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Sorting Hat

The Sorting Ceremony

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Gulliver Nott

The Great Hall was stuffy was childish magic: a clogged nose, an unswept chimney. Gulliver disliked it, but could deal better than he did in locations rich with real, strong, adult magic: those made him nervous and claustrophobic, prone to anxieties and prime to break down. This – this was cake.


Leading with the notion that he could suffer in relative silence through such padded power he didn’t have too much trouble clustering with his peers before the Sorting Hat. Made less mythic by Honorine and the tales of his parents (though his mother being placed apart from her strong sister was still a good story, a story that gave Gull hope in case of the worst), he watched, stoic and staid and solid as he had ever been, as the Hat was placed on head after head, doling out Houses to his peers.


Hen and Covey were at the Slytherin table and Gull could sense them, unsure of whether he would be amongst their number in seconds, or elsewhere. Gabriel and Zachary would go before him. Again, forever, he would be the follower. He didn’t particularly mind: it felt proper for him to observe before venturing forth himself.


Feeling like he could breathe and somehow bored by how unexpected that was, Gulliver waited his turn. Anxiety and worry and expectation seemed watercolored out and he somehow felt superior for dealing so well with it.


“Nott, Gulliver.”


Ringing a ringlet, a thin curl, around his knuckle, Gull approached the stool. He didn’t have demands or requests or expectations. Mostly he just wanted his magic to be his, and other people’s magic to be theirs, but how was he supposed to inquire about that?

Another Nott? Why, I might as well just throw you straight into Slytherin and be done with it. Salazar would hate to pass up such pure blood, although another founder is vying for you as well. Rowena calls out for your creativity and your unique perspective on the world around you... but no. Your bloodline combined with your strong sense of self-preservations means there's no other place for you but... SLYTHERIN!

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Jasper H.H. Alexanders

Jasper had been thoroughly briefed by his parents and siblings before arriving at Hogwarts, but no amount of tale-telling could have prepared him for the school itself. First-hand experience was king, and right now his fingers were itching to record every acute detail into the notebooks he'd left in his suitcase.


... What had happened to his suitcase? Suddenly all thoughts of his new home switched rails, and he spun around to look back where he'd come from. The massive doors to the Great Hall were closing behind them, and there was no sight of any of their belongings here or beyond them. The initial panic rose up inside him--a catch in his breath, a swoop in his stomach--but he forced it down with a bulletpoint storm of rational thought:

  • The suitcases were on the train, so the items would be on the grounds at the very least;
  • If they were lost, tracking them down would be a good test of skill;
  • The Sorting had to take priority, so nothing could be done now--no use worrying prematurely.

Following those up with a chaser of DEEP BREATH, he calmed enough to return to his previous observations. Despite the fact that he'd spent the night before searching the internet for any and all muggle conspiracy theories about Hogwarts (curious about the extent of the spells protecting the area from discovery), he still managed to pour over the minutiae around him. His eyes might have dark circles beneath them, but they could still take everything in and file it all away for dissection later.


In his notebook. In his suitcase.


Jasper cut himself off, thinking very hard about the fact that all his belongings were properly labeled with his full name.


"Alexanders, Jasper Henry-Hotspur!"


The boy startled, then frowned, irritated with his own public display of surprise--of course he would be called sooner rather than later, as an A-lastnamer he should be used to it by now. Marching up to the stool, he swiped a finger across it beforehand to make sure no one with wet pants had sat there first, then perched on its edge and tucked his legs around it.


This was the most fascinating part, and Jasper watched the hat with a kind of caffeine-high focus as it was brought towards him. An accessory that could read your mind, your personhood, your hidden this-and-that's. Phoebus, his father, had told him that it didn't really matter where the hat put him, that houses didn't mean so much in the end. His mother, June, had told him that if he didn't end up in Ravenclaw than he was less like her than she'd thought.


He wasn't sure if she'd meant it in a good way or a bad way.


Regardless, when the hat fell over his dusty dark mass of hair, he did his best to clear his mind and give the magical item the clearest picture possible. "I respect the process," he murmured. After all, it had work this way since before his parents were even born.


Clearing his throat beneath the weight of history, he added, "If you have any questions about what you see in my head, I'd be happy to elaborate."

