Wynn would've popped her earbuds in and put her Spotify playlist on. But this was Hogwarts, and electronics didn't work at Hogwarts. She already knew that because her main source of entertainment was gone, she would actually have to do her homework. Talk about ew.


  "Can't y'all just call my name already?" She muttered. 


  Another five minutes had passed, and Wynn was getting sick of the wait. And just when she thought life couldn't get worse at that point, a horrible thought occurred to her. 


"What if they call my full name?!"


  That would be a nightmare, she was sure of it. Her first name, in full, was Wynndex, and while she thought the name was cute, she still hated it with a burning passion. It was reason enough for her to get bullied! Of course, who would pass up on the chance? She wouldn't, and her old school certainly hadn't. She ended up having to lie and say her name was Wynn Dex, as in two first names, just to get them off her back. And then it happened.




Oh God, they actually said it. Her social life was officially cancelled. Or so she thought. On her descent to the wooden stool, very few people seemed to understand. Those were probably the muggle-borns or halfbloods that were raised with muggle aspects. She moved her sparkly pink visor off of her head to make room for the patched and worn brown hat.


"Hey, hat. I guess nobody's asked you before, but what do you do if your first name is super embarrassing and was just called out in front of the Great Hall? Though I suppose you wouldn't have that problem, huh? And now I'm rambling. I have a habit of doing that, so my apologies."

What’s that? Why, I fear the founders never provided me with such knowledge. I am only a hat, after all, and wasn’t graced with any other name. If you’d like though, you can pull my brim down a bit further... yes, there you go. Now sit back and relax while I take a look around. Ah, your reputation is very important to you, isn’t it? You care greatly about how others see you and will do what you must to ensure that vision is just the way you want it. You’re a very cunning girl, and ambitious too. Well, Miss Park, rest assured that you’ll find many friends able to help you along the path to greatness in... SLYTHERIN!

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Aleksander Dracel-Cortes

When he had separated from Mika, Oliver and Harlan in order to get ready for their impending arrival to Hogwarts, Aleks had grown nervous. He wondered what it was like for those in his family that attended Hogwarts. Had their stomachs turned into butterflies? His parents didn't care what house he was sorted into, considering neither one studied at Hogwarts. His Uncle, @Killian Dracel had shown his bias to be Slytherin, reminding Aleks that at least in Slytherin he'd have family to look out for him. That and you know, he'd be treated as if he was royalty based on the Dracel portion of his name. It was his grandmother Lian, who interjected during that morning's breakfast - stating clearly that Gryffindor house would also be well to have him. A slight argument broke out based on the merits and rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin. It lessened when his father Sebastian ended by reminding them both that Morrigan had been a Ravenclaw, much like Darcie had been. 

Aleks ran his hands over the front of his robes, soothing them out as they filed into the Great Hall. His head swiveled with amazement at the vast room, perplexed by the ceiling and the work that went into the charms on it. Stopping before he could run into anyone, Aleks smiled fondly when he walked past the Slytherins. He could see his Uncle and girlfriend and he hoped not to disappoint greatly by ending in another house.

But at the same time, Aleks is his own person. - "I hope this doesn't cause a fight."- He muttered under his breath, anxiety setting in his young body.

"Dracel-Cortes, Aleksander!"

When his name was called, Aleks felt everything slow down. Whispers commenced, but he couldn't make out what it was - but he hoped to the Giant Squid that it wasn't anything weird. He weaved through the crowd, taking a seat on the cold stool. The hat was soon placed on his head and Aleks released a held breath.

'I don't want to disappoint anyone, but I also want to be my own person. They tell me you can see it in people... will you tell me what you see in me?' - He thought, hoping the hat could hear what he was trying to say.

Right, then. I know that as soon as I tell you what house I’ve decided to put you in, you’ll immediately ask me, ‘Why?’ So, let us cut to the quick, shall we? You’ve got an adventurous mindset, I’ll grant you that, and it’s an easy argument for Gryffindor, I dare say, but let me take a deeper look... I see. Definitely some Hufflepuff qualities there, but your inquisitiveness goes hand in hand with adventure, dear boy, and a stubbornness to match. When it comes down to it, you seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge. You analyse things from every angle; there’s thought and purpose behind every move you make, and therefore, one of your grandparents will collecting Galleons from winning the bet upon your entrance into... RAVENCLAW!

