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Sorting Hat

The Sorting Ceremony

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Astraea Wang



Breathe. In two three four, out two three four.


Despite the overwhelming urge to empty the non-existent contents of her stomach on the floor, Astra refused to let herself be that student. It felt as though every single set of eyes in the room were focused on the small group of even smaller students, and she didn't want to become the sole focus. Fighting to keep the panic out of her eyes and her expression neutral, she chose to blindly focus on a set of candlesticks slightly to the left of the professor holding the hat. It'd be fine, all she had to do was walk up the stairs, sit down, and have a hat put on her head. Simple.


But as the number of students surrounding her dwindled to half, then to the last handful Astra felt her pulse rising again. She hated waiting, and she could feel the energy in the room gradually shift from one of anticipation to one of impatience. Oh, why couldn't her name be some stupidly common one that was near the beginning of the alphabet? Twisting the little silver ring on her finger round and round, Astra almost bolted forward when she heard her name. But in the sudden movement, the hem of her robes twisted underneath her shoes, causing her to trip and nearly fall over.


Her face flushing a bright red, she was grateful for the darkness as the hat was put over her head.


Just wait a moment my dear, this won't take long. I can already tell that you hold yourself to strong ideals even at such a young age. You're a fighter too, willing to stand up for those in need, and you care a lot about doing good. We can learn a lot from your example, always seeking a just solution for your problems. Yes, I think I know exactly where to put you. Someone like yourself with such noble ideas is bound to feel right at home in... GRYFFINDOR!

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Fenella Begbie

Fenella was beyond excited about Hogwarts. There were no words to describe her current mood. Today had been the best day of of her life, and the fun was still continuing. First, she got to ride on a train. She'd never been on a train before so that was a pretty great moment. And then when they arrived at the train station, they were ushered onto boats. Boats were obviously amazing, so that had been loads of fun. And then, as they rounded a corner on the lake, Hogwarts castle had come into view. It was GIANT and pretty, and Fenella couldn't believe she was going to live here this year.


Now, they were being brought inside the castle and into what the professor was calling the Great Hall. The Great Hall was magnificent. There were hundreds of floating candles on the ceiling, and fancy tables and chairs. Plus, it was filled to the brim with all the older students. Fenella tripped on her own feet and ran into the person in front of her. "Sorry! I'm just really excited!" She told the person. Then she got back to her bouncing and excitement and staring at the magic candles.


The teacher explained that they were going to get sorted by a magic talking hat. Fenella clapped enthusiastically at this. Magic was so cool. She was going to live in a magic castle, with magic people, and get put into a magic house-thingy by a magic hat. How was this even real? She clapped even louder for the Hat's beautiful song.


And then the Sorting began. Fenella only had to watch a couple of people get sorted before it was her turn. "Begbie, Fenella!" was shouted out by the teacher. Fenella skipped up to the stool (and only tripped once!) and then sat down. The Hat was placed on her head, and Fenella squeaked a little. She hoped this magic hat was as awesome as she imagined it to be.

Well, am I? Am I as awesome as you thought I would be? You see now I can speak directly into your thoughts, and comb through them all of my own accord... that's pretty awesome, right? Anyway, lest we wax on forever about me, I'm going to start talking about you, Miss Begbie, because you are pretty awesome, too! And I know just the place for you. It's a place that will appreciate how open-minded you are, along with how you view each person in the world equally... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Dale McQueen-Trengrove

His clothes were still sopping wet from rescuing Aster in the lake, making the chill in the Entrance Hall more pronounced than it probably otherwise would be. He wished that he could just get the sorting over with and be done so that he could rightly be in Slytherin where Dale had always thought that he was meant to be ever since he was old enough to understand the houses and what they meant. 


The waiting in the hall was the hard part; although admittedly he had be impatiently waiting for this day for the better part of a year now. Ever since he had to spend time at the Ottaline Gambol Centre, Dale had wanted to speed up time just to get this moment. But now that the moment was here, time seemed to tick by agonizingly slow as he stood with his fellow classmates all waiting for the same thing. He glanced around himself as he saw the faces of his fellow classmates. There were some in the class that he already hated, some people he barely knew, and some that were his good friends. Whatever the case was though, they were all going to be soon split apart into their houses and that would be that. Of course he would still need to interact with all of his classmates on some level. But having a house would give him an instant identity at Hogwarts. Sighing, he moved forward then as the entrance hall opened to the Great Hall. It was time for the sorting to begin. He fervently hoped that some of his classmates would not be in his house -- he couldn't stand some of his classmates. 


He listened with impatience to the song and just wanted them to start calling names. More minutes ticked slowly by and then finally they started on the Ms with Amy and Amalia. When he heard their names, he knew it was getting close. Sure enough his name was called soon after. 

McQueen-Trengrove, Dale! 


God, why was his last name so long? Never was that more clear than now when it seemed to take twice as long for his name to be announced as some of the others. Hs desire to have some people know him by Edmund as opposed to Dale was also probably out now. He glanced around and strode forward to the hat, trying to make himself look taller than he was. Although he was one of the tallest people in the class he was still only a first year and there were faces of teenagers in the crowd who if they stood up, would dwarf him. 


A momentary wave of fear hit him as he was making the walk. What if he was not put in Slytherin? The thought made him slightly nauseous but he hoped that he still looked confident as the hat was placed on his head. In just a few seconds he would find out his fate but his own insecurity was growing as he looked out into the crowd of people and waited. 


Please rest easy, Mr. McQueen-Trengrove. There's no need to be nauseous! Trust me, I hardly have a thought of putting you elsewhere than the house that you long for. You're extraordinarily ambitious, and will use whatever tools at your disposal to reach your goals. Indeed, Salazar would turn in his grave if he knew I turned you away from his domain, so go find your new home in... SLYTHERIN!

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Sasha Flynn

Sasha had been prepared for this day for her whole entire life. Well mostly since her father and aunts told her about Hogwarts. She couldn’t wait to get sorting and this was going be interesting day in her life. She knew after getting the longest lecture in her whole entire life from her dad that she should be good at Hogwarts and that her baby brother would be come in a year. She went on her way to the Hogwarts express.


Now waiting to get into the great hall was the least of her worries at this point of life. Mostly because the blonde just endured the longest train ride ever and also the longest carriage ride too. So the blonde eagerly wait to get shortly.


She heard some of her fellow classmates last name that made her snickered just a little until they got to her name.


Flynn Sasha


Yes this was it. She was finally getting sorted. When they put the sorting hat on her fabulous hair she thought somewhat “ Please sorting hat don’t damage my hair please but put me an house that seem to fit me “ she said.

