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Sorting Hat

The Sorting Ceremony

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Sorting Hat

"Welcome to Hogwarts," Gawkrodger addressed the new students assembled outside the Great Hall without any apparent interest. He had never been particularly enthusiastic about wrangling the smallest students and then reading out the list of their names, often fiendishly difficult to pronounce. This year, at least, a quick scan over their little heads didn't reveal anybody completely soaked from their trip across the lake. Maybe this time the first years would be sensible and easy to deal with, although there did appear to be one boy without any shoes on, and at least one dramatic fidgeter. Gawkrodger pretended he hadn't noticed.
"If you'll all keep still and form some nice, orderly lines, you'll be able to get into the Great Hall and sorted that much sooner. Ah, still... orderly lines." He didn't know why he bothered. Every year he asked for a pair of nice, straight lines, and had he ever gotten it? Rhetorical question, because it was obvious he had not.
"Right, well. When everyone's quiet and calm we'll be going into the Great Hall. Inside, you'll each wait your turn and when I call your name you'll come up to be sorted into one of the four houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Your house will be your home for the next seven years. You will live with the other members of your house and work together as a family.
"If everyone is, uh, ready? Right." The doors heaved open and Gawkrodger ushered in the group of new students. As they stepped inside the Great Hall's ceiling stretched above them in a fantastically clear night sky, each star shining as brightly and proudly as the faces on the older students waiting to welcome their new housemates.
As the doors closed behind the final student, Gawkrodger collected the list of names and the worn old hat sitting on a stool at the front of the hall began to stir, opening its mouth to begin a song:


Welcome my children, do have a seat,

Within this school great friends you will meet.

But first let me see what you behold,

The mind treasures things greater than gold.


Should you seek the House of Gryffindor,

I sincerely hope you know how to roar.

For those in this house are very brave,

And a path to your future they will help you pave.


Unless you hope for the House of Hufflepuff,

Where you will need to be very tough.

For those in this house like very much to trust,

And being exceptionally loyal is a must.


If you wish for the House of Ravenclaw,

You may find yourself in a bit of awe.

For those in this house are very smart,

And you need to have an insightful heart.


Lastly you may want the House of Slytherin,

Even if this want is thanks to your kin.

For those in this house are very proud,

And loyalty here will have to be vowed.


Now come and place me on your head,

Don’t worry, children, I’ve already been fed.

It’s only your desires I wish to see,

And to your future I’ll give you the key.



Thank you to Abrielle Faye-Sinclair for this year's song!

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Margarita Mendelssohn

So this was Hogwarts. Margarita Mendelssohn looked up to the ancient castle without betraying how she felt about the famed site. Between gasps of awe and mutterings of distaste the brunette stayed silent. Unlike many of those around her Margarita was privileged enough to have travelled around the globe, seeing an array of wondrous creations and natural wonders. Perhaps that was why she felt so underwhelmed when she interrogated her new home? Having been left at her aunt’s for an entire year for the sole purpose of attending the apparently prestigious school she couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed at that sacrifice.
And yet not even the mere suggestion of this darkened her expression as she fell in line, rows of two, with those she would be spending several years of her life with. Others might have been curious about their companions but by this point in the night there was nothing Margarita wanted more than to get something to eat (her stomach was practically empty for the sweet trolley was yet to catch up to a vegan diet) and curl up in bed. Socializing was the last thing on her mind. Responding to the ‘hello’ of the boy she had found herself beside with a dismissive nod showing she had heard him, Rita surged forwards and left him behind to find a more welcoming partner.
Warmth beckoned as a flickering amber flared in the distance, the speck growing and dividing into rows of candles which bobbed in the air. Here was where the castle become more exciting. In showing the mundane magic that deluged the building the promise of learning, of one day being able to employ such magic so simply yet extensively, beckoned like the candles themselves. There wasn’t much time to take in the labyrinth halls, their tour sacrificed on the route to the sorting hat.
Again, it wasn’t much to look at. The fabric must have been as old, if not older, than the most aged parts of the castle that had withstood years of battle and natural erosion. Maureen had told her the hat could sing so as the seam of the rim tore to reveal a mouth the young girl wasn’t caught off guard and at some point in the verse fell out of concentration. Everything else became a focus point: how the ceiling reflected the weather, which students had badges pinned to their uniforms, the professors sat either side of her aunt who she would obviously have to be on her best behaviour around otherwise she’d never hear the end of Maureen’s complaints...
It wasn’t until someone elbowed her in her side that Margarita realized the time had come for her sorting. Every step closer to the hat filled her with more nerves, a feeling she had definitely not considered when imagining her first night in the castle. It was only a hat and the entire act would be over in a second! Despite the hurried proceedings the sorting ceremony was one of great importance and she could feel hundreds of expecting, judgemental eyes on her. Sitting on the stool and facing out towards them all the young girl focused not on them but on the doors in the distance, a sight darkened swiftly as the hat descended.

Oops! Sorry to shield your view, but you children seem to get smaller and smaller every year. Not to worry, Miss Mendelssohn, you’ll be off and on your way soon enough! Let me just take a look through this head of yours for a moment. Ah, you’ve quite a bit of ambition in you I see; and the tireless devotion you’ll put toward your goals is something Salazar would greatly admire. But that’s not all there is to you, is there? You also have heart and the morals to match. You seek fairness and equal treatment for others; actions Helga would adore, but even she can’t compete with the call another founder has for you. You’re bold, daring, will step up to the plate to help others in need. You’ll find many classmates ready and willing to help in... GRYFFINDOR!

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Willa Henry

Willa hadn't thought about the pomp and circumstance that would be associated with the sorting. Through her brief reading on the houses and on Hogwarts, she had discovered that there was some sort of ceremony that would involve her sitting in front of her peers, but that was it. Her da had refused to answer questions, even though he had known exactly what he was walking into at Hogwarts, but Willa couldn't find it in herself to be bitter. She was too awed by the trip from the train, where she'd lost her companion Jerome, to the castle. She'd never been in a boat before, and the beauty of it across the inky black lake was worth her white knuckles and sore fingers as she walked through the front doors. 


As always, there was an inkling of doubt creeping into the back of her mind as she was instructed to line up in two rows with her peers. They were to be paraded out in front of the rest of the school and what if everyone just knew that she was not really a witch. What if what had happened to Scout was an accident that her da had done without realizing it. She'd never had such a blatant display of magic since, and it had been almost seven years! Sure, small things had moved around in her room, doors had slammed when she was angry, but she was never in a calm enough state to really question whether she had just forgotten her hands moving or if it had actually happened by magic. With how normal James was, and how much her mum hated magic, that inkling of doubt always managed to form the same voice. 


You don't belong here.


She felt it when she was at the Gambol Centre and everyone else knew so much about the school than her. She'd tried hard to compensate by climbing trees, sprouting facts about dragons at the drop of a hat, and even by destroying her trainers with another classmate, but it didn't seem to shrink that voice. It didn't help that her Gran had reminded her to refer to herself as a halfblood. She knew the basics, mostly that she was not muggleborn, but she didn't understand the importance of her bloodline. She didn't know why her Gran wanted her to remind people she was a Henry, even if her da had snickered in the background. None of it made sense. 


When they walked in, the noise was deafening, and that finally drove away the voice inside her head. There was no way she could be scared as she looked at the raucous crowd of students and how happy they all seemed. The excitement creeped back into her bones, driving out the cold and the insecurities that the night outside and trip across the lake had opened the door for, and Willa started to bounce in her shoes for the first time in several days. She didn't know if she belonged, but boy was she excited to be here. 


Patience had never been her strong suite thought, and it took a lot for her to wait her turn as the few letters in front of her last name were called forward. After the second person, she finally saw what would be deciding her fate, and she covered her mouth to hide the giggles. It looked like a smelly old hat, but it seemed to be talking to the students who put it on. She decided that she would take it seriously, as her mum always said it was best to approach uncertain situations with a seriousness and curiosity instead of humor and immaturity. Being serious was not Willa's strongpoint, and she couldn't resist the slightly squeal as it was her turn. 


