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Mr Lugg



This thread lists all the Pre-Hogwarts Programme participants who posted a scrapbook in their unsorted year, along with some special achievements for those who chose to complete memories. For information on starting your own scrapbook and creating memories, please refer to the Scrapbook Instructions thread found here.


  • Everyone listed here has achieved the title of Junior Journaller. Junior Journallers have posted their scrapbook thread but not completed any memories.
  • Keen Crafters have also completed at least one memory in their scrapbook and have this achievement listed next to their name.
  • Expert Embellishers have completed at least three memories in their scrapbook and have this achievement listed next to their name.


If you believe you have been given the incorrect title or your name is listed in the wrong year, please PM Mr Lugg and Ms Murphy.

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Mr Lugg




Julian Banagher
Clark Bartlet, Keen Crafter
Fenella Begbie
Rielle Brandt
Ori Brisco
Marco Caldeira
Jerome Chan
Agatha Cowen
Annaly Dimarco
Verity Doran, Expert Embellisher
Avalon Edens
Chaol Edevane, Keen Crafter
Alphonse Erikson
Callisto Falls
Sebastián Ferrer-Bosch
Leia Grey
Samantha Grier
Valentine Hayes
Willa Henry, Expert Embellisher
Dittany Hubbard
Clay Kennedy
Harper Langley
Indigo Lennox
Minerva MacKenzie
Amelia Martin, Expert Embellisher
Amalia Mayer
Harley McNeil
Dale McQueen-Trengrove
Margarita Mendelssohn
Goetz Miller
Madison Miller
Gabriel Montague
Zachary Montague
Gulliver Nott
Lyra Nyberg, Expert Embellisher
Varius Nyx, Keen Crafter
Lian Pearce-Weaver
Alec Potter, Expert Embellisher
Josie Potter
Gulliver Radcliffe
Dominic Shepherd
Serena Sinnet
Avery Spellworth
Winsome Tenpenny
Calliope Thorpe
Box Tree
Pine Tree, Expert Embellisher
Darby Turpentine, Keen Crafter
Margarleon Turpentine, Expert Embellisher
Irene Valiant
Vixen Van Hayden
Astraea Wang, Expert Embellisher
Emerson West, Expert Embellisher
Felix Whiskers
Joseph Wilkins
Faye Winter
Ezra Zhang

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