My, Miss Flynn, you're making my job a bit of a challenge today, aren't you? I can see you fitting well into a couple of different houses, but of course I can only choose one! Salazar would admire your cunning streak and determination to go after what you want, but Godric, I think, might retaliate! Yes, I can see your strong sense of what's right and the brave way you stand up to people who go against that fitting even better in... GRYFFINDOR!

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Viktoriya Valentin

Viktoriya could hardly believe it was happening. They’d gotten to board the Hogwarts Express - though they didn’t have Vladdy with them which made the twin sad - they’d crossed the lake in a little boat. What else was in store for them? Vladdy and Mama wouldn’t say what happened during the sorting ceremony, saying that they wanted the girls to experience it for themselves unspoiled.


“Ana,” Toriya whispered to her sister while they waited to go into the Great Hall, “Can you believe this is actually happening? We’ll have to tell Vladdy all about it in a letter, and we’ll have to let Fiona know too, ‘specially if we get Hufflepuff.”


Honestly, Viktoriya couldn’t imagine being separated from her twin so it was only logical in her head that they be sorted into the same house.


When they walked with the others to the front of the Great hall, the girl’s jaw dropped. “Holy Merlin, look at the ceiling!”


Finally they would get to experience the delights their older brother had done the past seven years previous, although it would have been great for Vladdy to have been with them to make the time even more magical the girls had far to much going on to dwell on the matter and they did have each other after all.


‘’I’m sure Vladdy will tell us more once we’re sorted. Yeah Fiona would be over the moon if we are put in Hufflepuff but I’m sure our brother would love for us to be in Ravenclaw, same as Mama.’’


It was as though they’d just walked outside as her sister pointed out the starry sky above, ‘’Oh my Toriya! It’s so amazing! Look I think it’s time.’’


- - -


Viktoriya plopped onto the seat and pulled the sorting hat over her head. I have so many things I want to talk to you about, but Mama said I should make this quick. Vladdy did too - do you remember Vladdy? Er, Vladimir? That's our big brother. Anyway, I know you'll put me where you think it's best, but if I could be with my sister that would be super awesome.

Ah, of course I remember your brother, in fact, your twin just asked me about him, too! While I would love to say that your strategic mind might allow you to follow his footsteps in Ravenclaw, I'm afraid that's not really the place for you. Gryffindor could serve you well, as you have a bold nature and you are unafraid of standing up against things you view as wrong. But, no. If it's with your twin that you want, then it's with your twin you shall get. Helga will simply adore your loyalty, humility, and the way you treat everyone equally... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Anastasia Valentin


It really was amazing! Viktoriya was over the moon, though she had enough sense to pay attention to what was going on once Anastasia grabbed her attention. The only downside to all of this was... "Man, now we gotta wait all the way to the end of the list," Toriya commented with a small pout, the girl almost lamenting the fact that her last name started with the letter V. On the other hand, it was interesting to watch the other kids get sorted before her, and watch them find out their house.


Some sure looked happy, and some looked afraid.


Viktoriya wasn't afraid though, she was practically bouncing on her feet as she waited for their turn. "And even though I'm the older twin, you still get to go first because your first name starts with an A," Toriya teased her twin, arm looped through hers. She wanted to know her house right now, and finally start learning magic and doing all the cool things they had been imagining since Vladdy had started going to Hogwarts.


"You think the Sorting Hat will remember Vladdy and Mama if we tell it about them?" Viktoriya mused aloud before she realized that it was almost time, and she heard the hat calling for her sister. Viktoriya beamed at her and said, "Good luck! We totally got this."


And not long after,


"Valentin, Viktoriya!"


Time to rock it!


Brought back to the scene at hand, her mind billowing with possible new artistic inspiration from the heavenly stars above, by her sisters words, ‘’We’ve got to wait, Oh yeah the sorting right. Can’t they go first names first but then we wouldn’t be close to each other so best this way!’’ Ana wanted to be by her sisters side as long as possible, only if they could try the hat on together.


Being used to teasing Ana gave a small curled smile at being the first one to go and as she heard her name she tried to pull her sister forward but soon let go when she knew Toriya wouldn’t be far behind her and hopefully joining her at one of the four tables, ‘’Here goes!’’


Running and leaping onto the seat, Ana felt the hat touching the back of her ears, Right what was I to say, oh yeah Vlady and Moma said to keep this quick. That's Vladimir! Could you keep me and my sister together even though I know you will pick what's best for us both.

Ah, I remember Vladimir. He had a talent for music and a deeply analytical mind. I can tell that you share similar musical talents, but there's something else to you, isn't there? You're exceptionally loyal and kind, caring deeply about others, including your twin sister. Yes, I know just where to put you. You belong in a house surrounded by others who care just as much about loyalty, kindness,s and fairness as you do. Off you go to... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Zachary Montague

As with everything in his life, Gabriel went first. 


Zach watched as his brother went up the steps and sat down on the stool ready for the sorting hat to be placed upon him. He'd never had to do anything without his brother before, they had always come as a package deal, but there was a chance now that that would be about to change. Gabriel could be sorted now into one house and seconds later Zachary could end up in another and then the twins would be torn apart for the first time in their lives. 


Waiting on the ground whilst the decision was made was agonising, Zach had to force himself not to move, not to think, not to blink. If he started to think too much about this, if he started to panic, then everything would start to unravel. You are not that person anymore, he told himself. You are not bothered, not worried or afraid


Instinctively, his eyes sought out a familiar face across the room, one already seated at the Slytherin table. Covey had her back to him, her head turned just slightly towards the dais where Gabriel was sat. Next to her Honorine was looking bored and utterly unimpressed by the spectacle. She was just as interested in where Gabriel was going to be sorted as Zach was but she wasn't showing it. Seeing Covey and Honorine calmed him, grounding Zach back in reality. He blinked and reality resumed around him, the clapping and the cheering as his brother was sorted and sent off to his new house. 


"Montague, Zachary." 


Zach turned at the sound of his name and wondered if it was too late to suggest swapping with his twin. They'd joked about it as kids, identical in every way, wondering if they could get away at sorting with one of them being sorted twice to ensure that they both went to the same house. It was too hard to pull off, however, with a hall full of students watching and professors up at the staff table. Zach would have to get through this alone. 


He took a breath to steel himself and then walked up to the raised dais where the stool was. He could do this, he'd been doing it for months - years. Fake the confidence, act like he knew what he was doing and people were happy to believe it. Zach stepped up to the stool with an expression on his face which suggested boredom and confidence in himself and where he would be sorted. He sat down and seconds later the sorting hat slipped over his eyes and for a second the expression wavered.  



