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Headmistress McGonagall

Study Hall

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The other dragon looked like he was having fun and Amalthea felt inspired. She, too, wanted to wheel and dive and spiral. 


Mind, such as it was, made it up, she flapped more determinedly into the Great Hall and started laying about her her firepower. Her violet-white flame, though brilliant, lacked any significant reach to be effective. That sad fact was lost on Amalthea and did nothing to hamper her efforts. She missed when Arcite called Pietro back.


One group of students in particular caught her attention - well, the large bubble that covered two of them and that reflected the tumultuous light and chaos without it. One of the flappy human creatures appeared to be trying to get into it; Amalthea wanted that very much, too, because even better than the bubble was the sword that lay within. It glinted and glittered, just like her very own scales.


Amalthea beamed at the bubble wall-- and bounced right off with a disgraceful flapping of her pearly wings. Shaking herself out, she tried again - but it had too smooth a surface for her to get a grip on. She landed on the very top of it instead and sent as jet of flames into the air, teeny claws ticking on the bubble. She scratched at it to no effect.


Her next jet of flame was one of frustration.



Amalthea is on the bubble protecting Ava and Anton, being no help to poor @Cora Ives at all.

In fact, she's more interested in getting through the bubble and @Ava Winchester's sword...

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Radueriel Benson

The spell, ineffective, went nowhere. 


Just then, Foster, who had rarely before been as welcome a sight as she was now, burst into the room. A tension that he had not known he was holding fled from Rad's body, every inch of him, every last sinew, relaxing. Help was here. They were no longer alone. He could be thirteen again -- there was no longer the need to pretend to be anything other than what he was, which was scared, and tired, and hurt. For the first time since the chaos had begun, he thought of his knitting needles and yarn. Had they survived the carnage? Or was the half-finished sweater torn to pieces somewhere?


He'd have to write to Mum and ask for new needles. This thought came to him slowly, lazily, as though to reach him it needed to drift down from a great height like a feather. A bubble appeared around the two of them, suddenly, blurring the world beyond its confines ever so slightly. They were safe. Whoever else was out there, they were still in trouble, but there was nothing any longer that either Radueriel or Simon could do. He told himself this, he had to tell himself this, because the guilt that was seeping into him through every pore like a bizarre reverse-perspiration would otherwise be unbearable. 


In the corner of his eye, he saw Simon lay down on the hard floor and close his eyes. That is a fantastic idea. If he closed his eyes, the world would disappear. None of this would have happened. He could unwind time, rip its ribbons from the spool, pretend that he and his friend were spending a quiet afternoon by the side of the lake, dozing peacefully. Yes. That sounded wonderful.


Rad let himself slide down, his head once more resting against Simon's chest. His eyes fluttered closed; the last thing he saw before the cold blackness took him was a startling flash of green light.


Good night, moon. No, seriously, moon, it's time to go away. Get out of here, you've done enough damage. Thanks, wolf pals, for a seriously fun time. Sorry about all the death.

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Professor Foster

Foster had not seen what @Kaleb Kennedy had seen-- her eyes had been pointed upward at the starry ceiling as she case her patronus. If she had seen the flash of green she would likely have been just as shaken even if she would have refused to let it show on her face as it did on Kaleb'. She frowned in concern at his dazed expression, wondering it the prefect was up to the assignment she had given him, but before she could question it he was off, and Peggy turned her mind to other things. She had to. Her people were still at risk.


There were no longer any werewolves in her immediate vicinity, save those being harried by aurors who seemed to have them well at hand. Her student's however were potentially still in danger. Those who had not fled, possibly bleeding out on the floor. She turned and cast a few more bubbles to protect children she had missed on her first pass through the hall. Most of the children she could see were either injured or had tarried to protect those who were, and she wondered if it were time for her also to take up the task of ferrying children the Hospital Wing.


Before she could decide though she found herself face to face with a silvery sheep speaking in a voice that she recognized but could not immediately place. As it spoke of Nox @Nox Bordelon and the Healer Lushia @Miss Lushia though it clicked. @Sophia Hunter of course. An excellent student with a solid patronus. She'd have to applaud the girl later for her use of it as a messenger. Most of her students weren't capable of that even some of the best. There was not time to dwell on it however as the sheep's news was not what she wanted to hear.


"Damn it," she muttered. A healer should stay in place. Let the casualties come to her. Not risk her life leaving the wing. What if they were to lose her, their only medical professional on site? Peggy could only hope that she'd had the good sense to alert St. Mungo's before charging off. Peggy thought about sending another patronus, but thought of the two teenagers in the wing doubtlessly already overwhelmed with a crisis they were not trained to deal with. She wouldn't add to their stress, she thought, her fingers touching the mirror locket at her throat.

Peggy stepped out of the fray, placing her back against pillar so she could not be taken by surprise. " @Oliver Clarke," she said clearly, into the locket. There was a pause and then Oliver's face appeared in the glass, looking pale and grim. "Oliver there's--"


"I already know," he interrupted her. "I'm on my way."


"No, don't!" What was it about civilians placing themselves in the line of fire? "Don't Oliver. Stay put. We need MedEvac teams, but you stay and prepare the trauma wards for incoming." As he opened his mouth to protest (and quite likely curse her out, for that was how close they were) she cut him off. "They aren't here, Oliver. Sabine and Tybalt. I'm at the primary attack site now. Your children weren't here."


"You're sure?"


Peggy was not sure but she nodded just the same. "They'll be in their common room," she said, "or in one of the safety zones." She hoped she wasn't lying to him, for the children's sake as well as her own.


He seemed to calm slightly. Whether he was going to take her advice or apparate just as soon as she closed the locket was another matter, but one she had no control over.


"How bad is it?" he asked, after a pause.


