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Dove Lightwood

VH38 Slytherin Mudsliding Competition

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Dove Lightwood

slytherin mudsliding competition

How had she been the one to organise this?


Dirt. Mud.


Dove Lightwood would NEVER allow herself to participate in such a disgusting and foul event. Still, her duties as a prefect apparently included the chance to watch her fellow Slytherin housemates getting dirty. Maybe if someone ended up with an injury the day wouldn’t be a complete bust. She glared out at everyone, then looked to see if @Zara Anguariz was around to share her pain.


“Alright everyone. Line up.” She shouted out. There was a long muddy track around the lake that would be perfect in this situation. “The person who slides the furthest wins. If anyone comes near me then I will feed your pet to my cat. If you don’t have a pet, I’ll just use your organs in potions. Clear?”




How the game works: You post once each round giving your best run and slide in attempt to go the farthest.

1. Each round will last 24 hours. If you don't post in the 24 hours of each round you will be automatically eliminated.

2. Your slide will be better the close your post is to a pre-determined minute of the day.

3. In an effort to be fair to all time zones - the minute is in the 12 hour window of 12:00-:11:59 and you can be closer to the minute in the AM or the PM  (ie- if the minute is 7:01, you can be closest by sliding near 7:01 AM or 7:01 PM).

4. The furthest competitors away from the minute will be eliminated for the following round.

5. The competition will end when someone slides on the correct minute. 


ANYONE can play, however, Dove will clearly be favouring the Slytherins. 


the game will start in 48 hours from this edit


post has been adapted from irene redgrave's post last year :3




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