Ah, Mr. Montague, there’s not any need to put on a face now. Rest assured that everyone else is nearly asnervous as you, if not more; every one of them wondering precisely the same thing. And you! You have nothing at all to worry about. You’re filled to the brim with ambitions, aren’t you? And nearly everything you do is geared towards accomplishing them. How others see you is important; you yearn to be viewed as confident and strong, for those are the qualities that might get you furthest. And you’re curious, clever… so where to put you? Well, it’s my educated opinion that you’ll do well in... SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Zachary Montague

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Draven Wilder

Draven was not awed by Hogwarts the same way that many of his classmates were.  He appreciated the castle's greatness but unlike them he knew that his own abilities made him far more worthy of living within it than the other common fools that surrounded him.  He wished that they did not have to stand so close to him.  He spent the train journey in solitude and wanted to continue to be alone in his own good company for as long as possible.  The thought that he would soon be forced to sleep in a dorm with some of them was nauseating.


Draven stepped further away from the group of first years.  He watched with bored indifference as the hat sang its song about the four houses.  He did not see the point in paying attention to what it was saying because he knew exactly where he was going to be sorted.  He turned his attention to the older students sitting at the tables.  They seemed as dull as his classmates.  How he wished he could have the castle all to himself.  Having to share the space with these inferior imbeciles for seven years would be impossible.  If his parents had not been equally unbearable he would have asked to be home schooled.


One by one the children around him went up to be sorted.  Draven though it was unjust for him to have to wait so long because his surname began with a W.  If they sorted based on ability and talent like they should have Draven would have been the first to go then he could spend his time examining his new house table instead of watching these fools.  He would write the school board and demand restitution for his valuable time in the morning.


"Wilder, Draven!"


Draven did not sneer that it was about time though he wanted to.  He kept his lips pursed in displeasure as he walked up and sat down on the stool.  The ragged hat fell over his eyes and he thought "We both know that I deserve to be placed in the one house that will recognize my superiority.  Do it.  Now."

…recognise your superiority? My, Mr. Wilder… alright, alright! I’ll make this quick, then. You’re a boy who knows exactly what he wants and what he needs to do to get it. You are your number one priority and you’ll let little to nothing get into the way of anything you want. Yes, it’s true; I see no better house for you than... SLYTHERIN!

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Lian Pearce-Weaver


Deep in her robe pockets where nobody could see, Lian’s fists were balled in determination. It was bad enough that she had to stand in front of everybody wearing giant baggy black robes, but the neutral colors positively screamed that Lian didn’t belong anywhere yet. Unsorted. She couldn’t wait to rectify that. As her yearmates went up to try on the hat (oh dear, it was so tacky, hopefully it would make up its mind quickly), Lian looked out at the neatly color-coded rows of Hogwarts students at the big tables.


She’d overheard kids talking on the train, in the boats, theorizing where they would be sorted, talking about what qualities each house valued and which house only took people of certain blood. Lian didn’t even know her birth parents’ names, let alone whether there’d been any witchcraft in their blood. She had no idea where she should be sorted, or whether she’d fit in with the other kids in whatever house she got.


No doubt her Dads would’ve wrapped her in blue and sent her straight to the house with the smart kids—in their eyes, Lian didn’t seem to be much more than a set of good grades and a promising future. I just talked to Fiona, Dad had exclaimed while he bid Lian goodbye on the platform, She’s studying to become a magical healer, isn’t that exciting? Maybe you can learn about that! And just like that, Dad had a plan. He’d sorted her, in his own way. She was going to be a good girl, who got good grades, and slipped right into the magical version of the career dreams he’d always seemed to have for her. Even Baba had been grinning, going right along with what Dad said like he usually did.


But what if Lian didn’t want to be a good girl with good grades? Where did she want to go?


Pearce-Weaver, Lian.”


She managed not to roll her eyes at the sound of her own name, the cultural mashup that announced itself as soon as the three words were spoken. Some of the watching students and professors may have even been expecting a boy to step forward, that was a common judgment too. And then all sorts of questions about who she was, where she’d come from, how she’d come by her name and her very English accent and her very English Dads. None of which Lian particularly felt like explaining.


She did wonder, though.


With a slight cringe and a mental reminder it would be over quickly and painlessly, Lian watched the Great Hall disappear as the Sorting Hat fell briefly over her eyes.


I don’t know who I am, was the only thought that kept going through her head, and I don’t know where I belong.

Not to worry, Miss Pearce-Weaver. You may not know who you are, but I certainly do. You’re a girl who wants to forge her own path and become her own person. You seek confidence, don’t you? And find it in the relationships you form. You’re a very clever girl and ambitious too, but not at the risk of damaging your relationships… unless that best serves you. You are smart, analytical, reserved, but also ambitious. So where to put you, where do you belong? The answer to me is clear, and you’ll understand it too soon enough, once you’ve formed new bonds in... SLYTHERIN!

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Richard Stafford

There’d been a woman and a letter, and after that first encounter his life was turned upside down. In the following weeks following The First Encounter (he’d opted to call it that; kept a journal entry of his experiences from that day for the future) Ringo wouldn’t have believed what his life had turned into. A world of magic he hadn’t previously known existed opened up to him. Even in his wildest dreams—the ones where he was a brave knight saving a fair maiden or a hacker who’s the only one that can save humanity from a technological apocalypse—he couldn’t have imagined anything like that.


Even when he stood at Platform 9 3/4 saying goodbye to his ma and pa and all his siblings, he was still sure that this was all one big massive prank and someone with a video camera would pop out of the shadows to scream “GOTCHA!” and tell him to go home. None of that had happened, however. It didn’t happen on the train, either, as he played a solitary game of Dungeons and Dragons and Yahtzee. It also didn’t happen when the soon-to-be first years all collected themselves into boats and sailed across the lake under darkness. (In that regard, Richard heard jokes of a giant squid that would eat people whole. He’d been looking forward to seeing the thing; but, unfortunately, hadn’t.)


Stepping into the Great Hall was another experience all on its own that he made a mental note to write down in his journal once he was able to get his hands on his things. It was a great clash of lights and sounds and smells and people. Tried as the adults did to keep everything neat and orderly, young bodies jostled this way and that with hopes for a new start in their hearts. Richard’s eyes were fixed on his watch, counting down the moments until they could all eat. His surname began with S, he wasn’t holding his breath on being called any time soon. By the time he was eventually called, he’d counted every single person in the room twice.


His legs began to move of their own accord, working on autopilot once the shout of “Stafford, Richard!” rang through the air. Really, he tried to be as confident as possible, but in his excitement at such a whirlwind of a day he was having he’d forgotten to tie his shoes (his ma had reminded him before he’d gotten on the train, but he had just shrugged her off) and his knees went buckling forward while his gangly legs wavered beneath him. Betrayed, his arms flailed in the air while he screeched for help. He ended up falling down right in front of the stool on which the sorting hat sat.


Hadn’t even been sorted yet and he’d already made an arse of himself. Well done, Stafford. Truly.