"Hullo Mr. Hat," She commented as the hat dropped over her head and immediately covered her eyes. Even though she couldn't see the crowded tables of students, she could hear them, and she was excited to learn which table she would be sitting at shortly. 

Hello Ms. Henry! I'm going to make this quick--I know you're excited to join your housemates. I can tell that you're very independent and determined. You won't hesitate to do what you must to accomplish your goals, and you're not afraid to speak your mind when the situation calls for it. Although Helga admires your loyalty and Godric admires your boldness, your place is in the house of Salazar. Miss Henry, I know you will find a place for yourself in... SLYTHERIN!

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Annag Hamblton

Huddled together like sheep for sheering were the flock of first years all waiting in the vestibule for that one moment. The moment when the hat of hats, the Sorting Hat, would decide their fate at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for years to come. 


Annag had thoroughly read Hogwarts: A History and her mum and dad had briefed her quite extensively on what to expect, but as her group faced the doors to the Great Hall, Annag was both thrilled and terrified.


After a brief introduction to Hogwarts, the great and massive doors were swung open and a sudden rush of light and sound burst forth which rolled over the small group like an ocean wave; forcing them backwards with its energy. The gasps of awe were audible. Along with the glow of fire light and the gaggling of returning students, came even more new-student jitters. The entire group seemed to vibrate with the energy.


Slowly they began to follow two-by-two through the doors and into the isle of the Great Hall. Stunning sights above of floating candles and sparking stars shown down upon them. Roaring fires and flaming torches lit the room. As they passed, tables of students grew quiet and turned to examine their new schoolmates. 


The group finally reached the front. Annag was back in the pack and being small for her age, couldn't really see or hear what was happening at the front. She tried hard to listen to the welcome speech, but because of her slight hearing loss and the mass of robed bodies, she could only catch a few muffled words. 


It now seemed that they had moved on to calling names and that the sorting had begun! Annag's heart raced and the pounding sound in her ears made it even harder to hear. Oh, gosh. What would happen if she missed her name being called?! 


Suddenly a sound came to her. It was very close as if someone was speaking directly into her ear. "Annag Hamblton, please come forward." The time was here! Annag began to excuse herself and actually had to use a bit of elbow to push past one particularly large boy in her journey towards the hat.


Well, then. She knew the hat was a sage old hat, but its comically-wrinkled, brown face just gave Annag the urge to give it a hug. Smiling now, she greeted the hat with a "so awfully nice to meet you"; a small curtsy; and then pulled her way up onto the stool at which time the hat was placed upon her head.


My, it’s awfully nice to meet you too, Miss Hamblton! Aren’t you a polite little thing?! And sweet, too. It’s clear you have a heart of gold and care much about others. You want what’s fair and Helga certainly appreciates that, but is Hufflepuff the best place for you? Digging a little bit deeper, I’m not so sure. You’re also incredibly smart, clever, curious… and it’s that which truly guides the ambitions within you. You would do well in Hufflepuff, but where would you most thrive? Turn your head now, Miss Hamblton. See that sea of blue? Believe it’s time for you to join your classmates there and run off to… RAVENCLAW!

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Winsome Tenpenny

Autumn didn't begin for another few weeks, but there was already the chill in the air. 


Winsome had never been out of Brackleberry until her recent trips to London, and she would've sworn that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry would've been in London, but there they were in Scotland. Scotland was colder than she was used to, but all the same it was still beautiful all the way around. The train ride was the first time she had ever stepped inside a train, first time she had seen the British magical sweets, and the first time she had seen that many people that were around her age or older.


The castle was even more amazing than she thought it would've been. Every window flooded with a warm and inviting glow as if to say to one; welcome, you are home. She couldn't believe that this was everything that her father had warned her against, but she really didn't want to listen to anymore of his conspiracy theories about how the future of Brackleberry was in jeopardy and that she would be better off learning from her mother. She could and probably would just shrug it off as she got to learn from her professors, and the older students who had been hear longer than her.


And yet she was still standing on the platform of Hogsmeade station as she just stood her mouth agape with wonder at how much could be different just an island over. 


In all of her amazement, she almost missed the first years being dragged off towards the boats.


The rest of the quest up to the castle and the Great Hall was mostly filled by Winsome being almost awestruck by everything she saw. Surely, even though the island she was from was filled with magical creatures, witches and wizards, and many other things. She hadn't imagined any of it in her wildest dreams, and that may have been only because she didn't read anything from any of the books, not even Hogwarts: A History. 


Time seemed to stand still as the entered the Great Hall as other first years were called up towards the stool to have the sorting hat placed on their head.


"Winsome Tenpenny?"


The redhead walked up towards the stool and sat down on the stool waiting for the hat to be placed on her head with only one thought going through her head.


Well then, do your worst.

Do my worst? Why, I’m not here to eat you! Us hats are on a very strict diet of… well, you’re not here to hear about that, are you? No, a house is what you’re after, so a house is what you’ll get! Just sit tight for a moment then and let me see what I have here. My, you’re an ambitious one, aren’t you? With your eyes already on the highest position of the wizarding world, every bit of effort and action within you is geared towards achieving your goals. Yes, the best place for you is clear. Get ready, Miss Tenpenny, for you’ll find many determined peers just like you in... SLYTHERIN!

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Joseph Wilkins

Joe did not belong in this place, of that he was certain. What was a sensible, practical farm boy from Surrey doing in a school for magic anyway.

Until recently, Joe had not believed that magic was real, not even when he was getting his school supplies and his wand. Whilst Joe was good with his hands, and with tools he could never knowingly be referred to as the sharpest tool in the box.


As a farm boy, Joe could turn his hand to any practical task; he could tend the animals, plant and harvest, work with wood, decorate, build, all sorts of manual jobs. He did not see where magic fit into his identity. If there was anything Joe would describe himself as not being, it was magical.


It was only during the train ride, when the girl had handed him a chocolate frog that Joe was forced to concede that magic was real. Even now though, he had no clue what he was meant to do with it. All he knew was that by a strange set of circumstances and a number of people pushing him where he did not want to go, and he certainly did not fit, he had arrived at this place.


The boat ride wasn't so bad, if you consider the fact that the boats moved without sail, or or motor. There was something else pushing those boats along, something Joe could not comprehend.


Now he was in a large room with four long tables and a chair set up at the far end. Was it a room, or enclosed area? When Joe look up he saw what appeared to be the sky outside and yet there was not a hint of a breeze, and it was quite warm. Either there was no hint of a breeze or something funny was going on.


All the first years were instructed to line up in front of it to be sorted. Sorted how, into where? The hat had tried to sing a song, but Joe hadn't managed to catch the meaning of it. They all seemed to be waiting in line for their name to be called, at which point they sat in a chair and an old hat was placed on their heads. What happened then, he couldn't quite worked out. The hat seemed to call out some meaningless word and they were somehow sorted.


It had taken a fair bit of coaxing to get Joe to this point, not only from his family who had forced him to come, despite his objections. The girl, @Verity Doran had even threatened to sit on him for the duration of the ceremony if he tried to duck out. She had been the final push which had brought him to this place, and here he was.


Wilkins, Joseph


His name was called. Like others before him, the stepped up to the chair and took a seat. He half expected Verity to rush forward and sit on his lap as she had threatened, but he was strangely alone... or was he?


'Okay' he thought to himself 'I'm on this chair, I've got a talking hat on my head. What now?'

What happens now is that you will be sorted into your house! Your house will be your family for the next seven years, and I--the talking hat--will be picking that for you. Trust me, my dear boy, I have an excellent record of getting this decision right. Your mind is a delightful one, always thinking about the world around you, and there is a house which would nurture your intellect expertly. However, I see more than just cleverness here. You value fairness highly, and care deeply for those who call you a friend. Your honesty and loyalty will take you far in... HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Joseph Wilkins
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Margarleon Turpentine

“D’you think they’re going to use my full name?” Leon asked his sister @Darby Turpentine in a tense murmur as they stood, waiting for their names to be called. He was never going to hear the end of it if Dale or Julian were able to hear his full name. Maybe they’d be distracted and would miss it?