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Blaise Henrion

He entered the castle and was immediately immersed into everything going on. First of all, the castle was the most amazing and magical thing he had ever seen. He was sure he was going to get here and it would all just be a surprise. Well surprise: It's real. He took a moment to let that sink in.


That's when he realized this was the moment that was going to change the rest of his life. This was the most important part of his next seven years. And because, he decided he wanted to be up front and in the action he shoved through the group. "Move." He said, pushing a smaller boy aside. ....Did he really have to put that thing on his head? He supposed it wasn't that bad. But they couldn't find anything more aesthetically pleasing? 


He didn't have too long until his name was called. "Blaise Henrion." This was the moment he had waited for, for the last few months of his life. He went and sat in front of the group, and cringed when they placed the sorting hat on his head. He took a deep breath as the hat began to tell him his fate...

SLY–I suppose you’d like me to give you a little insight before I usher you off, hmm? Well, allow me to dive right in here, Mister Henrion. You can be quite loyal... when you want to be. I dare say there’s an argument for Hufflepuff, but your loyalty has limits, doesn’t it? You’re cunning, and a little sly with no small amount of ambition. Off you go to... SLYTHERIN!

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Hailey Hoofer

It was hard to believe that it was finally her turn. She'd been waiting for this day since she was seven. Although, if she had to be honest with herself, she'd been waiting for this day since she fully understood exactly what Hogwarts was. She'd been thinking about it since she was seven when her older sister, Alyssa started her first year. Back then, it had seemed like it would take forever for her to come. Eleven had seemed so far off to the seven-year-old Hailey. Two years later, Cameron and William had also come to Hogwarts. She was older of course, but even at nine it had seemed like such a long time.


Now here she was, eleven-years-old, and part of the line up of first years about to be sorted. She felt envious of all the kids before her. She wished she could have a last name in the D's like her mother, but unfortunately, she had a last name that started with an H, and so she had to wait. She reminded herself it could be worse, she could be seven again, and waiting a long four years. Really, it was better to just have a few people between her and the hat instead of years!


Finally, her name was called and she rushed forward to climb on the stool. She blushed a bit when she slipped a little. Though she was eleven, she was small enough to be mistaken as a nine-year-old. For whatever reason though everyone (except her mum) were tall, she was very short. Sometimes she couldn't help but wonder if Clarissa's parents were hers instead. They were all blond haired and blue eyed while the Hoofer's were brown haired and brown eyed. She had brown eyes as well, but she was short just like Ellen and Clarissa and she had blond hair. She'd never this aloud though, and she likely never would.


Hello Hat! She thought once the hat was placed on her head. You sorted by brothers and sister before me. I don't know if you remember them at all. Alyssa, Cameron and William. You put Alyssa in Hufflepuff and guess what? She made prefect this year! Cameron and William are twins and you put Cameron in Ravenclaw and William in Gryffindor two years ago. They've all told me to trust you because you know what you're doing and so I am going to. I don't have a preference. I think any house you put me in will suit me just fine. I hope you know I am eleven even though I look nine and I am a Hoofer even though I look different. I hope none of that affects your decision. A lot of people joke that since I'm so short I should wait a couple of years and I hope you don't think the same. Anyway, other than that, I trust you. Alyssa said you see everything but I thought I should tell you everything anyway. Thank you! I hope you're having a pleasant night and you'll have a good rest after sorting all of us.

Ah! Miss Hoof... I remember.. Well, that’s flattering... If I could... I’ll wait. Ah, well, I thank you for your kind words, and I am happy your siblings trust my judgement so. I assure you, I will only put you in the house ideally suited for you. Let me see here. Hmm. You’re quite kind. There is a gentleness about you that Hufflepuff would nurture, but underneath all that loyalty, kindness and humble nature, you are brave. You just don’t know it yet. I think you’ll make a fine... GRYFFINDOR!

