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Greta Lunes

Welcome to the Hospital Wing

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Greta Lunes

Hospital Wing Professional Staff

Miss Greta Elise Lunes Resident Healer | 2037 - Present

A familiar face to some at Hogwarts, Greta returns to not only the school, but to Great Britain, after completing her final year of educational rotations at Pollingtonius Memorial Hospital in New York City, USA. While she is considered a full-degree Healer, Greta comes to Hogwarts to further her knowledge and skillset as a Resident Healer as she works towards becoming a Specialized Healer in Paediatric Medicine. Her specialties include Transfiguration medicine as she is also a registered Animagus. You may often see her in her animal form, a Somali Domestic Cat.


Greta’s Animagus form is a blue-eyed feline with ruddy, reddish-brown fur; an unusual hue for the breed. To the side of one eye is a whitish marking that was akin to the heart-shaped acid scar on her human face. She has pronounced ears, a long, soft tail and a small bow-shaped discolouration on the fluffy ruff that rings her neck.


Admiral Cameron "Cam" von Ocelot ▸ Resident Feline | 2037 - Present

Born within the castle of Hogwarts, Cam is the eldest son of former Head Cat, the dearly departed Brigadier MacArthur von Ocelot, also known as Mac. He is a white and black Japanese Bobtail male, Greta’s familiar and close companion. His hair has been treated with appropriate potions so he does not elicit an allergic response. You may see him all throughout the Hospital Wing, but his favorite spots are wherever it is warmest.


Mr Decan Alexander Hextor - Counsellor | 2037 - Present

After seven years of absence, Decan has returned to Hogwarts. After completing his education at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, Decan decided to specialize in magipsychiatry, a relatively new field in magical medicine. He is also a trained Healer, but decided that his skills were best used helping witches and wizards with the lingering after effects of their magical trauma. His office is open until curfew for all to get help. He can be seen avoiding the resident feline at all times.


Hospital Wing Student Assistants

Fiona Weaver ▸ 7th Year Hufflepuff | 2037 - Present

Zara Anguariz 7th Year Slytherin | 2038 - Present


▭ ◾▭ ◾ ▭ ◾▭ ◾ ▭ ◾ ▭ ◾ ▭


Have an injury, illness, or other health-related issue and need to get assistance? Follow these steps.

 1. Start a topic and include one of the following tags to indicate to the staff of what sort of help you require:


 assistance needed  - General tag, will indicate that any individual associated with the Hospital Wing (Miss Lunes, Mr Hextor, or any official Hospital Wing student Assistant will be appropriate for the situation.           


 healer needed  - Specific tag to indicate that Miss Lunes is necessary for the injury, illness, or other health-related issue. An official Hospital Wing student Assistant may or may not be involved to assist the adult.


 counsellor needed  - Specific tag to indicate that Mr Hextor is necessary for the injury, illness, or other health-related issue. An official Hospital Wing student Assistant may or may not be involved to assist the adult.


Once an individual has come to your assistance, please remove this tag. This will allow us to accurately search and track which threads haven’t been claimed yet.


2. Copy and paste the form at the bottom in the first post of your new topic. Please note the different sections that apply to IC and OOC questions. You have two options with the IC information. You may simply provide the information in your roleplay (particularly in the case of an emergency) or you may write it down as if your character was transcribing it. If you choose to include all pertinent information in your roleplay itself, please bold the details to the below questions so Hospital Wing personnel can accurately interact per your needs. The Hospital Wing’s student medical records will contain all the OOC information about your character that you provide.


3. Wait for a staff member or assistant to post and then have fun RPing with us!





 OOC Form:

Patient Name, House & Year:
Blood Type:  
[Pureblood, Halfblood, Muggleborn] [Indicate here if Werewolf, Goblin, Giant, Veela]
Allergies, if any:

What VH Year & Term/Week does this RP take place:
VHXX, Term XX, Week XX
Time of Day:  [Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, After Curfew, etc.]
Link to Incident Thread: Optional, if there is one


IC Form:

Reason for Visit: What brings you in today? Was it a Duel gone awry? The need to get treated after a brawl? Looking for some general health advice or want to talk to an adult about something?

Damage Location: If this is a physical injury or illness, which parts of your body are affected? Please be specific.

Damage Type: Were there spells cast on you? Potions or poisons? Quidditch equipment malfunction? A splinter?

Other:  Anything else we should know?


Due to the lack of the shop feature right now, there will not be any OOC prizes or treats at this time for threads. I hope this will be rectified soon. ICly, there is a bowl of sweets near the entrance of the Hospital Wing that patients (and visitors!) are welcome to help themselves to on their way out.


Edited by Miss Lunes

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Greta Lunes

Layout of the Hospital Wing

The Hospital Wing is located on the Third Floor of Hogwarts. Part of the corridor is cut out and acts as a foyer for the wing. This area includes a number of benches and seating, pamphlets about health and medicine, and forms and writing materials. Two sturdy doors are kept closed at the arched entryway and automatically lock from 10pm-5am unless you have the spelled key. If an emergency or illness occurs late at night, there is a summoning buzzer to the left of the doorway. Miss Lunes and Mister Hextor take turns for nightly on-call duties.