Turpentine was going to be one of the last surnames called, so it could be a while. He’d found Darby after the boat ride, on the way up to the castle after extricating himself from @Lyra Nyberg, who had been happily trying to talk his ear off alongside @Annag Hamblton the entire train ride.


Being next to Darby again as they awaited their fate therefore seemed only natural, even if he’d been eager to separate from his sister on the train ride here. For all their differences and squabbles, he and Darby still had each other's backs for the important stuff. Leon watched as Julian was sorted, then Annag, Amelia, Dale, Pine… and finally, it was Darby’s turn. Knowing he was next put a lump of dread in his stomach, imagining Dale or Julian or Amelia hearing his full name and using it to taunt him and call him Margie… or worse.


Please just say Leon, please just say Leon…


“Turpentine, Margarleon.”


No such luck. Leon’s fists clenched and he stalked hurriedly up, keeping his head bowed. Maybe Dale and Julian wouldn’t see it was him if the hat went fast enough, and then they’d be none the wiser to the whole thing. He yanked the hat down over his head when he got up there, trying to get it to cover as much of his face as possible, and all he implored was, Let’s get this over with. Hurry it along, would you?

Oh dear, oh my. What’s all this turbulence about?! Trying to hide from… ah, I see. It all makes sense now. Worry not, Mr. Turpentine, I’ll get to sorting you as quickly as possible! All you need to do is settle down for a short while… yes, that’s it, and let me look through this fine head of yours. It’s clear right away that you care much about what others think about you, the impression you put out into the world, and your ambitions are great for someone so young. That alone will get you far here, but where to sort you? ah, yes. Well, dear boy, you’ll certainly find ample opportunities to make your own name for yourself in… SLYTHERIN!

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Rivorn J. Moray

For the past couple of weeks, Rivorn turned Hogwarts a History book inside out and upside down, reading and reading  every chapter trying to maximize the amount of knowledge he could absorb about the castle.


Now, three weeks later he was seeing it in front of him. He reveled in its glory. The castle was as magnificent as shown in the pictures. Impeccable craftsmanship, years and years of history and intrigues, thousands of wizards and witches, house elves, secret passageways, moving suits of armor, hexes, jinxes, all that in one place.


Truth be told, his excitement was kept inwards. He didn't share the same enthusiasm as some of the kids who talked about the castle and the houses and Quidditch already. This wasn't the moment for it. Or so he thought. For Rivorn this was a moment to enjoy in silence the splendid view. This was it. The one and only boat ride they will ever get.


This journey coming to an end, he fall in line with the rest of his classmates. It was surreal to think that they would share the same classrooms, the same corridors, probably the same house for the next seven years. Suddenly he panicked. Socializing wasn't one of his traits. He couldn't do it, he knew nothing about it. How the hell would he survive this?


A teacher appeared and prompted all of them to follow him. He did so. The teacher's appearance came right on time. Rivorn forced his mind and eyes to look. To feast upon everything he was seeing for the first time. The stories he read, spoke of Merlin once being a student here. This thought alone caused goosebumps on his arm. This was so exciting.


As they moved forwards, Rivorn fixated on the thought of Merlin at Hogwarts. Where did he go when he wanted to spend some time alone, which magical subject was his favorite? He even wondered if there were books in here that had detailed histories about his life. After all, for Rivorn he was the Greatest Wizard ever!


Moments later and they all stood inside the Great Hall. Rivorn felt quite overwhelmed by all of this, but at the same time he couldn't just NOT thing of how great this was! He was here! Not in a muggle school, not in the muggle world. He touched the part of his belt where his wand was and felt the familiar warmth spreading through his body once more. He wasn't dreaming, this was really happening!


Moray James Rivorn


The teacher who accompanied them inside the Great Hall, called his name loud and clear. Was it already his turn? Guess so.


With quick steps, he approached the stool where the Sorting Hat waited. Merlin wore that hat as well. How...awesome was that? When the hat fell on top of his head, everything momentarily went dark.


"Oops, i can't see anything...." he whispered. But maybe that was a good thing. He didn't want everyone else to witness his eyes moving right and left, checking everything and everyone. His mother told him that the hat could hear his thoughts and that he will whisper back. That was strange as a concept, but this was the magical world. Everything was strange. "Please put me somewhere that will allow me to follow on Merlin's footsteps!" he said.

Follow in Merlin's footsteps, you say? That's quite the request, Mr. Moray, but I'll see what I can do. I have to say, you are quite the clever one. Practical and analytical, with a desire to drink up even more knowledge as you grow. But it's an ambitious mind, as well. You have your goals and you're determined to see them achieved. Not just clever, I might say you're shrewd -- the sort of boy who can't help but go far in life. Yes, though Rowena may be calling your name it's just as you say: time for you to follow Merlin's footsteps to... SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Rivorn J. Moray

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Amelia Martin

Somehow Amelia and Dale had gotten separated once they'd departed the train. She'd looked around for a couple of seconds, then shrugged and moved toward the front of the group, intent on not missing out on anything. The train ride had been, well, it had been long. When the novelty had worn off, boredom had set in. Julian had been annoying, people were loud, and she'd just wanted off. Thankfully, the crisp night air did wonderful things for her, as she looked around the platform they'd arrived on. The professor had led them to boats, which immediately filled the confident blonde with dread.


Bodies of water frightened her, though no outward fear shone on Amy's face. She'd just climbed in, whilst shooting glares at @Willa Henry. There was no way she was sharing a boat with that clump of loser. Her eyes stayed clear of @Margarleon Turpentine. The boat bumped and rocked its way to the large castle looming out of the darkness. It was imposing, but also sort of beautiful. Even narcissistic Amelia could admit that. Each bump resulted in her hands gripping the boat and her jaw clenching. Luckily, nothing crazy happened during the ride because Amy knew she wasn't above throwing someone out of the boat if something had happened.


No students were harmed in the making of this journey.


Being one of the first to climb into the boats, Amy was also one of the first to climb out of them. Taking a human moment and shaking out her nerves, she fell into one of the two lines that led up to the massive castle. 


Amelia had been born and slightly raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico and to Ilvermorny her parents had always assured her she'd go. However, with her move to Britain a couple of years ago, the only magical education she'd be receiving was Hogwarts. She hadn't known about the school at all when she'd gotten her letter. So, her obsessive nature to be the most well-informed led her to acquiring as many books as she could and asking as many questions as she was able. And so she learned all she could. 


Entering the large Entrance Hall should have been a moment, but Amelia had seen much fancier things in her day. The Great Hall, on the other hand, was a different story. She'd never been in a place with so much magic before. From the numerous floating candles to the obviously enchanted sky, the look displayed on Amy's face was one of true vulnerability and wonder. She came to stop at the front of the hall, her eyes immediately set upon the stool and frayed hat. Her nose wrinkled with disgust. She was not putting that thing on her head. What if there were lice in it?


The hat sung (her face held no surprise) and so the Sorting began. She watched as Willa went (gross) and then other students she didn't know the name of, nor care about. Her stomach flipped as she heard "Martin, Amelia" ring out across the hall. Smoothing her skirt down (the one she'd had tailored to be a touch shorter than allowed), Amy strode purposefully toward the stool, sat down, and most definitely grimaced when the patched old hat fell down and blocked out her eyesight.

Now what’s this face about? Ahh, I see. Well, worry not, Miss Martin, for the magical properties placed upon me ensure that no lice stay long! Your pretty little head is perfectly protected. Your image is safe with me, and that’s what’s most important to you, isn’t it? Such an ambitious young girl you are, I see you’ll do whatever possible to ensure the spotlight is yours and yours alone. People aren’t important to you unless they’re a part of an admiring group… or are they? I sense something else; loneliness, a desire for a friend, a comrade. So where to put you… I certainly believe you have potential, Miss Martin, and there’s a place just right to help you unlock all of it. See that table of green? You’ll soon find yourself with so much more in... SLYTHERIN!