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Adam Sinclair

The train ride had been uneventful in that Adam had managed to not become the center of attention on his first ride on the Hogwarts Express. That honor went solely to his sister who according to the rumor mill had molly whopped some 7th year who’d thought putting up posters was a good idea. Jack had mentioned them in his letters home, so Adam understood. But mostly he was just into hearing the re-telling of his sister slapping witches and refusing to take names.


But then they’d been separated, told to queue up instead of taking the carriages along with his siblings, and Adam had panicked only briefly before being led towards several completely not sea worthy looking boats and told to board. Right. That had even gone without incident. Well, if one could count Adam trying to shove some smarmy little know-it-all directly into the inky black beneath them ‘without incident’


It was only when they’d been led into the great hall that he started to relax a little more, wand gripped tightly in his fist least someone take it off him now he could finally use it. That didn’t’ look like it was even remotely close to happening as all the surrounding students and professors were either busy trying to catch sight of their own newly minted siblings, or were complaining loudly about dinner things needing to be sped along.


Adam could relate on the food matter. He’d been too nervous to eat before their trip to Kings Cross, and had barely nibbled the chips slathered in ketchup Jack had shoved at him several hours previous, terrified in a way he couldn’t articulate that this was all some massive con that would ultimately end him in that private institute for troubled teens he’d heard his parents discussing when they thought he was out of the house. They hadn’t shied away from pretending to him before and so he’d vowed to not let himself get distracted with promises of sweet treats or savory ketchup slathered potatoes just in case, and was woefully regretting it now his stomach was making its displeasure known in loud gurgling stops and starts that had people looking around to see where the noise was coming from.


He wasn’t ashamed of it so much as just supremely annoyed he hadn’t thought to at least shove a cauldron cake into his pocket for emergencies, but suddenly, at his place at the near back of the line someone was there to shove a greasy napkin at him. Adam startled for a moment before he caught a whiff of whatever ill-advised AXE cologne his brother had taken to wearing, and grinned big and stupid when @Jaxon Sinclair shushed him and darted back to his seat. He was thankful, of course, but didn’t question how the guy had gotten his hands on a soggy triangle of sandwich. Just proceeded to shove the lot into his mouth and nearly choked in disbelief when his name was called.


"Sinclair, Adam!"


Up until that very moment, he’d thought it would all come crumbling down. That the room would melt away and his mother and father would instantly be there to cart him away from his siblings and the right of passage all magical children went through. This was not the case, and if anyone there knew him at all, they would have understood why he gaped for several moments before shouldering his way through his peers to settle himself on the stool, still chewing and picking out the clumps of white bread in his teeth.


Before the hat came down on his head, Adam spied his older sisters’ grin and thumbs up and felt himself go a little warm at the encouragement, wondering if he'd be placed along with his brother and sister in their parents Alma Mater. Not that it mattered much. Adam figured he'd do about the same wherever he went. Hell, he even knew he could ask the hat about it, but had a more pressing matter to discuss with the thing.




“So like, my dad told me about you, but I’ve got some questions. Like…if the bloke before me had lice and now you’re on my head, can I sue for bad hygiene practices, or are you a natural disinfectant?”

My, there is certainly an aura about you, Mister Sinclair, much like your parents had. I didn’t think twice about where to sort them, but I think there is something more to you than just ambition and determination. Your loyalty to your family is admirable and I think you’ll find that the definition of ‘family’ can change to include friends, too. You have a blurred sense of fairness about you, so let’s hope Helga’s house can help you see it more clearly before you end up being grounded until you’re fifty-two. Your father’s words, not mine... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Zayne Flynn

Zayne wasn’t ready for this!


Okay that was lie but getting sorted into your house was somewhat important to his god parents! Well that what Cain told him. Now that being said the boy follow his fellow classmates to get himself sorted.


Was he nerves? No but he was eager to see what house he was going end up in.


Maybe he would be in the same house as Sasha. But know the hat at this moment. He would probably sort into his dad house.

Funny enough the boy heard his name be call.


Flynn Zayne


Well this was it .


“ Hello Mr. Sorting house! Name is Zayne Flynn.” He began. “ Could you please sort me into house that my sister isn’t in and also that house be somewhere my daddy was sort into. “ he finished.


Zayne just hope be happy at the end.  