There was a squeak of embarrassment that came from him and his whole face turned the color of his favorite red Christmas jumper that he wore every time December came around.


Please just hurry up and get this over with so I can go hide he thought as the sorting hat was placed upon his head.

Not to worry, Mr. Stafford, I will try to make this as quick as possible. If Salazar didn't give me such strict rules about muggleborn students, I would be inclined to send you to his house. You're quite bright, but also very resourceful, with an inclination toward self-preservation. Alas, I cannot. However, I can also tell that you have a creative and curious mind, and that you care about seeking the most rational answers possible. Yes, I know exactly where to put you now. I'm sure that you'll always have something new to learn in... RAVENCLAW!

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Gabriel Montague

If Gabriel was unimpressed, he didn’t yet show it.


Hogwarts was supposed to give him a taste of his future and open up new doors of opportunity, but as far as first impressions went, his was pretty dismal.  The train had been mediocre at best with compartments that were too small and seats that were too hard.  The boats that carried the first years across a darkened lake had been even less grand, and when a few of his brilliant new classmates managed to topple themselves overboard, Gabriel could only wonder if his thrilling new adventure was nothing more than a joke.


The Great Hall was moderately more impressive with its tall, enchanted ceilings, but the boy merely cast a short glance upwards with the same cool, unflinching expression he had given almost everything else so far, and fixed his eyes on the hat at the front of the room.


It was old and tattered, and without the aid of magic probably riddled with lice, but it held magical powers that Gabriel, for now, could only dream of possessing,.  It had also previously sorted both his parents and nearly all his ancestors into Slytherin.  Oddly enough, it was the most impressive thing he had seen so far that day.


A brief, sidelong glance at his brother was enough to tell him that his twin was nervous but holding himself together, and Gabriel lifted the corner of his lips as if to say, “We’ve got this”. Truth be told he was more nervous for Zachary than he was for himself, not because he didn’t think his brother was just as well-suited for Slytherin as he was, but because the cynical side of him knew their sorting was out of their hands.  There was no real guarantee they wouldn’t get split up.


“Montague, Gabriel.”


The moment of truth had arrived, and all the eyes in the room, Gulliver’s and Honorine’s included, he was sure, moved to Gabriel him as he stepped out from the crowd.  Sliding onto the stool as he would a piano bench, with surety and effortless ease, the boy waited for the magical hat to be placed on his head.  His back was straight and his shoulders relaxed, and there was even a tiny smile of amusement playing on his lips.


You won’t tell the others all the things I’m thinking, will you?  He questioned the hat.  You’ll keep it to yourself?


There was a voice in his ear, one only he could hear, and for a moment Gabriel was amazed by the possibilities of magic.  How long was he on the bench?  Half a minute, one?  Not more than anybody else who had gone before him, but that was sufficient enough time for the hat to make a decision that would affect him for the next seven years.  What would happen if he could do the same?


You’ll keep my brother with me then?  He’ll be up next.  He heard the whispers of the hat again, soft, its words again reserved just for him, and then the brim widened as the hat roared for all to hear…

Your thoughts are safe with me, Mr. Montague, and if you think I have any doubt about where I'm about to sort you - and perhaps your brother, after you - you would be wrong. Your pure blood is almost entirely enough to warrant where I'm sorting you, but there's more than that to support it. Your determination to get what you want knows no bounds. And you have the cunning mind to match! There's no place for you but... SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Gabriel Montague

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Pine Tree

This was the day, they day that Pine was dreading. He was going to be leaving his home in the forest and it was the best place in the world. He didn’t want to go to this Hogwarts place and learn about magic. Why couldn’t his parents Oak and Seed just keep them home and allow them to learn magic on their own. Grabbing his bags that he packed the night before. One was not pine cones only bag. It was but he wasn’t allowing anyone to know that.


Looking around the forest one more time before their parents took him and his twin from the forest and to the train. “I don’t want to go.” He told his mother as he had on clothes and shoes. Wondering if he would be able to find Leon and just give them to him.


The train ride was nothing special and the boat ride was the same. Now they were walking into the castle and he was standing next to Box. “You think that there might be away to just  leave and pretend that we were here?” Maybe, he hoped that no one was going to look down and notice that he didn’t have any shoes on as he was making his way towards the castle with the other new students and Box.


As they got off their boats, Box gave the forest - illuminated in the distance by the lights coming from the castle - a wistful glance. He wanted to be in his forest, in his room, with his stuff. He did not want to be walking next to his infuriatingly barefoot brother into a castle full of people he did not know, or have his name announced in front of said people right before a sentient hat looked into his mind. Why did this sorting affair have to be a public spectacle? Why did they have to be here in the first place?


He looked towards the ceiling as he felt the impulse to cry hit him again. He blinked furiously. He was not going to cry in front of the entire school. He was not.


Thankfully, Pine spoke to him then, giving him something to focus on that wasn’t their current, miserable situation. “Probably not,” he told Pine, shaking his head slightly. “It’d be a pretty poor magical school if they couldn’t keep their students from running away.” There was probably a magical wall or something. Almost like a prison. He curled his fists tightly and shoved them into his pockets as they were marched in the direction of what he assumed was the Great Hall, where he knew the rest of the school would be waiting. He looked down at his brother’s feet.


“Can’t you put on some shoes? Please?


Hmm. There have only been a handful of times I've felt pulled in so many different directions, Mr. Tree! You have a perplexing brain that any one of our founders would covet for different reasons. Ravenclaw would crave how you analyse facts and process them before acting, Hufflepuff would ador your loyalty and open mind and Slytherin would yearn for your resourcefulness. Yet, I think the best fit for you is in none of those, after all. I think instead, a house that would value your willingness to stand up against wrongdoing and your strong personal values is right for you. That's right, you're off to... GRYFFINDOR!

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Box Tree

That was just not fair at all, he wished that he would be able to just leave and not come back. Though his brother would be right. There has to be something that would stop them from being able to run away and not come back. Wasn’t going to stop Pine from trying to get back to his forest and not be here. There had to be something. This castle been around for the longest time, there has to at least be some stories of someone able to leave this place if they didn’t want to be here.


Box was asking him to put on some shoes. He looked down and laughed. “I kind of cant put on any shoes, they are with some kid name Leon. I gave them to him.” Pine was way too happy to be able to give his shoes to someone else. Since he didn’t have to wear them, but he was pretty sure that some people were not going to like the fact that he was going to walk into a castle with no shoes on.


They were just going to have to deal with it, he had no shoes and he was happy.


The doors had opened and they were walking into some great hall type looking see and there was many people sitting at different tables. Pine figured that those were the houses he was telling people about. “I don’t want to do this. Think when they call our names we can pretend to not be here and than we won’t get a house and we can live in that forest I saw. It might not be ours but it is a forest.” He whispered to his brother, thinking that was a much better idea now.