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Verity Doran

Verity leapt from the Hogwarts Express in two great bounds.  One leap for the eleven hours spent trapped in the car with Aunt Liv and Uncle Sean, the ferry ride, the passport checks, the unbearable silence in London’s midmorning traffic, another, happier leap for the six hours on the train, meeting Joe, changing into her robes, admiring her wand’s grain in the sunset’s pink light.  The platform was solid beneath her converse.  It was real, she was at Hogwarts.  She’d made it.  She’d finally, finally made it.


Further down the platform, a booming voice was summoning the first years.  Verity let the tide of tall, black-robed students sweep her towards it.  Every so often she’d catch a flash of color between shoulders and flowing sleeves; yellow, red, blue, green.  What type of trim would be on her robes for the next seven years?  She couldn’t wait to find out.  After some choice elbowing, Verity broke free of the older students and joined up with a group of first years heading down to their next destination.


“Boats!” Verity exclaimed, “That’s brilliant!”  Now she’d have a nice, magical boat ride to erase the horribleness of the muggle ferry.  She scrambled into the nearest one, sending water sloshing over the gunwales in her enthusiasm.  Her boat mates weren’t thrilled about that, but she didn’t care.  Verity’s whole being was focused on the smooth, dark lake.  She let her hand dangle overboard, tracing little patterns and eddies in the water as her eyes scanned the horizon for any sign of the castle.  All at once it materialized in front of them, a mass of turrets and towers stretching up and up into the sky, its lit windows twinkling like stars.


From that point forward, Verity couldn’t take her eyes off the castle.  Her head felt like it was on a constant swivel, craning to get a better look at everything as they stumbled from the boats, up stairs, and through halls and halls of torchlit walls.  When the doors of the Great Hall opened before them, Verity’s jaw dropped.  Flying candles!  An enchanted ceiling!  Magic students, magic teachers -a magic hat!  And it sang!  Even though she couldn’t bring herself to listen to the whole song -there were too many things to stare at, golden plates and pointed hats -she joined in with the older student’s applause once it was over, eager to be a part of any school tradition she could find.


And then it started, the actual sorting.  Verity clapped along after each of the A surnames learned their new houses, then the B’s, and then the C’s.  As the first D’s made their way up to the stool, Verity realized with a start that she would get sorted before @Joseph Wilkins.  Well, fine, if he tried to escape, she’d run over from her house table, drag him up to the hat, and sit on him just like she’d done on the train.  It’d be for his own good; nobody would blame her.


“Doran, Verity!”


Oh, wow, that had gone fast.  Verity got to the stool so quickly that it felt like her feet hadn’t even touched the ground.  It was as if she’d flown there, buoyed by excitement and nerves and an overwhelming sense of belonging.  This was where she was meant to be, no matter what color wound up appearing on her robes tomorrow morning.  The hat fell over her eyes, blotting out every bit of light.  Verity instinctively took a big gulp of air and held it, feeling almost like she’d dunked her head beneath the lake’s rolling water.  Any minute now...

You're correct in thinking this will only take a minute, but please breathe, Miss Doran! I can sense your excitement flowing through you, but rest assured, I think I already know just the place for you. You're a warrior for any cause you see fit to back, and you aren't afraid of boldly stating your stance on... well, just about everything! Dive in headfirst to... GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Verity Doran

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Evander Braelin-VonHaus

This had already proven to be a very long day. Packing had been stressful, even with the ever patient and helpful house elf, Dew, and ever attentive mama @Aurora Braelin-VonHaus to assist. The family platform send off of the twins @Evander Braelin-VonHaus and @Katherine Braelin-VonHaus from the Hogwarts Express had been nothing short of chaotic, and somewhat emotional in nature. The train itself... had actually been pretty quiet. He wasn't sure where all of his yearmates came from when they all piled off the train, but he hadn't seen any of them for the entire ride to the school.

He had been warned about the boats, the squid, and threatened by more than one devious sibling that his precious clothing might end up soaked through with lake water, much to his distress. His nerves had been quelled significantly once his father assured him that if he stayed on his butt and didn't try to lure the aforementioned squid, he would be fine. @Margarita Mendelssohn had joined him on the lake, and nothing tooo terrible had happened. 

Now here he was. Standing tall in the Great Hall in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 
And there was so much bad hair.

What were they all thinking? Even the witches and wizards wearing hats had evidence of poor life choices peeking out under the rim. Then he started looking at the hats themselves, shuddered visibly, and retreated back into his own head. 
"This is going to be a lot of work..." he muttered, straightening his robes and looking down at his crowd-scuffed shoes. He would need to polish those later. 

He glanced over the heads of his peers and spotted the sorting hat, which was... underwhelming. Or horrifying. 
It looked like something out of a horror movie, ragged and torn. How did something manage to look like it smelled bad? Whatever the answer, this hat had accomplished that feat. And he was expected to put it on his beautiful head. 

"Merlin's organic cotton boyshorts..." he whined quietly, hands gripping the sides of his robes just thinking about it. "You can do this Evander... just imagine you are stepping onto the mats at the Dojo... breathe through your --"


Or don't breathe at all. That works. 

The youngest Braelin-VonHaus boy moved through the bodies of his peers and approached the offered stool as if her were swimming lengths of the pool underwater. He exchanged air quickly before sitting on the stool, hoping that his house would be called out before he ran out of air.


My, you seem very tense, Mr. Braelin-VonHaus! Are you… are you holding your breath?! Oh dear, better I get to sorting you quick, then. Wouldn’t want you fainting before the feast! You’re a very logic-oriented boy, aren’t you? Always open to debate and willing to hear other ideas, so long as there’s fact to back them up. You are you and unrepentantly you, standing up for what you know to be right and seeking the freedom to be yourself all the while… so where to put you? I see only one true answer, and that answer is… RAVENCLAW!

Edited by Evander Braelin-VonHaus

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Jerome Chan

Jerome would admit it: he was nervous. He'd already been through the process of starting a new school twice, but this wasn't an ordinary school. It was a magic school, with other students who were also magical. And he would be living away from home, away from his parents. He began doubting himself. Could he really do this? He swallowed nervously and followed the rest of the students into the school building, eyes darting about for any sort of familiar face. No such luck, it seemed. He desperately tried to think positively. Even the best and wisest people in the world felt nervous, too. But they got over it. He could do it too. He could get over his nervousness to become amazing like them. He balled his hands into fists and willed away the rapid beating of his heart. He felt as if his whole body was floating away, and everything before his eyes was flashing in a blur. Boats, candles, robes...what was going on? His gazed was fixed on his shoes as he stumbled along, putting one foot in front of another and uttering repetitive phrases to convince himself that everything was going to be okay, that he was a big boy who was all grown up and would make his parents proud by being a good student. 


The first-years went into the giant hall and Jerome stared in wonder at the candles and colours, guided by the stream of the crowd. Everything was so old-fashioned, but so beautiful. A different kind of beauty he was used to, but he liked it still. He walked with the others to the front of the hall, and stared wide-eyed at the chair and hat. His father had told him about the houses, and the girl he was talking to on the train was discussing about how people were sorted. Willa - where was she? He idly looked around but didn't seem to find her. He was sure he'd see her eventually so wasn't too bothered. Still, he thought there would be some exam, an aptitude test or something, like how it was for the special math programme in his school in China. But it was all due to a talking hat? It seemed...silly.


He kept the thought to himself as he watched others go up before him, and he tried to still the feeling of butterflies in his stomach. He shouldn't be nervous. Everything would be fine. He took in deep breaths, like his parents did when they were doing yoga. He should relax. Everything is fine.


"Jerome Chan!"


