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Ezmeralda de la Renta

My Idea of Fun is Better Than Yours

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Ezmeralda de la Renta

Ezme had something interesting to share. Then again, everything she had to say was fascinating.


It was just, oh so, disheartening that she had no one to share her information with. Well, that wasn't exactly true. She could've told anyone, spilled the beans about what she found to the nearest nerd in the library. Or dished the details to her rude roommates. She just didn't expect she'd get the response she wanted. Mostly, because everyone she knew thought whatever she had to say was DUMB (coughs @Xenia Lupu-Haidei) when in fact everything she said was GENIUS.


Thus, Ezme set her sights on a new target: he was reading a book in the Great Hall of all places (ew, boring) clearly in need of excitement to brighten up his life. So, Ezme would do just that: help him out. Merlin, she was so kind! So giving! She was certainly setting herself up for some good karma to come her way.


"God, you look bored," the girl remarked, plopping down in the seat next to Nico. In the same motion, she slammed the slightly too heavy, too dusted, too ugly and entirely ancient book on top of the duller book the younger lion had. "Thankfully, this will help you out. Look," she pointed at the page she'd had bookmarked that had opened up once she placed the book down. "Passageways. Hidden behind portraits. Cool, huh?!" She grinned at him, excitement bubbling through and causing her to practically bounce on the bench.


"Of course everyone knows there's secret passages and stuff. Blah blah blah." A dismissive hand waved through the air. "But like.............." her voice lowers, "this actually shows where."

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