RAV--no? Alright then. Well Mr. Alexanders, I can tell that you are incredibly curious about the world around you. You have an incredible thirst for knowledge, and there's nothing that you wouldn't do in its pursuit. With such a creative, curious, and analytical mind, there's no question of where you belong. You'll find friends that are just as passionate about learning as you in... RAVENCLAW!

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Avalon Edens

Avalon had not stopped grinning from the moment she woke up.


She had blasted 80s pop on the drive to London, even before the sun hit the horizon and sparked golden-pink. Though she'd been forced to wake up in the middle of the night so they could get to King's Cross at a reasonable hour, she had been wired with energy the whole time, singing along loudly in the car, her feet up on the window, playing a formidable air guitar. At times, she drifted off, only to wake up to her parents laughing. She doodled in her sketchbook, played some video games, and otherwise felt full of love and anticipation. Avalon always seemed to be running late, but today, with the uncontrollable excitement and butterflies that had almost kept her up all night, she had managed.


The train had been beyond fun, trying out some of the new candy and magical games she'd bought at Diagon Alley – like exploding snap, which, Avalon discovered delightedly, actually exploded. The boat ride and been... well, chaotic, and the sight of Hogwarts castle for the first time, resplendent against the black of the lake, had taken Avalon's breath away. 


Now she was standing beside Callie in the Great Hall, absolutely and utterly gobsmacked. Candles floated above them, and the night sky sparkled where a ceiling should have been. Avalon was about to knock shoulders with Callie and rave about how utterly cool it was, but Callie was already turning to her, and... panicking? 


"Woah, hey," Avalon said, eyes wide and earnest. She wrapped her arms around Callie, then shook her gently but playfully. "No way that's happening. And even if it did, who cares? I'd just sneak you into my room, and you could secretly attend classes. Or we'd argue or charm your way in. Or bribe. I'm not above blackmail or hush money." She grinned, waggling her eyebrows evilly. "And if that didn't work, I'd bust out of here too. No way you're going anywhere without me. We're soul mates, right – no takebacks. Fate made me a witch so we could stay together, it wouldn't kick you out of Hogwarts. You jump, I jump, Jack." 


She let go, and when her name was called, the grin was back. Her time to shine. 


Avalon swung her legs back and forth on the stool and waited. She didn't know she was supposed to talk to the hat. 


A shame, really, because Avalon loved talking about herself.

Merlin's beard, Miss Edens, you are a tricky one! Your boundless sense of curiosity and creativity have me thinking of Ravenclaw, and certainly that is one house in which your desire for new discoveries would be nurtured. However, there is another house which cherishes the explorer, and in this I see a place where you could grow your sense of adventure, and where you could be free to indulge your bold personality. Yes, Miss Edens, after all it has to be... GRYFFINDOR!

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Clay Kennedy

This drab uniform was turning down his mood. On a scale of one to ten, he was beyond over the boring black and needed to flair it up with a floral pattern to die for. And why were these ties so suffocating? Had Inara did it for him, it would've been perfect, Clay just knew it. His sister was the epitome of perfect. Not because she was a Kennedy, that helped of course, but because she just was. Don't argue with him on this.




He could hear Kaleb from across the hall. Or wherever he was. Clay was just happy he couldn't smell him. To be fair his older prefect brother didn't actually smell but, hello, little brother here. He had to make his life miserable anyway he could. Even in his thoughts. So, Clay made a face of disgust as he turned around and spotted the older boy over his shoulder. He had a feeling his parents had planned this, this way. Having Kaleb five whole years before him so he'd be stuck being babysat at the coolest wizarding school in the world. How was he supposed to have any fun at all?




Clay's eyes danced from face to face, not a single one he recognized immediately except for the sprinkle of Potter's. Why hadn't he sat with them? That would have made more sense, at least he would have had someone to talk to! With a heavy sigh, Clay leaned his chin into his hand and his elbow into the table. In the back of his head, he could hear his mum scolding him about manners. He smiled impishly to himself realizing he could put his elbows on as many tables as he wanted while he was at Hogwarts. There was no way for her to swat at him from hundreds of miles away!




