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Fenella Campbell

Fenella Campbell

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Fenella Campbell

Fenella Cate Campbell



Yes, Miss Campbell, there is a lot to see here at Hogwarts! I can hardly blame you for being distractible! And don't worry, once this is done, you'll have all the time in the world to marvel at the castle. This won't take long, either... while I can see Godric liking your chivalrous desires to stand up against those being mistreated, I think another founder would like that just as much, if not more. Yes, Helga could see that as a tendency to fight for equality, and when combined with your loyal nature and open-mindedness, I think you'll be best fit in... HUFFLEPUFF!




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Fenella Campbell



Name: Fenella Cate Campbell

House: Hufflepuff

Birthday: 29 October 2029

Hometown: Portree, Isle of Skye

Blood: Muggleborn

Five words: shy, introverted, friendly, inquisitive, kind 

Other: Left handed



Hair colour: Dirty blonde

Hair style: Wavy but usually worn in a ponytail

Eye colour: Blue

Height: 5ft4

Other distinguishing details: Sprightly athletic build



Father: Greig Campbell

Mother: Christina (Cate) Campbell (nee MacKillop)

Siblings: Fiona / muggle / 10 years older than Fenella

Other key family members: Granny and Granda who live 3 houses down the street

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Fenella Campbell



You get a wand, we'll go to the pub - Fenella visits Ollivander's and gets her wand


One of the new kids - on the train to Hogwarts with Julian Banagher


The Mentee & The Task - Fenella is assigned to Professor Qin as part of Hufflepuff mentoring


I photo sympathise with you - sitting in the common room decorating the Mimbulus Mimbeltonia for Herbology with Jerome Chan


Apologetic Gilded Orb - After cleaning up the mess she made with her plant Fenella finds Desmond Potter's lucky snitch


Flying and falling - after hitting the ground pretty hard during a flying lesson Fenella gets some pointers from Zachary Montague


Quidditch Through the Ages - Fenella meets Dale McQueen-Trengrove in the stands and they chat Quidditch before he tries out for the house team


Good Tidings for Christmas - Fenella decides to throw a Christmas party for the first years to try and bring them together after the werewolf attacks. Amalia Mayer, Aster Darling, Mira Skydel and Annag Hamblton are the only ones to turn up.


The milkshakes are on me - After sitting together all term in Transfiguration, Fenella and Aster Darling celebrate the end of lessons with a trip to the kitchens.


Courtyard Contemplation - It's the first day of classes after the Christmas break and Fenella bumps in to Pine Box


Where's your Sidekick? - Fenella spies Dale McQueen-Trengrove sitting alone in the Great Hall and asks him why his best mate isn't sitting with him


It's Lev-OH-sa - Fenella and Harper Caldwell are practising after Charms class


Let my feet hit the ground - Fenella is inspired to run and get fit after Professor Foster's DADA class, and while running she runs into classmate Edward Borage


Dinner - Fenella is eating in the Great Hall the night of a full moon. Dinner is early in order to accommodate for the were-students but something isn't right



Astronomy - O

Transfiguration - O

Herbology - O

Flying - EE

Potions - O


History of Magic - O

Charms - O


Edited by Fenella Campbell

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Fenella Campbell



Two Wee Lasses - Fenella meets up with her classmate Annag Hamblton for some shopping in Diagon Alley before they catch the Hogwarts Express to their second year at Hogwarts.


We're on our way back packed our troubles in a pack - Dale McQueen-Trengrove and Fenella share a compartment on the Hogwarts Express at the beginning of their second year.


Your First Day with Minister Granger-Weasley - Minister for Magic, Hermione Weasley-Granger attends the first day back at Hogwarts to talk about the werewolf attacks the previous year. Fenella takes the opportunity to ask her a question.


I'm a werewolf get over it - Julian Banagher stands up and announces to the Great Hall that he is a werewolf and then gets in a fight with Adam Sinclair and the pair (with other onlookers) interrupt her dinner.


Alumni Career Week - Fenella asks the Almuni experts a question about working with plants and animals in the future.


The Great Halloween Egg Hunt - Just a little bit of fun with lots of fun people!


No Going to the Pitch today - Dale McQueen-Trengrove helps Fenella overcome her fear of flying and the Quidditch Pitch when they find the Room of Requirement where they can practise so that she can try out for the team.


Hufflepuff Quidditch Try Outs - Fenella tries out for the house team and makes it! 

Game 1 vs Slytherin - played Seeker, lost but caught the snitch

Game 2 vs Ravenclaw - played Chaser, lost 
Game 3 vs Gryffindor - played Seeker, won but didn't catch the snitch


Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change - Fenella is in the kitchens writing a letter home to her sister when Dale McQueen-Trengrove walks in. She has been avoiding him since he and Honorine Nott were seen snogging in the middle of the first Quidditch match. They skirt around feelings but as usual the conversation returns to Quidditch.


Dried vs Fresh - Fenella spies Edward Borage going for an early morning swim but ends up saving him from drowning.





Astronomy - 

Transfiguration - 

Herbology - 

Potions - 


History of Magic - O


Edited by Fenella Campbell

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Fenella Campbell

Time Jump to VH EA background

The changes to the staff at Hogwarts aren’t known until they arrive on September 1st. As a muggleborn, Fenella wasn’t aware this was happening but she was able to convince the Carrow’s she is a half blood. 


1) because Campbell is one of the most prominent clans in Scotland. They have been present and indeed won many of the clan battles including the Battle of Culloden and the Jacobite uprisings. They were successful because they fought the unknowing muggles with magic. 

2) she tells them she is the niece of Angus and Lennox Campbell of the Montrose Magpies and you can’t be such successful Quidditch players if it wasn’t in your long line of magic blood. They are most likely to be very distantly related anyway. It works in her favour that she is quite good at Quidditch thanks to initial help from Dale and then being on the Quidditch team in her second year.

3) she possibly tells people she is related to the little girl ghost Margaret the Forgetful. They are both Campbell’s but Fenella isn’t sure if they are related but if anyone asks Margaret hopefully she forgets and no one thinks twice about it.


Knowing that attendance at Hogwarts is now compulsory and hearing about what is happening to those who are muggleborn, Fenella returns to school after the Christmas break. She is terrified that someone will discover or share that she is muggleborn but equally scared of what would happen to her family if the DE’s found out. She is successful at blending in enough to not get called upon much in class. She studies hard to be able to answer questions without punishment even though she doesn’t believe in what she is learning. Self preservation is key to her survival. She stays at school all year even though it is terrifying and traumatising.


At some stage though she ends up a permanent resident in the Room of Requirnent and is in the room when Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts. 


As she is only a second year during the Battle of Hogwarts she is evacuated before the battle commences.


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