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Jack Dare

IC: Getting to Know You and Brainstorming Session

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Jack Dare

BAD TIMING....Since no one responded I'm going to repost in VH40 and just say it happens early then. We can get some new 1st years that way.

IC: Getting to Know You and Brainstorming Session

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Jack had been shocked at how many people has signed up to be members of P.A.W. and at how many of those who signed up were upperclassmen. It made him nervous as a first year (and a very small first year at that) to have to lead a meeting. For that reason he'd put it off as long as possible. However, now that he'd committed to the club hosting a werewolf talk he really couldn't put it off any longer. 


Jack bit is lip as he walked to the head of the classroom where the meeting was scheduled and attempted to stand behind the podium. He realized immediately he should have tried this before the meeting started, since the podium completely hid him from the seated participants. It was a good thing he hadn't planned to read from his notes.


Jack stepped out from behind the podium and cleared his throat. "Um, Hello there," he said tentatively. "Hello." Surprisingly conversation died down. Jack cleared his throat again and then began speaking.


"We are pals and allies of werewolves," he said. "We are here today to stand united and to declare our commitment to equality and good fellowship among all peoples.  For those of you who don't know me. I'm Jack Dare and I'm the founder of this club. However, the club is just a name without all of us coming together." Jack paused. It probably would have been better if there was applause here, he thought. He'd have to read more about inspirational speeches and figure out how that was done.


"Okay then. I thought we should keep this first meeting casual, and, you know, just get to know each other. So I thought each of us could introduce ourselves with the following three things: First tell us your name. Then tell us why you decided to become a member of P.A.W. Lastly, what sorts of things would you like to see us do. The last can be as big or small as you like. There are no bad suggestions. I will write all or them down and then maybe at a future meeting we can discuss them all further."


"So I'll go first. As I said before I'm Jack Dare. I want to be part of P.A.W. because some of the best people I know are werewolves." He glanced at @Julian Pritchard here and blushed. "And so when my dad told me about that radio lady and what she'd done and about the horrible things people were saying, I just wanted to do something to be able to show my friends that they were still my friends and that lycanthropy hadn't changed that. That, in a nutshell, is why I'm here."


"As for my idea, we will be hosting an information session next weekend called Wolves Speak where a couple of members of the club have volunteered to talk first hand about what it's like to have lycanthropy. I have other ideas, but that's the most important one I can think of now."


"So...So that's me. Who would like to go next?"





OOC: Straight forward. This is a Getting to Know You club meeting. RP with 1) Name, 2) Why you joined P.A.W. 3) An idea. 

Ideas need not be feasible. This is mostly just an IC open role-play.





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