Tree, Pine Hearing his name after his brother, he guess it was time to go up there and let this hat be placed on his head and find out what house he was going to be sorted into. Then he would run away to the forest.


Box rolled his eyes. Of course things could not be simple. Pine couldn’t have just taken off his shoes; he’d gone off and given them away. Squeezing his eyes shut for a brief second, Box took a deep breath and decided to not care. If his brother wanted to be utterly embarrassing in front of the entire school, that was his brother’s own choice.


It was easier said than done. The fact that they looked exactly the same and he was doomed to spend the rest of his Hogwarts career being confused with the kid with no shoes made Box drift slightly away from his brother as they were shuffled into the Great Hall which, as expected, was full of people. He found himself blushing as he tried to pretend that he hadn’t noticed his brother’s naked feet or what felt like billions of eyes on them. It made it slightly tricky to whisper back without it being too obvious.


“We’re in front of everyone. It’d be really obvious if, after we fail to show up, there’s two students to sort. If we’re running away to the forest, we should do it after the ceremony,” he declared. It wouldn’t really matter what house they put them in, that didn’t mean that they’d have to actually go with their housemates. The thought was heartening. Of course, they’d have to figure out how to retrieve their belongings before running away. Box was not going anywhere without his guitar. He was still fretting over the fact that it had been left behind, and worrying over it getting knocked about in the journey to the castle, when his name was called out.


With one last, terrified glance to his brother, Box stepped up. Hopefully, the hat would be relatively clean.

Why, Mr. Tree, rest assured I’m plenty clean and will not contaminate you in any way! You’ll soon leave this stool absolutely squeaky clean so that you may… why, what’s this? You’re not really planning on running off, are you?! But there’s so much here to learn, and you definitely have the capacity to broaden your mind with further education! My, your mind is practically a sponge, primed and at the ready to absorb any and all information made available to you! Yes, do stay a while, for you’re sure to learn and make many friends where you’re going in... RAVENCLAW!

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Valencia Valezquez Reyes

Valencia was nervous. She didn’t want to be standing “on stage” with all the eyes of the great hall staring at her.  She had somehow burrowed her way into the center of the throng of students.  She was harder to see that way.  She was so very excited to be at Hogwarts. She could not wait to learn the spells, and the potions, and the runes, and the everything. She was going to master it all! But she was stunningly nervous regardless.


What house would she get? Would they like her? Would she make friends? Would they all think she’s weird? Why did it not occur to her to wonder if she would like them? What if she got the wrong house? But what was the right house? Wait! What if she didn’t get a house at all! Valencia’s head was simply spinning mad with worry. She wasn’t going to get a house. Then they were going to all point and laugh and she’d have to sit alone all night, not belonging anywhere.


She took a deep breath, trying to focus on anything other than her worries. Then her name was called. Oh no. With a blank expression barely hiding a grimace, Valencia walked towards the sorting hat quickly, hoping to get the impending embarrassment (of not getting a house and everyone laughing at her) over with as soon as possible.

There's nothing to be worried or embarrassed about, Miss Reyes, as everyone who has sat beneath my brim has found their place at Hogwarts. I'm already picking up on a few things perfect for one house -- you're an intelligent girl, with no patience for ignorance, and perhaps you would do well in Ravenclaw. I, however, won't settle for good enough, and I don't think this is the right place for you. You're ambitious, with a clear vision for the future and a plan for how to get there. Along with your self-preserving nature this ambition can mean only one thing. Your perfect place is... SLYTHERIN!

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Spruce Lindberg

The trip across the lake had been relatively fine for Spruce Lindberg. And by fine, that meant that it did not include the Tree siblings. Spruce would take that as a win. The castle, however, was a definite improvement on what he had been expecting. He had been afraid that it was some crumbling ruin, but no this was a glorious structure and the most important part. HE WOULDN'T HAVE TO LIVE OUTSIDE.


He made his way up to the great hall with the other first years. He didn't even care if he was next to Box or Pine. The castle had so many things for him to see. It was all so elegant and austere. He could see himself loving this place. Seven years was going to be too few for Spruce. He was going to rule this school.


If the entryway was spectacular to Spruce that meant nothing compared to the Great Hall. The ceiling stretched into the sky. The shining stars and clouds were a gorgeous sight. He did wonder what happened when it rained. Did people just dine in raincoats? It didn't matter. Spruce's attention now went to the tables. Each of them looked to be one of the different houses. He knew the traits they all admired, but didn't really care. His only desire was to be away from the Trees. That would be nice.


They arrived at the front and Spruce was shocked to find a hat sitting there. What was going to happen here? What was going to happen was that the hat was going to sing. It wasn't something you saw every day and Spruce did live in a forest, he saw weird things on a daily basis. After the song, they were told that they would need to try on the hat and it would sort them. Spruce's smile dimmed a little bit. They had to wear that nasty thing. Gross.


Spruce waited his turn as people put on the hat one at a time. Each house cheered with each new person added to their ranks. The finally arrived at the L's and Spruce awaited his turn. He would be sorted before both Box and Pine. That was slightly worrisome. What if they ended up in his house? Could he transfer?


"Spruce Lindberg."


He didn't have anymore time to worry about that. Spruce took a breath and inched his way to the chair. The hat went over his eyes and he was greeted by darkness.


"Look I don't know how you work, but later down the line could you leave Box and Pine Tree out of my house. I don't really care where you put me otherwise."

SLY... oh, sorry, you want more than that? Well, that's easy, Mr. Lindberg. Simply put, you have nothing in you that Salazar wouldn't want. You're pure of blood, have ambitious goals, and determination in spades. Yes, I believe you wouldn't let Mount Everest get in the way of what you wanted; if you had to, you would knock it down in one fell swoop. Now, is that good enough? Off to... SLYTHERIN!

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Fax Rocket

He wanted to make and entrance, throw open the doors and yell 'BAM! FAX has ARRIVED!' at the top of his lungs, maybe do a little moonwalk, but the opulence of the hall and the presence of multiple, hovering professors seemed to discourage that sort of thing. Also, the doors to the great hall were already open and looked to be 40 feet tall, made of thick wood with enormous metal hinges, not good for flinging open or slamming.  Fax's lifestyle was going to change drastically if the doors at Hogwarts couldn't even be slammed. What about self-expression? He contented himself with a quick exclamation of "Hogwarts!" in a loud voice that was not quite a yell and did a little spin in place, jostling the girl next to him. "Sorry." he told her and was shushed by a Professor.

