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Professor Foster

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Professor Foster

OOC: It appears we were upstaged. 😕

I'll answer Phillip's question (forgive the length) and then give you one more day for final thoughts before we wrap.


Foster called on @Phillip Aldermaston who asked for the information she had offered to give earlier: The official Ministry story.


"I can do that. One moment." She returned to the podium briefly to retrieve the notes she had made from the press conferences she'd attended as well as the report that she'd read after the fact. It was a lot to go over.


She briefly skimmed the page before saying, "Let me give you the highlights of what they know."


"One issue, which is not covered much in the news, was the fact that there were two attacks on November 8th, not one. The first attack was on the Taith Coch Werewolf Reserve a safe haven for werewolves located on an unplottable island. Inexplicably it was attacked in broad daylight not long before dusk. Very little insight was provided about this attack. It is currently under investigation. I mention it though because the two attacks are linked.


"Eight individuals went missing during the Taith Coch attack-- cursed individuals who had not taken their final dose of wolfsbane.  A broken portkey left just outside our wards was discovered to be an object from the reserve which implicates those eight. Three additional werewolves joined the group.  It is believed that these people had been living rough in the forest . But I'm getting ahead of myself." She glanced briefly at the notes before continuing.


"Shortly before dusk Hogwarts' wards were breached. It should be noted that this break in the wards was initiated by human hands, making this a premeditated attack. No motive was mentioned."


"By now all eleven participants have been named-- I believe only one of which had a previous criminal record. Wanted posters have been distributed. I have copies in my office if you wish to peruse them. When found they will face a Wizengamot trial."


"A fair bit of both press conferences were spent trying to justify the Ministry's authorization of dark magic. Both the Minister and the Head of Magical Law Enforcement claim that the decision was made by a Minister's council, a body of supposed experts that the Minister appointed to provide oversight in her government. Both conveniently claim to have been against the decision. Both basically promised to try not to do it again." Foster made no attempt to hide her own views in her tone, and her voice was thick with sarcasm for the phrase 'promised to try'.


"Those were the major points. Going forward they are continuing the investigation into the Taith Coch attack and its connection. They will be increasing werewolf attack training for aurors. The Werewolf Capture Unit is to be expanded. And of most interest to us, additional security measures are being taken here at Hogwarts. I've already mentioned the additional auror presence just outside our wards. Other measures must remain confidential due to this leak we seem to have. Nothing was mentioned at either press conference about the posters, but this was before our secret protestor became so bold. As I said before we do know the Ministry claims they are investigating it."


After all that speaking (and this huge block of text) Foster took a deep breath, surveying the group with a sense of finality. "I believe we've covered all the bases and I'd like to wrap up," she said. She glanced at Professor Hambeldon making sure he didn't disagree before adding, "Are there any final questions before we do?"


Thus ends session 4

(If any of the werewolves would like to RP joining the session after your session ended you would have arrived during this briefing on the Ministry press conferences.)

You have one more day...





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Ryan Dorland-Nece

“I will take it up with Professor Hambeldon, thanks,” Ryan said as he stood up. “Considering that this school wants to waste its time with an assembly on werewolves when clearly there’s plenty of actual bigotry happening that the school is happy to ignore.”

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Phillip Aldermaston

Phillip's snarking i.e. roleplay only


"Yes, aurors who can do whatever the hell they want clearly makes us so much safer. "  Needless to say, Phillip's voice had been dripping with sarcasm for that comment.    And...it wasn't so much that they could do whatever the hell they wanted now, necessarily, but they had been given permission and therefore ...they'd been well....forgiven in advance for the unforgivables once - it could happen again. 

Which meant they could do what they wanted - since after all, the only acceptable way to deal with an auror was to worship the ground they walked on since their word was going to win. Not that Phillip was going to bow down.



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Julian Pritchard

Despite his conversation with Atticus about how awful the other assembly had apparently been, Julian was still curious enough that he’d made the trek from the Astronomy Tower all the way down to the Great Hall. He wasn’t sure what he was hoping to hear; maybe he just wanted reassurance that his schoolmates now knew exactly why it was very unlikely that any of the werewolves would be in a position to hurt anyone after transforming.


He tried to slip into the Great Hall as discreetly as possible, though considering the fact that everyone else was sitting down and the assembly was well underway, this was easier said than done. He didn’t even try to find a seat, for fear of drawing too much attention to himself, and just stood awkwardly next to the door to listen.


His eyebrows shot up as soon as he realised what Professor Foster was talking about.  He was well-acquainted with the ministry report of the investigation into the attack, having tried to procure a copy, but he didn’t know any details that had been particular to the press conferences themselves. It stung that no one had thought to share those with them in their assembly, considering what the consequences of the attack had been for them, and considering who the unforgivables had been used against.


It was the mention of the posters, though, that made Julian straighten up. Clearly, Professor Foster must’ve talked about them before, and he couldn’t help but wonder if she’d said anything that Professor Fjord and Professor Corelli-Rose hadn’t mentioned. If anyone knew more, it would make sense it’d be their Defense teacher.


He raised his hand hesitantly. He wasn’t sure if he was allowed to speak, really, considering he wasn’t sure if he was even allowed to be there in the first place.


“I was wondering -- “ He started speaking before it occurred to him that he couldn’t really ask a question without knowing what had been previously said, or else risk making the professors repeat themselves. He swallowed, blushing. “Actually, never mind. I was going to ask about the posters, but I can just ask someone to catch me up.” So much for being discreet.

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Professor Foster

Professor Foster closed her eyes after @Ryan Buratsche's comment and counted to ten. When she opened them however Ryan was still there and she was no less fed up.


"Mr. Buratsche, we have repeatedly offered to meet with you and discuss your concerns. That is not ignoring. It is the opposite. As a matter of fact, we have given over a disproportionate amount of this assembly's time listening to you repeat yourself, be insulting, and generally disrespectful. Fifteen points, from Gryffindor, Mr. Buratsche. And no, you may not speak again here. We've heard enough from you."


As Professor Foster was summarizing the Ministry's press conferences for @Phillip Aldermaston she did see @Julian Pritchard slip in, and did notice that he looked less confident than usual, and frankly a little sad. She hoped that she was wrong about that, but still felt uncomfortable and uneasy about the way the two session has been orchestrated. As she finished her summary she could see (but not hear) that Phillip was grumbling about something, but he didn't appear to be addressing his comments toward her, and for that she was grateful.


She conferred briefly with Professor Hambeldon to see if he had any closing remarks (he did not) and was about to declare the session ended when she caught sight of Julian Pritchard's tentative hand. She called on him, only to have him begin a question, fumble, and then give up. She couldn't help but wince. Julian had been her most inquisitive student, constantly curious, persistently seeking new information. How must he feel to find that he'd been excluded from an information session strictly because he was a werewolf? She was sure that had never been the Headmistresses intention, but it didn't change the result.


"I'll catch you up, Mr. Pritchard," she said. "We can do that immediately after we finish here, if you have the time. We were just wrapping up."


"As there are no further questions, that concludes this information session," she said. "To all who have been patient and respectful, you have our thanks. And to all of you, we urge you to report problems in future, rather than suffering through them, or exacerbating the situation. If you have concerns we both have office hours, as does the headmistress. Please approach us. Thank you."










OOC: And thank all of you who participated. :wub:








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