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Adrina Althaus-Valerio

Light my torch and wave it for the new moon

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Adrina Althaus-Valerio

Term Two, VH39

February 20th 🌑


If there was one thing that Pearl Althaus had been sure to teach her daughter to do well, it had been how to organize a party.  Perhaps it wasn't a skill that would get Adrina very far in the real world, but when her closest friends were being torn down around every corner of the castle around her it seemed to be a skill that could come into good use.  They needed uplifting.  @Pandora Midnight, @Avery Potter, @Jacqueline Frost... they all needed a boost and even though Valentine's Day had only been a few day's ago she was sure that another good moment wouldn't be turned down by @Jaxon Sinclair either.   


Plus, it made her happy too, to put smiles on their faces if she could and so after skipping class after the lunch hour in favor of heading to the kitchens to employ a couple of the elves to whip up a few moon themed treats to magic up to one of the lost classrooms on the fourth floor.  Then she'd moved on to decorating.  It might have been the wrong line of thought entirely but she had always been the optimistic sort.  but in her opinion maybe they had to hate the moon one night out of every month, but they didn't have to hate the night sky and stars all the time and so she had draped a blinking banner just inside the door and hung up sparkling lights on the front of the table where the food would be.  She'd even managed to transfigure an alien for Jack Frost to lean in one of the empty chairs in the corner.  


Honestly the giant green thing that closely resembled one of @Professor Bourdelle's dolls was slightly creepy in Addy's opinion but if it made her roommate happy she'd tolerate it.  Hopefully it wouldn't end up back in their dorm later.   


She'd slipped an invitation into each one of their hands at lunch telling them where to come after their last class was over.  Jaxon's had been delivered with a slightly more personal touch but even he didn't really have any idea what she had cooked up other then the fact that she was taking advantage of what should have been their very best day (at least she had to assume so).  And with a bright smile on her face the third year had even sought out the other young werewolves that had been singled out on those horrid posters.  She didn't want them feeling left out when she knew they too, must have felt just as lost and alone.   


@Prince A. Charming
@Harmony Granger-Weasley

@Julian Banagher
@Julian Pritchard

@Kay Wickham

@Pine Tree

@Jeramie Slater



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Prince A. Charming

Atticus didn't know the girl who had approached him with an invitation but she had seemed nice enough. However, with the events as of late, he was very skeptical of people he didn't know. What if she was inviting him into a trap? There were students at the school who hated the new werewolves with such intensity that he could easily see them setting up some elaborate trap to get them all in one place and then... hurt them or worse. The words that were shouted at them and the looks that were shot their way... it was hard. But he was dealing with it better than most.


He hadn't thought about going to wherever the invitation instructed but @Harmony Granger-Weasley had said it was okay. She had to have known something that he didn't so he shrugged and followed her to a classroom. He stepped inside and looked around. Was it supposed to be a full moon party? Like a werewolf party? He shrugged to himself and took a few steps in, waiting for Harmony to join him since he was unsure. She knew more people than he did.

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Jaxon Sinclair

Why hadn't she just involved him in the planning of this?


Jack squinted at the parchment in his hand, which had been personally placed in his possession, complete with a kiss on the cheek, before Addy skipped off to enact whatever scheme she was currently hatching.  He'd opened it as she walked away, eyes skimming the party invitation, and he wondered if she was doing this because being sweet was just par for the course with her or if she was trying to smooth over that last conversation they'd had in the dueling chamber....


When he'd admitted how angry he was over everything.


He'd been moderately alarmed, however, when she'd skipped class and, despite his own misgivings about re-entering that dangerous topic, he'd made his way to the classroom that was listed on the parchment, pushed open the door, and stepped into...


An episode of the X-files, apparently, but also sparkling lights and the night sky, cookies that looked the full moon, intricately decorated by the steady fingers of house elves who were always more than happy to accommodate the students.


He picked up one of those cookies.  Shortbread, it felt like, iced with care, and held it gently in his palm to keep it from crumbling.  "Cute," he told her.  "Minus the alien, of course, because they're not real."  Damn what @Jacqueline Frost said about it.  "But cute."  He held the cookie out to her.  "I didn't think I'd ever see this again." 

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Adrina Althaus-Valerio

She knew that Jack had probably been more then a little worried when she'd skipped class, but the surprise would be worth it in her opinion.  Though she had to admit the waiting for people to arrive was killing her.   


Finally, one of the younger boys from that night who's been attacked was the first to arrive with a gryffindor girl who had also been bit and he looked so very nervous.  From where she stood, waiting near the table of all the snacks, Addy gave a small wave and a smile.  She hoped she didn't seem threatening and she wanted to approach them but Jack's arrival distracted her from that mission before it could begin.   


Everyone else could have already been there, but the truth was she would have been on edge and waiting while holding her breath if he hadn't shown up.  Her hip leaned against the table as he approached and Addy felt herself shaking her head from side to side when he tried to offer her the cookie he'd picked up.   


"That alien?  No, that one isn't real but it's probably going to haunt me until seventh year now that Jack will have it." She laughed gently, happy that he seemed to be in better spirits then he had been a few days ago.  "A cookie?  Or.. oh, the moon." She continued and pushed away from the table to move a step closer and reach for his free hand.  


"You can get your fill now then?  Until your sick of it and if you ever do want to see it again I can find more ways I'm sure.  Anything you want."  

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