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Phoenix Borealis


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Phoenix Borealis

*to be said Hocus Pocus style


He'd bugged her enough about meeting him somewhere so they could chat, since she was always wanting to chat. In the meantime, all Phoenix wanted to do was practice his singing: how was he ever going to be the next member of FENIX* if he didn't get to practice? Anyway, that was why he was in this empty classroom at the moment. Standing on top of a desk and working on his best Camera Face in preparation for the moment where he was going to be surrounded by flashing cameras, screaming fans, and having money thrown at him.


The d r e a m.


It was going to take her forever to get here anyway, so he didn't have to rush or anything. And she could give him advice about which angle looked the best on him (but really, all of the angles looked g o o d on him, so.)


Might as well practice singing, as well. While she took her sweet time getting here.


No apologise for anyone outside that had to endure his dulcet tones escaping the classroom. 

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