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Mr Lugg

Scrapbook Instructions

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Mr Lugg



Your scrapbook is a resource to use in preparation for your character’s Hogwarts experience. Scrapbooks are made up of various “pages” - a variety of optional activities and tasks you can complete. Pages can be whatever you want them to be! We’ve provided some page options below to help you out, but you may also choose to create your own pages instead. 


Completion of certain pages or page types can also earn scrapbook memories.


Roleplay-related pages may be completed inside your scrapbook (if you’d like to do them in one post), or you may start a topic for the roleplay and link it in your scrapbook. There are no set word count minimums or post number requirements - you decide when you have “completed” a page! This scrapbook is meant to be a resource for you to use for your own benefit, so we encourage you to tweak the objectives to suit your preferences.


You may also repeat any of the options if you’d like! Repeated options may be counted towards memories if you choose.



Scrapbook Template

Page Options



Writing Challenges

Character Questionnaires

Character Prompts


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Mr Lugg



The topic title for your scrapbook should be your character's name: Lastname, Firstname.

You may also use the tag vh41 php scrapbook if you'd like.


You might want to use the first post of your scrapbook to keep track of the pages you've completed. This post can also be used to track scrapbook memories progress and completion. You are free to do this however you would like, but we've provided a template to get you started below in case it's helpful. This template is optional, and you are encouraged to enhance it with your own formatting if you would like.



Character Name



Scrapbook Pages

  1. Start your scrapbook! 
  2. Add to this list by replacing this item (and the next one) with the pages you've completed
  3. You might want to Include a link to each completed page whenever relevant


Memories Earned

List your scrapbook memories here!

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Mr Lugg



Below you can find a list of page options for your scrapbook.  You're welcome to use any of these ideas, but you're also encouraged to devise your own pages and customize your scrapbook to your liking. You are not expected to complete all of the options below, but rather to pick and choose the ones that you find most interesting and useful.


Options are divided into categories. Completion of specific page objectives or objectives from certain categories will earn scrapbook memories


This list will be updated occasionally. If you have an idea for a page that you'd like to see included in this list, please send it to both Mr Lugg and Ms Murphy.




  • Roleplay receiving your Hogwarts letter
  • Roleplay visiting Diagon Alley to buy school supplies
  • Roleplay buying your wand at Ollivander’s OR send your SWS quiz to receive your wand
  • Roleplay on the Hogwarts Express
  • Post in the Sorting Ceremony
    • Can only be completed after the sorting form has opened and your form has been submitted and approved



  • Start an open roleplay
  • Join someone else’s open roleplay
  • Write a solo RP topic
  • Roleplay in a group thread (3 or more participants)
  • Try a writing challenge of your choice for a post or a thread
    • Invent your own or use one of our ideas here, or find one elsewhere. If you use an outside resource, remember to cite your source.
  • Participate in this year’s VHRPC challenge
  • Roleplay with an Unsorted character
  • Roleplay with a sorted student
  • Roleplay with an alumni or staff member
  • Choose Your Own Page: any roleplay-related activity of your choice



  • Think up a roleplay concept, plot arc, or story point relating to some aspect of your character’s past or  future
    • Remember, plots are ideas! You’re not required to actually execute your idea if you don’t want to.
    • This option may be completed alone or in cooperation with other member(s).
  • Plot out a Pre-Hogwarts roleplay in cooperation with another member(s). Start a thread and write out your plot!
    • It’s okay if the roleplay doesn’t end up sticking to the plot! That’s part of the fun.
  • Choose Your Own Page: any plot-related activity of your choice



  • Draft the first post of your character library. You can find the form here.
  • Post a RP Wanted topic for your character in Roleplaying Connections. Include a little bit of information about your character and some possible roleplay ideas.
  • Complete a character questionnaire.
    • You may use one from this post, one of your own devising, or one you found elsewhere. If you use a questionnaire from an outside resource, remember to cite your source!
  • Complete a character prompt.
    • You may use one from this post, one of your own imagining, or one you found elsewhere. If you use a prompt from an outside resource, remember to cite your source!
  • Choose Your Own Page: any character development activity of your choice