Ah, your loyalty runs deep, Mister Flynn. Practically before I was placed onto your head I could sense your devotion to those you love. This, combined with your desire to help and relate to other people, is steering me towards just one house. Yes, Mister Flynn, I think you'll do best in the house of... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Robbie Curtis

"Curtis, Robert!"


The short blond scowled as his name was read aloud. "Oh for Merlin's sake. It's Robbie," he declared aggressively as he pushed past his classmates and stormed in the direction of the stool, unfazed by the very public nature of his outburst. Whilst the eleven year old was slightly lacking in the height department, he more than made up for it with his brash, pugnacious, generally perpetually angry personality. The fact that he'd managed to cause a scene and lose his temper within minutes of stepping into Hogwarts' Great Hall, then, would have come as no surprise to his observing brother (@Samuel Curtis), nor would it surprise his parents, grandparents and younger sister back home when they inevitably found out from Sam the golden child.


Robbie made sure to shoot Sam a scathing look before he sat down to be sorted. Their brotherly relationship had been marred by numerous factors over the years, including the older boy's general idiocy and their parents' unwarranted determination to pay Sam a greater amount of attention. As he sat down and the omniscient Sorting Hat was placed upon his head, Robbie therefore felt an overwhelming urge to will the garment to acquiesce to a very particular, yet concurrently very vague, outcome:


"Don't put me with Sam. I'm the best, so put me in the best house," he whispered. Hogwarts represented Robbie's opportunity to shine - to prove to his parents that he was worth more than their other two children. Thus, only the best house would do.



SLY... I'm sorry, what were you saying, Mister Curtis? Don't put you with... ah. Don't you fear, Mister Curtis, because I don't believe you belong in the same house as I sorted your brother. No, one house is calling out to me so loud, I almost sorted you right into it without elaborating! You see, Slytherin is positively dying to add you to his ranks. With your drive to achieve and shrewd, resourceful mind, I have no doubt you'll be able to get everything you want in... SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Robbie Curtis

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Atticus Barnes

Atticus knew she looked like a wet rat as she trudged up to the castle from the docs and then through the castle to the dining hall. She was also quite aware that she probably smelled like a wet rat, which was unfortunate for both Atticus and her peers. However, her appearance and stench were greatly overpowered by the sound she was making. Her footsteps were incredibly uncomfortable and annoying because with each step, all that was heard was the squelching noise of her wet socks moving in her crocs. Despite the noise, Atticus was just glad that she had shoes still, for her crocs had been known to float away in the past.


All the excitement that had flooded through Atticus about the sorting ceremony and first night at Hogwarts was lost in the lake along with her mother's ring that had sadly escaped her robe pocket after Atticus fell in the lake. Even the discomfort of being wet couldn't mask the sadness that Atticus felt for losing that necklace. She was always so careful with it, having managed to keep it safe for two years now from the trio of nifflers that her mother cared for on the farm. All that carefulness was for nothing now that the ring was sinking to the bottom of the lake.


While she grumbled to herself, Atticus begrudgingly walked amongst the others and passed into the threshold of the dining hall. Things had to be looking up now though because it wasn't long before Atticus felt the warm gust of wind that instantly dried and comforted the group of wet children. She was dumbfounded about who had magically done that to them until she saw Charlie out of the corner of her eye, waving to a girl dressed in robes that were lined with yellow. A Hufflepuff. Atticus wasn't sure who the girl was, but she knew she'd be indebted to the girl forever, just because she helped Atticus and salvaged at least some of her high spirits from before the impromptu swim. 


With a new spring in her step, Atticus walked, waited and then walked some more until it was her turn for the sorting hat to decide her fate. 


"Barnes, Atticus!"


With feigned confidence, Atticus made her way to the sorting hat chair. Once Atticus was up there in front of everyone else, she quickly plopped down on it. She opted to stare at her crocs instead of the body of students as she waited whatever words would leave the hat's mouth. 

There’s very little grey area with you, Miss Barnes. What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. You definitely want to be in the right all the time, regardless of whom may be affected by your choice. Indeed, you are someone who feels the need to prove yourself, and I have no doubt you will. You are calculating, cunning and ambitious. Off with you to... SLYTHERIN!