The young Chinese boy did his best to swallow his fear, before walking up as calmly as he could. His parents wouldn't be nervous in a situation like this, so he shouldn't be either. He was Jerome Chan - and he was going to do amazing things with his life. What reason did he have to be nervous? No reason at all. The logical pathway of thought settled his heart, and by the time he sat down on the seat, he was rather collected. The large hat - too big for his head - blocked his vision, but he supposed he didn't need it for the moment.


And so, Jerome waited to hear his fate.

Going to do amazing things with your life? My, I would say so! And with such an aspiring mind, I imagine Salazar would love having you in his house! But we have some other founders who would think the same, Mr. Chan. You see, you're quite the mixed bag. Not only do you have a shrewd mind that both Salazar and Rowena would fight over, but Godric would also adore your defined set of morals. But we can't forget about Helga. Your loyalty, expectation of being treated fairly, and people skills will all serve you best in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Dante Agretera

Dante wasn't sure how he liked the robes part of the uniform that he was wearing; It was loose and flowy, and that could be a trip in and of itself, but it wasn't the right sort of robes or anything he was used to. Honestly wearing the black thing was like wearing a light coat over normal school clothes; and he wasn't particularly fond of it. Especially since it kept wanting to get into the lake water at every chance it could. He understood the purest concept behind the lake boat ride – magic needed it's first shock and awe effect, but he didn't know why he had to do it in the least practical clothes he could find.


It was @Marco Caldeira that had pointed out that the uniforms were like that to be stylish or even a bit cultish and had put the thought that there was probably some sort of Magical way to dry off, just in case someone had fallen into the lake or something. There had been a rather timely splash at that particular statement, but Dante had decided that it must have just been fish or his imagination. Instead he tried to focus on what the end goal was: Magic.


When they were taken into the castle that would apparently be his three-seasons-a-year home. The great looming monstrosity of stone and light seemed to just get bigger and bigger as the gaggle of new students approached.


Hello.” he said to one girl ( @Margarita Mendelssohn) who just decided to nod then walk off, leaving him wondering if he had done something wrong before he was herded neatly into line, his simple nervousness starting to make him shiver almost as if he had been dumped in the lake; or at least as if someone had exchanged his blood for ice water. He clasped his hands together in front of him and tried some deep breaths as the two lines of children walked down the length of the huge room.


He could get through this, it just took a little bit of focus. His eyes closed in a silent prayer offered to his goddess to get through this first trial of sorts.


Agretera, Dante.


It was that focus that was completely shattered as his name was one of the first to be called, of course, they were going in alphabetical order, he should have known.


With a bit of a sway in his first step before his dancer's training took over he walked towards the front of the group and sat on the stool before a hat was dropped over his eyes.

My, my, you're an interesting one, aren't you? I can tell that you care a lot about people being fair to each other, and that you want to accept people, even when they don't agree with you. But I can also see that you care a lot about logic, and you're even a bit worried when you get to talking, now aren't you? Yes, yes, I think I can figure this out. While Helga would love to have you in her house, you will be going off to... RAVENCLAW!

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Katherine Braelin-VonHaus

"Mum!" Katherine said snappishly as @Aurora Braelin-VonHaus started smoothing out her hair in front of all the other visible students on the platform of the Hogwarts Express. She couldn't believe the time was finally here. She could finally go to Hogwarts and enjoy herself and learn magic. She'd be watching her parents perform such feats of wonder all her life, and to be denied those things for 11 long years, it was almost too much to bear. But now, she was on her way... if only she could escape the clutches of her mother at that moment. "It's fine! It's a style! Things have changed since you were a student."


That got the VonHaus matriarch to let her go. Kate went back to running her hands through her hair to get it back to the messy way it was. She bid farewell to the rest of the family, surprised to see @Edward Braelin-VonHaus, @Jonathan Braelin-VonHaus, @Alexandria Braelin-VonHaus, @Jacen Braelin-VonHaus had all made an appearance, too, even though their Hogwarts days were long behind them now. She gave hugs to her sister and brothers, and her younger siblings, Flora and Anya, and then turned to her father, @Spike VonHaus to give him a fierce hug. "I'll write," she promised, now hugging her mum, and beginning to feel the ache of what it meant to be away from her family for an extended period of time. She had never felt it like this before--even when her father went on his long business trips. She had never been without both parents at the same time before. It started to make her shake as she headed towards the Express with @Evander Braelin-VonHaus, her twin brother. She was older than him by five minutes.


The train ride was as to be expected. New people came into her compartment, but for the most part, she had peace as she looked out the window and the passing greenery.


Kate went aross the lake with the other students and marveled at the castle lit up against the backdrop of the starry sky. She felt like all eyes were on her (and the rest of the first years) as they made their way down the narrow passage between the two house tables towards the front where the Headmistress stood. She looked quite stern--even more stern than her mother did, and that was never a good thing.


Evander got to go first, what with his first name being first in the alphabet, but she couldn't help but feel the injustice of it. She was older than him by five minutes! She should go first.


She waited impatiently for his house to be called, and gave him a somewhat sour look, and yet still managed to retain that it was only a family rivalry. No ill-will followed.


Katherine Braelin-VonHaus!


Gulp. Kate took it back. Someone else could go before her. Then, someone was nudging her forward, and she went, sat on the stool and looked up as the hat was being lowered to now sit on her head. It was lighter than she thought. Collecting dust doing whatever it did for the other 364 days of the year surely should weigh it down. And how old was it?! How many years of dust are we talking? Despite those curious thoughts (and nothing malicious about them), she smiled, because this was magic, and she loved magic.


I'm Kate! she thought to the hat, already having been explained the nuances of the sorting hat by her older siblings. You've met a lot of my family over the years. They told me all about you. It feels as though you're about to shape my entire future. Is that true? Do you think I am more like my mum, or my dad? One is a Ravenclaw, and one is a Slytherin, in case you didn't remember... So, I know one of them is going to be disappointed no matter what house you put me in,  she thought forlornly, and frowned.

You're quite the thinker, aren't you? Of course I remember your ancestors, Miss Braelin-VonHaus, each and every one of them! I feel as though Ravenclaw could serve you well, as it did your mother... you're intelligent and have an analytical mind that would fit right in there. Truly, you could even do well in Gryffindor, with your reckless streak, but no. I think neither of those places - nor Slytherin - are the places for you. Your heart wants to fight for equality and you long to help the world around you become a better place. I'm afraid to say that both of your parents are going to be disappointed, but you will flourish in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Julian Banagher

Julian was throughly unimpressed with Hogwarts the moment that he laid eyes on it. Several of his classmates were looking around awestruck, but he was already bored and restless. He clenched his hands by his side as he waited in line for his turn to be sorted by the Sorting Hat. Even though his last name was in the Bs, he felt like he was being asked to wait an unreasonably long time.


He tapped his foot impatiently as he surveyed the Great Hall. He was more interested in the food that would no doubt be appearing when the Sorting was over than he was in any of the houses that he would possibly be joining. Then again, he knew there was only house he could be joining. 


Slytherin--the same house where his mother had been sorted when she was in school. If he went anywhere else, that house could look forward to their common room being throughly trashed that very evening, because there was no way that he was going to put up with such an egregious oversight.


Banagher, Julian!


"Finally," he said, rolling his eyes when it was his turn to go up to the stool. When he sat down and the hat was put on his head, he stared up at it. 


Okay, let me get this straight, stupid Hat. I know you're not very smart because you're like 100,000 years old and a hat, but there's only one house where I'm supposed to go, okay? Just let me go already.


Oh yeah, and hurry it up with everyone else, too, will you? I'm starving and I really don't care what houses these losers get.

Stupid? Well, can’t say I’ve not been called that before, but rest assured that I’m at least smart enough to know -- if you could summon just a bit of patience so that I can -- no? All right, I’ll have to make this quick then! It’s clear you’re a very ambitious lad with an intense focus on achieving your goals. Your mother has undoubtedly had a hand in molding that ambition. I remember her; former head girl, very strong, and I see great things coming for you too, Mr. Banagher. The fire burning within you is a strength capable of overcoming anything, if only you learn to control it. There is one house that will certainly help you there. Turn your head until you see a table of green. Familiar with it, I presume? Your mother accomplished many great things there and I see you easily following in her footsteps in… SLYTHERIN!