  • Select a celebrity lookalike for your character, or create your own art to represent your character
  • Create a family tree for your character.
  • Code one of your scrapbook pages to look more appealing to you
  • Create a graphic, drawing, doll or other visual representation of your character or someone else's
  • Participate in the "Make something for the person above you" thread.
  • Start a gallery, shop or request thread in the Member Creations forum.
  • Choose Your Own Page: any art or coding activity of your choice



  • Join VH’s Discord server by clicking here.
  • Join your year’s Discord server, found in this list.
  • Post in someone else’s RP Wanted topic in Roleplaying Connections volunteering to plot or roleplay with them.
    • We recommend including ideas about how your character might fit in with what they’re looking for.
  • Post in an off-topic discussion
  • Post in an off-topic game
  • Comment on someone’s gallery in the Member Creations forum
  • Send someone a message (on this board) offering to roleplay with them
    • We recommend reaching out to someone you’ve never roleplayed with!
  • Send a new character a message welcoming them to the site
  • Sign up for a site mentor OR apply to be a site mentor
  • Choose Your Own Page: any community involvement activity of your choice



  • Participate in a bonding chat
  • Participate in a game
    • No games? Think about starting your own! For a list of previous games and some simple game ideas to get you started, check out this list
  • Participate in the pen pal programme
  • Attend an activity day or excursion
  • Make multiple posts in an activity interacting with the other students/the leader
  • Got an idea for a scrapbook page or memory? Send it to Mr Lugg and Ms Murphy.
  • Choose Your Own Page: any activity, event, or game of your choice
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Mr Lugg



For completing various types of scrapbook pages, you earn scrapbook memories! For now, there are no prizes associated with them, just whatever personal satisfaction you feel from completing them. The memories are intended to give you some structural guidance in how you might put together your character's scrapbook. Feel free to aspire towards none of them, one of them, or as many as you'd like! If these aren't your cup of tea, you may also Create Your Own Memory (see the bottom of this post). There's no limit to the number of memories you may create for yourself, so have fun with it!




“I want Hermione Granger! … And a rocket ship.” [Draco Malfoy, AVPM]

  • Complete all 5 Hogwarts Starter Kit objectives.



“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.” [Dumbledore]

  • Complete 3 Writing & Roleplaying objectives
  • Complete 2 Character Questionnaires and/or Character Prompts



“The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” [Ginny]

  • Complete a total of 5 Plotting and/or Character Development objectives



“‘Did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire, Harry?’ he asked calmly.” [Goblet of Fire]

  • Complete 3 Community Involvement objectives
  • Complete 2  Activities, Events, & Games objectives



“Mischief Managed!”

  • Complete 1 objective from each of the 7 categories (for a total of 7 objectives)


For those desiring the nostalgia of a Pre-Hogwarts Primary experience

  • Complete 3 Activity Days
  • Complete 2 Hogwarts Starter Kit objectives
  • Complete 2 Character Questionnaires
  • Complete 5 Character Prompts
  • Start or join an open roleplay
  • Draft the first post of your character library



Remember to list the requirements and give your memory a name!

  • Complete at least 4 objectives of your choosing.

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Mr Lugg



Writing challenges may be completed as one of the Writing & Roleplaying pages for your scrapbook. What exactly is a writing challenge? Well, that's up to you! We've compiled a few ideas to get you started, but feel free to use these as inspiration, or come up with your own challenges, too. Many of these ideas work well for open roleplays, but you're free to use them as you'd like.


  • One-Liner: A RP where everyone tries to keep their posts only one line long. Brevity is the soul of wit!
  • 100 WC Challenge: A RP where everyone tries to keep their posts 100 words or less. Variations on this challenge are also possible, such as a 50 WC Challenge.
  • Dialogue Only A RP where everyone tries to write using only dialogue. 
  • No Dialogue: A RP where everyone tries to write without using dialogue.
  • Alphabet Game: The first poster may not use the letter A, the second poster may not use the letter B, and so on throughout the alphabet. 
  • Word Challenges: Each person gives the next poster several words to incorporate into their post. For example, the first poster might provide: mushroom, moose, mellifluous, muddle, marshmallow. The second poster would then weave those words into their roleplay and provide words for the next poster to use.
  • Poetry Challenge: RP in verse, with or without a rhyme scheme or meter.