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Davey Donaldson

So engrossed with the many new interesting surroundings and wonderfully magical things around him, a wide-eyed Davey would find himself separated from both his train and boat companions. It was only when a ghost floated through him did the absentminded boy find himself out of enthralled wonder with a chilly shock to the system. The large eared boy glared halfheartedly at the apologetic ghost before he realized what an amazingly new situation to be in— angry at a ghost. There were going to be so many novel and magical things here at Hogwarts! A grin suddenly spread across his face.


The ghost floated away, a bewildered but relieved look on it’s deceased face at Davey’s visible change. 


The halfblood couldn’t help but be exited though. His life, up to this point, was very much muggle. Davey’s mum was a muggle, both set of his grandparents were muggles… only his dad was a wizard… but a muggleborn one. Davey didn’t have anything against muggles— he obviously loved his family, the internet was amazing (where else could he find videos of people doing the dumbest things?), and there were plenty of other cool things only found in he muggle word. Although he went on plenty of magical excursions with his father, one of the United Kingdom’s frontmost experts on flying magical creatures, Davey always felt like a visitor to the magical world. 


But now, with Hogwarts as his new home for the next seven years, Davey was a permanent resident. 


Instead of bulbs and electricity, Davey looked around to find thousands of floating candles below the transparent ceiling, revealing a beautifully welcoming night sky. 


Music and television didn’t litter the hall but people and animals jumped from a magical portrait to the next. Waving and squeaking suits of armors greeted the soon to be first years in the hall. Ubers and Lyfts weren’t needed when boats could row themselves across lakes or brooms that could bring you into the sky. 


Davey wasn’t very observant or insightful on most days but September first was an exception. He’d never have a first day at Hogwarts again and he realized the novelty would soon wear off. But for now, his excitement (normally something that always got him into some sort of trouble) thrived in this new environment, his usually absent better sense forcing him to not get in trouble (yet) on the very first night. 


The normal scoundrel of a boy was corralled with the other first years. Davey recognized his companions from the boat but already forgot their names, as they were sort of boring. Instead, his eyes found people he actually enjoyed when his name was finally called— he hoped the Tesco’s obsessed Ellery wasn’t too desperate for a snack, he spotted Bones and grinned at the ridiculously confident girl at her new house table, and as he walked towards the stool Davey shoved pass Hannah with a cheeky grin and his medium of affection. 


‘Do you really talk to us in here or was my dad and sis taking the piss out of me?’ Davey wondered as he placed the Sorting Hat upon his head. Both of them were Hufflepuffs but from what he knew about the house, their values didn’t really align with his. Davey wanted to be liked and the funniest kid in school, a hero in his own sort of way. 'My guy, what's the verdict?'

Well, Mister Donaldson, I'm not sure I would personally use those words exactly, but in a way, I do talk to you! See? Anyway, I remember your ancestors, and I am inclined to agree that Hufflepuff is not the place for you. I think you might do quite well in Slytherin if given the chance, as you are resourceful and steadfast in attaining your goals. And yet... I am unsure that you truly belong there. No, I think your bold personality and the way you often react based on your emotions speaks of a daring side which Gryffindor would respect. Not only that, but I think when it comes down to it, beneath your desire to have this fearless reputation, you truly do want to be the hero, as you say, and do the right thing... GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Davey Donaldson

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Tabitha Harding-Clarke

With a strength that she didn’t quite know she had, maybe it had been inherited from her mother, Tabitha kept herself upright, her shoulders back, her spine straight. To anybody who wasn’t a legilimens, Tabitha appeared to be serene. 


Silas would have known, even if he wasn’t a Legilimens.


Oliver and Della would have known too, but that’s because they were her parents.


Excitement, a wish for this all to be over already, and a desire to scream to let out all of her nervous energy all coalesced into a Tabitha who, it would seem, became a statue when things were getting too stressful. She tried to revel in the pomp, in the circumstance. Tried to see the Great Hall through her brothers’ and sister’s eyes who had asked Hogwarts what it could do for her. Tried to commit the hundreds of floating candles to memory, and tried to the faces that had been a blur at King’s Cross and on the boat ride over into names that went with the faces. It was too much.


