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Margot du Courtois

You say that I'm kinda difficult, but it's always someone else's fault

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Margot du Courtois

Margot hadn't really had much interaction with anyone of note ever since the end of summer break.


She had really only enjoyed the time she spent at her family's summer home, and in her mind, it hadn't been enough. Then again, when would it be enough for the spoiled brat to run around a very expansive property in the north of France? It wouldn't, and that was something that she longed for now that they had been back in what she assumed was the tiniest castle in all of Scotland, and the United Kingdom for that matter. The weather had been warming up, the sun had been out longer and longer day after day, but they were still given the same rules since the fallout of the attack.


It was unfair and Margot was almost certain she could figure out some kind of bribe that would make it all better, and that she could venture off alone because she was the most important student in her mind, and that meant she had different rules. Certainly, no one could turn down any of the du Courtois family fortunes, and she knew that meant anyone at all.


She owled what would have probably be seen as a small fortune to one of her classmates, @Salomé Schiferli, that consisted of probably at least fifty galleons to meet her down in the Dark Forest as it was actually called according to her father. There was no way that Mae could turn down that huge amount of money, and it was probably one of the reasons that she had stood at the edge of the forest minding her own business waiting to see if the person whom she considered her best friend show up.


"About bloody time!"


She called as she saw the girl approaching.


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