If you have ideas for more challenges send them to both Mr Lugg and Ms Murphy.

Edited by Mr Lugg

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Mr Lugg



Character questionnaires may be completed as one of the Writing & Roleplaying pages for your scrapbook. Questionnaires are a series of short answer questions designed to help you develop your character. We've provided a few questionnaires to get you started.


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Mr Lugg



This is a collection of prompts intended get you thinking about your character's development. Completing a writing prompt is considered a Character Development page for your scrapbook! Each prompt below is considered its own objective, there's no need to complete them all! Pick your favorite prompt or use only the ones that appeal to you. 


To fully engage with a prompt, we recommend trying to write about 100 words, though you are welcome to write more or less if you'd like. There's no right or wrong way to answer a prompt, so do what you prefer! You may choose to complete a prompt in an OOC (out of character) voice discussing your character, in an IC (in character) voice such as with a letter that your character writes, or in a roleplay format, or in another way altogether. It's up to you!


  • What is your character most looking forward to about going to Hogwarts?
  • Which Hogwarts rule(s) might your character break, and why?
  • How does your character feel about certain rules at Hogwarts?
  • Choose 5 words that best describe your character's personality and explain why.
  • Describe the first time your character met or heard about someone with a special power or race on the CCE list.
  • Describe your character's family.
  • Which pet would your character have? Make up a name and personality for the pet.
  • Which elective classes do you think your character might be interested in taking and why?
  • What event or activity at Hogwarts are you most looking forward to participating in with this character, and why?
  • What are your character's feelings about Quidditch, or about another game at Hogwarts?
  • Which house do you think your character will get, and why? 
  • How does your character view each of the Hogwarts houses?
  • How does your character think everyone gets sorted?
  • Additionally, Off Topic has a compilation of resources that includes writing prompts. You're welcome to use these for scrapbook pages but make sure you credit your source!


If you have ideas for more prompts send them to both Mr McRobbie and Mr Lugg. 


Many of these prompts were adapted from the previous PHP system.

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Mr Lugg



Participating in a game counts as an Activities, Games & Events page for your scrapbook. If there's not currently a game for you to participate in, you can start your own! Below are some tips to help you host a game and a list of past games that have been held. You are certainly not required to follow these tips, rather they are provided as a resource if you'd like guidance in holding your own game!


Tips for Hosting a Game

  • Take a look around to see if anyone else is already holding a game. Games usually get more interest and activity when they aren't competing with each other. If there's already a game (or several games) ongoing, now may not be the best time to hold a game. You may want to participate in the existing game(s) for now and wait to start a new one until those have finished.
  • Host with a buddy if possible. Having another set of eyes to make sure the game instructions make sense is very helpful. If your game requires host interaction, it's also nice to host with a pal to ensure someone's able to keep the game going if you ever get busy.
  • Keep it simple! Some of the people playing your game may never have done anything like this before. Try to keep your game's instructions easy to understand. 
  • Games are for fun! As the game host, you take on the responsibility of setting up a game environment that allows both fairness and fun. If someone does not follow the rules of your game, do your best to help them correct the error as kindly as possible, or consider overlooking the error if it is fair to do so.
  •  Try to use reasonable lengths of time for your game. If your game requires sign-ups, post them at least a few days (or a week) ahead of time to give everyone some time to sign up if they're interested. If your game does not require sign-ups, ensure that people are able to join in for at least a day or two (if not the entire game's duration). And finally, most games should be at most a week long. Depending on your game, you may want it to run shorter or longer, but in most cases a week at most tends to be a good duration - long enough for everyone to have fun and participate, but not so long that anyone starts to lose interest. 


Past Games

If you use a concept from a past game, please credit the creator(s) with a note in your game's starting post! 

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