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Cosette Mercier

Nothing is worst than not knowing magic, when living in a magical world.

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Cosette Mercier

The first week at Hogwarts was the worst. She was having trouble getting to her common room because there was so many younger students that were there not knowing how to get pass a riddle and while she was older she didn’t want to talk to them. She didn’t know how she was supposed to talk to them. Her voice was low, and yet still people were asking her for help and she was wanting to run away home. 


This was the time she was missing being a first year and just following people around, but people could just tell that she was older. Maybe it was the red hair that was giving her away since she didn’t think someone else with red hair was sorted into Ravenclaw this year at all. It was still too much for the third year. 


Cosette decided that she was going to go to her favorite place outside, right near the lake. It was one place that she did miss at Hogwarts. 


Making her way out there she was going to try to work on some magic, she had classes today and Transfiguration was one of them and she still didn’t understand what she was doing. Knaggs was meaner this year because they should be able to know what they learned the first two year and Coestte just didn’t have any luck being able to remember what the spells were at all. 


Sitting down next to the lake, she place her red hair up in a high bun, and took out her notes and Transfiguration book and her wand and looked though it all again. She had first, second, and third year books out. She was going to get better in that class and try her hardest to be able to get one thing right this year. 


Knowing that she was just the worst at it, means she could only get better. At least she hoped that she would be able to get better, at least that was what she was trying to tell herself. 


Grabbing a rock from the lake, she was trying to picture something, and pointed her wand at it and nothing happened. She said the incantation and nothing happened. 


Throwing her wand down next to her, she was just getting more and more annoyed. Why was she a third year and not able to understand this magic stuff. Maybe she wasn’t cut out to be magical person.

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Juan Garcia

The first week at Hogwarts was the best. Getting to jump back into Hogwarts and remember all the things he’d been unable to do back at home? Great. He loved getting to unlock the broom shed and steal a broom and go flying in the night, because really… what would anyone do about it? Take away points? He could just give them back to himself. Detention? After the debacle with Corelli-Rose last year, he doubted any professor would ever want to give him detention again.

Even if there were other people in power that WANTED to punish him, punishments only worked when there was remorse. And Juan felt none. Which was why he was waltzing around the grounds, under the pretense of patrolling (but during his class? WHY?), and wearing clothes as far from the dress code as possible. Cargo shorts, a graphic tee, and flip flops. He looked ready for the beach. It was already chilly, but with the enchanted little flames following him around, he felt perfectly warm.

Juan passed by a group of first years, awestruck by the floating flames, and Juan smirked, not even caring to see what houses the kids belonged to before nonchalantly giving them all points. It was a power he had not abused last year. He was gonna abuse the hell out of it this year.

And then he caught sight of something… interesting. An older Ravenclaw girl surrounded by textbooks on the lawn. He inched closer. Ravenclaws were typically found doing their nerdy reading in the library, not the lawn. That meant… experiments. Or practice. But experiments were cooler to think about so he inched closer and closer. Oh… this was… the girl from the train. He sat down, legs crossed on the dirt and watched her grab a rock and… He craned his neck to see the books. Ah. Transfiguration.

When nothing happened, Cosette got frustrated. “Can’t blame you. Tricky stuff but it’s not the hardest thing in the world. You’re what… a third year? Now’s when the really hard stuff starts. Because everything is built on the basic stuff you learned before. You don’t know that you’re screwed,” he explained. And then realising he might have just terrified her, he added, “What are you trying to do? Maybe I can help.”

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Cosette Mercier

There was nothing that was going to make this better, she could sit there all day with her nose in the book and wand in her hand and she isn’t going to make this rock turn into anything. It was just useless and she should tell the headmistress that she was not made for this magical world and just leave. It wasn’t like anyone would miss her, she was never seen, okay that might be a lie. Avery would miss her they were best friends, but at the same time she was not good at magic. She would be able to go to a muggle school and learn muggle things. Something that she was better at.


Keep trying, that is what people would tell her. Not their professor, there professor was a butt and didn’t care if someone was able to understand the terms or even know what they are supposed to be doing and how to make it work. 


She tried to picture the rock like a drawing, but it didn’t work. Three years Hogwarts and nothing, she has shown nothing. 


Then se heard a voice, turning her head fast she noticed that it was Slytherin prefect that she meet on the train, the cute one with good hair. Oh man what was happening inside Cosette brain at this moment, this isn’t supposed to be happening. 


She looked at him as he kept talking about it being tricky but not the hardest thing in the world, but for the thirteen year old it was the hardest thing in the world. “I… I…. I…” She wasn’t even able to say anything, she always has had a hard time talking but for some reason with this Slytherin boy with the good hair talking there were no words that she was able to say. 


“I… I…. I….” Again. 


Taking a deep breath, maybe if she talked fast. “Ididn’tlearnanythinginfirstyearIjustdon’tunderstand!” Taking another breath, she was shocked that she got it all out. Since she wasn’t able to the first two times.”Help… you want…. want…. want… want… to help?” There were many people that have tried to help her, but maybe someone that was older and wiser and very cute might be able to help her. 


Cosette was hoping that her face was not as red as her hair, it was, but she was trying to not show it she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of the very cute Slytherin.

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