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Avery Potter

Meant to be safe

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Anderson Potter

Sonny wasn’t sure how to classify the woman’s reaction to his grandfather’s name. She seemed a little surprised but he couldn’t fully tell. Plus, she gave a generic answer. He didn’t know what to think about that. Part of him wanted to push it and ask about specifics but he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable and he knew that their injuries were a more pressing matter. But he wanted to know. He wanted to know where Grandpa Harry was. He wanted to know if they would see him. He wanted to know that the man would be there for him. That wasn’t too much to ask, right? They were family, after all.


Instead, he simply nodded and looked at her take care of Avery. He was thankful that she had conjured a stuffed kneazle for the Hufflepuff. He knew that his little sister loved animals and stuffed toys so it would surely comfort her at least a little bit. He watched the wound get a little better but he knew that she wasn’t healed. None of them were. Not yet. They needed more than the help that this auror could give them. He was worried that it might not come in time but he didn’t say that out loud.


She turned to him and he didn’t know what to say. “My hand and arm…” he said, looking down at his wand hand. His wand was broken, gone now. And his hand was destroyed. His arm wasn’t much better and that shoulder had been pulled from the socket so he couldn’t even feel or move that side of his body. The blood covering him was shiny and he knew it was still flowing. His back was covered in wounds and he could feel the blood seeping through his clothes. His legs were okay, despite his being taken to the ground twice by the wolves. And even if they weren’t he would have tried walking. He would pretend that he was okay for Avery and Aggie. He didn’t want them to worry more.


“I can walk,” he told her. He braced against the floor with his one good hand and with all of his might, got up onto his feet. He swayed a little bit but caught himself against a bench that he overturned to their side. He gave a nod to indicate that he was fine and said, “What can I do to help? My wand was broken and is laying around here somewhere… but maybe I can do something that doesn’t involve magic?” He looked at his sister and Aggie and tried to gauge if he could manage to drag one with his good arm.

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Aggie Price

Aggie tried her best to rest and regain strength while the auror tended to Avery and Sonny.  She managed to sit up with her back against the wall as Sonny had been and paled even more than she already was from the loss of blood at the sight of Avery's wounds.  She knew it was worse than she had expected and she wanted to cry.  Not from pain but at not being fast enough or strong enough to stop the werewolf before it got to this. She managed a smile as the auror conjured a stuffie for Avery.  It was a tiny act of hope in a dismal situation.


It was when Sonny spoke, that Aggie was able to see how bad he was injured.  She winced as she watched him work his way to a standing position in spite of his pain.  Aggie wanted to try to stand as well, so that the auror could focus on Avery who was injured more than they were but it was not going to happen.


Instead, when Sonny agreed to help but informed the auror that his wand had been broken, Aggie pulled out her nine inch length of chestnut wood with the unicorn hair core and offered it to him.  "Will this help?"  

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Ruth Champlin

Careful attention was given to the boy when he suddenly went to move and use the nearby wall as support. He struggled to his feet and while Ruth hadn’t been anticipating him attempting it so quickly, she had to remind herself that these were Harry Potter’s grandchildren. If they managed to inherit anything from that man it had to be his strength of will. Drive, however, often wasn’t enough to overcome everything. Almost as soon as the child stood upright he began to sway and gave sign to the auror that he’d need more help than he let on. “No…” Ruth gently replied to him, “I don’t feel that would be wise”


She let it go unsaid that there wasn’t any chance she’d ever expect an injured and weakened child to do anything more than just survive, but in this instance that was especially true. The young Potter would be doing nothing but walking and even that decision made her question her judgment.


“You may put your wand away, love” Ruth spoke again, this time to the Ravenclaw girl. “I fear I can’t tell you that the coast is clear of werewolves entirely, but you three draining yourselves of all energy won’t help much in keeping them at bay.” And that was hardly a comforting thought for three injured students. Almost as soon as she said it, the brunette began to backtrack. “Your grandfather and others are out there working to rid them off as we speak. I’m certain when they’re finished he’ll want to see you… and then you can tell him how brave you’ve been.”


“For now though… what I need you two to do is hold very still. Do you think you could do that for me?” This question was directed at the two girls and Ruth waited patiently for their answers before continuing on. “I’m going to conjure something and you’ll feel it appear beneath you. Do not panic, though. It’s simply so I can more easily levitate you.” There was another pause, just brief, and then the woman conjured two thin stretchers beneath the children. With another wave of her wand, they were floated into the air, just slightly, but enough to get them moving from one place to the next.


“If you truly think you’re alright to walk, you may” she said back to the boy, “but if I see anymore concerning signs from you, you’re being levitated too. You’re not pushing yourself anymore. Your body has clearly had enough of that.”


After one final look over the kids, the auror then went to move. Back through the Great Hall at large, beyond the doors, down the corridor… until finally she reached again the safe zone where she’d left the last group of students.


She went through the same motions as before and then sat the children back down to the castle floor. “You are expected to wait here until the coast is clear” Ruth said this more sternly; knowing full well that they might want to try and run back into trouble, to find their grandfather at the least. “As soon as it is, you’ll be informed… and healers will come to treat you. Focus on being there for each other until then, alright? You’re all you’ve got right now.”


The woman turned to go then, but not before offering one last statement. “I’ll let Harry know you’re here.”


And then she was gone.  



Hello, kids! You all have now been safely dropped off here. IC, after the school has been cleared of it's dangers, you will then be transported from the safety zone to a healer station to have your wounds looked at and properly treated. You are free to choose any of the posted healer stations you'd like for this! They are all located right here. Stay safe and take care of each other. ❤️ ~Ruth 

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