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Tara McQueen-Trengrove

Hard Truths

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Tara McQueen-Trengrove

Horrible things had happened. So many horrible, horrible things. First, there'd been an attack of werewolves upon Hogwarts. Dale had been injured - slashed to the face - and Julian had been bitten. Tara had felt for all of the students but she had known that those who were not werewolves would have the hardest time returning to their lives. The rest... their physical, emotional, and mental injuries would slowly heal. But the new werewolves would have new weight to bear for the rest of their lives. The thought was awful.


And then... then @Trudy Veritas had shown her true colors by announcing the names of new werewolves on live radio. She had gotten the list that the Daily Prophet had reported missing and decided that it was a good idea to read them for all to know. She was an awful woman and Tara had half a mind to do away with her. She was a hit witch, after all. She could make it look like an accident. No one would ever know that she'd been murdered. But no, she wouldn't do it. She would simply hope that the woman would be arrested.


Now she had a mess to deal with. She had known that Julian was bitten - that he was now a werewolf. She had not told her son, Dale, because she had not felt that it was her place. Julian would tell his best friend when he felt it was safe. But that choice had been taken from him. Trudy had made sure of that. Dale had heard his name over the wireless and he hadn't said a thing since. So Tara knew that she had to talk to her son. There was no other option. She wanted to make sure that he was okay after the attacks and know if he had any questions about Julian. She won't be able to answer them all, though.


"Dale?" she called through the house. "Come here, darling." She made dinner for the two of them. @Derek Trengrove and the rest of the kids had gone out to visit her family. They would join them later, if Dale felt up to it. If not, she would understand. She'd made sure to make Dale's favorite foods so when he appeared in the doorway, she ushered him to the table. "How are you feeling?" she asked him, concern evident on her face.

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Dale McQueen-Trengrove

His mind was still reeling from the news that he had heard on the radio show and that he really didn’t want to believe. How could his best friend possibly be one of them? The dangerous creatures that had attacked that night and had swiped him across the face leaving scars that were visible for everyone to see. The damage they had done to him had been extensive too — he was keenly aware that he could have easily ended up just like Margo Ward that night. 


He was in no mood to talk though and the minute that he heard his mum’s voice ring through the house he wanted to ignore her but he knew he couldn’t. This wasn’t like school where he could not write letters if he didn’t feel up to it for example. Normally, however, his mum had the rest of the family to deal with as well so he could largely be left to his own devices if he really wanted to. 


But today his dad and the rest of his siblings were with his mum’s side of the family and Dale had not wanted to go. He didn’t want anyone to see the scars on his face — he just couldn’t face their reaction. 


So he was here with just his mum and no one else. 


Dale sighed and trudged down to the kitchens, where he saw his mum standing there. 


“Fine,” he muttered as he made his way to sit down. Of course he was not ‘fine’ but he was not about to tell his mum that. Trudy Veritas’s radio show kept playing through his head. And next on our list — Julian Banagher. 


He still remembered the words like it was yesterday. 

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Tara McQueen-Trengrove

She did not believe the "fine" that she got but she wasn't going to push it. Instead, she would just be there for her son. He had been attacked by werewolves as well but had simply been "lucky" enough not to get bitten like his best friend. It had been hard to talk about with @Madam Banagher. Tara was upset that her son had nearly died and his face was ruined but it felt like she couldn't be when her friend's son had nearly died and been bitten. Both boys would be forever changed and there was only so much they could do to help them.


Once Dale was sitting, she pushed the dishes over to him, hoping that he would get some food and begin to eat. She was worried about him. She had always been worried about him but now it was worse. The woman had always known that her son could be a bit of a bully but now she wondered if the attacks would make him worse. She hoped that he would get better. Maybe it would make him see that everyone was simply human and the same. She wasn't so sure, though.


"I know this has all been hard," she said, trying not to sound too upset. "How do you feel about going back to school?" She wished she could go with him. She knew that she could keep him safe. But he wouldn't want that. He didn't want to be seen as a baby. And he also needed to learn to take care of himself. It was such a hard place to be in. She wished that the Ministry would step up and do more but she couldn't count on them. No one could. How was anyone supposed to heal when nothing was being done?


Post 900. ❤️

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