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Mira Skydel

Mira stepped from the carriage and onto the main platform. It took her a moment to get her bearings, looking around she saw the platform was swarming with students and their families..... their families. 

"Mum!" she heard a young voice call out, her eyes drifted towards it's source, she could see a girl much the same age as herself. A woman who was clearly the girl's mother was running her hand through the girls dark brown hair. "It's fine! It's a style!" the young girl protested again. Mira's eyes were fixated on this family surrounding the girl, they were sharing hugs and words of praise. Her hand slowly drifted up to her own mess of hair as she watched. Feeling a little bit colder, despite the warm Autumn air.


Mira shook her head, bringing her focus back to the here and now. Despite all the doubts.... all the shame and put downs. She had made it. She was going to one of the best schools in the magical world. And no one was going to stop her. "I'm here for me, not them" she said to herself, perhaps a little too loudly judging by the looks she received from those around her. She shrugged it off as best she could. Instead her eyes drifted towards the behemoth castle, standing tall before the backdrop of the starry sky. She'd be lying if she said it didn't frighten her. She'd been wanting to become a part of this world ever since she realised the magic was real, and that she could make it happen. 

Soon enough the crowds began to shift in the direction of the castle, Mira quickly picked up her bags and began to move after them. She followed the crowds as best she could, part of her wanted to ask where exactly they were going, or how they were going to get all the way over to the castle for that matter. But the rest of her didn't, she didn't want to seem like some foolish child in front of these people she didn't know. 

Mira as doing her best to hide her enjoyment, she was secretly loving finally being able to be a part of the magical world, she was keeping her excitement under control when she watched the other students climb into the magical boats so nonchalantly. Apart from the slight queasiness she felt in her stomach, the boat ride had been one of her favourite parts so far, and she knew that things were only going to get better. 


Mira sat nervously at the back of the room, although she was doing her best to hide it from the others. She heard name after name being called out, students were going up and being sorted into their houses one after the other. The room was abuzz with all sorts of chatter, students talking about what houses they were wishing for and why. Mira hadn't put much thought into it. She didn't really care about the houses, or at least didn't know enough about them to care. Her main focus was getting to the school, and she had done it. 

As the names were called out one after another, she felt a knot in her stomach starting to form, sinking and twisting as they did so. "What if they don't call out my name" she thought, her eyes quickly scanning the room. "What if this is all some sort of joke they wanted to play on me." Her eyes began looking towards the doors she had walked through earlier, they were now closed and a pair of robed figures were standing in front of it. Based on the way they were dressed, she assumed they were students, but much older than any of the first years sitting with her. Her paranoia grew as she continued to think of a way out, that was until she heard the voice call out. 

"Skydel, Mira"

Mira whipped her head around towards the front of the room, the older woman standing there was clearly casting her gaze over the room in search of her. Not wanting to miss her opportunity, Mira quickly rushed from her seat and began making her way to the front, she held her head up high, bringing an air of confidence to her stride. Sitting on the chair, she watched as the magical hat was lowered onto her head. Mira didn't have as much experience with magic as she would like to admit, but she could certainly sense the magic from the hat. She could feel it reaching out, the waves of magic gently sifting through her mind. She had to resist the urge to reach up and throw the hat across the room. She didn't like the idea of "Some dusty hat" fishing around in her mind. She gently wrapped her fingers around the edges of her chair and waited......

Worry not, Miss Skydel! I’m not here to pry and won’t be long. Just long enough to sort you is all, and I can already sense… ah, yes, you’re a rather clever girl, aren’t you? Very analytical. Cunning, ambitious… if it weren’t for the matter of your blood, I might say you’d do very well in Slytherin. But worry not, there’s another house waiting that’s even better for you. You’re a very intelligent girl with plenty of wit to match and that will take you far in... RAVENCLAW!

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Anubis Saint Germain

This was wild. While Anubis still didn't believe this was fully happening, he was going along with it. No matter what, he was interested in trying to think of what all was going on. Thinking about it, he was more and more excited. He'd made a friend or two along the way. He'd even spent the whole train ride with an older student learning things. He didn't know anything about the houses. He didn't know anything about any of this. He was just happy to be there.


So he was in line with a bunch of his fellow students. If they had been sorted by first names, he'd be near the top. But last names meant he was near the back. After all, S was close to the end. But that was fine. It wasn't like he minded. Eventually they'd get to him. He kept trying to turn around and talk to the person behind him, but they didn't seem overly thrilled with him. He just decided that he wasn't going to let that bother him. Nothing could bother him right now.


He practically jumped up and down while he looked around. This would be more then fine with him. He could wait, although they were getting closer to the end of it. With every new person being called, he felt himself getting a little bit more excited. Sadly Pine wouldn't be sorted until after him, but that was fine. He'd find out where his friend was sorted a little bit later.


"Saint Germain, Anubis."


It was his turn! He almost skipped up to the hat. This had to be okay. He was on the chair and a hat was placed on him. Alright. Weird tradition, but at least it looked awesome. He could make this work. Now he just needed to find out the house, where he was supposed to go, and everything about his new life. But no matter what, he was excited for it.

There have been very few heads I've sat atop that are as full of kindness as yours, Mr. Saint Germain. You view the world and the people in it with optimistic eyes, giving everyone you encounter a fair chance. You yearn to belong somewhere, and form true and lasting connections with those around you. I think you'll be given the chance to do just that in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Josie Potter



Yep that was the sound Josie made as she entered the Great Hall and stood in line waiting for her turn at the sorting hat.  She had listened to her brother's tales of what his sorting night had been like when he came home his first year for Christmas.  She'd made him tell her what it was like again when she got her letter.  Oh, and one more time the night before.  Poor @Desmond Potter could now probably tell that story in his sleep.  But it still did not stop the wide-eyed expression that was on her face as she followed her classmates into the hall and formed a line for the Sorting Hat.


She was staring at the back of her cousin's (@Alec Potter) head before Josie looked around and spotted her new friend, @Avalon Edens further ahead of her in the line.  She looked back in the line and saw her other new friend, @Pine Tree, and gave him a little wave.  As the line moved up, she searched for the Hufflepuff table and spotted her brother, @Desmond Potter and @Seeley Pichardo


Inch by inch, step by step, they were moving forward as one person than another had their turn at the sorting hat.  Most of her family on both sides had been Gryffindors.  Her brother and her cousin, @Avery Potter, were both Hufflepuffs.  Would she end up in one of those?  Or something totally different?  Would sheknow anyone?  All these questions and more were on Josie's mind as she heard,


Potter, Josephine


She may have wrinkled her nose to hear her full first name.  She rarely heard it as most people just called her Josie.  But she went forward and took her place on the stool.  As the Sorting Hat settled on her head, she greeted it politely.  "Hi, I'm Josie," and then waited nervously but hopefully, her eyes on her brother.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Josie, or as I prefer, Miss Potter! I've sorted many of your ancestors, as I'm sure you know. Now, just to decide where the best place for you is. I think you could do well to follow in Harry's footsteps as a Gryffindor -- you have his chivalry and fearlessness -- but perhaps there's an even better place for you. Ah, yes... you put a lot of value on equality, and this, I think, would instead make you a great... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Jacquetta Rosewood

This was the first year that children from Brackleberry would be attending Hogwarts. In the past, the students had been taught at small schools or homeschooled because of the small number of them. But the tiny wizarding country had decided to send the students to Hogwarts in a deal with the Ministry of Magic. Although Brackleberry stayed an independent country, for education purposes it was now considered part of Ireland. It was confusing to Jacquetta but she tried to keep up since her own father had been the one to broker the deal with the Ministry. (And by deal it meant he'd asked if they could attend because they were part of the United Kingdom and the answer had been yes as it had always been before.)