There had been a lot of talk on the train about the sorting, speculation about how they were going to test you. Fax had been hoping to battle a troll (It had been suggested) and was greatly disappointed to see that all you got was a dingy hat dropped on your head. Probably the people with the biggest head measurements got sent to the smart house and the rest of them were dummies. Fax put his hands up to his head, spanning it with his fingers. His thick mane of chestnut curls would help him out with added volume at least.

He fidgeted in line, ending up apologizing to the same girl he'd jostled before three more times, until it was his turn. He plopped his bum on the stool and the hat was dropped onto his head. His sight was obstructed and he heard an unexpected voice in his ear ... or ... in his head? "HA!" Fax exclaim-laughed delightedly, "YOU TALK!" Talking hats were unexpected, but awesome. Okay, how long did he have to wait here? Sitting still was a much harder challenge than fighting a troll would have been.

I do indeed talk, Mr. Rocket, but I'm so much more than just that. I can see inside your head, and find exactly where it is that you truly belong. Let's see... I can tell that you value kindness, which does endear you to Helga. However, I can also tell that you're daring and bold, and you're never afraid to speak your mind. There's only one house for someone with your brave nature. Yes, better be... GRYFFINDOR!

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Emma Haywood

Emma twisted her robe sleeve between her fingers.  The Great Hall was so much bigger than she thought it would be.  The feeling of being overwhelmingly small in the massive room surrounded by hundreds of other students made her wish that she was back at home instead of here facing the most daunting moment of her life so far.


Logically Emma knew that she had nothing to fear.  Her parents had told her all about the sorting and her many readings of Hogwarts: A History reassured her that there was nothing frightening about the sorting process itself.  However she had not taken into account how terrifying the wait would be.  Emma wished that her last name began with an earlier letter like A or B though she supposed that H was not as bad of a wait as Z would be.


Emma watched her classmates try on the Sorting Hat one by one.  She was jealous of the boys and girls who were able to go up without looking as nervous.  She could already feel her knees beginning to shake so she knew that when her turn finally came she would have a hard time not wobbling as she walked to the front of the group.


“Haywood, Emma!”


That was her!  Sure enough as soon as she took a step forward her legs shook so badly that she nearly tripped on her way to the stool.  She sat down and gripped its edges so tight that she could feel the blood running out of her fingertips.  The professor reading the names dropped the hat over her eyes and the room went dark.


“Hello,” she thought timidly, “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Hat.  My parents said you would say some nice things about me before you put me in my house so thank you for that.  I hope I don’t take up too much of your time.”

It's nice to meet you too, Miss Haywood! Your parents are correct -- I must look at who you are before I give you the house that will be your home for the next seven years. Now let's get down to business, shall we? Yes... I see that you're incredibly imaginative, always testing the limits of your creativity. You're naturally pulled toward intellectual ideas, and you have an active, analytical mind to boot! Yes, Miss Haywood, I know exactly where to put you. You'll find lots of debate partners in... RAVENCLAW!

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Prometheus Saintcross

"You said your brother is here somewhere?" Prom asked Darby, who he'd ridden over in the boats with. It had been quite a magical ride, that rite of passage, the boats gliding over the black water with their little lanterns shining, the silhouette of the castle looming up above. If not for the fact that it had been quite cold on the water, Prom might have really enjoyed it. Instead, he'd had his jaw clenched to try to keep his teeth from chattering, and also trying not to think about the kinds of things that might be living in the lake. Creepy crawly things.


Now that they were inside, he was overwhelmed. The moment he looked away from Darby it was a sensory overload. The open ceiling, littered with stars.. the floating candles, glimmering with warm flickering lights, the long tables of students who had stood here before them... Suddenly Prometheus felt self-conscious, even though he knew there was no way he was standing out in a crowd of children.


Still, he was among the taller of the group so he surreptitiously stepped behind a group of the others and couldn't tell if he was miffed or pleased that his name started with S, which was going to put him toward the back half of this proceeding. Would it have been better to go first and get it over with? As the number of unsorted children dwindled, Prom shrunk closer to those remaining, imagining--to comfort himself--that he had some sort of solidarity with them. In doing so, he accidentally stepped on the long robes of a petite girl with unbelievably curly blonde hair.


"Sorry," he muttered almost inaudibly, backing off her hem and returning his eyes to the rest of the hall before him.


"Saintcross" he started walking before he even heard his first name, having been waiting so anxiously that he was actually leaning forward slightly, "Prometheus."


It's only just occurred to me how dumb a name I have and that people might think it's stupid, the boy thought, risking a glance at the nearby table and then quickly facing forward again. (He would be comforted momentarily when Tree, Pine was announced.) It doesn't matter, remember? he told himself. Lucretia is not here. Mum and dad are not here. Nobody here knows anything about you. You can be whatever you want. 


He sat on the edge of the wooden stool and had the hat placed on his head like everyone else. I want to be awesome, he declared, and gave a little sideways grin at his own ~daring~ as the hat slipped over his eyes.

You want to be awesome, you say? Why, that’s quite the ambition to have, Mr. Saintcross, but I have no doubts you have it in you to achieve it! You’re incredibly intelligent, aren’t you? And an idealist, too - unhesitating to step up and defend the wellbeing of others. You’re clever enough to know just when it’s best to push buttons, and when to take a step back. It’s just this calculating nature that will ensure you go far in... RAVENCLAW!

Edited by Prometheus Saintcross

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Alphonse Erikson

“Now then, Alphonse, you know what we expect of you.”  


“Yes, Mum,” he replied, but his eyes were on Iddy, who was busily fussing over his luggage, muttering about “Master Alphonse needing more clothes” and “Master Alphonse needing Iddy.”  


He looked to his parents.  His dad was watching him with a serious expression not a hint of emotion showing.  It was like he didn’t care what his only child did, one way or the other. He might not have, given that he was losing Alphonse as a resource to show off for colleagues and at dinner parties.  That’s all he really was, wasn’t it? A resource.


“I swear on the graves of my parents that if we hear one thing about how you’ve tarnished the family name, you will get three Howlers per day.”  


Al nodded.  He didn’t think it was bluster for an instant, though he was surprised that she was threatening him in public.  Maybe she figured that all of the commotion on the platform would hide her tone and words.


“Now, have a good trip and a good year at Hogwarts.  Be good.” She gave him a stiff hug, his dad gave him a firm handshake.  


As Al approached the Hogwarts Express, he was followed closely by Iddy, who was dragging the luggage.  “Goodbye, Iddy. I’ll miss you,” he whispered, back turned so that his parents couldn’t see or hear that he’d even spoken to the house elf.  He took the luggage and mounted the steps to start his journey.


* * * * * * * * *


And now it was here: the moment of truth.  Al didn’t really have long to wait, what, with the last name “Erikson” but that didn’t matter, the train and boat rides had been enough.  When he’d boarded the Hogwarts Express, his parents hadn’t said anything about this, but they hadn’t needed to. His mum: Slytherin. His dad: Slytherin.  Grandparents? Slytherins.