And so she settled for standing mildly apart from the crowd, except for when she leaned into Bast’s shoulder every once in a while for strength. Little observant Tabitha looked into the crowd for her brother, and when she realized that the Professors were all seated at the head table, behind the sorting hat on the stool, she searched the crowd for Peggy too. In their presence, too she took strength.


Bast was called up before her, but it didn’t take too long before her own name was bellowed in a slightly Scottish tone. 


It was time to learn her fate. It was time to learn who she was, and who she would become. 


The large brim swallowed the small child, though her fiery red hair, plaited nicely and slung over her right shoulder, emerged like a rope ladder from beneath the Sorting Hat. She tried her best to clear her mind, and to leave her thoughts as orderly and open as possible. “I’m trying to help you out, here,” she murmured to the hat, before she realized that she didn’t need to say anything, only need to think it. “Anyway,” she thought. “Trying is the operative word. Do you need to ask me any questions or anything?”

Oh, how polite of you to ask, Miss Harding-Clarke, but no, I do not need you to answer any questions! It is this empathetic side you have to you that has me thinking you might do well in Hufflepuff, though. You care deeply about other people and their emotions, and this, combined with your strong loyalty to your family, would please Helga. Yet, I don't think that's all there is to you. No... along with your caring soul is a conscientious, analytical mind. You carefully weigh all of your decisions before acting, and I think Rowena would appreciate your willingness to help spread your knowledge to others as much as Helga, if not more... RAVENCLAW!

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Nathaniel Frost

In the grand scheme of things, Hogwarts had always been the better option. At the Clover Group Home (Nate was convinced the name was a misnomer, as it was the unluckiest place he’d ever had the misfortune of residing in), where Nate had been shunted off to, three years ago, most of the children looked forward to getting their letters over getting fostered or adopted. Nate had been around the ring a few times, and he was ready to give Hogwarts a chance.


One of these days, Nate was going to find the supposed rich relatives that Lance had blathered on about, but that had failed to appear when the children were separated. One day.


The train ride had been largely uneventful, and quite frankly, Nate was...bored. There was no use covering it up with flowery words and descriptions when that’s what it was: ennui — a word that he’d picked up, perusing the voluminous libraries that were cleverly situated right in the middle of the city of London. Wizards hid in plain sight; maybe that was why Lance hadn’t come for him. He had long since been suspicious that his father wasn’t actually magical, and had simply been masquerading as such.


That would explain a lot.


Especially the incompetency.


Nate was keenly aware of the fact that @Jacqueline Frost and the rest of his siblings were probably somewhere inside the castle (he didn’t know how old any of them were), but he didn’t know where to look. His attention, however, was focused on his sister.


He knew about the werewolf attack on the school, and he wondered how she had been affected by it, if at all, after abandoning everything (read: Nate was in for a shock). The counsellors at the home had tried to tell him something about a live radio show, but Nate had been defiant since day one, deliberately going against everything they had tried to instil in him. That went for anything they tried to entertain him with.


He was smarter than them, anyways.


The entrance hall was clogged up with the rest of the first years, and he swatted away the people closest to him. Nate needed a vantage point to spot his sister when they all crowded into the Great Hall. Maybe he could trip her up on his way to the hat. That would just be step one of getting revenge for leaving the rest of the baby Frosts to the mercy of the public system, of all things. Shudder.


Frost, Nathaniel!


Stepping forward, Nate didn’t take in the spectacular view that was the enchanted ceiling — he didn’t care for it. Instead, his eyes washed over the older students, trying to pick out blonde hair. Evidently, there were a lot of blondes at Hogwarts, boys and girls; an epidemic, if you will. He would have to root her out some other way.


Huffing to himself, he made his way towards the waiting hat, and sat down on the stool precariously, right on the edge, It was lowered on his head, and Nate rolled his eyes to stare at the top of the mangy piece of cloth. “Can you tell me where my sister, Jack Frost, is? Or better yet, tell me all the terrible secrets you know. I’ll trade you. Eventually.” He would be getting his money’s worth out of this, milking it for all he could.