Her father, the King of Brackleberry, didn’t have much power but he did wield influence. It was because of this that he raised Jacquetta and her brother to be good and fair. He had made sure they knew what their titles meant and how to use their influence and miniscule power to better the country and its inhabitants. She did her best to follow in his footsteps and she thought she was doing a good job. Being only eleven, it was hard to tell.


Two other kids from Brackleberry were being sorted this year too. Her best friend, @Willa Henry, and another girl whose name she hadn’t learned yet. Her country was small but that didn’t mean that she knew everyone who lived there. She hoped to find the other girl so that they could be friends but she would have to focus on discovering who she was at another time since she wouldn’t be able to tell from names alone.


As she waited for her name to be called, Jacquetta looked around the Great Hall. It was bigger than she had thought it would be. It was also more interesting. She had been told some of the finer details of Hogwarts but since no one in her family had ever attended, many aspects of the school had been left out simply because no one knew about them. She was fascinated by the ceiling (or lack thereof) and wondered if she could get her father to do the same kind of magic in their castle back home. It would certainly wow their guests during their charity fundraisers!


She had been separated from Willa and that made her nervous. Jacquetta had never been completely free from anyone. At home, she was followed around by tutors and bodyguards. And once she’d been put on the train, she’d been entrusted into Willa’s care. It had been a lot of pressure on the other girl, she was sure, but Willa had taken it in stride before they’d gotten lost to each other. They’d found each other again during the boat ride and then has lost track of the other once more. It felt weird to be alone and yet not alone. The room was full of people. She just didn’t know any of them.


The line was getting smaller and smaller as first year after first year was called to the front and the Sorting Hat was placed on their head. Jacquetta didn’t know much about the houses since no one from her family had ever been sorted into one. Some of her bodyguards and tutors had been educated at Hogwarts but they had never spoken about it with her, even when she had asked. She didn’t know where she would end up and she wasn’t sure she cared. All the houses had to be great, right? The bad ones would have been done away with, she was sure.


Eventually, she was called. She sighed in relief when only her legal name was read aloud. “Rosewood, Jacquetta!” At least they hadn't used her "full" name and title. They'd have been there for years if they had since it was so long. She sat down and the Sorting Hat was placed on her head. She didn't know what she was supposed to do so she just thought about how she wanted to be a normal kid like everyone else.

Ah, the way you crave a normal life despite your noble upbringing tells me just how humble you are, Miss Rosewood. And while I believe you could be served very well in Godric's house due to your chivalrous beliefs and your lack of fear to stand up for what's right, I keep coming back to this humility that runs deep within you. Also, I can sense that above all, you want equality for all, and that is a belief that one of our founders covets more than the rest. I think you'll be best served in... HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Jacquetta Rosewood

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Poppy Xu

Here it was, the moment of truth.


Poppy Xu probably ought to have actually been focusing on that moment and taking it all in, lest she miss it, but the girl was far too busy staring up at the ceiling as the first years were ushered into the Great Hall. The swirling skyscape dotted with stars was enchanting to say the least, making her feel a sense of calm despite the situation. Eventually she managed to rip her eyes away from the spectacle above to sort of listen to what was being said by someone who looked important, though now she found herself distracted by the sea of faces around her. When was the food coming out, anyway? The kid was starving. Starving! 

Children were summoned to the Sorting Hat for what would likely be one of the most important decisions of their life and Poppy cursed her name, falling so late in the alphabet as it did. This was going to take forever. It was hard to stay still on the bench as she sat and waited, practically vibrating with excited energy, until finally her name was called. It rang out through the Great Hall and she rose slowly, straightening her robes before she began the walk towards the famous head-warmer. Would it be offended by that thought? Probably best to focus on other names, lest it sort her into Hufflepuff as punishment.


Poppy sat upon the stool, clasping her hands neatly in her lap as the magical head-warmer, I mean hat, was lowered onto her head. It was nice and warm though. After a moment of silence, she cleared her throat, glancing upwards as though expecting to be able to see anything useful, despite the fact that her vision was now entirely obscured by the dark material. "Let's do this," Poppy muttered decisively, her grip on her own hands tightening. "Do your worst."

Again, it sank in that it was probably prudent to be polite to the Sorting Hat, as it was about to decide a fair chunk of her fate.


You're looking very fine today, she thought, trying to maintain some semblance of good manners. My head's never been warmer. Head warmer, head warmer, damnit! This wasn't working at all. Sorry. You're a very good hat. The best hat. Please don't eat me.

Why, thank you! You’re looking rather fine yourself, Miss -- head warmer?! I’ve had many purposes in my years, but… Miss Xu! You’re a rather jumpy one, aren’t you? Rest assured that I’m not here to eat any students today! No, I’m only here to sort you, and if you’ll just relax for a moment, I’ll get you on your way soon enough. Deep breaths. Deep breaths… that’s it! Now let’s see what we have here… you want to be remembered, I see, and certainly have enough ambition and drive to reach the many goals you’ve set before you. Money, fame, success… all are great things, but you’ll soon discover that there’s much more to greatness than just that. You’ve many things to learn yet, Miss Xu, and you’ll find just the people to teach you in... SLYTHERIN!

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Madison Miller

Madison felt extremely excited. After a long summer, she was finally here in the castle. The representative had told her that Hogwarts was in a castle, but it was so hard to believe. It was harder to believe than the fact that she was a witch, and that there was a world hidden from non-magical people. She's always wanted to go see a castle, and her parents always promised they'd go on a trip to see one, but so far they hadn't. Now she was going to live in one!


The sight in the boats was like a dream. Here she was, Madison Miller, living most muggle kids dreams.  She was likely the most unremarkable person, and yet, she was on her way to live in a castle and learn to do magic. For the past couple of months, she'd wanted to pinch herself because it felt like it was all a dream. At the same time though, she didn't want to wake up because it was such an amazing dream.


As she followed her classmates, she actually did reach over to pinch her left arm with her right hand. However, she was still in line with the rest of the first years who were entering the castle. She wished she had more than two eyes so she could glimpse everything, and not miss even the smallest thing.


"Ooh this is so brilliant!" She whispered as she glanced around.


She thought she would faint from too much excitement. Finally, after some time, they were in a huge room with five tables. One was for the teachers, which faced the other four tables which was where all the students sat. Madison knew they were about to be sorted, and that at any moment, she'd be sitting at one of those tables for the next seven years? Which would it be though? She wasn't even sure which house she preferred more, though she'd read about all of them.


She was bouncing on her toes as each student was called up. Unfortunately, she had a last name in the M's, so it was taking forever. Finally, she finally her name called and she jumped up and down before rushing forward to the stool. She climbed onto it eagerly wearing a huge smile on her face.


Hello Sorting Hat! She thought as soon as it was placed on her head. Another student had told her that the hat could read their minds. I hope you are well. I'm so excited to finally be here. I can't wait to find out what house you think I belong in! I've heard you are never wrong, and I trust you completely. I find it interesting that you've been able to read so many different minds. I bet you've learned a lot of interesting things about people. I don't know if you can see it or not, but I've never had a friend before. I'm not saying that so you'll pity me, but because I'm hoping it will help with your decision. I need to be where people will accept me for who I am, and maybe I will have my very first friend. Thank you, and I hope the rest of your evening is pleasant.


She hoped she wasn't putting too much pressure on the hat. The last thing she wanted was to make it's decision harder. She wondered if life was ever boring as hat while she waited for it's decision.


Why hello! My, you're such a kind and considerate young lady. You're right, I have met a lot of interesting people through the years, and now you're one of them too! Let's see... I can tell that you'd be a very loyal friend, and that you care a lot about being fair to everyone you meet. Helga would be proud to have you as a student. You will make lots of new friends in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Fenella Campbell

"Campbell, Fenella!"


It had been a long day. Possibly the longest day of Fenella's life. There was a magical doorway through a brick wall, a train ride where all sorts of spells and magic had happened and then the boats! Oh the boat ride was definitely the kind of magic she had expected to see at Magic school! 