Erkison, Alphonse”


Al approached the stool and took his place beneath the hat.  He could deal with letting his parents down if he had to. Well, so long as it was only letting them down a little.  There was really only one way for him to mess things up so spectacularly that his parents wouldn’t forgive him after a single night at Hogwarts.


Just not Hufflepuff.  Just not Hufflepuff. Just not Hufflepuff.  Just not Hufflepuff…


Ah, another Erikson, I see. You have nothing to worry about my boy, as Hufflepuff is not the place for you. I can tell that you are very cunning, willing to manipulate a situation to your advantage. I can also tell that you care a lot about advancing your own interests, constantly finding a way to adapt in order to reach your goals. Rowena would prize your curiosity and cleverness, but I don't think that's the house for you. You will, no doubt, make your family proud in... SLYTHERIN!

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Harper Caldwell

The unassuming stone wall, numberless, between platform nine and platform ten.


A gigantic old-fashioned steam engine, a gleaming rich red, puffs of smoke falling into sky.


A crowd of older and much taller students, running to one another excited to reunite with friends after a long summer.


The most amazing silhouette of a large castle with towers hanging high, specks of light growing larger as a tiny boat propelled itself across a dark lake.


Pearly white ghosts drifting above like clouds, offering their greetings and hopes to see them in their old houses.


An arched ceiling betraying its role as simple construction, reflecting the same starry night sky she just saw minutes prior.


The awkwardly skinny girl was by no means short but with all the breathtaking views, Harper was consistently massaging at a cramp in her neck. Her lips constantly parted in a delighted wonder and curious eyes desperate to soak everything in around her. Her first real foray into the magical world eased all of her doubts about choosing to go to Hogwarts. The letter written on a thick almost ancient parchment had thrown her for a loop months earlier. The official, who proved he was a real wizard, provided undeniable proof it was all real. Maybe most importantly, Harper learned the strange incidents that she had thought only occurred around her were actually bouts of accidental magic.


She wasn’t a weirdo… her parents were right, she was special. A witch. A real witch.


Harper spent many nights, and days, conflicted whether she should go to Hogwarts though. She had spent the first eleven years of her life working hard discovering her interests and passions. Only a month prior to getting her Hogwarts letter, she received a different letter detailing her acceptance into her dream school. The eager girl knew no thrill like setting a goal for yourself and meeting it. Should Harper choose to pursue the life she worked so hard for or should she approach this new path for herself, one with seemingly limitless possibilities?


On September first, as Harper walked over to the stool to be sorted upon her name being called, she finally no longer felt unsure of her choice. With a large smile that brightened her whole face, the Sorting Hat was placed upon the brunette’s head.


And she looked up once more, seeing nothing but the black nothingness of the hat’s large brim, knowing it meant anything but nothing. 

Oh, sorry about that, Miss Caldwell! It’s never my intention to shield your view; know you’d much rather see the Great Hall than my brim, but, well, what am I saying?! Let’s get back to sorting you so you can go and enjoy it! I’ll just need to have a look in your head here for a moment… my, you’re certainly an interesting little thing. Equality is very important to you; the right for everyone to choose their own path, and that’s an admirable thing that Helga would truly appreciate in a pupil. You’re also humble, loyal, hardworking… yes. I know just where to put you. See that table there, decked in yellow? You’re sure to find many new friends there as you join your classmates in... HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Harper Caldwell

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Irene Valiant

Terrifying. That was the only way Irene had managed to describe the enormous castle that was Hogwarts when it became visible as they made the short boat trip that was customary for first years. She had barely spoken at all ever since saying goodbye to his parents at the platform through a compartment’s window. The young witch had never thought in much detail what it meant to go study at what was essentially a boarding school, and even if she was excited about the magic and about everything she was going to learn about, she couldn’t shake the nostalgia that was already spreading to her every limb.


Irene was terrified. And maybe it seemed like an exaggeration, but she was so nervous about this new start that she couldn’t help but long for her father’s soft hum as he watched over the plants in their little garde, or for her mother’s melodic voice as she read over her favorite passage of all the children books she had grown up with. She even missed Serena, her mother’s cat, jumping on her chest to wake her up and the loud purring that always lulled her to sleep. She reprimanded herself with a shake of her head, reminding herself that it had only been a few hours since she had last seen them, and that she was now about to fulfill the dream she had had since younger: becoming a proficient witch like her father and help the magical world become better through her abilities. She couldn’t turn back now.


The boats eventually arrived to their destiny, and they got off before settling into two rows to be taken into the castle. Finally, she thought, she was going to see the place her dad had studied at with her own two eyes, and even if the nervousness had her tugging her robe continuously, there was still a glint of excitement in her eyes. She followed the rest of the first-years into the Great Hall and couldn’t help but gasp, forgetting about tugging her robe in favor of admiring what was,by far, the most magical place she had ever been at.


There was a greeting, a song, and suddenly the sorting had started, and Irene went back to being the nervous wreck she had been on the way there. With every name called, she worried her lower lip just a little more and tugged on her just a little harder, until eventually, her turn came.


Valiant, Irene


It took her a fraction of a second to remember her own name. She took a deep breathe and reminded herself of not walking too fast or too slow, of putting her hands down and making peace with her robes, of keep her expressions in check and stop biting his lower lip so much. Irene wasn’t entirely sure she managed to check every single item in her list, but it didn’t matter, because soon enough she was sitting on the stool and the sorting hat obscured her vision.


‘Oh god, it’s happening.’ She thought, holding tightly to the edges of the stool as she willed her heart to slow down a little.

My, my, what do we have here? Already I can sense that you're a strong thinker, and if you don't relax you might wear yourself out before school's even begun! You have an intense inquisitive streak that gives you a unique outlook on life, but your intelligence is matched by your sentiment. You're supremely fair, and putting kindness into the world is important to you. The light within you is not just a bright mind, but a bright heart and the best place to let it shine will be... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Jack Dare

Living in Hogsmeade had meant that Jack had no need to spend most of a day traveling by train from London. He had thought his father's offer to take him to King's Cross was baffling as he was no stranger to train travel and it wasn't all that exciting. However, now as Jack joined the others at Hogsmeade station, he thought he realized what his father had meant about not missing out on the trip. As the children formed small groups Jack realized that bonding had taken place without him, something Jack was not especially good at. Giving one last uneasy wave to his parents, Jack hurried after the others. 


As a Hogsmeade resident Jack took the castle for granted. A distant shrouded view formed the backdrop of his daily life and of course seen photos on promotional materials in the shops. It was only occasionally that Jack stopped to actually look into the distance and to try to imagine what it must be like to live at Hogswarts Castle among all the scholars. Now in the dark with torches illuminating the way, Jack saw a view of the castle he'd never seen before. It took his breath away.