He had not realized how tired he was til then. Clay had barely slept the night before. How could anyone have expected him to? Not only was he thinking about today but he was mentally meticulously recounting each of his perfectly planned outfits for the entire rest of the year. Everything was colour coded, matched in a particular way... his thoughts were leaning to the left along with his head as he began to fade, yawning again and unable to keep his eyes open. 




Had someone just called his name? With a bit of a snort and jolt of sudden awareness, he shot up onto his feet and began walking-- in the wrong direction. After a confident spin and pull of his shoulders, Clay held his head high and only nearly tripped over his own feet once before reaching the hat and plopping his tush on the small stool.


"I'm ready! Do what you do best, Sir. Or Miss. Whichever you prefer, I support you either way."

Why, I've barely begun looking through your mind and already you have two Hogwarts founders fighting to have you join them. On one hand I have Godric, who appreciates your strong moral compass and your desire for independence -- and that bravery and boldness doesn't go astray, either! On the other hand you're intelligent, curious and imaginative, all of which Rowena greatly admires. So, where shall I send you? While your intellect might thrive in Ravenclaw, ultimately it's your heart and your strong personal ethics which win out, so it has to be... GRYFFINDOR!

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Marco Caldeira

No one in the Caldeira family had ever attended Hogwarts before. Marco is the first generation. As he had told his boatmates, his father had showed him pictures of himself as a young wizard, in dashing powder blue robes against the magnificent Pyrenees backdrop. His father talked a lot of his time at Beauxbatons and its near fantasy grounds with a great look of nostalgia on his face. But rowing up to the Hogwarts castle, Marco feels more comfortable in the great magnitude of its fortress--the gothic architecture overlooking such a dark and grim lake. There is a certain degree of intimidation that shivered along his spine as the boat neared and the castle loomed over him, but he takes pleasure in it. 


His father's family all wanted Marco to attend Beauxbatons as they had, but his father argued that there were far too many students. He wants Marco to enjoy the special attention that smaller class sizes allow, not simply be a number or a name to his professors. Marco, doesn't particularly care one way or another. He is fine fading into the background. As he and his peers enter the Great Hall and led to a long table to await the main event, he feels all eyes--from older students and professors alike--watching his every move. He notices the chair, slightly larger and fancier seated at the front of the hall, high above all the tables, and he believes with absolute certainty, that this is the school for those who crave and desire special attention. He's not so sure he wants to be put on display for the entire school to see. At least on the first night.


His name is not far from the top of the list, but he watches each student before him saunter up to the front of the hall, and take their seat before their campus with vested interest. He makes private bets in his head on which house the hat will shout from its fraying lips. It is wholly dependent on whichever story he makes up about them in his head based on their walking style as the head up to the front or behavior at PHP. He keeps a mental tally of how many he's got correct so far. The only one he can't really figure out is himself. 


Probably not Hufflepuff, he thinks on his way up the aisle, talking himself in and out of every house. But I could be...?



Merlin, Mr. Caldeira, it seems that many of the founders would love to have you in their houses! Salazar values your self-preserving nature, while Helga admires how much you care about being true to yourself and fighting for everyone to be accepted. But I can also tell that you have an analytical mind and care about learning as much as possible so that you might understand your place in the world. I think I'm going to have to give it to Rowena this time. Better be... RAVENCLAW!

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Patrick Duffy

If he's nervous, he doesn't look it. 


Standing at the back of the pack of first years, all shuffled through the grand doors into and even grander looking hall. Patrick hung at the back, on the outskirts and keeping his distance from his peers. Just like he had done at that horrific school, just like he had done when at Diagon Alley. While others gaped, whispering in excitement to each other, his own wonder was contained, his emotions unreadable from the moment he had ran at a brick wall and onto a train platform and come face to face with Scarlet steam train that would take him to this new life. A life that he couldn't quite believe in just yet. 






A school for wizards and witches and he, a boy who had always know he was destined for something, was just as special as he knew himself to be. 


Discreetly, with a quick glance at those around him, he pinched his left arm and flinched. 


It wasn't a dream. He would not wake up tomorrow in the apartment he shared with his mother before riding his bike to his aunts ballet studio in Camden, grabbing a sandwich at the deli that was street level before taking the stairs two at a time. No, the routine of his life had changed and there would be no more morning rehearsals before heading to school. He was here now, pushing a hand through a dark mop of hair and licking his lips nervously as they rand through the B's and then the C's. 