The main treatment room is large and airy with very high ceilings and a number of windows. Hospital beds line the walls with staunch white linens and fluffy pillows. Every bed has a curtain that can be magicked around it for privacy’s sake; if a curtain is in place, then nobody without proper authority can pull it back. Seats and benches can be summoned to be put next to beds for visitors as needed.


To the side of the main treatment area is a hallway with several doorways. These doorways lead to a number of rooms including:

  •  Two single-person bathrooms for either gender to use individually, including a toilet, sink, mirror, and small shower stall. For use by hospitalized patients, visitors, or the staff.
  • The stockroom, containing bandage material, potions, antidotes, creams, pastes, medications, sanitary products, bedding, etc. Any controlled, valuable, or possibly dangerous potions are kept in a special locked cupboard of which only Miss Lunes holds the magicked key. | off-limits to non-HW staff 
  • The medical staff offices. Miss Lunes and Mister Hextor each have their own private office off the central staff office room. This room contains a number of medical tomes and research-related items. There are several armchairs and a table. This room can be used by the Hospital Wing staff, including the assistants, for breaks, studying, or meetings. | off-limits to non-HW staff unless invited 
  • Miss Lunes’ living quarters | off-limits unless invited 
  • Mister Hextor’s living quarters | off-limits unless invited 



Due to security regulations and busy times in the Hospital Wing, visitors are asked to be kept at a minimum. Visitors must be approved and checked in by the Hospital Wing Staff on duty and will be provided with a bright yellow badge to indicate they are visiting. All students being provided with treatment will be adorned with a crimson badge or wristband to indicate that they are a patient. Random visitors will be reprimanded.

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Greta Lunes

The Hall Of Fame

(Former HWAs and Healers over the years)




Former Healers/Mediwizards:

Madam Pomfrey [ ??.2006 ]  [ Mediwitch ]

Madam Trimble (Wellpointe) [ 2006.2020 ] [ Mediwitch ]

Mr Larrimore [ ??.?? ] [ Mediwizard ]

Mr Ryan [ ??.?? ] [ Healer-On-Call ]

Madam Knight [ 2020.2024 ] [ Mediwitch ]

Madam Braelin-VonHaus [ 2024.2037 ] [ Healer ]

Mr Dibbler [ 2024.2032 ] [ Mediwizard ]

Mr Sykes [ 2034.2037] [ Healer ]

Miss Lunes [ 2037.Present ] [ Resident Healer ]

Mr Hextor [ 2037.Present ] [ Counselor ]


Hospital Wing Assistants:

Aurora Braelin [ 2009.2012 ]

Janus Sparhawk [ 2009.2012 ]

M. Marcus Endicus [ 2009.2012 ]

Jazz M. Turpin [ 2010.2013 ]

Jane Craven [ 2011.2014 ]

Oliver Clarke [ 2011.2014 ]

Bahh Ortiz [ 2011.2014 ]

Stella Wanderer [ 2012.2015 ]

Jordan Barhorst [ 2013.2016 ]

Harrison West [ 2014.2017 ]

Naima St. James [ 2014.2017 ]

Hekate Cronus[ 2015.2018 ]

Kelsie Lennox[ 2015.2018 ]

Sierra Leonki [ 2016.2019 ]

Kaoru Li [ 2018.2021 ]

Zoeigh McAllister [ 2018.2021 ]

Mallory Lyons [ 2019.2022 ]

Susan Radcliffe [ 2019.2022 ]

Britney Lushia [ 2020.2023 ]

Gregory Robins [ 2021.2024 ]

Atwell Sinclair [ 2022.2025 ]

Barrett Vadim [ 2022.2025 ]

Odette Shaw [ 2022.2025 ]

Oliver Fulton [ 2022.2025 ]

Evelyn Weber [ 2024.2027 ]

Petronilla Quirke [ 2024.2027 ]

Tara McQueen [ 2024.2027 ]

Lysandra Montague [ 2025.2028 ]

Nicholas Silvermith [ 2026.2029 ]

Jasper Tattersall [ 2027.2030 ]

Abrielle Sinclair [ 2027.2030 ]

Kai Fireblader [ 2029.2032 ]

Alice Bogswead[ 2029.2032 ]

Cassandra Murray [ 2030.2031 ]

Cameron Colquhoun [ 2030.2033 ]

Alexandria Braelin-VonHaus [ 2031.2033 ]

Axel Flint [ 2031.2034 ]

Heather Holmes [ 2031.2034 ]

Dexter Sawyer [ 2032.2035 ]

Jacen Braelin-VonHaus [ 2032.2036 ]

Arviragus Burke [ 2034.2036 ]

Euphemia Macrae [ 2034.2037 ]

Tarquin Pomfrey-Corner [ 2034.2037 ]

Gwendoline Ifans [ 2035.2037 ]

Flynn Daniels [ 2035. 2038 ]

Abigail Goodfellow [ 2037. 2039 ]

Kermit Princely [ 2037. 2040 ]

Tobias Winchester [ 2038. 2040 ]

Fiona Weaver [ 2037. Present ]

Zara Anguariz [ 2038. Present ]




Thank you to Cameron Colquhoun for

assisting in compiling this list.

Edited by Miss Lunes

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