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Simon Reed

you've got a friend in me

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Simon Reed

It felt like a whole different ball game having to mentor a first year on his own... this time it felt like he actually had responsibilities, instead of being able to rely on the expertise and experience of an older student. He missed Ollie, but he had enough confidence in himself to  not completely lead the younger boy astray. Though, perhaps he shouldn't assume the gender based on the name alone, he'd met a female Cameron once--this could very well be a girl. No matter, he wasn't going to change his plans now. With his best attempted penmanship he'd written an owl for the ickle, summoning them the ground floor a little after dinner time. 


He'd taken a few hours to brainstorm the type of things he would want to do with his mentee, coming up with plenty of ideas but realizing that they all seemed dull. Everybody did a tour of the castle, or probably took them to the dueling chamber, went outside visited the Quidditch pitch (or the lake, maybe even the forest) ... Simon wanted to be different, he wanted to come off as being cool and in the know. 


The Ravenclaw leaned against the wall across from the Caretakers office (Was Filch still around?), and sucked on a sugar quill as he finalized a few minor details to his plan. The sound of footsteps alerted him that somebody was just to round the corner, so he did his best to look as innocent as possible. At the sight of blue and bonze robes, a sigh of relief emerged. "Hey... are you Cameron?" 


Was this the boy he had been waiting around for?


If so, Simon hoped he'd up for a little trespassing and tomfoolery. 

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Cameron Hoofer

Cameron felt nervous about meeting an older student. Sure, he already knew a few older girls because of his sister, Alyssa. However, he didn't know any of the older boys. Teenage boys were very intimidating and so far, he'd managed to avoid them. He wasn't even sure why he'd signed up to have a mentor except that he wanted to meet more people, and maybe an older Ravenclaw could help him. This older boy would already have two years of schooling behind him. He would know things.


He did find it odd that their meeting place was going to be outside of Filches office. Not that he minded, but he wondered exactly why that was. He'd just managed to escape his brother who had wanted to come with him. For this, he wanted to do on his own. He wasn't sure why William couldn't understand that. Surely Gryffindor had a mentor program as well. William could have signed up for it. He knew Alyssa was a Big Badger. He'd finally shaken his twin off by mentioning that Simon had asked him to meet up in the library. William had stopped in his tracks when he said this.


"The library? He wants you to meet you there of all places? What is he teaching you to do in there?"


And with that, William had turned on his heel and he'd taken off. Cameron felt bad for lying to his twin, but at times it was necessary. William had already met some friends. Cameron hadn't, and all he wanted more than anything was to branch out from his brother. So he needed this one of one time. Besides, Simon was his mentor.


As he turned a corner, he saw an older boy in Ravenclaw waiting for him. Surely this had to be Simon.  Just as he was about to ask, the older boy asked if he was Cameron.


"Yes," Cameron responded with a smile. "Strange place to meet," he added. "What are we doing here?"

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