He was thankful that his surname wasn't at the latter end of the alphabet when the crowd of students would be bored with the sorting. He was at the beginning, they were all still engaged and it would soon be his time to take centre stage. 


"Duffy, Patrick."


Back straight and chin held high, he moved forward and his lips curled into a confident smirk as he took a seat on the stool. 



You’re a rather determined boy, aren’t you, Mr. Duffy? I can sense in you such dedication for those things held most important in your life: individualism, the self, and logic. You won’t let anyone stand in the way of letting you be your true self and share your thoughts with the world; particularly if you feel called to correct an error in truth. You have a very intelligent, analytical mind, and dislike being stifled in any way. So, as I see it, there’s only one place best fitting for a boy like you. You’ll find yourself among many more determined, intellectual people, Mr. Duffy, just as soon as you join them in... RAVENCLAW!

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Jeramie Slater

Jeramie stood up straight and filtered out the chatter and clatter to take in the sights of the Great Hall. It was very much how he'd always imagined it to be, though it was a surprise just how small he felt inside of it. Partly that was because things often seemed much grander in person, and partly that was because of the uncomfortable nakedness of standing with the other first-year children directly in the spotlight. 


He had much preferred the boat, where he had been lucky enough to be surrounded by silence and darkness. The sight of the castle had been a majestic one, and Jeramie had feasted his eyes taking in the look of it, noting the way it seemed to touch the sky in the moonlight. He'd tried to count the windows but had lost his count too many times until he'd abandoned the endeavor. It was more than one hundred, for sure.


The Great Hall was brighter and much more full of people, and though he knew his older sister was out there, she was lost somewhere in a sea of faces. That left only Angel, at his side.


It was, he had to admit, a little scary, but he was sure that he could be brave. Sure, because there was no reason not to be. He had heard the whole process many times, and knew of course that most of the rumors started by other children on the train that scared the muggleborns were completely and utterly untrue. He had been mentally prepared for this moment for as long as he could remember, yet his heart still beat just slightly louder than normal in his chest now that the moment had come for real. 


But there was another reason to be brave. As the list of names ran down and the crowd dwindled, he looked to Angel's face. She hadn't said much at all, and he knew why. With her eyes squeezed shut he could practically feel the discomfort radiating off her, and he touched her hand to comfort her (and perhaps, just a bit, to comfort himself). They had made it this far together, and soon their fates would be decided, but where those paths would lead was anybody's guess. It really wouldn't do for them to end up someplace different. He continued listening as each student's assignment was called out, some taking a few seconds and some taking near eternities. What, he wondered, made the difference? He pondered on that for a while (but not before taking a second to shoot a small glare at a taller boy who practically trampled his twin).


That boy was soon called to the front of the room, and when he was Jeramie realized they'd finally gotten to the S names. It wouldn't be long now. As he looked to Angel again, he realized he hadn't thought yet of which one of them would be going first and found it took an embarrassingly long moment before he could come to an answer. It would, of course, be Angel. "We'll be going to the same place," he assured her. "It'll all be alright." The words just HAD to be true, and so there was nothing but certainty in his voice. Keeping on a brave face he watched her go up and sit down, wishing that the two of them could have gone up together. 


He held his breath as her house was read, the table cheered, and no time was wasted before the call of---


"Slater, Jeramie!!"


Jeramie hustled his way to the stool and sat himself down, feeling his heart freeze for just a moment as the hat lowered, and because he had heard that the hat could listen as well as speak he whispered. "Please don't take me away from my sister."

Why, it’s perfectly natural for you to want to seek your own path, Mr. Slater, and I see in you every capability to do just that. You’re an incredibly smart fellow, with a curiosity the size of the moon, and I wouldn’t put it past you to uncover things those before you have only dreamt of discovering! You may be quieter than others in your family, but you need not be outgoing to be successful. You’re clever, caring, loyal, and fair. That, coupled with your bright mind, will surely lead you to achieving great things. In fact, there’s two founders fighting to have you join their ranks… but which is the best fit? The answer is clear to me, and soon will be to you too, as you join your classmates in... RAVENCLAW!

