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Veronica Dursley

Come on over, Valerie

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Veronica Dursley

Veronica had the most interesting summer.


Well, perhaps interesting wasn't the best description for visiting her grandparents in Vaduz. She had been trying to learn German, but the truth was she was having trouble learning it and getting the pronunciations right. She had written many letters to Dudley about her summer, and of course she had been using her owl that her maternal grandpa had gotten her for her birthday a couple of years ago when she turned thirteen. In some letters Dudley had remarked that he had seen an owl just like it before and even asked her what she named it and was shocked when she responded Hedwig.


Not only did Veronica learn that the relative she had been trying to distance herself from since she had first learned that she was magic had the same kind of owl, but even named it the same name. She had asked Dudley if he knew whatever happened to the owl, but all he could tell her that Harry never really talked about it to him, but he just knew that his owl had passed during the second wizarding war.


The day was finally here and it was September First.


She was standing in King's Cross Station with her trunk, owl, and of course Dudley walking her through the train depot. It was probably the first year that she truly felt excited about going back to Hogwarts. She couldn't understand why that was a thing she had felt, but it was. She no longer cared what her father said about her, no longer cared about what her great-grandfather believed. She had truly embraced magic being a good thing that it happened to her.


"You know what, grandpa?"


"Yes, Vernie?"


She sighed, "I used to think that being magic was the worst thing that could've ever happened to me. Now, I see that I was wrong and that it's a blessing that I was magic. I think I'm going to have a good year."


Dudley smiled and hugged the now fourteen-year-old, "I'm glad you've finally come around, Veronica. I know you'll have a good year. Now, you better hurry if you want to be on time for the train. I don't know how I'd be able to get you to Hogwarts if you missed the train. I'm not magic after all."


She nodded and then ran towards the barrier and ran onto the platform and then into the train compartments. She started looking around for somewhere to sit, when she finally saw one of her yearmates sitting in one of the compartments and she smiled wide and almost in a high-pitched seemingly flirtatious voice she spoke to her.


"Hey there, Daya."

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Daya Valdez

“Goodbye Daya!” He father waved. “Do your best!" It seemed her entire family had actually decided to join her today. And that was great and not so great all at the same time, especially since all of her brothers were there too.


“We loooove you!” Her two older twin brothers mocked in unison as they batted their eyelashes and pressed their head together. She gritted her teeth she was about to hex them but her father forbade from using magic on her brothers, since they were all squibs. Her oldest brother cackled as the twins mocked her.


“We’ll miiiiiiiiiiss you!” He joined in knowing she had a hard time with accepting any sort of positive validation from her own family. In short, they just loved to embarrass her.


"YOU CAN ALL BUGGER OFF!" She howled and ran into the brick wall towards 9 ¾.


Her frustration was barely gone as she passed through the threshold, she could hear the roaring laughter of her brothers as she made it onto the platform. Merlin, they could be such jerks.  Her routine had been the same since first year, get on the train, find an empty compartment, and hog it all to herself. It didn’t work to well in her first and second year.


“HAHAHA!” She laughed maniacally as she pretty much made another student cry by shrinking their ears. “AND STAY OUT!” She shouted.


After some peace and quiet her compartment door opened, she swore to Merlin she locked the damn thing, and one of her year mates came waltzing in. Daya was about to grab her wand but Veronica’s flirty tone threw her off.


She blinked. Veronica wasn’t bad looking, but she sure as hell was bad at flirting.


“What do you want, Dursley?” She asked, squinting at the Gryffindor. “I’m busy.” She really wasn’t.

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