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Alexander Crow

Live While We're Young

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Alexander Crow


Nobody knows a time is a "before" before the event that creates an "after" happens. But that afternoon was "before." The sky was blue. The grounds were beautiful. The castle was safe. And the Ravenclaws were having a picnic. 

"D'you think we should do anything fun with the picnic stuff?
Like enchant the cookies to dance or something?" Eli asked his co-mentor. They were mostly planning to answer questions for the mentoring picnic, but Eli wondered if they should perhaps provide the first years with something to ask questions about. 

They picked a spot on the sunny side of a low wall, where they could have something to lean their backs against while they sat. Eli laid out a sheet he'd taken from his dorm and then started laying out lunch.


Alex eyed the cookies, wondering if making them dance will make him hungrier than he already is. He sighed and looked away, hoping the ickles will get here soon so they can start eating. "Um we could, can you do it? I might end up burning them or something..." Then they'd have to go back to the kitchens to fetch some more and it will be a huge delay in schedule. Ravenclaws like keeping up with the timetable.


"Do you think the sign is a bit much?" He asked, fiddling with the self-made poster he created out of glittery blue and bronze ink that read "Welcome Mentees!" Someone suggested a spell that made the letters flash intermittently, but it sounded too complicated. Plus glitter is already rather extra.


This was his first mentoring gig and the younger ravenclaw definitely didn't want to mess it up. Thankfully, he was paired up with someone experienced. He didn't mind being the Watson in this situation since he had no idea how to Sherlock.


"Okay looks like we're set... I guess just wait?" Alex started helping lay out the food, which made the task a lot quicker to accomplish. Good, the cookies beckon.




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Box Tree

Box was late. Later than he would’ve liked anyway. He’d spent an absurd amount of time carefully arranging his belongings before stepping out of his room. While he knew that living with his classmates wasn’t the same thing as living with eight siblings, all of them younger than him, he still didn’t trust them not to touch his stuff. He liked arranging it just so, so that it would be obvious if they had. Of course, there had also been the small matter that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to come down at all.


He’d signed up for mentoring on a whim, and had spent the subsequent days agonising over the decision. Would it make him pathetic, to need a mentor, like he was a child? He didn’t need two older students condescending at him. The thought of angering his mentors by not showing up, however, won out, and soon he was making his way towards a sign close to the lake.


“Hullo,” he nodded at the two boys who were already there, eyeing them and their sign warily. He wasn’t sure what to think of the glitter. “Are you Alex and Eli? I’m... Box.” Despite the fact that he knew they must know his name, he still paused before uttering it.


(So sorry this took so long. <3)

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