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Heath Sanders-Banagher

When Heath sat on the stool with the sorting hat on his head he immediately became distracted. Oh Merlin all that food! He totally forgot the hat was on his head and everyone was staring at him. His lifelong dream had finally come true and all he cared about at that moment was getting some blueberry tart. He was so distracted he got up and went to get the tart not even realizing the hat was still on his head.

This is it, isn’t it? The moment you’ve been waiting for. All eyes on you, waiting for the moment to come… for you to join them and -- ah, calm down, lad! I can sense you're near ready to topple off this stool, and I haven’t even sorted you! Just take a moment to breathe and I’ll try to make this quick for you. Why, you’re certainly a very personable boy, and love to be at the center of attention. Slytherin would appreciate your ambitions and help you to find a means to reach them, but is that the best place for you? Digging a little deeper, I sense not. You’re a boy that seeks out the best in everyone, not for your own benefit, but because you genuinely care. It’s not often I come across students as personable as you, and your big heart will fare much better in... HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Heath Sanders-Banagher

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Sebastian Ferrer-Bosch

Long tables full of food and older students, a weird effect on the ceiling, more creepy Merlin cosplayers (but these appeared to be living) and a talking hat.

A. Mind. Reading. Talking. Hat. 

At this point Sebastián wasn't really sure what was going on and at this point he was too afraid to ask. 


Hmm… you’re a very interesting case, Mr. Ferrer-Bosch, There’s so much potential within you; a drive to be successful and accomplish great things, but there’s also great fear. And that fear hinders you; stifling the vast thoughts and ambitions so strongly present in your head. You’re afraid of disapproval, afraid of judgement, but have such good intentions. So where to put you to set those intentions free? Gryffindor would certainly appreciate a boy with such desire to fight for what’s right, but to unlock that you first must discover your own confidence, strength, and abilities. And the best place for you to uncover all of that is among your new peers in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Aisha Fey

Walking through the Great Hall, flanked by tables awash in red, yellow, blue and green, Aisha felt so plain. She was used to standing out in her sparkly purple unitard and cotton-candy wig, and here she was just… another first year. Plain back robes, curly brown hair, absolutely zero makeup. Coming from the Circus, where everything was bold and bright and glittery, Hogwarts was almost plain in comparison. There was something about that she found charming in its own right though. Foreign. But charming.


All that considered, she really shouldn’t have been surprised when she spotted the Sorting Hat upon a small three legged stool. When she imagined the Sorting Hat, Aisha imagined something particularly grand and sparkling. Probably purple, she thought, with a hint of gold embroidery. What she saw was far less glam. It was old, shoddy and – worst of all – brown.


She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn’t notice someone announcing her name. Sebastián nudged her.


“OH yes that’s me!!” Aisha skipped right up to the less-than-impressive hat and cheerfully grinned out at the Hall as it disappeared from view.

Well, well, Miss Fey, each of the founders would be interested in having you as a student. It's clear that you care about loyalty and are deeply devoted to your friends and family, which makes me think Hufflepuff, but no, you also don't like indecision and think it's important to know what you want, so maybe Slytherin? No. Not that either. You have a creative mind, so Ravenclaw... no. Not right. Merlin, I have it now. You are incredibly bold and independent, willing to stand tall no matter the cost. With a fighting spirit like that, there's only one right choice. Off to... GRYFFINDOR!

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Willa Morrell

Willa was ready to eat. Beyond ready, in fact. Unfortunately, the sorting came first. Well—not unfortunately. Willa was also beyond excited to find out which house she would be sorted into. She had read about the sorting in Hogwarts, A History, and she had been looking forward to it for weeks now.


“Morrell, Willa.”


Her stomach flipped over. She was nervous, too. What if the hat made a mistake? What if, as she grew up, she became a different person from the girl she was now, and the house that she fit into now didn’t suit her later on? Frowning slightly, Willa sat on the stool and let the hat be placed on her head.

