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Rían O' Donnell

Christmas; the only time we sit and stare at a dead tree, and eat candy out of socks.

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Rían O' Donnell

 Christmas Day 2041



It was Rían's third Christmas at Hogwarts. His third one away from home. The third year he wasn't allowed home to his own family. This year had been slightly different. Instead of having Christmas at home on Aaranmore, the whole family were going to Dublin to have Christmas with him and his new Fiancé. Well the whole family bar Rían. Domhnall had wanted him there. He told him in many times in long winded apologetic letters. But their Da simply wouldn't have it. 


And so it remained; Rían O' Donnell the black sheep of his family. 


There wasn't many people left at Hogwarts. Definitely less than there had been in the last few years. Post attacks Rían figured most families would want their Children closeby for the Holidays. Familial time together and all that. Not stuck at the Castle like him. He wasn't totally surprised there wasn't that many people left, but it didn't do much to boost his mood. They had done away with the Four House Tables, and gone for a smaller table that sat 15-20 people. It was nicely set for dinner but it still didn't change Rí's morose mood. 


Selecting a seat somewhere in the centre of the table. It was in the middle of all the people, but that was his plan. Hopefully he'd just get lost in the crowd. He'd be allowed to eat his meal in peace and run away back to his dorm. His Parents aka his Ma had gifted him a brand new Fiddle and there was far too much to be done to make it playable. Especially when he had the dorm room to himself. Anxiously he fiddled with the cuffs on his new knitted sweater and waited for everyone else to come to dinner so they could start eating. 

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Annag Hamblton

It had been just before her 12th birthday nine days ago that she had gotten the owl. Mum explained that her sister Poo had something contagious. Being the holidays and with the number of students at Hogwarts needing help, a Healer wouldn't be able to get out to their rural area until several days after Christmas. The local muggle doctor they were using in the interim thought it best that Annag not come home for the holidays for fear of catching the same dangerous, muggle disease. Wizards in her small, rural village had mixed happily with muggles for centuries. If a muggle were to accidentally see some real magic, they simply chalked it up to what muggles, with their folk beliefs, thought was their own form of "magic."


Annag had been sitting on the edge of the bed looking at the little enchanted Christmas tree her Mum had sent. Beside it was a birthday card with her Rottweiler Ulysses holding a sign in his mouth that read "Happy Birthday!" The Christmas card was of her Mum and Dad sitting on her sister's bed all smiling and mouthing "Happy Christmas! We love you!" She had gotten a few skeins of yarn and some needles that she had asked for as a present. The silvery-grey one had actually been spun by a local woman from their family's own sheep's wool. Annag smiled.


The Ravenclaw girl was terribly shy. She had only made two friends during her first year at Hogwarts – Mira and Leon. She didn't know whether either of them was staying over for holiday.


Recently she hadn't seen much of @Mira Skydel since she had become a Seeker for the Ravenclaw team. There was a lot of practice time, matches to be played, and hanging with her other teammates.


Leon was a Slytherin, so seeing him was sporadic at best being that he was a whole castle away in the dungeons and was an avid dueler. She certainly couldn't plop her arse down at the Slytherin table during meals and say "Hello. Nice to meet you all!"


She was taking some flak about being @Margarleon Turpentine's friend. There was a particular group of Slytherin boys who would make pig noises at her and pretend to stuff their face when she passed them in the corridor. "Where does your friend get his clothes? From a bin? What a pig!!" More pig noises. Sometimes the insults got ruder and quite a bit cruder. One day she had become so furious that she took them on. Standing with hands clenched in fury, she glared an evil, piercing glare like only coal-black eyes can and shot back. "Haud yer wheesht ye boggin rotters!! I LIKE how Leon eats!! I LIKE how Leon dresses!! And when he grows up, he'll be TWICE THE MAN ANY of you will be!!! Wollapers, every one of ya!" Each time she used the word "like" she made sure to stab the boy who appeared to be the alpha in the center of his chest with her finger.


Ravenclaws were more adroit  in their criticism. Several older girls—whose parents clearly were highly invested in their intellectual prowess—approached her to warn her off "Slytherins."  Being seen with "their type" could negatively impact any future job or even partner opportunities. 


So now here she was at Christmas 2041. Dressed in her Ravenclaw uniform as that was all she had. Standing alone in the Great Hall. An older Ravenclaw seated at a table— @Rían O' Donnell was it? Seeing his demeanor, Annag chose to sit a few spaces away from the boy knowing what it was like to feel that you had to talk to someone and how terrifying that could be because, frankly, she felt the same exact thing. However, she did lean forward and give him a shy smile and a tiny wave. "Happy Chirstmas! I'm Annag. Looks like it may be you and I this year. Nice sweater. Present?" She quickly averted her eyes and started staring uncomfortably at the place setting in front of her. She hoped she hadn't sounded a pure numpty.


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Mira Skydel

Christmas was never a good time for Mira, but she knew this year's would be easier to endure for the simply fact that she wouldn't have to spend it with her family. Hogwarts had given her a chance to escape from the turmoil of her home life, although she was certain it would be more peaceful without her anyway. Mira did certainly feel an embarrassment as she overheard the holiday plans of her fellow students. They were all talking about spending quality time with their families as well as all the gifts they were secretly hoping to get. Mira however, knew that she would be getting neither, the time she spent with her family certainly wasn't 'quality' and her parents hadn't gotten her a gift since she was six so there wasn't anything to look forward to. Well in her mind at least.


Mira instead had chosen to lie about her activities this Christmas, she'd told all her friends that she would be going home, just a few days later than everyone else. Then when the time came, she retreated to her empty room with the plan to enjoy a quiet Christmas for once. Mira thought it was strange how empty the castle was now that most of the students were gone. There was a stange sense of freedom, that somehow the castle grounds were hers to do with as she wished. She was tempted to head to the Ravenclaw supply shed and get the broom she had claimed as her own. Being a first year she wasn't allowed to own a broom, but seeing as she had been using the same broom for most of her time at Hogwarts she considered it hers. The thought of flying down the empty halls brought a smirk to her lips, not only would it be terrific fun, but it could also be good practice. Mira's mischievous thoughts were put to an end as she rounded the corner and saw one of the teachers still roaming the grounds. "Maybe not" she thought.


Mira had planned to stay in her room, but the growling in her stomach had forced her to venture down to the dining hall in search of food. "Just a quick in and out. Grab so food and back to my room" she thought as she carefully peered around the large wooden doors. Mira's grew wide as she spied her friend @Annag Hamblton "What's she doing here?!" she thought with a panic. Mira had told her friend that she was going home.... and now she had been caught in that lie. Mira decided to put on her best lying face and stroll in. She collected herself some food from the tables before moving to sit with her friend Annag. "I thought you were going home" she said as she munched on a piece of fruit.

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