But seeing the castle. Oh the sight! Fenella had seen castles before - she'd seen Holyrood house and Edinburgh and even Buckingham Palace. But Hogwarts, well Hogwarts had nothing on them. So tall with its turrets and the long bridge to get to the entrance and those doors! They were as tall as a three storey house! Her mouth was wide open and if there happened to be a fly or something nearby it could've flown in and made its way all the way down to her stomach before she realised.


She followed the crowd as they made their way from the boats, through the entrance and finally in to the Great Hall. The four tables, one for each of the four houses she'd learnt about in Hogwarts A History, and then a grand table at the top of the room. She tried to listen as the Hat sang it's song, and then again as the instructions were given about taking one's place on the stool but it was too much for this 11 year old. Because then there was the missing ceiling and the night sky with the floating candles and well did I mention the giant doors?


"Ahem. Campbell, Fenella?"


She should've paid better attention - Campbell wasn't that far along in the alphabet. It didn't seem like anyone else had had to be called twice. Her face went bright red, but she turned and bowed slightly to the waiting crowd of students and her fellow new kids and mouthed the word 'sorry' before she took her place on the stool.


And then she was in darkness ... because her tiny head fit well under the brim of the hat. 

Yes, Miss Campbell, there is a lot to see here at Hogwarts! I can hardly blame you for being distractible! And don't worry, once this is done, you'll have all the time in the world to marvel at the castle. This won't take long, either... while I can see Godric liking your chivalrous desires to stand up against those being mistreated, I think another founder would like that just as much, if not more. Yes, Helga could see that as a tendency to fight for equality, and when combined with your loyal nature and open-mindedness, I think you'll be best fit in... HUFFLEPUFF!

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Amalia Mayer

Amalia felt energy surging through her. It flipped in her stomach and tingled in her hands, and she felt simultaneously as if she had to throw up and run three laps. However, right now, filtering into the castle with the other eleven-year-olds, under the watchful eyes of students and professors alike, was not the time to do either of these things, so instead Amalia's hands shook at her sides and she tried to breath around the fist shaped lump in her throat.


Merlin, the Great Hall was beautiful! Candles hung in a starry night sky and filled the stone room with a warm light. Perhaps this castle wasn't the Cinderella-esque fantasy she'd been expecting, but it was so much better. Everything about it screamed detail and history, and she could practically feel the magic drumming through the walls - although perhaps she was imagining that. It was nothing like what she'd expected, and yet a thousand times better. The suits of armor on the walls seemed as if they could come alive at any second, and the teachers looked like mundanity was something they'd never experienced. Amalia swiveled her head, owl-like, to gaze at everything with wide, hungry eyes, desperate to eat up every view, to commit this to memory in case it was a dream.


If Amalia's greatest fear came true, and instead of getting sorted, she was told that she simply didn't have enough magic, that it was time to go home, it would have been worth it to spend five minutes surrounded by this world - but it also would be unbearable to tear herself away from this place. 


Amalia was so distracted by her energy and her thoughts and the brilliance of this Great Hall that she didn't pay any attention to the other students getting sorted. She was broken out of her thoughts only when her name was called.


"Mayer, Amalia," the professor's voice called, clear and precise. Amalia almost jumped in surprise. She had to stop herself from just running up to the stool to be sorted, but still stumbled in her haste. Just before she sat down, she gazed out over the tables in the Great Hall, her heart thrumming like a hummingbird's in her ears. In a few moments, she would be sitting down at one - which? Who would be her friends, her study mates, who would be surrounding her for the rest of her adolescent life? 


Amalia sat on the stool, legs pulled up high and eyes squeezed shut, ready for her life to change forever.


She felt the hat slip onto her head.

Take a deep breath, Miss Mayer, for you will soon be joining your new peers. Give me just a moment to sort through this head of yours to see where you would best fit. Ah, yes... I can see two of our founders fighting for you. Maybe even three! Your value on hard work would serve you quite well in Hufflepuff, while your desire to learn and experience new things could fit well in Ravenclaw. And yet, I think there's an even better fit. The way you use your morals to guide your actions and the bold way in which you try to get the most out of each moment tell me you would be right at home in... GRYFFINDOR!

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Alec Potter

When Alec had envisioned Hogwarts, it hadn't been anything like this.


He'd imagined himself alongside his older siblings, no longer separated from them for the majority of the year. He'd pictured the three of them, all together - swapping stories of their latest exploits over shared meals, spending time in their common room, and of course waiting anxiously for the time when AJ and Amelia could join them too. The Hogwarts in his imagination was near perfect.


But the Hogwarts in his reality was not. Already, he'd been relegated to the boats instead of following his siblings to the carriages. And as he entered the Great Hall, Alec was awed not by its grandeur, its magnificence, or even its magic-icence, but by the fact that Sonny and Avery belonged to different tables. He'd known, of course, that his siblings were in different houses, but never had the division seemed to matter.  At least, not until he saw the house tables. Lions, badgers, snakes, eagles, each a distinct group. 


Everything he'd hoped Hogwarts would be came crashing down in an instant. His heart sank, and he felt suddenly alone. Even this, the Sorting Ceremony, wasn't about being with his siblings. It was about him, Alec; who he was, what mattered to him, and who he would become.


Time passed unevenly. At first, it dragged its heavy feet, refusing to budge as Alec wished he could just get it over with already. But once he began to consider the possible outcomes - in Gryffindor without Avery, in Hufflepuff without Sonny, or in another house without either of them - he wondered idly if it might be better if his sorting never came. Of course, from then onwards, time seemed to fly by, until ... 


"Potter, Alec!"


Alec felt oddly detached as he stepped forward as many others had done before him. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. He was meant to be with both of his siblings. No matter how this ended, it wouldn't be what he wanted. His expression was solemn as he took a seat on the stool. A jumble of emotions and thoughts whirled through his mind, but he took a deep breath, quieting them and wondering simply: Well then?

Well, my boy, I'm not going to keep you waiting. You are witty and clever--someone who is always thinking for himself. But you're a fighter, just like your grandfather and so many other Potters who have sat under my brim over the years. You don't hesitate to do the right thing or stand up for those who need it when the situation calls for it. I think you will make your family proud over in... GRYFFINDOR!

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Chaol Edevane

When he had woken up that morning, Chaol had known only a few things about what would be happening that day. He knew about the train ride that would take him to Hogwarts castle and that he'd have to be placed in a special house for the entire time he was at the school. He didn't know what constituted admission into any of the houses or how many there were. Unlike many of his peers, he hadn't bought and memorized Hogwarts, A History in order to gain an edge. Being flexible about what life brought was his edge.


It had gotten him through the long train ride, where he'd managed to earn some pocket change selling his Muggle snacks and avoided being punched by @Julian Banagher. It got him through a boat ride across the Great Lake. And now it would get him through the process of the sorting ceremony.


Like most people when they entered the castle for the first time, Chaol was trying to take in as much of the scene as he could. There was so much to take in: the sea of older students sitting at four long tables, the ceiling that seemed as black as the sky outside, the professors at the other end of the hall.


When the first years reached the other side of the Great Hall, they were greeted by a professor who indicated that they would be sorted into their new houses by the Sorting Hat, a ratty-looking hat that sat on a stool next to the professor. How very magical, Chaol thought.


Less magical was the wait as they went through a countless number of names. Surely there was a faster way of doing this? But soon he heard his name being called. At least, an attempt of his name.


"Edevane, Cowl!"


"It's Chaol," he corrected. "Kay-all." But he was used to the mispronunciation, so he wasn't too terribly upset as he took a seat on the stool and the hat was placed on his head.

Mr. Edevane, you have quite an intriguing mind! A trickester, indeed, although I see you have your own set of morals you expect people to follow. Your loyalty and work ethic are both strong, and I can see those traits thriving in Hufflepuff, but there's more to find in you than just this. Your impulsive nature and desire to be right can see you nowhere else but... GRYFFINDOR!

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