My, aren’t you just as sweet as sugar! Very loyal, very caring… you’d do nearly anything to preserve people’s feelings and keep from hurting them in any way, wouldn’t you, Miss Morrell? That’s very admirable, and you’re hardworking, too! Yes… hardworking, sweet, caring, fair. I know exactly where to sort you. Stand up, Miss Morrell, and join your new housemates in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Sorting Hat

Students who hadn't posted above
Agatha Cowen
My, you have quite the thirst for knowledge, don’t you?! I can feel it practically radiating off you; your mind is prepared and at the ready to absorb every bit of information exposed to it, even that not so readily available to you. You’re quite the daring girl, I see, willing to take any step necessary to increase what you know. Yes, I know just the place for you, Miss Cowen. One of Hogwarts’ very founders had the same craving for knowledge as you, and you’ll surely thrive in her house of… RAVENCLAW!

Aster Darling
Ooh, what a little firecracker you are, Miss Darling! Your boldness sticks out instantaneously when I look into your mind. It's apparent that you don't mind telling people where you stand, and doing so unapologetically... you aren't afraid of being yourself, that's certain. Combined with your passion to do what's right, I can't resist sorting you into... GRYFFINDOR!

Basil Heatherly
Ah, you’re certainly an optimistic one, aren’t you? Leaping from adventure to adventure, you’re always on the lookout for ways to make things more interesting. And you’ll fight… fight for any cause planted in your path. You’re bold, brave, chivalrous… need I say more? I believe it’s quite clear where you’re meant to be, Mr. Heatherly, so stand now and join your classmates in... GRYFFINDOR!

Callisto Falls
Now, let's see... even though Godric admires your boldness and Rowena admires your intelligence, I don't think either of those houses would be the best place to put you. I can tell that you're an ambitious and resourceful girl, always doing whatever you can to gain attention and admiration. I can also tell that you have a self-preserving nature, preferring to fight your own battles and no one else's. Yes, I know just where to put you. Off you go to... SLYTHERIN!

Darby Turpentine
Survivor... that's what you are, isn't it, Miss Turpentine? Your pragmatism has served you well throughout the years, helping to carve you into a very resilient girl. The house I'm sending you to will appreciate your ability to battle your way to better circumstances. It's a house full of resourceful sorts like yourself: other survivors, in their own way. So keep sharp, and head off to your new home in... SLYTHERIN!

Hunter Sanders-Banagher
Ah, what a creative soul you are, Mr. Sanders-Banagher! And kind-hearted, too, which might serve you well in Hufflepuff. But above that, it's this creativity and imagination that I keep coming back to. You're comfortable in your own skin and don't mind marching to the beat of your own drum. It's this independence in your mannerisms that instead leads me to sort you into... RAVENCLAW!

Indigo Lennox
My, aren’t you a daring one? Willing to stand up for anything and everything, you wear your heart on your sleeve as you navigate the world and try to do what’s right. You want to see the best in others and that’s very admirable, and you’re brave to boot. Yes, I know just the perfect place for you. Stand now, Miss Lennox, and march yourself right on over to... GRYFFINDOR!

Litsy Gadnik
Why Miss Gadnik, I'm absolutely stuck! I can tell that you're very ambitious and care a lot about standing up for yourself and no one else. Such qualities endear you to Salazar, however, I can also tell that you are quite intelligent, with a mind for analysis and a curious nature to boot! I think , after all, you will find yourself in the perfect company of classmates who care just as much about logic and learning in... RAVENCLAW!

Mae Manson
Who's this? Ah, Miss Manson, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Let's get your sorting underway, shall we? You are an interesting one, I must say. Your ambition runs deep and drives you to achieve. Salazar would love to see that ambitious streak thrive in his house, but I have another founder fighting to claim you. You're an intensely loyal girl, unafraid to stand up for those close to you. Your relationships are of the utmost importance to you, and I think you'll find your honesty and loyalty returned to you happily by your new friends in... HUFFLEPUFF!

Ori Brisco
Goodness! What a questing mind you have, Mr. Brisco! Your curiosity does seem to drive a lot of your actions, and Rowena would respect that greatly. In fact, the more I look through your thoughts, the more I'm convinced that's the place for you. While Helga would appreciate your diligence and loyalty, I think your curiosity and creativity are at the true heart of all you do... RAVENCLAW!

Samantha Grier
HU--no? You want more than that? Well, alright then. You're exceptionally fair, and you care deeply for creatures big and small. You are committed to being kind, and you have no time for those who won't. You're hardworking and humble, and you want to spend as much time as possible helping others. You couldn't fit more into Helga's house if you were Helga herself. It has to be...HUFFLEPUFF!

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