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Aggie Price

Hermits United. We meet every ten years and compare caves

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Aggie Price

Aggie had met a couple of people when she had been shopping in Diagon Alley that day and she had met quite a few when there was some sort of gathering or debate over whether magic was good or not.  Or was that farming being good or not?  She really didn't know as it had become so confusing.  


But that was all.  She had met them but she hadn't really gotten to know anyone at the new school, nor had they gotten to know her.  So, as they went outside for some free time, Aggie watched as everyone broke off into groups and then made her way over to a bench to watch the activities.  She was beginning to wonder if she really did belong in the magical world.

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Griffin Finnigan

Most of the students knew Griffin, and if they didn't they definitely had heard him at one point.  A social butterfly with caffeine flowing through his veins made an extremely hyperactive eleven year old that enjoyed to socialize and entertain individuals or groups of people with ridiculous antics.  Fin usually made it a point to converse with anyone and everyone, and on days that he wasn't hanging out with someone of his usual crowd; he would make it a point to reach out to someone new.  


Sitting in front of the fountain on his own, he was excessively splashing water up to his face to cool himself down.  A pair of brown shorts and a blue and white striped t shirt that matched his eyes was all that he wore while his skin had a slight pink hue to it from the consistently sunny weather.  Rising up to his feet and giving a quick brush through his wet black hair with his hands, he began to trot out towards the fields where a few familiar faces we're already participating in random activities; all which looked more enticing than the last.  


Spotting a few students chasing and kicking a ball around one another, Fin decided that was the perfect way to spend his energy for that day.  As he continued his way out there, his attention was brought to a lone student sitting on a bench gazing off at the many crowds of classmates.  Always being considerate of others and having the constant need to make sure that everyone was having as good of a time as possible; it was almost unavoidable that he would approach her.  


As he stepped towards the bench, he jumped up onto it; sitting with his butt on the top of the backrest and his feet on the seat of it.   "Well whatcha doing all alone on such a lovely day?  Care to come and participate in a sophisticated and elegant game of 'kick the ball' with me?" he asked while smiling, as his voice jokingly had a bit of a snooty tone to it to try and luxerize the obviously rowdy and unmannered game of kickball.  

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