"Bad enough," Peggy said, deciding not to mention the dead man. He was long past helping anyway. "I just hope you're well stocked in silver." There was a crash close by, and Peggy turned toward it raising her wand. "Gotta go," she said, but as she was closing the locket, she heard Oliver's voice. "Be careful, Peggy."


"Always am," she said to no one, before stepping back into the fray.





Edited by Professor Foster

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Alex Sanders

Arcite's words were still echoing in his mind. He knew he would have reacted differently if it was Henry or Hunter or Heath who had just been mauled at a werewolf.


And the frightening thing was, he wouldn't have hesitated to use the killing curse a second time. 


He took a deep breath. The last thing he needed at the moment was to dwell on the dead werewolf or the fact that Arcite was most definitely going to be calling Carson and Evvie the moment that he walked away. And Merlin, he definitely didn't want to think about how either of them were going to react the moment that they knew about his role in the situation.


He tapped his wand against his throat. "Sonorus," he muttered, and then made an announcement:


"Attention! Healers are on their way from St. Mungo's. If you can, please secure the Great Hall or banish students to safe zones. Healers will be here once we have secured the castle!"


A grave reminder that their work was from from over.




Alex has announced that healers from St. Mungo's are on their way. Students in the Great Hall should either be banished to a safe zone or stay put until the healers arrive. 

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Professor Foster

Foster was relieved to hear the all clear, though frustrated by the announcement. With a large gesture of her arm she slammed closed the great double doors at the back of the hall and then made an announcement of her own (amplified accordingly).


”I’ve been informed that the Hospital Wing is currently being manned by children. The wounded should rest in place until help arrives.”


‘Honestly, who teaches these kids emergency protocol these days?’ she wondered while fixing the rookie auror with a cold stare. (To be fair it was hardly distinguishable from the way Peggy Foster normally looked, but still...)


”Perhaps one of you professionals will be so kind as to secure the window,” she said, nodding her head toward where the stained glass had been broken. “I’ll secure the door.” Without waiting for permission, she turned, casting additional spells to seal them in. No one was sending her students  to a “safe” location if they were already in one.




Sorry, Alex. She’s territorial.

Edited by Professor Foster

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Delia Halliwell-Midnight

WIth the doors open Delia grabbed Damien’s hand and dragged him out. They were never going to be around wolves ever again.

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Ava Winchester

Ava listened to the chaos of incantations, instructions, and screaming all around her. She could’ve done more, damnit, if she hadn’t been trapped against her will. She had sisters, and friends, and mentees that were worth protecting so why had she been forced to be a spectator? There were too many kids that were too young. They wouldn’t know the right spells, spells that Ava could cast. The injustice of it all left a bad taste in the Gryffindor’s mouth.


Her head popped up at the sound of @Cora Ives's voice and Ava, relieved they had at least managed to help one person, scooted over to her. She grimaced as she lifted her arm, hand touching the same spot as Cora’s but blocked by the bubble barrier. Mother of dragons, moving was literal hell.


“He’s fine,” Ava said hurriedly, twisting her body a bit to hide @Anton Hunter's wounds. Cora had gotten the worst of it compared to them. Ava didn’t want her to worry. “We…did what we could,” came the blonde’s response while her eyes traced the wounds she could see. They weren’t hard to miss and Ava couldn’t help the stab of guilt in her chest. “Sorry we weren’t faster.”


Her attention was soon taken by an indescribable noise overhead and the Gryffindor glanced up to see a… dragon? (@Amalthea) overhead. “Go set werewolves on fire,” the seventh year called up to it, wondering if it even listened to anyone. Whatever if it didn’t. Her usefulness had been stolen from her so she couldn't do much else. Ava turned back to Cora.


“You shouldn’t be out in the open like this,” she said, severely wishing she could trade places with the other girl, “I’m gonna try something but no idea if it’ll work…” Ava reached behind her for her wand. “Ebublio,” she tried, hoping to offer Cora the same physical barrier that they had.


Ava attempts to envelope Cora in a bubble. She also tells a dragon to set forest doggos on fire.

Edited by Ava Winchester

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Alayna Weasley

There was an unsaid resolution in Alayna’s words that solidified itself into place the moment she said them. She refused to be useless, refused to be a coward, even if that meant becoming a wolf’s dinner. She would not leave Fluke alone and unable to defend himself while the castle was overrun by the very beasts that’d once tried taking her own grandfather out.  She would not, even if that meant staying back and getting destroyed herself. Perhaps it was stubborn of her, stupid, selfish, but she didn’t care. She still wouldn’t leave. @Alecia Yates couldn’t make her.


…or could she?


The redhead barely managed to register the casting of her roommate’s spell before it latched onto her uniform and forced her up and into the air against her will. “Alecia!” Alayna protested loudly, but just as soon as she realized that Fluke had been taken along with her, her mouth shut and features instead settled into a stubborn scowl. She didn’t like being manhandled, especially so by the likes of her roommate, but so long as her boyfriend was safe too she couldn’t really complain all that much.


But… were they actually safe? The redhead wasn’t so sure. If she were unable to fight off a werewolf there was a very good chance Alecia wouldn’t be able to either. They were all vulnerable and nowhere was really safe from anything.


Even as Professor Foster and the Headmistress arrived and started fighting off the beasts, setting up barriers and the like to protect everyone else, Alayna continued to feel uneasy. “Alecia, you can’t just… you can’t… this isn’t going to work! If they come back they'll eat you! They’ll attack you and then we’ll all die!” Her leg throbbed uncomfortably, the pain renewed with her newfound elevation and the air burning at the wound.


It didn’t matter. She wanted down. She wanted down and she wanted out and she wanted this nightmare to be over already.


“Please… please stop it.”

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