Terrible secrets, hm? Don't you have enough of your own? You've certainly had to rough it so far, haven't you? You haven't seen much good in the world, so of course there's no reason for you to add any yourself. But something in you wishes to see and believe in the more important things. You desire the loyalty and sense of home you have not yet received. While I strongly feel you would do well in Slytherin, where your ambition and self-preservation would shine, I think you will find your true family in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Sebastian Ferranti

Bast had long since lost count of how many times his brain had exploded that day: ten trillion tiny but hardly insignificant pops, fizzes, triggers, bangs alighting the synapses in the grey mash beneath his skull, illuminating every thought in neon glory. He felt deep and intellectual, thrilling on prospects and play, but the look on his face (slack-jawed, orb-eyed, quite probably drooling some) might have come off as a sign of imbecility to those in close proximity.


So aware was he of his surroundings (ping! another Great Thing caught his eye; ping! another Magnificent Sound wormed into his ear), he was virtually unaware of Tabitha beside him, using him as a crutch for her nerves, for her own wheedling excitement and trepidation. It was not unheard of for Sebastian Ferranti to black hole so deep into his own mind that he didn't register the Real World around him, but it was rather close to unheard of of said black-holing to lead him to forget Tabitha. The next time she leaned against his arm he twitched, then beamed at her, eyes glassy and huge, looking very like a boy who had just resurfaced from a vision, a premonition, a possession.


"Sorry Tabs," he fumbled out, before craning his neck backwards once more to gaze, astounded, at the ceiling. "My brain is exploding...again."


"Ferranti, Sebastian!"


Bast gave himself whiplash locking his chin back down, but shook off the gritty feeling in his neckbones as he gave Tabitha's hand a squish then made his way up to the stool, and the Hat. Turning around (not a full circle, for the first time that day), he scanned the House tables for Luke, and Celeste, and Rosie, but all was a sea of overwhelm and he could not focus, so instead he just plopped down and waited for the Hat to lunar-land on his head.


"Sorry it's all scrambly up there right now," he said, in his head, leaving out that his mind was always pretty scrambly. "You can still read it, right?"

It is indeed quite scrambly in here, Sebastian, but I do enjoy a challenge. And it seems as though you do as well! Your mind is a wonderful, open place full of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. So much room for new information, yet so much clutter. I know where you can find help you sort this all out. Please don't burn the castle down with your experimentation in... RAVENCLAW!

Edited by Sebastian Ferranti

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Willow Silverthorn

Throughout the day, Willow had put up with the enthusiasm of her classmates because she knew that it would soon be time to arrive at Hogwarts and undergo the sorting ceremony. Having done her research on the matter, she knew that it would be a simple task: Hogwarts, A History--while exaggerating some topics for entertainment purposes--could be taken as a fairly reliable source of information. And she could handle something as simple as putting on an old moldy hat to find out where she'd be sleeping. 


Nevertheless, it was always good to prepare. In the event that her book was incorrect, Willow had taken it upon herself to learn a few basic spells to help her if she needed to fight a creature of some sort. She had also formed a dozen arguments and counterarguments on why she shouldn't be sorted into certain houses. For all intents and purposes, she was ready.


The trip across the lake had gone about as well as she had expected, with only parts of her ending up wet from the shenanigans of her fellow first years. Why they couldn't act like rational human beings was beyond her, and she was only all too glad to finally make it to shore so that she could distance herself from the foolishness.


Following the crowd of first years into the Great Hall, Willow smoothed back her red hair and straightened her black robes as best she could. First impressions were important, after all. Glancing at one student that seemed to be tracking mud, she frowned, but said nothing as it was clearly not her problem. 


Having to wait for her last name to be called was a bit boring, but Willow used the time to run back through what she planned on saying to this Sorting Hat. 


"Silverthorne, Willow!"


Ah, perfect timing. Stepping forward, Willow sat primly on the stool and waited for the hat to be placed on her head.

Hmmm. Right then. I dare say you are on the fast-track to be one of the elites in the Wizarding World, Miss Silverthorn. You’re driven and ambitious with no small amount of talent. I can see that weakness is a quality you would aim to abolish. Yes, you would make a fine Slytherin, but you and I both know better. Perhaps a Hufflepuff then? You have a strong work ethic, and you work hard. No, no, that’s not quite right. Oh! I know just where you belong. You value intelligence and set goals to push yourself academically. I think we can expect great things from you in... RAVENCLAW!

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