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Phillip Aldermaston

Senior Students' Session - Sixth Years and Seventh Years.

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Phillip Aldermaston

Senior Students’ Session Sixth Years and Seventh Years.


((Yeah, this is open to all students, really.  But icly, it’s aimed at sixth-and-seventh years so if you’re a  fifth-year  or below, you would icly be gatecrashing the ‘party’. ))


Phillip had put out posters for this Session – which took place in the Unused Classroom, naturally. What?  He needed the boards and such.    On one board, there was an Ian Fleming quote.  On the other, two pieces of paper were stuck up – one said ‘staff’ in the middle with lines radiating out from the central word.   The other piece of paper had the same thing with ‘aurors’ written on it.


The reason for the session being open to sixth-and-seventh years was simple – attacks had happened three times in their Hogwarts-lifetime but there was no use scaring anyone below fifth-year who had had at most two attacks in their Hogwarts lifetime. Of course, if they decided that they were able to handle it and then weren’t then that was their problem.


While  Phillip waited for some more people to show up, he opted to start meditating with a point.  That meant sitting cross-legged with his back against the wall and fishing out a penknife and a block of wood from his pocket and proceeding to work on his little carving – whatever it would be.

They would be discussing staff and aurors because there was clearly someone they couldn’t trust.



Once is happenstance.  Twice is coincidence.  Three times is enemy action.


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