This was the heroes journey, Jack thought, the moment when the protagonist leaves the familiar behind and learns to navigate an unfamiliar world of adventure. Jack was an unlikely protagonist he knew, and not nearly as daring as his name would imply. Still this was the adventure that Jack was made for, fulfilling his academic destiny. Despite the love that had been showered on him from birth Jack had always felt a step apart, like an odd egg left in the wrong nest. At Hogwarts though the entire purpose was learning. Jack felt certain that he'd finally find where he was meant to be.


Jack found himself gawking at his surroundings as he was led into the Great Hall. Everything was exactly as he had read it would be, yet somehow more as well. There at the front of the room was the sorting hat, that ancient relic that somehow still acted with the intentions of the founders. This was the first threshold and the hat a sort of threshold guardian that would judge him and let him past. His family came from a line of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, but Jack had a feeling that the hat would find something unique in him.


Dare, John Crispin


Jack felt warmness flood his cheeks as he made his way to the front of the hall. For once is was more excitement than embarrassment. 


"Jack is fine," he said quietly as the hat was placed on his head.



My, my, what an observant fellow you are! It's easy for me to tell that you are incredibly curious about people's motivations and what makes them tick. But you're also incredibly creative, aren't you? You're not just interested in other people's motivations, you want to build entire new worlds out of them. Someone with such an active mind and creative spark can only belong in one place. Yes, better be... RAVENCLAW!

Edited by Jack Dare

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Angelique Slater

She hadn't thought much until now, about her name being toward the end of the alphabet.  As such, when it came to times like these, it meant she was forced to wait, which was nearly unbearable torture in itself.  But it also meant that she felt even more on display, as the herd of children thinned around her, some strutting to the front with confidence.  Some looking like they might be sick on the way.  Some stepping on her robes as they passed by, but at least the tall, blonde boy who'd done it to her had apologized.


She recognized some faces and names, of course.  She knew the Montagues but association, though her mum never saw fit to talk about them much.  Abi was obviously at the Slytherin table, but she couldn't catch the girl's eye from here.  Covey would be there too, but truly, other than her brother next to her, that was the extent of her familiarity with her surroundings.  She squeezed her eyes shut, anxiety trying so hard to bubble to the surface.  Shortly after the blonde boy tripped on her robes, she heard her own name above the din of the Great Hall


"Slater, Angelique"


She did her best not to glance around, fearing that her name would spark recognition and therefore drawn more attention to her in a situation when she didn't want any.  Which was most situations.  She squeezed Jeramie's arm quickly, then made her way to the platform, keeping her eyes open only long enough to sit.  If she looked out into the crowd, she was afraid she might pass out.



Hmm, let’s see… yes, yes, hmm… yes, better be… Oh! You’d like to hear more, wouldn’t you? Well, Miss Slater, reserved as you may be, there’s certainly no lack of talent within you. You’re a very clever one, and though you may not always show it, your mind is such an analytical thing, always turning even as your heart seeks to see the best in everyone and everything you meet. Helga would definitely love to have one as kind and caring as you among her ranks, but is there the best place for you? No, I believe not. You’re smart, Miss Slater, and the aspirations you hold for yourself only further shows that you will best thrive in... RAVENCLAW!

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Athena Mills

The time had come and anxiety was slowly overcoming her. The eleven-year old's palms were sweating profusely as her peers were sorted at a nerve rackingly slow rate... Or maybe it was just the suspense getting to her? Anticipation had her eyes darting around the hall , and it felt like all eyes were trained on the group of young students. 


What if she didn't make it into Slytherin like her mother? Would she be upset? As doubts began to clutter head, the girl missed the calling of her name. "Mills, Athena?" the professor repeated. Athena looked up almost in a panic until her fathers voiced sounded in her head. "This is your fate, your life, your path Be happy with yourself , and the rest will fall into place." 


With a calming breath Athena walked up to the stool and sat down. The oversized hat was placed on her head , and then she sat in darkness. . . . What now? 

You, my dear, aren’t all you seem to be, are you? No, that much is quite clear. Sit back for a moment while I take a proper look into your head, Miss Mills. I promise it won’t take long. Ah, yes, you’re very self-preserving, I see, as was taught to you by your family. But beneath the exterior you put on is more… so much more. Deep in your core is a moral code and set of values which guide nearly everything you do. You’re noble, brave, and though Helga too would appreciate your drive for fairness, another founder is calling for you stronger. You’re the sort of girl that will seek change until it’s made, Miss Mills, and you’ll surely succeed in doing just that in... GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Athena Mills

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Calliope Thorpe

The excitement overwhelmed Callie, from the brick wall she'd glided through to reach the platform, to the sight of the Hogwarts Express billowing smoke under a bright sky, to the fantastic boat ride, to, at last, the glorious sight of the castle. When she'd first seen it, she'd stopped dead in her tracks, staring, longing for her camera, absorbing the image of the castle at night-time. Silver sparks of moonlight dampened the darkness in a magical way. She'd physically, powerfully, felt the way the adrenaline filled her, coursing through her veins, flowing to her lungs: liquid energy. She'd always been accustomed to mood-swings, the ups and downs hitting her like swinging vines, but even in her highest high, she'd never known something like this.


It helped that she'd recently discovered Avalon was, also, a witch.


Needless to say, it'd been an incredible day. When the crowd filtered though the large doors of the Great Hall, Callie took her seat beside Avalon, placing her hands under her legs and bouncing atop them. Avalon was Edens and she was Thorpe, so she'd be called way later and have to deal with the agonizing portion of time, of space between them, all the while praying they'd be in a house together.


But now it was all a blank slate: the sorting hat's song broke out, and she waited. 


Callie had been so happy, however, in a sharp twist of events, in a swirl of emotion she didn't understand, she no longer was.


Nudging Avalon, she turned to her in a spur of panic. "What if they decide I don't fit in any house? It'll happen, and I know it. They'll sort you and not me, and I'll have to go to boarding school. I'll never see you again." Her stress caused awful scenarios to flash through her mind, one by one. She hated when her self-loathing kicked in, the panic always fresh and vibrant, despite the many times it'd hit her before. 


Everything blurred, a series of events like vague, drunken memories, until "Thorpe, Calliope," was called, and she shakily stood, then made her way forward. 

Ah, I love to find an imaginative mind below my brim and Miss Thorpe, yours is exquisite. I almost want to send you to Ravenclaw on first impressions alone, but of course there is more than one house where imagination runs free. You have an adventurous, impulsive spirit, and a passionate loathing for all which is dull. An imagination is one thing, but a reckless, carefree heart belongs nowhere else but... GRYFFINDOR!

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