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Fletcher Barrow

‘Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins

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Fletcher Barrow

With the sun beating down hard that day, Fletcher wiped a bead of sweat from his brow. It was strange to realize that he’d gone nearly a whole summer without getting into trouble. Of course he had knocked over that jar of very expensive potion ingredients and had essentially ruined them, which had made his father furious at him for a few days, but that had been an accident and didn’t really count as mischief.


So, while his father was off at the apothecary replenishing the stocks that his rambunctious son had demolished, Fletcher wandered off around the rest of the shops, as he was wont to do. There was only one place worth going to in this sweltering heat, and that was the ice cream parlour. With a pocket full of galleons he ducked into the shop and came back out with two scoops of pistachio in a cone.


He wandered some more, lapping at the ice cream and enjoying the cool sensation on his tongue. He was about to make his way back to the apothecary when he spotted a familiar face in the crowd and instead walked over to her.


“All right, Seels?” Fletcher greeted the Hufflepuff with a grin. “Bloody hot today, isn’t it?” He extended his half eaten cone towards his friend and offered, “Want a bite?”

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Seeley Pichardo

It was a rare event that Seeley managed to get the chance to come to Diagon Alley.  Yet there she was, having had arrived earlier that day with her mother to do some shopping for the upcoming school year, among other things.  Charlotte had decided that she had a few things to take care of herself and Seeley jumped at the chance to declare that she wanted to check out some new mystery novels in the book shop.  The excuse was believable enough; and that's just what it was, an excuse.  


In reality, the fourteen year old was itching for the chance to wander off and see if any of her friends were around certainly no one in particular  , and given permission, (something Oliver probably wouldn't have done) Seeley ducked into the bookshop and peeked out the window as nonchalantly as possible.  When she was sure, absolutely, that her mother had passed on down the street the blond slipped back out the door and across the street to take up residence on a bench there - burning the backs of her thighs in the process thanks to the dark blue shorts she was wearing.  


But it was hot and she was quite used to, and rather thankful for the way the summer sun had succeeded in lightening her already blond hair a few shades with all her time spent helping her dad.  


Swinging her feet off the bench, her fingers gripping the edge of the seat she glared at the sandal that flipped off her foot just as she heard Fletcher's voice.  


He wasn't entirely who she'd been expecting, or maybe even hoping to see the most but he was a welcome surprise.  A friendly face in the sweltering sea of strangers.  Plus, he had ice cream.  


"Hey!" She smiled and stood up, shoving her foot back into her shoe and eyeing the cool treat.  "Maybe just a bite.  Whatcha up to?" 

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Fletcher Barrow

”Not much,” Fletcher answered with a small frown. He hated being idle and bored, but it was a lot harder to cause mischief with sweat rolling down your skin and crowds of people watching you out of the corner of their eyes.


While Seeley leaned in for a bite of the ice cream Fletch seized an opportunity for some fun. He purposely shoved the cone close enough to hit her nose. He laughed upon seeing the Hufflepuff covered in ice cream and made no apologies for his bit of tomfoolery. He knew she’d get him back for it later. Besides, it was so sweltering outside that Seeley probably didn’t really mind it.


“What do you think? Is it good?” He teased before taking another lick of the cone. Merlin, it was hot today. If only they could find a good bit of shade to take refuge under. Unfortunately there weren’t any trees just sitting in the middle of Diagon Alley, but after a few moments looking around the place his gaze fell upon the only real bit of shade nearby. A mischievous glint came to his eyes as he turned back to Seeley.


“You ever been down Knockturn Alley?”

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