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Clarissa Perenge

Making sense of it all

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Clarissa Perenge

Clarissa stood by the lake, the wind feeling cold as it blew around her. It wasn't quite Fall yet, but she thought the day felt more like a Fall's day instead of a late summer. It was only the beginning of the school year, but she felt more alone than she'd ever been. During her first two years at Hogwarts, she'd never given much thought to how alone she truly was. She had absolutely no friends at school, but she'd never really felt sad by this.


Tears streamed down her cheeks as she thought about it though. It wasn't supposed to be like this! When they were little girls, she and Alyssa talked about how they'd be best friends, but they would have their own friends in their years. She remembered one evening when the two of them talked about having all their friends join as one group, and they'd all be trustworthy loyal people. Clarissa remembered fantasizing about all the trouble she'd get into with her friends, and how they'd laugh together about it later. They would have slumber parties over the holidays, and write as much as possible. None of that had happened though. She hadn't been friends with Alyssa for two year, and she had no one else.


She'd always thought that she would at least have her parents though. No matter how much she misbehaved, she thought she would always have her parents. Weren't parents supposed to love you no matter what? She'd said a lot of rude things over the years, she'd been a bully, she'd slacked off in classes or skipped, but she never felt she'd done anything that would make them stop loving her. However, she'd been completely wrong about that. Her parents didn't want her anymore! They wanted to kick her out! She began to sob as she gazed out into the watery depth. She no longer had a home.


She planned to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas now that she knew, but she wondered if she should go home for the summer. If her parents didn't want her, then she should probably stay away. She just didn't know where else to go. Could she get a job at the Leaky Cauldron and live there for the summers? She was nearly fifteen after all.


Sighing, she sunk down to the ground as she cried harder. She had no one, and it had to be all her fault. After all, everyone, including Alyssa, had attacked her sorting night. Not only did she lose her hair (which thankfully grew back after a trip to the Hospital Wing) but she'd been hexed with a pimple jinx (which was also fixed) but Alyssa of all people hexed her. She'd cursed her with something that make leeks come out of ears. She'd never thought that Alyssa would hex her, or tell her never to come over again. In the past, she knew if she didn't want to be at home, she could go to the Hoofers. They had the extra room. However, they didn't want her. No one did. No one at Hogwarts wanted her, and no one in the family did. Would her grandparents welcome her maybe? What about her Uncle Timmy?


"I'll change," she murmured into the wind. "I'll try to change. Just don't let me lose my home!" And she then she sobbed ever harder.


What if her parents wrote and told her not to come back ever again?

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